Your Waitresses

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We have not submitted anything for almost a year as daily life as certainly been in the way for ALL of us. My wife and I decided this one would be a slight change to the previous submissions.

It is all fantasy but we both would enjoy bringing this one to “true” life if ever possible. Enjoy and we always welcome any comments!

You begin your evening by taking a long luxurious bubble bath followed by taking the time to apply your makeup at a beautiful white makeup table and mirror from the 1920’s. You then slide a sheer pair of black stockings up each leg and attach them to your black and red lace garter belt. You then run your hands up each leg to straighten out any sags and adjust the garter accordingly. You step in to a black mesh see thru panty relishing the thought that someone will enjoy the sexy sight of these pretty garments later tonight.

Then, you slide your lovely blue satin sheath dress over your arms, head and breasts which are amply endowed in the black lace bra which matches your panties. You enjoy the feel of the satin dress rubbing across your exposed nipples thru the bra as you continue to adjust the dress to your body. The dress hem stops about 2 inches above the knee and has a slit about 4 inches up the left leg. You polish off this look with a pair of black 3 inch Mary Jane please fuck me pumps that sculpt your legs into that lustful view that leg connoisseurs prefer!

You then leave for your favorite Adult strip club to enjoy the action for the night and the hope against hope that you may find that one “special” take home fuck buddy! You find “your” club to be a little slow tonight but the action, dancers and patrons to be hot, lustful and looking for FUN! The very sexy and handsome door greeter allows you to always enter for free, offers his perfect bulged muscular arm to escort you to your favorite table. He gracefully leaves a kiss on your cheek and wishes you a good time giving you quite the show of his butt muscles encased in tight tan Dockers as he walks away.

The club is very upscale and quite exclusive, one of the main reasons you have chosen this establishment as your place to see and be seen. The waitresses and dancers all know you by name and enjoy your sweet loving nature and generous tips. You convinced the owner a while back that the uniforms of the waitresses were too plain and that they should be as desirable as the ladies on stage.

He offered you free rein to design a dress code that would retain their attractiveness and make them desirable without taking anything from the stage shows. You accepted and the results are in front of your eyes with great satisfaction. The Patrons, Owner, Waitresses and Stage Ladies are pleased and excited with the look being classy which keeps with the theme of the establishment. One of your more favorite waitresses with a beautiful smile, short bob brunette hair, 34B breasts and killer legs approaches you with your complimentary glass of red wine that seems to always relax and put you in the mood for the sexual hunt you have begun! You review her clothing for imperfections, ill adjusted tailoring and other minor distractions that may take away from the pride and joy you have created!

You notice how the black pencil skirt is quite snug across the buttocks as it should be and a slit up the back that is 8 inches long. It falls just above the knee and you admire the tan back seamed sheer pantyhose that end in a pair of gold stiletto pumps with a strap around the ankle. You have received concerns from “your” waitresses about the rhinestone stud that holds the G strings together in the back of the panty and how uncomfortable it is while sitting. You have recently ordered new panties with a smaller stud.

You then ask your very sexy and attractive server to lift her skirt so that the rhinestone may be exposed for your view. She does as you ask and you are quickly petting the rock with 2 fingers noting your request to smooth the corners of the rock have been fulfilled. This results in fewer pantyhose tears and runs which makes the Owner happier since he happily covers the costs for each lady’s clothing. You then help her smooth her skirt back down over her soft silken thighs making sure that your caress görükle escort implies all that it should. Her smile and closed eyes confirm to you that your touch is what she desires.

You continue your inspection concentrating on the black and gold animal print sweetheart top blouse that exposes just a hint of the bra underneath. The gold satin bra has pretty black lace across the top of the cup and the blouse accentuates this perfectly. You then ask your flirty vixen if you may view the rhinestone set in the bra since it had to be redone to match the panty redo. She seductively pulls the sweetheart blouse up to reveal two soft creamy mounds encased in their satin and lace prison. The beautiful rhinestone immediately grabs attention to the center of the bra where it helps one’s eyes to appreciate the skin and fabric advertised. You then slide her blouse up to view the two rhinestones on top of each shoulder where the adjustable straps are held together.

You thank her for the time to allow you to approve the final touches of your long task of creating a more elegant theme for these ladies. She bends down to give you a nice long hug and brushes her lips across your ear as she softly whispers a “no, thank you from all of us”. She then asks you if you have met the newest waitress who really is a lot of fun to have around. You reply that you have not and want to meet her. She promises to bring her to your table for introductions as soon as the new lady arrives for her shift which should be anytime now.

