Your Personal Trainer

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You walk on the fitness club floor for the first time.

New gym, new goals, new you. You’re ready for a challenge, and today is the first step.

When you signed up a few days ago, the sales manager told you that your membership included a free fitness assessment. She pulled out a list of the club’s trainers, complete with short blurbs about their training approach and qualifications.

But your eyes scanned the images first and foremost. One person immediately caught your eye.

And that person is me.

You asked her if I’m available this week. The sales manager smiled and said yes.

“He’s one of our most popular trainers.”

You smile to yourself. “I can certainly see why…,” you think.

She adds you to my schedule, and you mark it in your calendar.

Now, here you are. In your best workout gear, equal parts excited and nervous. Excited to meet me. Energized for how this first session will go.

You see me for the first time as I step out of the office. Tall, muscled, exuding an energy with my smile and my posture -everything you expected from my picture and my profession. My eyes catch you, and I smile warmly as I head your way.

We greet each other, and get talking as we head for the fitness studio. We grab yoga mats and blankets, settling in to our discussion. After just a few minutes, you can tell this is going to be a great fit.

I grab some equipment from the sides of the studio, and begin guiding you through the movements. You watch me as I demonstrate, then assist your form as you begin. You feel my hands as they guide you to straighten your hips, tighten your core, and tense the right muscles.

Your heart rate quickens, you breathing becomes heavier. All the while, my eyes stay focused on you and your movements.

I move us to the window ledge that overlooks the city. I sit next to you, our knees almost touching. I reach out and take your wrist in my fingers, holding it delicately yet firmly as I take your heart rate. Your heart beats quickly in your chest, torso heaving from labored breaths. It slowly calms as we sit there together, my eyes locked intently on your wrist as I count your heartbeats through my fingers.

We finish the session with assisted stretches. You rest on the mat as my hands cradle your ankle and behind your knee. I guide your legs into different positions, cueing you to take long, deep breaths as you lay on your back. I help you press open your hips and loosen your shoulders. It all feels good and my hands feel warm and strong on your skin.

You sense there’s tension between us, but you don’t know if it’s just you that feels it.

“Maybe this is how it is with all of his clients,” you think to yourself.

But it feels like my smile and eyes and hands are sending clear signals. As if there’s something more… lingering about them.

“You killed it tonight!”

You blush a bit from my praise as we move off the floor. You spot yourself in the studio mirrors, to see if your blushing is noticeable through the rosiness of your post-workout flush.

“Damn,” you think. “I look fucking hot.”

A confidence spreads over you, and you decide to act on it.

“I have a fitness studio at my apartment. Would you be open to taking me through a session there? That way I could get in a late workout like I enjoy, and we don’t have to worry about the gym closing on us… “

You don’t have to wait long for my answer.

“Let’s do it. I’m in.”


It’s been a week since your fitness assessment, and you’ve thought this all through. You’ve always had a fantasy about fucking a hot trainer in your workout gear. In the middle of a workout, when you’re hot and sweaty and in public and your blood is pumping. When you’re in sexy Elazığ Escort fitness attire, and his hands and mouth are just inches away from your own. When there’s so many pieces of equipment for him to spread you on. When you can make him make you sore in all the ways you want to be.

You meet me downstairs and pick me up, already in your sexiest fitness clothes. A tight tank and fitness shorts are all I came wearing tonight – a fitting outfit for the hot summer air outside.

You can see my eyes go wide as I join you in the elevator. A sports bra and tight booty shorts that show you off more than you’d usually reveal at a public gym. But this is your place, and it’s late enough that there won’t be anyone in the fitness room. Or maybe there will. Either way, this will be exciting. You’re not sure what to expect, or how I’ll react. You just know you promised yourself to be flirty and see where that takes things.

We arrive upstairs, and you move ahead of me, letting me watch you from behind as I follow you down the hall.

The door opens to a pair of treadmills, an open floor, and one bench sitting next to a small weight rack. A wall-size window that overlooks the city sits at the other side of the cramped room.

“It’s not much to look at, but..” You turn to me. I laugh lightly and move towards you.

“I’m enjoying the view.”

