Zanna’s Touch, Tyler’s Lust

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Tyler eased his sore knee out of the truck and slammed the door behind him. Each step sent a shot of electricity up his leg; the pain was only dwarfed by the throbbing in his head. He couldn’t remember a time when he had a more fucked up day. He had woken up hung over with his partner banging on the door. They chased a strung out junkie through the mud and muck, only for him to not tighten the cuffs enough when they finally caught her. She took off forcing him to chase her a few more blocks twisting his already jacked up knee in the process. The whole crew had been furious with him and when Brandi called to see if he was coming by after work he had simply told her it was over and hung up. It was only one day and tomorrow would probably be better he thought, but he really didn’t want today to end on such a crappy note. He was coming to the only place he was sure would make him feel better.

Tyler hit the buzzer at the front door and waited…nothing… “Come on Zan…” Tyler hit the button again, this time holding it down for a few seconds then pressing a few quick times after that.

Zanna was stepping out of the shower as the buzzer began to ring.

“Damn, somebody has their ass on fire!” she thought to herself. She dried her hand on the towel she had wrapped around her and hit the intercom button. “Yeah… yeah who is it?” she asked all too annoyed at the intrusion.

“It’s me.” Tyler answered, wincing at the sound from the speaker.

Zanna’s tone changed at the sound of his voice.”Oh hey darling, use your key, I’m just getting out of the shower.”

Tyler let himself in, went straight to the bathroom and swung open the door just as Zanna was pulling on a pair of pink shorts. He grinned to see that she hadn’t put a top on yet.

“OUT PERVERT!” She yelled throwing her towel at his head. He closed the door before it could hit him. Tyler limped back to the living room and waited.

When Zanna came out she had her hair twisted up in a towel and a tiny white wife beater on. Tyler could see the dark circles of her nipples through it, almost making him forget the reason he was there.

“Bad day darlin?” Zanna asked brushing her lips lightly across his cheek.

Tyler scowled as quick flashes of the days events rushed through his head “Terrible I need you to Voodoo me again.”

Zanna smirked. “It’s Pranic healing and if you call the office tomorrow they will make you an appointment.” She was only teasing about the appointment, she enjoyed giving him a hard time.

“No, Zan, have pity, I am a man in pain, come on it’s my knee again, and my head feels like it is going to explode!” Tyler pleaded, giving her his most pitiful look.

Zanna sighed,”Fine, I’ll get my table, lose the pants.”

Tyler took off his shoes and pants while Zanna set up the padded table in the middle of the floor. He watched her round little ass as she bent over to straighten the legs.

“Hop on, I’ll do the knee first, you’ll have to sit back up for the head. Helloooooo… TYLER”

“Oh sorry…um yeah OK…hopping now.”

Tyler climbed onto the table and lay down, looking up at the ceiling. He heard Zanna walk out of the room. She came back a few seconds later with a towel, which she rolled up and put under his tender knee. After rubbing her hands together for a few seconds, she placed her palm over his knee cap, hovering just above the skin. Slowly she brought her hand down in a sweeping motion, and then did the same with the other hand. Tyler felt the pain begin to melt away as the warmth from her hands penetrated the sore joint. She did this bursa eskort bayan for a long time. When she slipped her fingers around to the back of his knee and pressed gently releasing the pressure in the tendons, Tyler groaned. “Oh god that is amazing.”

“Uhh hmmm, does what’s her face know you’re here?”

“Who?” Tyler asked, barely coherent.

“I don’t know… the flavor of the month…Candi, Brandi…do-me Debbie? Your done, sit, I’ll see what I can do with the head.”

“Brandi” Tyler said sitting up and flexing his knee “Wow, that’s great.”

“Brandi” Zanna repeated, as she placed her hand on the crown of Tyler’s head. She ran her fingers through the strands shaking them loose, then began to make tiny circles with her thumbs. She started at the front and worked her way all the way back to his neck.


“Well what?” Tyler asked

“Brandi, does she know you’re here?”

“Ahhhhhh… no, I dumped her.”

Zanna came around front and put her palm on his fore head.

“So what was wrong with this one?” she asked with a sigh.

Tyler opened his eyes and looked at Zanna, “The same thing that was wrong with all the other’s.” He slipped his arm around her narrow waist and pulled her to him. “None of them can make me feel the way that you can.” He raised his face to kiss her, but she turned her head sharply.