Within minutes, the sexy legged waitress approaches you with an obviously crossdressing handsome man who looks great in your designed uniform. The tight pencil skirt accents his wonderful manhood to all who are admiring him as he walks quite comfortably in the 3 inch gold stiletto pumps all the waitresses are wearing. She introduces the two of you and tells him that you are the woman all of you are always talking about and the one who has designed their outfits. She leaves him with a quick but sexy lip lock and a quick pet of his nice legs in the seamed tan hose. Her fingers stop at his hem but she winks at you mentioning that what he has under his skirt is better than anything any of the other girls have offered you in the past!

He makes sure that his legs are directly facing you allowing you a slight tease up his skirt as he sits down. You ask him if he is completely dressed as the other waitresses are. He replies with “you mean the flirty gold satin bra with the pretty black lace and rhinestone between the bra cups or the sexy G string panty with the rhinestone that is gently penetrating the top of my ass crack?”

You swallow gently picturing what his now obvious hard piece of meat must look like underneath the sexy pair of panties. You can even imagine how the tip and possibly some of his thick shaft must be sticking out above the top of his panties and being caressed by his pantyhose. You enjoy the perverse satisfaction that this handsome sexy man is wearing the very same clothes and sexy undergarments that you have chosen for all the other women wearing them at this moment! What a wonderful beginning to the next chapter of what you have begun!!! The moistness between your legs and the incredible urges beginning to pulsate through your body increase quickly with each lustful thought of a man feeling sexy enough to dress and act out the part of an adult entertainment waitress in public!

You immediately decide that this is THE waitress you will be taking home tonight rather than waiting to see which of the other beautiful, sexy and slutty ladies who have not enjoyed an evening with you yet. You reach over and run the palm of your hand over his soft silky shaven leg and tell him that you are really enjoying the view of his hardness bulging through the very skirt you have chosen!

He smiles and says that he has heard a lot about you, your obvious passion for pretty ladies, how they dress and their wonderful forbidden pleasures they offer you! He then tells you that he cannot wait to be the next one to offer you those same pleasures and maybe receive a couple himself. You smile as you feel the touch of his very warm hand running the length of your nylon encased calves. His hand slips just under the hem of görükle escort bayan your dress as you lean forward wanting your first taste of him.

Your lips meet and you can smell the sweet aroma of a perfume that reminds you of a breezy Hawaiian evening. You realize that the intense heat radiating from him is all masculine though his crossdressing and perfume wearing drives the intensity of his desires! He envelopes your lips and thrusts his large tongue deep into your mouth as you slightly gag knowing that this feeling will probably be something to adjust to as the night moves on. Your deepest secret is having your mouth, throat, tongue and lips swimming in the thick white sticky cum of both male and female ejaculations!

You respond with your own tongue as it searches, caresses and probes his tongue and mouth. At the same time, your hand works its way up the back slit of his skirt which just happens to have found its way to one side exposing his thigh all the way to his sweet ass!

His lips find their way along your cheek to your ear and down across your neck as you enjoy the smell of his perfume and a little of his masculinity seeping through. Your hand cannot make its way to the very obvious hard trophy under his skirt so you withdraw. Then you run your hand on the outside of his tightened skirt to find the magnificent bulge between his legs. His moans in your ear confirm to you that you have found his pleasure zone!

You glance up to see your favorite 34B cup waitress watching the two of you as she sits on the table next to the main stage. One of the performers is spread eagle on the stage facing the hot waitress and her spread legs. The performer is taking her time with the massive black dildo in her hands working it up and down between the waitress’ pussy and ass holes. The smile on her face, the arch of her back confirms that the performer has located the erogenous zone of your waitress.

You invite your crossdressing waitress to turn and watch them as he leans in for his first suckle of your very hard nipple pushing thru the gorgeous blue satin of your dress. He turns his head so that he may enjoy what you are asking him of him as he makes the wet spot on the satin bigger which each suck, lick and flick of your very hardened nipple.

You then realize that most of the patrons, waitresses and stage girls are now watching you enjoy your crossdressing stud. Most of the employees have enjoyed or been enjoyed by you and know that your obvious sexual energy is only growing with the audience watching. You notice two patrons only a couple of tables over have unzipped their manhood and are now being gently pumped by willing stage girls in various costumes.

Your hand finds a small patch of wetness growing on his skirt and the instant thought that his precum has made it thru his hose and now beginning to dampen his skirt makes you weak in the knees. This is because you hate the thought that anyone’s ejaculation should be wasted by not being introduced to your mouth, tongue or throat! Another waitress passes by and suggests that no one can wait any longer and you MUST lift his skirt and give him the blowjob he so deserves.

