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Oh god, he was so much more than simply handsome, I actually think he could only be called beautiful, with those perfectly chiseled features, and that dark head of hair, and those amazing long-lashed blue eyes that seem to sparkle whenever he smiles. If I didn’t know better, I’d guess he was a model.

A model I’d love to lick like a Popsicle.

Heaving a sigh, I could feel the little butterflies excitedly beating their wings inside me, now that the highlight of my day is walking through the door.

My heart rate kicks up a notch as I watch him approach, his eyes locked on mine, he leans in, flashing me an insanely sexy smile as he murmurs, “I’ll have a large Americano, thanks.”

And as I prepare his coffee, as always, he keeps his eyes locked on mine, not like the rest, who never bother to look up from their phones, even when I’m handing them their coffee. I’ve noticed he never looks away and his gaze stays firmly planted on mine the whole time I’m preparing his morning cup of joe, which makes me wonder how I haven’t burned myself by now, he’s just so distracting.

Once I hand it to him, and say with a smile, “There you go, Seth.”

He always winks and says, “Thanks, Laura. See you tomorrow.”

Then I heave my usual dejected little sigh as I watch him walk away, and out of my life for another day. I know it isn’t much, but just that little interchange, always gives me such a rush. Though he’s not the only customer that flirts, he’s definitely the only one that’s get me all tingly the moment he walks through the door.

My friend and business partner Diana, wanders over and stands beside me, and leans her arms on the cool gray marble counter, and joins me in heaving a sigh, as hot stuff pushes through the glass door and leaves. “So, Mr. Wonderful say hi to you again?”

“Yep,” I tell her, with a nod, watching him round the corner and head upstairs to his law office in the swanky Bay Street office tower that houses our little coffee shop.

Then reaching for a clean cloth to wipe down the counter, I breathe another heavy sigh, just like I always do once he’s gone. Could be I really need to get a life – if just seeing him makes me go all gooey like this.

But I already know I’ll be grinning like a fool for him again tomorrow, no matter what I tell myself. So I can’t really see a point in trying to change things. This, apparently is my lot in life – running a successful, if sometimes insanely busy coffee shop, with my bestie since high school, Diana, and taking whatever illicit thrill I can get whenever he comes strolling in.

Later on, as I pull a tray of freshly baked pumpkin muffins from the oven in the back, taking a moment to savor their warm spicy aroma, I wonder, not for the first time if his parents had a wicked sense of humor, or were completely obtuse when they named their sexy as fuck son, Seth Elliott Xander, since anyone with half a brain would realize that his initials would spell out – S.E.X. Of course for him it’s the perfect calling card, since I’m sure every women alive would agree he has to be the epitome of a desirable male. Tall, dark, ridiculously handsome with a smile that could stop traffic, and a body that practically guarantees he’d be amazing between the sheets. I can feel myself getting damp between the thighs just wondering what it would actually feel like to have that rock hard body of his hovering over mine, as he spreads me open wide and begins to fill me up with what I feel sure would be one seriously impressive package.

My nipples are as diamonds, just from thinking about him, I wonder if it’s actually getting hotter back here, or if it’s just me and my filthy imagination, making me sweat.

Tempted to re-arrange my long pale blonde hair from the ponytail hanging down my back into a bun to get it off my damp neck, I decide to leave it and just wander back into the shop, carelessly tossing it over my shoulder, when Mr. Sex on Legs comes strolling back in, making my eyes pop. His gaze locks on mine as he approaches, and I can detect a glint of humor, which gets me smiling too. And of course, no surprise, I sure am liking what I see. Wow, not often I get to see him twice in a day. Lucky me.

“You forget something, Seth?”

He shakes his head, and says, “No.” Then tips his head and asks, “Aside from coffee, you girls do a little catering, too, right?”

“Yes, of course, what would you like?”

When his gaze drops to my lips and lingers, I can feel my pussy actually clenching and heating up my panties, just from the look in his eyes as he focusses in on my mouth. Damn, did he even have a clue how lethal he was? I’m talking atomic levels of panty melting here. And just from a look. God help me if he ever actually reached out and touched me, my heart would probably seize and I’d keel over and die on the spot, never mind if he ever pressed those gorgeous lips to mine and kissed me.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, his teasing gaze lifts and meets mine Bostancı Escort and he clears his throat and explains. “We’re having some clients over for a lunch meeting on Monday, and I suggested you’d be perfect for what I have in mind.”

