Family Business

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My name is Jason and I had just past my eighteenth birthday. I live in Nevada; about a hundred miles north of Las Vegas. I’m a pretty normal kid, popular in school, varsity wrestling team, with a fairly normal family… or so I thought. My Dad had split on us just after I was born, which left me with my Mom and my sister; who is two years older. I remember things were pretty tight growing up, money-wise. Sometime after I was ten years old my mom got a job as a cocktail waitress at one of the casinos in Vegas. My sister watched out for me most of the time and our neighbor Mrs. Slater; made sure we had hot food to eat and didn’t get into too much mischief.

It was tough on mom, driving all those miles back and forth and she soon found a friend who had a place in town; where she began crashing for several days at a stretch. My sister Jenny and I just got used to not seeing much of mom most of the time.

Things began to ease up on the finances; mom was making real good money with tips. It wasn’t hard to believe because mom is a real knockout. I really didn’t notice that we lacked for anything; I just didn’t get to see much of mom. Mom’s name is Rita and I often envisioned her in one of those skimpy cocktail outfits that she wore at work, I’ll bet those lonely gambler types just drooled over her. Mom has long auburn hair and kind of resembles Ann Margaret. She also has a body that could raise the dick on a dead man. She’s tall, just under 6 feet, with the sexiest long legs I’ve ever seen. She had originally come to Vegas when she was younger and like so many others, Mom had dreams of being a showgirl. She never did make a go of it because… frankly… her boobs are just too big. Mom is a natural 42DD. They weren’t quite that big back then but they “expanded” a bit after she had us. She works hard to keep in shape though and even though she’s 38; her breasts are still firm like ripe melons, with hardly any sag at all. Little did I know how much I would soon come to appreciate that incredible body.

My sister Jenny had just started college about a year ago and decided that she wanted to live on campus. That left me pretty much alone most of the time. I missed Jenny; she had practically raised me and we were real close. She was the only girl near my age that I could really talk to; not to mention she was probably my favorite jack-off fantasy. Jenny was just stunning, tall like mom, with strawberry blonde hair, an incredible ass, and mom’s never-ending legs. Her tits simply defied gravity. They weren’t as big as mom’s but they are incredibly firm; her bra size is 38D and she could have easily posed for Playboy.

I used to sneak peeks at her coming out of the shower or lying by the pool when she’d be going for that “all-over” tan. I had spent many recent months bringing that delicious sight to mind as I masturbated. Although to be honest, I really missed having her around just to talk. We could talk about anything and right now, I could really use her advice… especially about girls. See… I have a bit of a problem. Even though I was pretty popular and good looking enough… I’m 6’2″ and pretty cut from all the wrestling… I was kinda shy around the girls. That’s right… you guessed… I’m still a virgin. I had a couple of half-assed blowjobs and a lot of hand-jobs but… no touchdowns.

Most of my problem centered on the fact that I’d had been “blessed” with pretty large equipment; my dick is eight inches when soft and nearly a foot long when hard. It’s also real thick; nearly 7 inches around. Now, I know what most of you guys are sayin… “wish I had that problem… ” but when you’re in High School… it can be real frustrating finding a girl your age who doesn’t treat you like a freak. To make matters worse, things like that travel around the girls’ locker room almost faster than it does the guys’ shower. Of course, it didn’t help matters any with my teammates calling me “Cy”; a cutesy little nickname that is short for “Cyclops the One-eyed Monster”.

So, here I am… an 18 year old virgin with all the eligible chics whispering about me and not even my sister around to fantasize over. That’s when my wrestling buddies decided to “help me out.”

My buddies and I were hanging around after practice one afternoon when my best friend Chuck said, “Hey man, the guys and me think it’s about time you lost your cherry… Christ you’re the only virgin still left on the team.”

“Yeah, well… you’ll get no argument from me,” I declared sullenly.

My pal Nick quickly cut in,” But Cy… we uhhh… we got a plan to help that old one-eyed monster of yours.”

Chuck continued in a near-whisper,” We all chipped in to get you some time over at one of the ranches.”

As most everyone knows, the State of Nevada has a fairly liberal policy concerning prostitution. While not legal in Las Vegas itself, the rest of the state has a variety of legal brothels called “ranches.” Most offered the services of beautiful women for a reasonable price. My teammates seem to have actually collected kütahya escort the fare for an hour of “Premium Service.” Some of these places even have actual porn stars that you can spend time with; although they go for a couple of grand.

