Your Nite

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Lauren, I know how much you like to dance. Well this is your chance. I made arrangements for you to dance in a club. The stage is going to be all yours for 10 min.

I want you to wear your sexiest outfit. Your tan skirt, black halter top, nude stockings, black high heels, and beautiful pair of black lace thong panties.

Oh Lauren I want you to tease every man there. You are so beautiful and I’m going to prove it to you. Every man in that place will want you. You get to pick your own music and dance for them. The thought of you taking your sexy clothes off in a room full of men excites me. The loud music and the flashing stage lights. Think about all the men looking at you.

After your bath I stand and watch you dress. I walk up to you and spray you with your perfume. Tonight is for you Lauren. I want you to fuck any guy you want to. I want you to fuck as many as you want. But please L, let me watch; bring them back to my house, and to my bed. Let me watch you get what you want. I hand you ten cards to give out. Give them to the men that you want to come to over and fuck you. It has the time and the place they have to be if they want you tonight. I know that you won’t let me fuck you; your pussy will be for them. But I want you get the fucking you have wanted for so long. I even offer you my bed to do it in.

When we get to the club and you walk through the door every man turns to look at you. The girl dancing naked on the stage gets so pissed. All the men’s attention turned to you and not her. As we walk to our table you look through the crowd trying to see who will get a card and who wont. When we get to the table our drinks are already there. I watch you as you do your shot of Tequila. The men around us start sending you shots. I watch your eyes turn to fire as you start to realize what’s going to happen.

I’m going to share you, and my bed, with any and every man you want, please don’t forget me. You reach down and pull your wet panties off and hand them to me. I look at how wet they are and lick the wetness off of them. You tell me that you already know what guys are going to get a card. Then you lean over and kiss me. I tell you that it’s almost time for you to get up and dance. I can see that you’re starting to get pretty drunk and how bad you want to do this. My dick is so hard for you.

Then they call your name and you just walk right up on stage. I sit and watch you dance on that stage with no panties on. The guys are just going crazy watching you, they start throwing money on the stage. I watch as you let the halter top fall to the floor. I reach for my drink and find that you left the cards on the table. You bend down and lean forward into a strange guys face. You lick your lips and he reaches out and touches your tits, I know that whoever is behind you can see your pussy. Then you push the guys hands off your tits and dance some more. He throws some money on the stage and you walk over turn your back to him and bend over to pick it up. He is looking right at your soft shaved pussy, you move before he can touch it. Then you just dance around the stage and let all the guys look at you as you tease them. I think you’re teasing me more that you are them.

You walk back to the pole on the stage lean against it and slide your skirt off. You’re up there dancing in just your stockings and heels. More money just gets thrown up on stage as you dance. God you dance so sexy. I watch as you start to show different guys your pussy. Then the light hits you just right and I can see that your thighs are so wet. I know you just want to fuck. Then you pick up your clothes and come off the stage. As you dance over to me. The Bouncers have to fallow you to push the guys away. You get to me and sit down in my lap. Then you tell me you forgot something and pick up two cards, and hand me your clothes. Then you tell me your so wet. I watch you take the panties off the table and slide them across your wet pussy. Then you hand them to me. You stand up and tell me that I don’t get to fuck you. You will be to busy fucking the other guys you pick. I look up at you and lick the wetness of your panties again. Then you dance around the room. The guys just start giving you more money. You keep bringing it back to me to hold.

I watch you stick a card in your stocking top and dance over to a strange guy and put your foot in his lap you bend down and whisper something to him. I watch him touching your nipples. He takes your shoe off and peels your stocking down your long perfect leg. Then he slides your shoe on your pretty little foot. You rub his dick and he hands you a hundred dollar bill. He watches you dance back over to me and hand me the bill. You go sit on another strange guys lap and grind on his dick. Then you put the card in your mouth and make him take it out with his. I can see the wet spot you left on his jeans. He hands you some money too. You come back to me and get another card and hand me the money. You sit down facing me and grind. Then you tell me with all this Kadıköy Fetiş Escort dick. I’m going to be shit out of luck, if I think; I’m going to fuck you. You dance over to another guy and stand in front of him just dancing. You put the card in your other stocking and put your foot in his lap. He takes off your shoe and pulls your stocking off, and then he puts your shoe back on and puts some money in the strap of your shoe.

