Zelena’s Story Ch. 02

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3D Cartoon

She was having trouble going to sleep. Zelena kept thinking about who she should choose to give her anal sex. Of all the men her age that she knew the only possibility was Karl. But Karl was so shy, and she hadn’t even had sex with him yet.

Finally, she decided, it had to be Daddy. He had a very large penis, but she knew she could trust him and that he’d be careful and gentle. She drifted off content, knowing that in the next few days her curiosity would be satisfied.

She always knew when to expect her father to come to her bed because he drank more than usual at dinner and usually put his hand on her knee or patted her bottom during the evening. So a couple of nights later she got herself ready, taking a shower and making sure that she was very clean for him.

She got into bed, and sure enough she heard the bedroom door open, the covers were lifted and she felt her father’s body snuggle up against her. His hand slipped under her night gown, caressed her bottom, then moved between her legs. She rolled over on her back, and moved her legs so that he could touch her vagina. She loved what he was doing, but had to stop him from fucking her.

“Daddy, I want to try something different.” She said.

“What my love? Whatever you want.”

“I want you to fuck my arse.”

His hand pulled away from her soft, wet vagina. For a moment he was silent as what she had said sunk in.

“Your arse? You want me to fuck your arse? I can’t do that, it will hurt you, and it will be messy and……….”

“Yes, Daddy. I want you to stick your cock in my bottom. I know it will hurt the first time, but Bella said that after you get used to it it feels good. I bought some jelly to make it slip in easier, and I cleaned myself up really well so that it wouldn’t be such a mess. Besides, it will feel really good for you, and you won’t have to wear one of those rubber things.”

Dmitri pondered this for a few moments. The thought of sticking his penis in his daughter’s tight anus excited him and his penis became hard at the thought of it. But would it hurt her badly? Would it damage her down there? But she wanted him to do it, so he’d try it.

“Give me the jelly.” He said, and she reached back and put it in his hand.

Dmitri took a large glob of the cream and smeared it on Zelena’s anus, then pushed his finger into her hole and started to massage it. The feeling of his finger sliding in and out of her anus felt very good to Zelena, and when he slipped another finger in to stretch her a little it felt better yet.

Zelena had moved so that she was kneeling on the edge of the bed. “Oh Daddy, Daddy, that feels very good. Just do that for a few minutes, please. I like that.”

Then, to stretch her more so that his penis wouldn’t hurt too much he tried another finger. Zelena gave a little cry, it hurt a little, but then as he worked his fingers around it started to feel better.

After a few minutes, “You’d better try your cock now Daddy. I think I’m ready.”

Dmitri smeared some more of the lubricant on his penis, then pushed it against her tight hole.

“Relax, my love. Relax your arse and I’ll try to push it in.” He told her.

He felt the head of his penis penetrate her hole, and as it slid in his excitement was tremendous. Silivri Escort It was like having as rubber ring around his penis, and he felt her muscles grip then relax.

For Zelena the excitement was huge too. The hard penis pushing into her felt wonderful, and she felt her hole was being stretched to the limit. Her heart was pounding with the thrill of what was happening and she gave a deep sigh. But then Dmitri gave a harder shove.

She screamed. “Oh, oh no. Stop, that hurts.”

At that moment the door of the bedroom flew open, and Nadia, her mother, stood looking at them by the light from the hall. They were locked together and she could see his penis sticking into Zelena’s anus.

“You filthy pig. Fucking your own daughter in the arse. You’d better never try that on me!” And she slammed the door shut.

This had brought Dmitri down to earth, and he almost withdrew from Zelena’s bottom, but it felt so warm and tight he pushed in a little farther. Zelena gasped and tried to relax herself as she felt the pressure, but it hurt.

“Are you alright, my dear? Does it hurt?” He asked.

“It’s okay, go on, I’ll be alright.”

Dmitri pushed again and felt his penis slipping little by little into Zelena. It seemed to stop even though he was only a little way in. He gave a hard shove, and whatever was blocking him yielded.

“NO! Stop. Stop. It hurts!” Zelena cried out.

But it was too late, his penis was going deeper and deeper into her as she sobbed in protest, until she felt it stop, and felt his pubic hair against her bottom.

“I’m all the way in, my love. My cock is all the way into you.” Dmitri told her.

“Don’t move.” She replied. “Just rest. It’s nice like this, with your cock inside me. It hurts, but not when you’re still.”

Their bodies were firmly locked together by his cock. The warmth of her body and the tightness of her anus was a new and exciting experience, but he knew that as soon as he started to fuck her he would ejaculate.

“Is that good for you, Daddy?’ Zelena asked him.

“I think this might be the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had, my dear Zelly. Are you ready to go on?”

“Yes, go on, but gently and not too fast.”

Slowly Dmitri pulled back and out, then in again, then out slowly, and with every smooth thrust Zelena grunted and sobbed. The pain was excruciating, but for some reason she wanted it; she even wanted the pain. He seemed to be splitting her apart, and after a few thrusts started to move faster.

Soon, though, Dmitri couldn’t hold off any longer and started to ejaculate and Zelena thought she could feel his sperm splattering inside her, and after a couple of hard, painful shoves he was still. She was glad that part was over, and he was bent over her back, his arms clasped around her waist.

After a few minutes of rest he moved to pull out and the pain was repeated, especially as his knob pulled through her sore hole. It was over, and for Zelena there had been some pleasure but much pain, but it was done. She’d had her first anal sex and would try it again soon.