The night of the “big event,” my friends and I all piled into Nick’s van and headed out to the ranch. We’d all had really good phony ID’s since last year so we didn’t think we’d have any problem getting in. It took us about an hour or so to get there and I have to say… it sure didn’t look like much. It was set about ½ a mile off the road and it looked like a run-down motel with a bunch of trailers scattered around. There was plenty of red and pink neon flashing all over the place and the parking lot was jammed. I guess that was a good sign.

We all headed for the center of the compound; and approached what appeared to be your standard strip-club. The plan was to get some drinks and kinda warm up to things. Some of the girls were available for “extra activities” and some were just dancers; but most floated around the large club advertising their special charms.

As our eyes became adjusted to the dim lighting Chuck said, “Hey… Jason… look over there… that one sure reminds me of your sister Jenny.”

Sure enough… I new that ass and those legs anywhere; it really was Jenny. I tried to cover and said, “Yeah… you wish Chuck… bet you’d just love the chance to rent my sister for an hour.”

Chuck quickly replied, “You bet I would; you’re sister is one amazing piece of ass… and that chick could be her twin. You should get that one man… it’d be kinda kinky doin someone who looks so much like your own sister.”

“You’re a sick fuck, man,” I said as I nailed him in the arm.

Right then, Jenny looked over at us and I knew she’d seen me. Just as suddenly, she seemed to blend in to a crowd near the bar and then… she was nowhere to be seen. Our focus momentarily shifted to beer as my friends bought the first round. I was getting pretty nervous though; still thinking about what the hell Jenny could be doing here. Was she stripping to pay for college? I was still thinking about that as we started to settle down around a table; not too far from the main stage but not ringside either. Then some movement off to my left caught my attention.

Now, it was not uncommon for my mom to be gone from home for more than a week at a time and as a result, none of my friends had ever really met her. However, they were now about to get a view of her that even I had never seen.

“Holy Shit!” exclaimed Terry, one of my other teammates,” Look at the tits on that bitch”

Sure enough, my mom was sauntering over to us in a skimpy harem type of outfit that left almost nothing to the imagination. Her mountainous tit-flesh was barely contained in a tight, low-cut halter top. Her nipples were clearly visible through the thin gauzy material. Her sleek belly was bare to the tops of a pair of low-riding hip-huggers made of the same filmy fabric. You could see a set of tiny g-string panties clearly visible underneath. Despite my encroaching terror, I had to admit she looked fantastic and I was starting to get a hard-on. God… she moved like a wild tigress as she crossed the floor toward our table.

“Hi boys,” she said in low sultry tones. “You here for a “special occasion” or just getting some cheaper thrills.”

“Yeah… you might say it’s special,” volunteered Chuck; “It’s my buddy’s first time and we’re helping him to get off to a good start.” He winked as he said “get off.”

My mom just chuckled and said,”Why don’t you come with me sweetie and I’ll make sure you get what your friends are paying for.”

Her eyes blazed quickly in a silent signal that I knew all too well. It said – I’d better get my ass moving if I knew what was good for me. I sullenly followed my mom to what I knew was not going to be exactly the experience that this night had originally promised.

After dutifully conferring with someone at the bar, mom led me outside to one of the trailers in the compound. No sooner had we crossed the trailer’s threshold than she whirled around on me with fury in her face.


She had startled me and while initially scared, I became pretty pissed off at the hypocrisy of her question.

Screaming back, I said, “I should be asking you the same goddamn question Mom… although it seems pretty obvious… MY MOTHER IS A WHORE!”

She slapped me viciously across the face,” Don’t you dare judge me you little snot… you think it’s been easy to pay for all your clothes and shoes… keep a roof over our heads… save for your college?”

Firing right back I said, “Well I guess it was a little easier without having to save for two college funds… now that you’ve got Jenny working in what seems to be our family business!”

Mom slapped me again… and then she just broke down in tears. I’d never seen her sob like this malatya escort and it immediately made me feel like a heel.