The song changes, it’s the song; lick my pussy just like that. You dance over to me and make me take the bill out of the strap of your shoe, then pick up the rest of the cards, and shoot down another shot. I watch you dance in just your high heels. You have all those other guys looking at you also. The next guy you dance up to is one you really want; you know that he has a real big dick by the size of the front of his jeans. You put a card between your pussy lips. He reaches up and takes the card, when he does he pushes his fingers inside you. I watch you tilt your head back as he fingers your soft shaved pussy. You push his hand away and dance around the room picking the guys you want. The guys in the room just start coming over to me and putting the money on the table.

All the guys are going crazy cheering for you and wanting you. I watch as you move from guy to guy lap dancing with the ones you want. They touch you, feel you, and kiss you. You’re going crazy. I know how bad you want some dick. Your pussy is dripping and running down your thighs. You go over to the DJ and pull out his dick sit down on it and fuck him till he shoots his hot cum in your pussy. Then all the cards are gone, and your last song is playing.

After the last song is over all the guys in the room start to surround you. So the bouncers escort us out the doors. The valet has my car waiting. The bouncers push all the guys back in the club. I watch you stand naked in front of one of the bouncers except for your heels. You whisper something in his ear. Then get in the car. I watch you slip your skirt and halter back on. I ask you if you still feel like getting fucked. You tell me “Oh fuck yeah Dave, I need some dick, but I think your going to be out of luck if they all show up, you aren’t getting my pussy if they show up.

We get back to my house and all ten guys show up with the cards. (Even the bouncer that you whispered to) You tell me that you want to fuck all of them in my bed and I have to watch and help you. Then you tell me that they can only fuck you once then they have to leave. You take off your halter top and lay on my bed. Then you ask me what pillow I sleep on. I hand it to you and you slide it under your bottom, I push up your skirt and you leave your heels on. I sneak down and lick your pussy; I can taste the DJ’s cum in you. You like the way it feels as I eat your pussy. Then you remember all the guys waiting to fuck you. You push my head away and tell me to look at it because that’s all I’m going to get. I sit in my chair and two guys come in the bedroom. Your laying back with your skirt bunched around your waist and you feet in the air. Fuck L, you look so hot in that fuck me position. You look at me and tell me how bad you need dick. So I get down and hold your pussy open so one of them can push his dick in your soaking pussy. I’m so hard you can see the wet spot in the front of my jeans. You fucking know that your in control of me. I look up at one of the guys and tell him to shove his dick inside you. I tell him you need dick and I tell him to fuck you long and slow.

I watch as I hold you open for him and his dick slides in slow. I watch him slide in and out of you. Then I rub your clit as he fuck’s you. The other guy is stroking his dick. You turn and reach for it, bringing it close to your face. You put it in your mouth and he starts to cum right away. You pull it out and let him shoot on your face. I let go of your pussy and slide up and start kissing you and licking his cum. You push me away and tell me to sit down and leave it there. Because you want to be a little cum slut. You want to be covered with all that sticky hot cum. The guy fucking you starts to fuck you fast and hard. He pulls his dick out and shoots all over your tummy. The guy you were sucking takes his place and starts to fuck you. Then another guy walks in the room and takes his clothes off. Looking down at you he starts to stroke his hard dick. As you suck the guy that was fucking you. You can taste yourself on him as he leaks some of his cum. The guy that just came in starts to suck on your nipples.