The next morning when she went to the toilet the pain was repeated, but over the next few days it eased until she Şirinevler Escort felt she was ready to try it again. She and her father had had sex again, but “normal” sex, which was always a pleasure for both of them.

The night she suggested to her father that she was ready to try again, he was dubious. “Are you sure? Are you sure you want to do it to you again Zelly?”

“Yes, Daddy. Use lots of lube and be gentle.”

And so Dmitri had anal sex with his daughter again. Again it was painful for her, but she wanted it. She loved the feel of his hard penis sliding in and out of her, even though it hurt, maybe even because it hurt. This was repeated several times over the weeks until she was able to start enjoying it. So a pattern was set for sex between father and daughter and each time they did something different.

It was getting close to the time for Zelena to leave, only four more weeks, and she was excited at the prospect. She was to live with Dmitri’s brother, Sasha, in London, mainly to learn to speak English. His brother had a small restaurant in Soho and the family lived above it, and the attic above the flat was to be outfitted as a bedroom for her. There were two sons, one older and the other younger than Zelena, they shared a bedroom and the parents had the other in their small flat.

In a couple of weeks her grandfather was to come in to help in the shop after she left, until her father could find someone to work in the shop. He’d sleep in the living room on the couch until she left, then move into her bedroom.

One night Zelena went to the village inn with some friends. She was telling them about moving to London, which made them all jealous because they all wanted to get away from the village. Some had friends or relatives in other countries and could probably get away soon, but many didn’t.

Karl was there, but as usual he hung back and didn’t say much. He was tall and goodlooking, very smart and musical, and desperately in love with Zelena. But poor Karl was very shy, and even though he and Zelena were good friends he never made a move. That night though, Zelena had too much to drink, so when she started out the door to go home he was quick to offer to walk with her.

A couple of the other men made a move, because they saw it as a chance to get her alone, and since she was drunk, to fuck her, but for once he was too quick for them. Zelena was glad of his company because it was dark and wooded in the park As they walked she continued talking about her new life in England, but Karl knew about escorts, and he told her what they did.

“Zelly, don’t you know what an escort is? A girl who’s an escort is a prostitute.”

“No, not really.” She replied, “But I will have to fuck men who pay me.”

And so they talked on until they stopped in the middle of the park under some trees and Karl pulled her toward him and kissed her.

“I love you Zelly.” He said. “I don’t want you fucking a lot of men.” And he started to fondle her breast through her sweater.

They kissed some more and his hand was under her sweater. Zelena was enjoying what he was doing, and soon his hand was down her jeans and found her vagina. When he told her to take off Şişli Escort her jeans she readily complied. They lay down on the grass and she felt him pull his penis out and she took it in her hand.

She gently rubbed and caressed his nice big hard penis, and wanted it. She took off her panties and lay back open to his caresses, as his fumbling fingers found her wet labia, then rubbed her clitoris.

“I love you Zelly. I don’t want you to be a whore. I want to be the only one who fucks you.” And he rolled over on top of her as she spread her legs to accept him.

Then in a moment of clarity through her alcoholic fog she realized he didn’t have a condom on. She pushed him away.

“No, you have to wear a condom, Karl.” She told him.

“No, I’ll be careful.” He lied. How could he be careful?

“No Karl, stop! I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“I want you Zelly. I love you, I want you to have my baby.” Karl said frantically.

But Zelena wasn’t interested in having anyone’s baby, and she repeated. “NO! I won’t fuck without a condom.”

Karl pushed her back on her back and started to force his penis into her but she struggled and kept pushing him away

“You fucking tease Zelly.” He hissed at her. “Leading me on like this. Fuck you. Go to London and be a fucking whore. I won’t fuck you then, I might get a disease.”

“Karl, my love, I’m sorry, but I can’t do it. I didn’t mean to lead you on, I thought you’d have a condom. Please forgive me. Let me suck on your cock instead. Please?”

Karl was lying to one side after moving away from Zelena, and his penis was now limp. Zelena moved toward him and took his cock in her hand, rubbed it a couple of times, then put it in her mouth. She felt it start to harden and felt it oozing into her mouth. Then using her tongue and sucking she heard Karl moan with pleasure.

“Zelly, Zelly that is so good. Suck it my love…………….you are good.”

That’s what Daddy says Zelena thought. She loved the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth, and liked the feeling of Karl’s hand on the back of her head as she felt him start to move his hips and so move his penis in an out of her mouth.

Her heart was pounding, the excitement made her want to fuck, but she knew she couldn’t. Soon she was rewarded for her efforts as she felt Karl ejaculate into her mouth, splattering her tongue and the back of her throat. She sucked and swallowed, the sperm filling her mouth until nothing more seemed to come, and as his penis softened she moved back and away from him.

“Did you like that?” she asked him.

And as he started to answer they were startled to hear clapping close by in the trees. A voice called out, “Nice job Zelly.”

Then more clapping and laughter. They both got up and looked around to see a small group of their friends from the inn who’d been watching them. Hastily Karl zipped up his pants, as he and Zelena started giggling. Zelena realized that she was naked from the waist down, and as she laughed she almost fell over putting on her panties and jeans.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She called out to them as they started to move away, laughing and talking, back toward the village inn.

She and Karl started to walk to the shop, and Zelena wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. When they reached the shop they kissed in the doorway.

“I’ll get some condoms, then we can fuck properly.” Karl said.

“Yes, please.” Zelena answered him.

She stumbled upstairs and into bed, hoping that her father would come soon, because she had a dull ache in the pit of her stomach. She needed to fuck, badly.

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