I embraced her saying, “I’m sorry mom… I shouldn’t have said those things. I know you’ve always tried to give us the best you could… but… I uhh… I just never… “

Pulling back, she quickly interrupted,” No baby… I’m the one who’s sorry. I should have known that you would have to find out someday… just like your sister eventually did. I want you to know that I had nothing to do with Jenny working here. She made up her own mind when she found out what I was doing to pay for her school.”

“Just like Jenny,” I countered. “She never could let you bear the weight of things alone.”

Then mom looked up at me with a concerned, questioning look, “What are you doing here baby… don’t you know any girls your own age that you have this kind of interest in?”

Now we had gotten to it… I couldn’t just tell my mom that I was here ’cause the girls I knew were too scared of my big schlong.

“Gee mmmom,” I stammered… “It’s just that it’s hard to find a girl my age who’s willing to … you know… do it.”

My mom started giggling as she wiped the tears from her eyes,” I guess I’m away too much to have noticed how fast you’re growing up… and experiencing grown-up issues.”

She smiled warmly at me as she continued, “I understand baby… I was you age once too and I remember what it’s like to have all those raging hormones… with tits like these… I used to have to beat the boys off with a stick!”

She laughed as I blushed to the roots of my hair. She laughed even more at this and said,” It’s ok baby… we might as well call it as we see it… though I imagine you’re seeing more of your old mom than you’re used to.”

“You’re not old mom,” I quickly countered, “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen… you had my buddies drooling out there.”

It was mom’s turn to blush and we were both suddenly taken with a fit of hysterical laughing.

” Jason, I want you to know that I’m sorry for the way you’ve found out but I’m not ashamed of the way I’ve earned my money these past few years. I make good money here and uhhh… it’s not without its fringe benefits … if you know what I mean,” she said with a wicked wink.

“Well mom, with a body like that… I guess you shouldn’t be!”

After an awkward pause, I continued, “I guess I’ll go back to the bar and collect my friends. I’ll make up some suitably lusty tale of the incredible time you showed me.”

Mom put her hand on my chest saying, “Wait a minute baby… umm… I can’t exactly let you do that. See… I’ll get in trouble with the management if you don’t actually get what you paid for… “

“But mom… we can’t… “

“Relax Jason,” mom said in her familiar parental tone,” I obviously don’t mean with me.”

I visibly relaxed as mom continued,” Let me pick someone out for you… someone I know that will treat you right. She’s a friend of mine and I know you’ll like her.”

“Are you sure mom?” I asked incredulously. “I mean you don’t have to… “

Mom cut me off quickly, “No Jason, I want to do this. Fathers have done this for their sons for a thousand years and as your deadbeat of a dad is not here… I guess I’ll just have to fill in… as usual.”

Mom’s eyes started to water again and I asked,” Are you sure you’re ok with this mom?”

“Yes sweetheart… it’s that I was just thinking… my baby is really becoming a man… and how much of your growing up I’ve missed.”

I hugged her tightly, “It’s ok mom… I never blamed you… I always knew you were just working hard to keep things going… ” “Of course I never realized how much fun you were having at the same time,” I teased.

She smacked me across the chest saying, “Smart ass… I better get Veronica over here before I change my mind and show you just how much fun you’re old mom can be!”

We both laughed as she went back through the door and across to the club. Left by myself, I started to look around the trailer and its boudoir decor. It had a small galley kitchen near the front, stocked with booze and a fridge. The entire other end of the trailer was one big open bedroom, lavishly draped in silky drapes and soft lighting. There was a big whirlpool tub off in one corner and a queen-sized bed jutting from the adjacent wall.

Just then, I heard the door open and I turned around to see an incredibly beautiful brunette walk through the door. “Hi,” she said,” You must be Jason. I’m Veronica… or Ronnie if you’d prefer.”

She was stunning; about 23 or 24 years old with long dark hair falling nearly to her fabulous heart-shaped ass. She was about 5 and a half feet tall with everything in perfect proportion. Her tits were nice… about a 36C; which looked like firm grapefruits on her chest. She was wearing a tiny red bikini with high-waisted g-string panties.

I started stammering,” I ggguess we should uhhh… about uhh… ” I manisa escort started digging in my pocket for the money my friends had given me earlier.

“That’s ok honey,” Ronnie said with a wink, “Your mom took care of everything. She said to give you the real V.I.P. treatment… so just relax and start taking off your clothes.”