Did he just say that I would be perfect for what he had in mind? Though I knew he didn’t mean it that way, it sure sounded good all the same.

Licking my lips, I ask, “So what is it you need, Seth?”

His grin is devilish as she leans close and murmurs a husky voice, “Something tasty might be nice.”

I can actually feel my eyes pop. Holy shit, now I know he’s doing on purpose to get me hot. And he’s sure as hell succeeding, my pussy feels like it’s on fire, and I know he’s got just what I need to put it out.

“Something tasty, like…?” Playing along, I wiggle my eyebrows playfully when I ask that.

Grinning, he pushes off the counter and says, “Uh, you know, the usual – an assortment of sandwiches, a few cookies and some coffee and tea.”

Slightly disappointed that we’re back to business again, I nod and reach into a drawer and pull out our menu. “Okay, then let me show you our menu. And of course if you see anything you’d like from our showcase, we can make extra for your lunch on Monday.”

Once I’ve handed it to him, I can’t stop myself from staring at him as he reads it over. Damn, how is it even possible for a man to have such insanely long dark eyelashes? Jeez, I swear I’d kill to have lashes like that. Being naturally fair, I have my Scandinavian ancestors to thank for my pale complexion, sky blue eyes, and of course the uber blonde hair I have – everywhere.

Finally, he sets down the menu between us, smiles warmly into my eyes, and says, “How about I let you decide. There’ll be about twelve of us, but better plan for at least eighteen, just to be on the safe side.”

Nodding, I pick up an order pad, and trying to sound all business, as I ask, “Any allergies to consider?”

He looks thoughtful for a moment, then says, “No, don’t think so.”

And I mark that down. Then I look into the sexy abyss of those blue, blue eyes, staring intently into mine, and I just can’t stop myself from licking my lips and asking, “And is there anything you see that you’d like, Seth?”

Seeing how shocked he looks for a moment, blinking his eyes, makes me want to laugh. Of course I could have phrased that differently, but why would I, when we both know he’s been teasing me, too. But when he leans against the counter and breathes out huskily, “You know, there are lots of things I’d like, Laura.” I swear I nearly do keel over. And dear god, up close like this, I can even detect his after shave, and of course, just as I’d imagined, he smells as good as he looks, clean and musky and all male, and of course good enough to eat. My panties are almost soaked now, and my pussy’s practically burning up. It just feels so insane to have the object of my desire, this close and taunting me like this. And my head is already spinning with all the possible positions he could take me in.

As I heave out a ragged breath, I notice his gaze drops to my breasts. Women in my family, though slender, are all generously endowed in the boob department. And from the heated look in his eyes, and the slight flaring of his nostrils, I can tell he’s sure enjoying the sight of the twins rising and falling. Finally, when he lifts his gaze, I realize we’re both staring helplessly in some kind of lust induced trance. And the air around us is heavy, positively crackling with sexual tension, and all I can think of is what it would be like with him – on my back, naked and aching for him, as he takes my lips, settling his body over mine, thrusting his hips and sinking into me deep, finally giving me what I’ve been dying for, for well over a year.

Finally, Seth manages to break the spell. After clearing his throat and blinking his eyes, he starts to speak, but I’m in so deep at this point, I have to force myself out of it, so I can hear him when he says, “So, can you have that ready for around noon on Monday?”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” I answer, hoping my nipples don’t appear as hard as they feel pressed achingly hard against my black fitted, Coffee Gals, T-shirt.

Then our eyes meet again and he winks and says, “Thanks, Laura, I knew I could count on you.”

Instead of telling him how crazy he makes me, I just nod and say what I know I should say. “And thanks for thinking of us, Seth. And if you want to leave your card, I’ll call you to let you know when it’s ready. And I can bring it up to your office, too, if you’d like.”

Slowing nodding his head, as though he’s still a little flustered, too, he manages to look away long enough to reach into his wallet. Staring at his long lean fingers as he pulls out his card, I can almost feel them running over my body, and even slipping inside me. Now I’ve got my pussy practically screaming at me to knock it off with the teasing if nothing’s going to Ümraniye Escort happen. And of course nothing is, because this is just how it is with us. We grin at each for a while, maybe do a little teasing, and then he leaves until tomorrow, when we do it all over again.

