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My b/f is French. His name is Jacques Longue. But everyone calls him Zak. I call him Zak Long. And that is no accident. He has a thick, blunt cock with beautiful, angry veins and loose foreskin that pulls easily back revealing a thick, purple helmet with a big eye and a pronounced curvature. Best of all, it is long. Over 8-inches when fully erect. And I like nothing better than riding him.

Don’t get me wrong; when he grabs me roughly from behind, folds me in half and hammers 7 bells out me, it is glorious. When he lies heavily on top of me and takes his time to work himself completely into me, it is heavenly. When he almost folds my legs behind my neck and pile-drives me violently, it is amazing. And I won’t even start on how much I admire that glorious cock of his and love gulping it down greedily. Or how clever his tongue on my clit is. But the truth remains I love nothing best than riding him.

Sometimes I will clamber on top of him and ride him (reverse-cowboy or normal) during other sex-sessions. But it is usually first thing in the morning or in the middle of night that he is at his laziest. And I am at my naughtiest.

Sometimes while he is still asleep he will get a hard on. My rubbing my bum all over his crotch helps too. So I roll him onto his back and clamber on top of him. I hitch my nighty up slightly and wriggle down. The thick tip of his cock touched my gash. I’m so hot and damp it is incredible. His cock twitches and jerks involuntarily and my pussy opens up welcomingly. I wriggle down a bit more and as his thick cock finds just the right spot I sink down on him and he’s in me. There is a crazy, intense, instant relief in me that reduces me to gasps and grunts before the fun has even started!

It’s hard to know what Zak is up to. It’s dark and I’m gasping, chewing my lip with my eyes closed. He is mostly keeping still occasionally grunting and sometimes his hands will roam to my legs. But as long as his cock stays hard I don’t really care. Delighted and surprised by the tiny, sudden orgasm I give a cheeky wiggle of my hips again and sink a bit further down.

I lift myself slightly off him and wiggle a bit further down. My tits, through my nightie, rub on his chest. I keep still, gently kissing his face. I can feel his strong, thick cock twitching inside me. It is amazing. I love taking control like this. My legs are still stretched along his so his entry isn’t very Ankara escort deep, but it is glorious. I know he has to be only half asleep because occasionally he will clench his buttocks or lift his hips trying to get deeper into me. I gasp and try to whisper something in his ear.

I lift slightly and move back down. Then repeat. 3 or 4 more times. Slow and gentle. My pussy is soaking wet and now his cock is covered in my juices he is sliding in and out easily. I am in ecstasy. I pause briefly, grab his shoulders and dig my nails into him. I snake my tongue out and place the tip between his lips. I flick up and down a few times and try to snake into his mouth. I’m too high up and there is only the tip of his cock inside me. Helpfully, he lifts his hips ever so slightly and gently moves in and out as my tongue forces its way into his mouth. He is so amazingly warm and I can just hope my pussy is similarly warm for him.

Then I lift my knees slightly giving a slight angle to my hips and exposing my pussy some more. His cock, hard and thick as ever takes full advantage. I move down a further inch or so and feel my sodden pussy welcome him further into me. I am so horny now I can’t get enough. Every ounce of will power is needed to slow me down and gently move up and down on him again. Four or five, gentle thrusts and I am a bit further down on his cock.

My knees are now by his hips, folded underneath me and my hands are pawing at his chest. I gently, stretch my hands, lifting my body to a more upright position. No effort is needed now. The angle is such that my own weight impales me on his cock. Thick, long and hard, it angles perfectly and pushes my pussy around like a rough bully. My head slumps forwards as the gentle, swirling emotions of a building orgasm take over.

My thighs are doing all the work now. As I move up and down gently, his cock takes full advantage and ruthlessly massages my pussy. Oh, my, does my pussy appreciate this? I reach round, place my weight on top of me and open my buttocks. I sink another couple of inches. My pussy stretches and fills out in every direction and my first orgasm comes so easily. I take it as best I can, slump forward a little and give a few move gentle bounces.

I’m completely lost now. I’m racking my nails up and down his pecks and he is groaning. I’ve got his attention and my pussy has clamped hard around this Abidinpaşa escort huge, French cock. My head slumps forwards again. I turn the bounce off and turn on some gentle gyrating. I think I can hear my pussy squelching. His cock is so angry and hard. I’m definitely purring and my mouth is wide open in a silent scream.