I pause in front of you, and we stare at each other. The eye contact is intense. You feel your cheeks flush.

“Let’s jump right into it.”

I break the stillness between us and head to the bench.

“You told me in your email to kick your ass tonight. So I’m going to give you something hard.” You move my way, grabbing a couple dumbbells as you do.

“I’m ready. Do your worst.”


Mountain climbers against the bench. Pushups on the ground. Body squats with dumbbell shoulder presses.

Before you know it, you’re dripping sweat and breathing heavily. I hand you a towel but you turn it down. You planned to get sweaty in these clothes, and to watch for my reaction. The hotter you get, the more you keep catching my eyes wandering. Especially each time you hit the water fountain, and wipe the water from your lips and hair from your forehead.

You wonder if I’m getting as turned on as you are, two minimally clothed bodies sharing body heat in such a small space. It’s hard not to, with all this blood flow.

We move to the ground for abs. My hands move from your knees to your core, then to your shoulders, showing you the perfect form to aim for. You can feel the warmth of my rough fingers as they guide your body. The feeling of your glistening skin sliding through my fingers, as my eyes and nose take you all in – it’s making me harder by the second. But you don’t know that yet, and I’m doing my best to stay professional..

My hands move to your shins, as I hold them and you start sit-ups. A few reps in, you notice my cheeks blushing. You look down to see your nipples showing through your sports bra.

You smile to yourself and continue with the situps. Falling backwards, then coming up to meet me just above your knees. You can see it on my face. I’m doing my best to not show it, but I’m transfixed by you.

You decide to act on it. It’s now or never.

You come up extra quick this rep, leaning forward more than before. Your lips come right to mine, pressing quickly against them and pulling away. You freeze and bring your eyes to meet mine. Neither of us breathe. I don’t pull away. I just look down at your lips. That’s all the confirmation you need.

You push me back to the floor behind me. I hit it hard.

Your legs lift and wrap on both sides of me. Your fingers find my wrists, pressing them firmly into the rubber Elazığ Escort Bayan floor.

The look of shock on my face turns you on so much and emboldens you further. You drop your torso to mine, pressing lips and tongue into me. I meet them eagerly. Whatever doubt you had about where this was going swiftly melts away, as you feel my hands grip your low back.

You pull up my shirt and press your warm, sweaty chest into mine. My hands slide from your back to your ass, taking both cheeks into my palms and squeezing hard. You bite my lip as your own hands move down my stomach, feeling the muscles ridges and scratching them as you make your way down.

My mouth moves to your neck as your fingers reach my bulge, barely contained beneath my shorts. You massage the shaft and head through the fabric, grinding your hips and feeling how wet you already are. My tanks flies off over my head.

A faint sound from the hallway captures your attention for the slightest of moments. You’re reminded of where you are, and how anyone could walk in at any moment.

“I’m not wasting anytime,” you think to yourself.

Your hands grasp the edges of your booty shorts and pull them down your hips. They slide past your knees, and you reach for my waiting cock, already pushed out above my waistband.

My hands occupy themselves, one kneading your ass, the other sliding inside of your sports bra. Your breasts fill my palm as it moves across them, squeezing them both together with my wide grip.

The whole of you is slick from the workout, and in between your thighs is no exception. I watch you with laser focus as you slide the head of my cock through the folds of you, your pussy lips opening up and teasing your clit on me. Heavy breaths move my chest up and down, your other hand gripping my pecs while you tease and rub.

I watch you lift one leg to rest its foot on the mat to the side of me. Your other leg still rests knee down on my other side. From this angle, I can see perfectly as you slide my aching head inside of you.

The shaft disappears quickly. We both moan loudly as all of me slides deep into you. Your knee comes back to the mat, lips fall back to mine, and hands to my wrists. You hold me down with your arms and your chest, as your lower half begins bouncing rapidly, fucking me with an intensity that fills the whole fitness room with the sound of it. Your asscheeks slapping on my thighs and my balls slapping right back reach a hectic rhythm.

I pull your sports bra up, taking nipples into my mouth and sucking hard.

I watch you as you lift up just enough to get both knees off the ground. Your feet plant on either side of me. You’re squatted just above me, hands pressed into my abs for support.