For all I know he’s married with a couple of kids at home, and this is just a bit of fun for him, flirting with the coffee girl every morning on his way into work. And I’ve got a pretty strong feeling that he’d never seriously consider me as dating material, considering the fact that he’s a lawyer and I run coffee shop. Though I have both a business and culinary degree, I still don’t imagine I’d be his type. With his looks, if some lucky bitch hasn’t already snapped him up, then I imagine he’d probably only dates other professionals, and maybe the occasional super model. But never a girl who earns her living in a place wearing black jeans and a T-shirt, emblazoned with our logo.

And no sooner has Mr. S.E.X. left, then another of our regulars, bone thin, wiry, Lenny comes striding in. The guy’s so jittery, I wonder if he’s on drugs, or could be he’s just on a permanent caffeine high, since all he ever orders is an extra-large espresso that he loads with a ton and a half of sugar. Glancing anxiously over his shoulder, as he always does before he places his order, he finally turns to face me, gives me a quick nod and says, “I’ll have the usual.”

Although we wear name tags, only a few customers bother to call us by our names. Like Seth. But though Lenny comes in at least once or twice a day for his coffee fix, he’s never made any small talk or attempted to be friendly. So, once I’ve slid his cuppa joe across the counter to him, he just nods, tosses some money down, and mutters, “Thanks.” Then he shoots one last suspicious look over his shoulder before turning around and scurrying his boney ass back out the door. I sometimes wonder what the deal is with him, but then again, I’m pretty sure I’m better off not knowing.

Looking over our little catering menu, I decide that I’ll try to make this lunch I’m planning for Seth’s office just a little extra special, seeing as it’s for my favorite customer, and all. So, I make a list of what I’ll need to pick up, deciding as tap the pencil against my cheek, that smoked salmon with cream cheese, thinly sliced cucumbers and capers would be nice – as would tender sliced roast beef, with a smear of horseradish mayo and arugula. And spicy chicken with curried mango chutney mayo might make some pretty tasty sandwiches, too. And of course I imagine my signature heart-shaped lemon sugar cookies, will go nicely with coffee, and maybe a couple dozen of Diana’s chocolate-chip, for anyone with a sweet tooth. And for garnish I’ll add some juicy berries and bunches of colorful grapes, already imaging with a sigh, those perfectly shaped lips of his dripping with red strawberry juice once he sinks his teeth in to take a bite, which of course I’d love to offer to lick off with my tongue.

But I digress. I’ve got a lunch to plan, and licking Mr. Sexy’s lips clean is definitely not on the menu. But a girl can dream, right?

Soon, the usual afternoon crowd wanders in, made up mostly of a few adorable older ladies taking a break from shopping, and a number of moms with their little ones, who aren’t yet old enough to be in school. And I can’t help but smile as a little cherub-cheek sweetie, of about three, with a head full of bright red curls and probably the biggest long-lashed brown eyes in the world, points into the showcase and murmurs, “I would like a lemon cookie, please.”

“Then you shall have one,” I tell the little angel, as I place it in a paper bag and hand it over the counter to her, smiling into those big brown eyes, as I tell her mom it’s on the house.

Her mother gives me a grateful smile and says, “Thank you,” then orders a tea for herself and some milk for her daughter.

By the time we close up at six, since most of our business comes from the office crowd, that start showing up for their coffee fix at 7 a.m., I’m tired. But I’m still pretty stoked about going out for a few drinks to celebrate Diana’s thirtieth birthday, especially since it’s Friday night, and thankfully, we don’t have to open till ten tomorrow. Since we’ve both had our fair share of horror stories where men are concerned, and neither of us has a significant other at the moment, we often enjoy each other’s company outside of work, too, especially on special occasions like this.

And since I’ve got a condo nearby in the Entertainment District, I get home in plenty of time to shower and make myself over into something way sexier than my Coffee Gal persona. Choosing the sexiest, tiniest, sparkliest dress I own, checking myself out in the mirrored closet doors in my bedroom, I love the way the black clingy sparkler hugs my slender curves like a second skin. And the sexy red heels I’m wearing practically shout, “Come and do me.” But then reality Ataşehir Escort hits and I wrinkle my nose. If only I could find a guy I’d actually like to have do me, I’d be set. Still, even without a man to impress, it’s fun to dress up and head out, since, with our early mornings, we rarely spend a night on the town. Often in bed long before ten, I’m sure my eighty-two year old granny keeps later hours than I do.