“Tyler…no… last time was a mistake.”

“A mistake? What about all the times before that?”

“Ummm…. how’s your head?”

Tyler frowned “Not really better. I shouldn’t have drank so much last night.” He was steadily pulling her closer as he talked.

“Well you didn’t tell me it was a hangover, that’s a whole different chakra. Lay back down.” Zanna said beginning to get frustrated with him.

“Only if you lay down with me.”

“On second thought, I’ll get you some Tylenol,” she said pushing his hair back into place.

Zanna had to distance herself from him before things got out of hand. Self control wasn’t easy to come by when Tyler was around. She turned and went into the kitchen. Tyler followed. His eyes moved over her body as she walked.

Zanna opened the cabinet and reached for the bottle of Tylenol on the top shelf. Tyler felt himself getting hard when her shorts rode up revealing the lower curves of her ass. He quickly crossed the kitchen and approached her from behind. With one hand he gripped her hips, he trailed the other over her shoulder, then up her arm to her hand, causing her to drop the bottle, spilling the pills over the counter. He dipped his head and pressed his lips against her neck. He grazed her skin with his teeth as he made his way to her ear. “Zanna…” he whispered hot and moist just before sucking the soft lobe between his lips.

Zanna’s body stiffened and she considered pulling away, Tyler tightened the grip on her wrist and brought her hand down to her side. She always resisted a little, but it never took much to get her to give in. Tyler was comfortable that he knew where the line was, and he was careful not to cross it. He held her there to see if she would fight him. When he felt her body relax, he let go of her wrist. She turned around and gazed up at him, her green eyes flickering. The soft curl of her lips formed into a wicked smile.

“You are so bad…”

“And you feel so good you make me want to be bad.” Tyler said pulling the towel from her hair, letting the platinum, curls spill over her shoulders. Again he grazed his teeth against her skin.

“You know, you really need to learn to separate physical feeling, from bursa merkez escort emotion.” Zanna said almost inaudibly.

Tyler ignored her lecturing; the only thing he wanted to separate right now was her clothes from her body. He lifted her onto the counter, clutching her ass. Zanna squeezed her knees together with all her strength. Tyler leaned in and pressed his lips against the corner of her mouth, her cheek, then down to her neck, she sighed as his mouth teased her flesh. When he brought his lips back to hers, she opened her legs letting him get closer; she took his kisses and returned them. Her hands traveled over his chest, she tucked her fingertips into the top if his boxers, softly grazing the tip of him.

“That’s my girl.” Tyler said between kisses.

“I’ll never be yours” she answered through gritted teeth.

“Tell yourself that…”

Tyler took her from the counter; she clung to him with her legs locked around his waist, and her arms laced behind his neck. They got as far as the massage table, where Tyler laid her back and pushed up her shirt. He cupped her breasts in each of his hands, then moved them slowly down to her stomach to her hips. He curled his fingers around the soft flesh of her ass and pulled her farther down the table, until the softness between her legs pressed against his bulging groin. He brushed the backs of his fingers against her inner thighs, moving aside the fabric of her shorts.

“Ahhh, take them off” Zanna moaned.

Taking a step back, Tyler did as he was told, tugging the shorts down and off. His breath caught as it always did when he saw the blonde wisps that nestled between her legs.

“There’s my sunshine” he said

“Don’t call me that”

He pressed his palm over the platinum mound, and gently slid a finger into her wetness. Zanna arched her back and groaned from deep in her throat. Tyler gazed at her lying there and whispered her name.

“Zanna…” It was something he always did when they were together like this. He moved his hand upward, pushing deeper, as his thumb slowly pressed against her clit. Her head thrashed from side to side.

“Tyler… oh my…”

“Ask for it.” He said removing his hand, and taking off his boxers.

“You ask for it.” She said their eyes locking in a battle of wills.

Zanna raised an indifferent eyebrow when he didn’t move, and began to run her hands over her own body. She closed her eyes as her fingers found her clit and flicked it expertly. Knowing Tyler was watching excited her beyond words. She could feel his eyes on her, hear his breathing, she knew he couldn’t hold out very long. Soon she felt his hand on hers.