I just sit there and watch as these guys just do what they want. You stop sucking that dick and look over at me. The guy fucking you starts to cum, he shoots his cum in my spot and you just lay there with your legs open and take it. After he stops Cumming he puts his pants on and leaves. Then two more guys come in. The guy that was sucking on your tits starts to fuck you. The two guys that just came in undress, and climb on my bed; each guy starts to suck on your Kadıköy Gecelik Escort tits. You take that dick back in your mouth as you feel your pussy being fucked, and mouth on each one of your tits. I can see how much you love the attention of all four guys. The guy fucking you starts to cum, and so does the guy you’re sucking. You stop sucking his dick before he shoots his cum. Then I tell the guy you were sucking. To has to shoot his hot cum in your hot pussy or leave. One of the guys sucking your tits stops and moves to your neck, He start suck on it, and you know that he is going to leave a hickey there. The guy fucking you cums and you can feel him shoot in my spot too. Then another guy comes in and just takes out his dick and jacks off looking at you. The guy sucking your tit climbs between your legs and starts fucking you. Then the guy jacking off starts to suck on the other side of your neck, and feeling your tits. The guy sucking on your neck sticks his dick in your mouth and starts to cum. You push him away and he cums all over you. I know how you love it when a guy can’t hold back. I sit and watch you thinking all that time. “You are the hottest lady that I ever met” I need to fuck you!!!!!! I need to fuck you real bad!! I know this is the way that you should be fucked.

Two more guys come in and undress. All those hard dick’s are for you. The guy that is fucking you cums and has to leave. They turn you over onto your stomach and one guy still had his pants on gets behind you. He just pulls his dick out of the zipper and starts to fuck you. Then the bouncer walks in and takes his pants off. I look at his dick and it’s so big I don’t think you can take it. One of the guys that came in lay in front of you so, you can suck his dick. The other guy jacks off and shoots his cum on your ass. Then the guy fucking you from behind shoots his cum inside you. I watch the bouncer get behind you as the guy your sucking cums all over you. The three of them dress and leave. I get down by your face and kiss you. Then I tell you that the bouncer has a big dick and he will hurt you with it. You tell me you don’t care, you can take it. He can fuck you hard even if it hurts. I slide under you and watch his big dick slide in slow. I stick my tongue on your clit as he slides out. You tell me to move so you can get fucked. I sit in front of you and stroke my dick as I watch your face. You have fire in your eyes. Your already covered with cum. You have cum dripping from your pussy and you still want more. Two more guys come in and tell me to move.

I watch you push back on that big dick inside you. I start to tell him. To fuck you with that big dick and shoot her full of your hot cum, that’s what she wants. I tell him to fuck you good. Then he shoots his cum and leaves. The other two guys turn you back over onto your back and take turns; one fucks you for a few strokes then they switch. They keep switching. Then one of them starts to cum in your pussy and tells the other one he is cumming. The one fucking you pulls almost all the way out and the other strokes his own dick till he starts to shoot cum on his friend’s dick. His friend pushes inside you pushing both of their cum in at the same time. They dress and leave.

After all of them are done fucking you, and you and I are alone. I stand over you naked stroking my dick. I look at your cum covered body and your dripping pussy. I get down there and just eat that well fucked pussy of yours. I fucking cant take it! You fucked eleven guys on my bed and now my bed is covered with all that cum. I’m going to fuck you till you cum. I push my dick inside you and I can feel all that hot cum “IN MY SPOT.” Oh fuck Lauren! I had to share my spot with all those guys. You’re so hot I can feel there cum all around the tip of my dick. I want you to cum! I wont stop fucking your sore, swollen pussy till you cum. I just fuck you slow and feel for that spot, telling you how naughty you were. And I loved it! I want you to cum. I keep feeling that spot hitting it from every angle, so I can to make you cum. You start to cum and I keep telling you about what I watched and how wet you are and how full of cum you are. Then as you cum some more I tell you how naughty you are. Then I shoot my cum in there with theirs. It’s so hot Lauren. I want to eat you and get all that naughty cum out of you. I just get down there and kiss it soft and lick it trying to make it feel better. I know that they hurt it and fucked you the way you wanted to be fucked. I just keep licking and kissing it. MMMMMMMMMMMM My bed is covered with the fucking you got, and I have to like it, or you won’t ever let me fuck you again. The thought of it makes me crazy and I push my tongue in deeper trying to taste all the cum in there.