By the time I roll up in an Uber, gorgeous dark-haired Diana has already sweet-talked the bouncer into letting us skip the line, telling him with a teasing bat of her eyelashes, and a gentle brush of her hand over his big broad chest, that’s it’s her birthday. Succumbing to her practiced charm, he just smiles helplessly into her eyes, releases the catch on the rope, and holding back the rest of the crowd with a raised hand, he lets us walk right in.

And lordy, looking around, the place is really hopping. Crossing the jam-packed dancefloor that’s vibrating under our feet from the heavy bass pouring from the speakers, we make our way over to the bar, and take two stools. Instantly the bartender’s heavy-lidded gaze instantly settles on us. I just ignore that he’s trying to hit on us, and tell him, “I’d like something refreshing but not too sweet, what do you recommend?”

“Me?” he says with a filthy grin and teasing lift of his eyebrow.

I just laugh, and tell him, “Nothing too strong though, okay?” I want to be awake enough to enjoy myself for a couple of hours, and since I’ve been up since before five this morning, anything too overpowering would probably knock me out cold.

Diana nods, and tells him, “Make hers first and I’ll try it, and I might get the same.”

We’re close as sisters and we share the same tastes in a lot of things. Well except for maybe the bald-headed, uber cheesy bar tender, who’s still sending us leering looks as he concocts my drink. “He’s kind of cute, huh?” Diana says into my ear.

I nod, though he’s definitely not my type, but seeing as it’s her special night, I don’t disagree. When he brings the drink over to us, as he holds the straw to Diana’s lips, his dark eyes riveted to hers, he murmurs in a low sexy voice, “Taste.” And I can tell she’s interested, by the way she holds his gaze, and smiles coyly, as she makes a production number out of wrapping her around the straw – telegraphing a none too subtle message, about wrapping her lips around something else, he might enjoy.

“Mmm,” she purrs, and nods. “I like.” And I’ve got a pretty strong feeling she’s not just talking about the drink.

Finally, she passes it to me and I have a taste of it too. And she’s right, it’s nice, a little fruity, but not too sweet or overpowering, so I order one for myself letting her finish the one she’s got. Then turning on the stool and glancing around the room, my eyes fall on a couple heading our way, and I start to sputter and nearly choke, though I’m not even drinking.

Holy shit, I can’t believe my eyes. It’s Seth, and he’s with a woman who’s every bit as beautiful as he is, if not more. Tall, leggy, with the perfect body and gorgeous shimmering long dark hair, they just so look perfect for each other, that already I hate her. Clinging to his arm, she’s smiling up into his eyes, just like I’d be doing if I had that piece of arm candy to hang on to. Damn, I can’t believe he’s actually here. With a city the size of Toronto, how could this even be happening? Are there no other bars they could have gone to?

When Seth finally lifts his gaze from her face, looking surprised, his eyes go round the moment he sees me. And suddenly, instead of heading in another direction, like I assumed he would, they’re heading straight for us, and I swear I can hardly breathe. Still clad in the perfectly tailored charcoal grey suit he was wearing earlier, but with necktie gone and his crisp white shirt unbuttoned at the neck, and his jaw a little darker with a day’s growth of beard, I’m positive I’ve never seen anything sexier in my life than him right now. He has to be the hottest man alive, and in two seconds he’ll be right in front of me, and my heart won’t stop pounding.

“Laura, wow, funny seeing you here,” he says flashing that crazy hot megawatt smile of his as they stop right in front of me. God, even his teeth are perfect.

Nodding, I give Diana a poke in the ribs with my finger, so she’ll stop making goo-goo eyes at the bartender long enough to notice that Seth is right behind her. And that I’m just about to curl up and die.

“Yeah, small world,” I finally manage to get out, without choking, I’m feeling so overwhelmed.

He flashes a warm smile to the woman hanging off his arm and says, “Jacki, this Laura, who works in the coffee shop downstairs from my office.”

“And this is Diana,” I tell them, when she finally turns around on her stool to face them.

He nods a greeting and introduces them, too, saying, “Hey, Diana, this is Jacki,” smiling warmly at the woman on his arm.

I try hard to manage a smile, but since she is hanging off the man I’ve dreamt about pretty much nonstop for over a year now, I know I’m failing miserably. But the way she’s grinning up at him, his lady friend seems not to notice how hard I’m glaring her down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32