You immediately lock your lustful eyes on his and tell him to stand. As he does, you force his skirt up quickly wondering why you decided that tight pencil skirts were the way to go for the waitresses. As you shove the hem of his skirt over his pantyhosed clad ass and finally expose his large, erect and wet penis, you run your tongue from his nice heavy balls, up the shaft and finally have your first taste of salty liquid pleasure under silken delight! Your fingernails quickly find his scrotum and work their way underneath and over his gorgeous ass. You confirm your earlier suspicions noting that his rock hard shaft has grown the tip of him way out of his pretty G string panties and very close to the waistband of his hose.

It takes little effort to pull the waistband out and a bit down to take in your first full gulp of his head, shaft and wetness. You immediately glance up knowing the appreciative view he must have of you on your knees; your dress pulled up slightly over your butt and your fuck me Mary Janes on your feet. Knowing his fondness for women’s clothing, you bursa escort have no doubt that he fondly enjoys the sexy and pretty items you have encased yourself in.

You only accept about half of him past your lips as he moans in deep pleasure. You see his white pleasure liquid all about his hose, on his stomach and around his pelvis. You pull his hose down just a little more so that you may give him a very erotic tongue bath. You suck his hose clean leaving only wet areas from your tongue. He begs you to put him back in your mouth and you smile as you lick the last drops of him from your lips.

You then look around you and notice that everyone has a partner and is in the process of getting or giving oral pleasure. Several waitresses that you have had the wonderful opportunity to taste are giving the more senior performing ladies their do with skills that you have patiently taught them. You decide that this time you will give him your biggest treat of all.

You slide his hose all the way down past his balls and engorge yourself to the point of choking on him. You ensure that his tip is at the back of your throat and you clamp down your lips so tight that your face muscles begin to ache. You quickly adopt your deep throat up and down motions adjusting your mouth to his manhood and feel him slightly relax. You slip your hand into his hose and caress his closely shaven balls and realize how soft they feel. You feel him buck a bit and can’t wait to feel his reaction as your other hand glides under the hose, across his scrotum seeking his anus.

He realizes your destination and spreads his legs further apart to welcome your obvious probe. You wonder how many times this sexually confident, crossdressing slut has desired penetration. You find his tight muscle and began to gently coax him open never missing a single motion on his hardened cock deep in your mouth.

You are able to worm your finger just inside of his warm hole and you can feel the throbbing of his cock growing. You anxiously increase the motion of sliding up and down on him as you finally feel his anus relax and actually pull your finger deeper within him. You gently squeeze his nut sack to force more of his creamy protein to surface as you hear a couple of muffled screams of other people beginning to climax. You wish you could stop and watch but want the satisfying pleasure of pleasing this man dressed up shooting what must be a thick large rope of pleasure down your throat.

You push your finger just a bit more inside of him wishing that you had the pleasure of having a cock to replace your finger to fuck him with and you hear him mention those wonderful words leading to your own deep desires, I am cumming! You continue to pound his pussy with your finger and slide your other hand from his balls to his shaft so that you may slide back and accept all of his fluids. You swallow as fast as you can as he continually shoots deep hot loads of cum into your mouth. Your mouth quickly fills up and some feels as if it is leaking at the corners of your mouth.

You quickly increase your swallows since you have never “lost” a drop of cum and are not about to start on this sexually intense man now! You keep the motion of sucking, swallowing, pumping and probing as you hear more and more moans about you. You just hope that all of the waitresses that you have expertly coached to swallow all cum and not waste a drop are carrying it out. You hear several female cries and know from experience that it is more difficult to not allow creamy cum to escape from them than from a man. The motions of pulling her pussy drippings into your mouth by sucking and licking as she releases is much harder than having a nice hard cock exploding within the chambers of your sealed mouth.

As you complete your oral orgasm for him, you gently pull your finger from him and glance up to see a very wide and satisfied smile looking back at you! He then reaches down for you, pulling you up with his strong arms and wraps them around you. You feel completely encased in him and the feel of satin, silk, hose and all other sexy and pretty materials brush against both of your skins while deep passionate kissing, hugging and hip grinding continue!

You then invite your handsome sexy dressed man to accompany you home for an evening of exploration and plenty of perverse sexual pleasures! He eagerly accepts and begins escorting you from the establishment. On the way, everyone is giving you both hugs, kisses and several men and women caress both his and your wet spots on the way out!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32