“Let me..”

She opened her eyes and smiled at him, then nodded. “Come on darling” she cooed sitting up and kissing him hard on the mouth. Her hands moved over his back, up to his shoulders , she could feel every muscle.

“Oh God, touch me…” Tyler leaned his hand back as her hands continued to his chest. He didn’t even notice her pick up his pants with her toe and slip his wallet from the pocket. She dangled it in front of his face. Tyler quickly took it and pulled out a condom. He tore the wrapper with his teeth and lowered his hand to put it on. Zanna caught his wrist.

“Let me.” She said taking it from him. She pushed him backwards and scooted off of the table, kneeling in front of him. She licked her lips and took him into her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, before placing the condom at the tip. She used her lips to unroll it the bursa sınırsız escort bayan rest of the way.

“Ahhhh God, Zanna….” he said pulling her up to him and lifting her into his arms. Zanna wrapped her legs around his waist again and this time they made it to the bedroom. Zanna pulled him down on top of her on the bed. Tyler kissed along her collar bone, then down her chest over her breasts to her stomach. He ran his tongue over the lines of the Ohm symbol tattoo she had around her belly button. As he continued lower he slid his hands around and lifted her hips off of the bed. Zanna drew up her knees, letting her legs fall open to him.

Her inner thighs were the softest thing Tyler had ever felt. He kissed them gently, then rubbed his face against one side then the other. He left one last moist kissed the valley where her thigh met her body, then found her slit. He rubbed his tongue along it in a long slow lick, when he found her clit and sucked it lightly, Zanna moaned.

“You like that?’ he asked stopping completely

“Yes” she said reaching for him.

Tyler sat back on the bed and grinned.

“Ask for it”

“Never” she hissed

Tyler lunged forward, landing fully on top of her, his face only centimeters from hers. “Why are you so damn proud?”

“Because I can be…I’m just that good.” Zanna said in a sing song voice.

“You know you can be a real bitch sometimes, huh, Zan?”

“Darlin, I’m the bitch that haunts your dreams.” She drawled in her signature southern accent.

With that Tyler pinned her arms above her head and pushed into her roughly. Zanna cried out as he filled her, stretching her.

“Let me go!” Zanna pushed against his hands.

“Make me” Tyler said pulling back then pushing into her deeper.

“Please Tyler, I’m serious.” Zanna said her chin quivering. Her eyes quickly glassed over and her voice broke.Tyler immediately let her hands go and kissed her face.

“Zan, I’m sorry. I thought…”

Her Laughing interrupted his apology.

“You sucker!” Zanna giggled devilishly.

“Oh, ok, you wanna play games, I see” he said smiling, still buried deep inside of her. He stared into her eyes; she stared back and cradled his face in her hands.

“Be gentle darlin, I like it better that way.”. She began to rock her hips, slowly at first, never breaking eye contact. Tyler matched her movements. After a few minutes they were both panting, their bodies slapping together, Tyler pinned her down against the bed; she clamped her legs around his waist as they both began to come. Zanna’s body pulsed around Tyler’s, his breath was sharp and ragged as he bucked his hips uncontrollably.

“Zan…aaaaaa” he sighed, just before collapsing on top of her. He rested his head against her, trying to catch his breath. Zanna stroked his back with her fingertips.

“Tyler… you’re squishing me.” She said after a while.

“Oh, sorry” Tyler rolled off of her and got out of the bed. He walked out of the room and Zanna heard the bathroom door open and shut. She pulled back the bed covers and snuggled in. After a few minutes she felt Tyler crawl in behind her.

“Excuse me, but you are NOT sleeping here.”

Tyler curled his body around hers. “I won’t stay long.”

“You’re not staying at all.”

“Come on, don’t you want a warm body to fall asleep next to?”

“It would be nice… too bad I left Bastien at Mom’s”

Tyler chuckled to himself – that mutt.

“If I promise to shake my leg when you scratch my belly can I stay?”

“Ughh…. for a little while, but you are not staying all night!”

“I’ll take it; you always fall asleep first anyway.” Tyler said wrapping her in his arms.

“This doesn’t change anything, you do know that!”

“Tell yourself that, sunshine.” He smoothed the curls away from her face and kissed her cheek. “Tell yourself that as much as you want.”

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