I concentrate and rub myself on him. The hard thick shaft of his cock punishes my G-spot and the tip rubs my cervix. The feeling is… indescribable. I have to really concentrate now and as a second, amazing warm orgasm starts to build, it feels like it is spreading out from my tummy. My tongue dangles out limply and as my pussy clenches hard my face contorts with concentration. I’m glad he can’t see my face because I probably look in pain. Long strings and globules of saliva drip from my tongue as it sways limply from mouth.

Just then, as if in response, my pussy flushes his cock with my juices. My tummy contorts like my face and I just growl like a wounded animal. My 2nd orgasm is overwhelming. The room feels like it is spinning around me. I go limp and slunk a bit further down. He isn’t even fully in me yet. The blunt tip of his cock feels like it is punching me right in the cervix. Tiny jolts of electricity race up my spine and I jump upwards to relieve the pressure. As I do, I feel my juices enveloping the whole of his cock and seeping out of me. I’m a mess!

I slump down, collapsing and easing the clawing of his packs as his cock eases up on my G-spot and cervix. Just lying there, I try to relax a little but there is pressure on my clit now. The contrast is amazing. I just keep my bum in the air, and wiggle from side to side. My clit rubs on his pelvis. My head presses into his shoulder and I stretch my legs out either side of him. Now my whole weight presses down on my clit and a crazy 3rd orgasm comes in quick succession.

It’s a lovely, sharp, brisk orgasm. It is deliriously sweet and much easier to handle than the two, deep orgasms that just shook my core. I’m very happy here, lying in the dark, chilling. His body heaving up and down slowly and mine slowing too. His cock is still inside me. It hasn’t calmed one little bit. In fact, if I keep still long enough he starts jerking. Gently at first as though afraid to wake me. But I’m far from asleep. I am still really turned on but 3 orgasms in under half Akay escort an hour have taken their toll. I bring my knees under me again, lift my bum a bit to help him. I’m well and truly soaking and have been opened up nicely. So I inch down some more. The angle is perfect and soon, an entire 8″ French sausage is prodding deep into my loins.

I push myself back up and the angle gets quite demanding of my already stretched insides. I’m burning up and have to take my nightie off. I pinch my boobs hard — it’s only fair after what I did with my claws to his chest. My clit tingles now as it gets some more blood and some cool air. The base of his cock is still rubbing my G-spot. It just won’t let up and I love it. His cock is so far inside me it hurts. But I cannot get enough. I wiggle and push and wiggle again. I settle down and get comfy. Again I have to concentrate again. This brute is pushing my internals to their limits.

I feel like I have a fever and my eyes roll in my head. I gently rest my head on his chest and sob. His hands grab my buttocks and press me down onto him. The first clear sign he is awake. I hug is broad shoulders and sob some more digging my claws into his firm deltoids. As he thrusts his hips upwards I growl and rake my claws down his strong arms. His fingers are now digging into my bum and he thrusts. As he hits home it is like a punch to my stomach. A lovely, warm, internal punch. He carries this on for a few more minutes and I am now growling into his chest and biting him as he ruthlessly shows no mercy.

I flop about like a rag doll and a 4th, almost frightening orgasm in unavoidable. I’m soaking with sweat and his pelvis squelches against mine angrily. Then he grunts and keeps still, holding my bum down against him. I have to exhale all the air out of my lungs to allow my diaphragm to move upwards. He holds me there a few seconds and then relends. I take a deep gasp, but I gotta be quick. He repeats his quick frantic phuking. My breathing is reduced to short gasps as he guides my bum up and down onto the length of his cock. I can just about mutter “Oh, yes, yes, yes!” through gritted teeth.

Then he slams me one last time onto him. This time as hard as he can and then holds me still. I grunt in pain/pleasure and his cock twitches and expands a little bit more and then explodes. I yelp as the first splash of his spunk flushes against my cervix. I keep still but my pussy convulses milking his cock. And he just keeps cumming. He is groaning too now and holding me hard onto him. His cock twitches again and again as he empties himself into me. I can feel him inside me, his entire life force seeping into me. It is a glorious, comforting, warm feeling.

I love my long Zak!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32