She walked over to the tub as I started removing my shirt and she began running the water.

After testing the temperature, she began removing her bikini top from her firm tits and said, “I’m required to wash you up a bit first honey and you know… check your equipment for any thing that shouldn’t be there.”

She laughed as I frowned, “Relax sweetie… I’m sure you’re fine. We’re gonna have a very… very good time.”

I forced a smile as I dropped my pants and boxers; watching Ronnie’s eyes widen to the size of saucers.

“Holy Mother of God,” she exclaimed, “If Rita had told me you were hung like that baby, I’d have had to charge her at least double… but then again if she’d known… she probably would have saved you for herself!” She gave me another saucy wink.

Ronnie giggled as she sauntered over to me, putting one hand over my shoulder and the other encircled my rapidly growing cock. “Yes sir, honey,” she said,” We are definitely gonna have a very good time.”

She started giggling again as I put my arms around her now naked form. As she started kissing my neck, I knew that she was right. I sighed deeply as Ronnie began to go to work.

She turned around, still holding my dick, and led me over to the whirlpool. “Hop in,” she said.

I positioned myself on the shelf-like seat below the warm water and leaned back; throwing my arms up over the tiled deck.

Ronnie slipped into the tub and moved past me to where she kept some lotions and stuff. Reaching for a bottle of shower gel, she reached beneath the water’s surface and grabbed my dick. “Up periscope,” she said playfully and lifting my stiff pole, she began to wash it with practiced detachment.

“Seeing as this is your first time and you’re a ‘friend of the house’… I’m sure you’re clean baby… but rules are rules.”

She finished quickly and then moved up my side, turning into me while crossing her leg over my thighs. She was gently stroking my cock as she began to lightly lick up the side of my neck and tickle my ear with her tongue.

She whispered softly,” you’ll have to where a condom when you fuck me but I need a little appetizer before we get started. I don’t do this for everyone but as you’re Rita’s son… I’m gonna suck your cock like you never thought possible.”

Ronnie then rolled over and straddled my lap. She pushed her wet pussy over my aching prick, flattening it against my stomach. As she moved her experienced snatch up and down the underside of my pole, she reached over for a different bottle. This one smelled of strawberry when she opened it and she started to pour some over her tits and then my chest. It felt real slippery and erotic as she rubbed the oil into my chest with her fabulous tits. I could feel her stiff nipples digging into my chest as she started caressing my chest and began to massage her incredible tits lower down to my tight abdomen. She continued her descent and was soon cradling my hard cock between her fabulous melons.

“You like the way my tits feel on your cock baby?” she cooed.

All I could say was “mmmm.”

I was absolutely in heaven, the hot water swirling around us with the sensual smell of the strawberry lotion, and my stiff cock between one of the nicest pair of tits I’d ever laid eyes on. I was on sensory overload as I felt the lotion begin to heat up. As Ronnie moved her luscious tits up and down my rock-hard prick, it began to feel hotter and hotter. It was almost uncomfortable but thrilling in a weird kind of way.

As she heard my sharp intake of breath, Ronnie purred,”Yeah… like that baby? Just wait, we’re just getting started.”

With that she clamped her full lips over the head of my cock… just for a moment. Then she started licking the shaft of my cock that rose from within her heavenly tit-tunnel.

All I could do was groan, “MMMM… that’s soooo good Ronnie.”

Then she did what no girl had ever been able to do… she slid her moist lips up my shaft and then completely engulfed the mushroomed head of my prick. Widening her lips even more she began to slowly lower her mouth to engulf several inches of my vibrating organ. No girl had ever been able to actually fit me in their mouth before; my prior experience had been limited to just sloppy licking of my shaft. Ronnie was actually sucking my cock… and she wasn’t through yet. She firmly gripped the root of my cock and began to take the rest of my shaft down her throat until her lips were resting on her closed fist.

“Aaaagggghhhhh… oh shit… that’s incredible,” I moaned.

As she came back up for air, she nibbled around my engorged head and drove her tongue into my piss-hole. I thought I would pass out from the sensation. Then she slurped my cock back down her throat. Ronnie used her arms to hold her tits around my cock and started to rapidly bob her warm wet mouth over 5 or 6 inches of my cock. I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to take much more of this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32