I watch you get in your second set of squats, impaling down on me and smacking hard against as me as you do. My eyes are wide, my look intense. I’m lifting up to meet you each time you come up, pressing even deeper into you.

Suddenly I sit up, and pick you up with me. It’s swift and surprises you how quickly I’ve got your ass in my hands and am lifting your bodyweight easily.

As I come to standing, your legs instinctually wrap around my waist and pull me in closer. You can feel my balls pressing against your pussy, the rigidness of my shaft rubbing on your clit and along the upper inside of you. I give you exactly what you’re hoping, and start bouncing you on me. It feels so effortless, and you feel yourself rush with wetness at the thought.

I bounce you there for what seems to be ages. We’re both lost in ecstacy. You watch the sweat build on my brow and feel your grip slipping from around my neck. I feel you loosening and bring you over to the bench, laying you down on it. You flip onto all fours, gripping the Escort Elazığ bench fabric with your hands and knees.

Your arched back has your round ass up in the air, wiggling at me. I can’t see your devilish smile. But you can’t see my smile either, as I bury my face between your cheeks and press my tongue inside of you.

You weren’t expecting this. Not here. You look towards the door. The moment is so risque and so dirty… You feel yourself gush with wetness again. And feel my face press deeper into you.

Your eyes roll to the back of your head, as your hands grip behind you, caressing the hair of my scalp in them.

When your eyes open, they’re looking directly at the giant window. You can see us perfectly in it.

The sight of your personal trainer disappeared inside of you, his hands caressing your ass and your back – it’s too much. You don’t hold back from grinding your pussy up and down as you feel yourself explode. Thighs shudder – my hands lift to steady you on the bench.

You come to after cumming hard. But you want to cum even harder. You pull your lower half from my face and turn your head over your shoulders to face me.

“Fuck me hard.”

I don’t hesitate to oblige. This is your session, after all. I slide back inside of you, filling you up again.

We waste no time returning to our previous wild state we reached on the floor. My cock slides in and out of you, hands gripped tightly on your low back and red cheeks. You lean hard into my thrusts, pushing me so deep that you struggle to stay on the bench.

We’re so sweaty that we start to slide around on the equipment. Our laughs break us from our primal trances. Your eyes are suddenly back on the gym door. You’re ready to cum again, and you know just how you want it to happen.

You flip over on the bench, lying on your back.

Your fingers move to your clit, maneuvering it with just the pressure and pace and direction you like. This won’t take long. You don’t have to beckon me to slide back in, with my swollen head already gliding along your labia.

You grab me and use my cock to rub your clit, fingers guiding it where and how you want it. My eyes are transfixed on the motion, but wander up your glistening torso until they meet your gaze.

Something ravenous and electric shoots between us.

“I want you to cum right here.”

Your free hand follows your words, squeezing your exposed breasts together.

I smile and lean forward, pressing my head and shaft into you once again. We both moan, this time loud and without any seeming care for our surroundings.

If there is anyone coming to work out at this point, they’re going to have to join in this workout or find another gym.

You take in the sight of everything one last time. My muscles firm and shiny above you, arms holding your legs out while my abs ripple with each powerful thrust. Fingers on your clit tire just as you reach climax. I feel you tighten around me, squeezing my cock within you and all but demanding I finish now as well. Your head thrusts back as your vision blurs, neck turning to the window.

The reflection of me taking my cock into my hand, and giving it rapid caresses, as it erupts above you.

My cum spews across your chest, glazing your breasts, just like you requested. You reach for them, squeezing them together, as I continue to shoot and recoil from the waves of orgasm.

The sight of me tensing repeatedly, then finally relaxing, fills your vision as the world slowly refocuses around you. I drop to my knees, in between your legs. You grab the unused towel I brought you earlier from the ground, and clean me off of your breasts.

“Exactly what I wanted.”

The little voice in your head is right. You’re sore everywhere you had hoped to be. You turn to the window again to glance at the sexy goddess, filthy and satisfied and ready for a shower and sleep soon.

Exhausted arms barely manage to wipe the hair from your face as you watch your personal trainer, still naked, pick up your weights and return them to the rack.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32