Then I hear a knock at the door so I pull on my shorts and go to the door. It’s the guy that you really wanted at the club the one with the big dick. I ask him in and have him wait in the living room. I walk back to the bedroom and your lying there Kadıköy Genç Escort with cum dripping from your swollen pussy. I bend down and kiss you, and then I whisper to you “it’s him, the guy that you really wanted from the club. Should I send him away? Or do you still want him,” You look up at me and say “Hell yeah I want him, I still need dick!!” But Lauren, I don’t think your pussy can take anymore. You tell me to bring him in or I will never get to have you again. I can tell by the look on your face that you want this guy’s dick in you.

I take my dick out and just stroke it hard and fast looking down at you. I just start saying how naughty you are and how you look with all that cum on you. You tell me to go get him and you might let me fuck you when he leaves. I tell him to come into the bedroom and see you. You’re lying on your back with my pillow under you. We both stand there and watch you rub your fingers in your soaked pussy.

He takes his clothes off and starts to jack off looking at you. I watch you stand and walk over to him. Then you kneel down and start to suck his big fucking dick. I can tell how bad you want it from the sounds you make sucking on it. You take it out of your mouth and stroke it fast and hard as you stare at the tip. You can see that he is leaking so you suck it off the tip of his dick. Then you stop and tell me to put my pillow in my chair so he can fuck you on it. I put the pillow in the chair and you sit down and lean back. Then you hold your soaked pussy open for us to see. He walks over to you and grabs you by your ankles, and then he holds them in the air and shoves his big dick in that well fucked pussy of yours. He pushes it all the way in and you feel it hurt a little, but you want him to have it. So you hump back against him. Then you look down and watch it as it slides in and out of you.

I stand behind your chair and take both tits in my hands then I start sucking on your neck. I want you covered with fuck marks. I want everybody to know that you got the shit fucked out of you. He just keeps fucking you and fucking you. I reach up and hold your ankles for him, as he grabs you by the waste. He wants to get all of your pussy he can. I just start saying nasty things to you. “You Like the way that big dick feels? You want his hot fucking cum to shoot deep in your pussy don’t you? Look at it L, Look at the way he is fucking you and making me hold your legs. He is treating you like you’re his little fuck toy and you like it. That’s my spot he’s fucking, I know that he is going to shoot all his hot cum in my spot, just like the others did, and I’m holding your legs open for him to do it. He’s even fucking you on my pillow.”

He stops fucking you and you go to my bed and push him back to suck his dick I watch you on all fours as you suck his dick. I can see your pussy dripping so I get behind you and lick it as it drips. Then I start to lick your sweet little ass. You moan and keep sucking his dick. He turns you onto your back and gets between your legs. You put your high heeled covered feet on his shoulders. And he starts fucking you again. I bend down and whisper to you. “He is trying to hurt your pussy. He’s using it to shoot his cum in.”

Then I watch as he arches his back as he shoves deep inside you. You can feel his dick throb and shoot all his hot fucking cum inside you. I watch you as you lay there and take it. He just keeps shooting more and more inside you. I can see that every time he shoots his cum your pussy drips some out because your so full from the other guys. And when he shoots it makes room for more of his as the other cum leaks out. I can see by the look on your face how much you like it. Your just saying OH FUCK! OH SHIT! OH YEAH! I can tell you want more of that big fucking dick. When he stops cumming he puts his dick up to your mouth and you lick and kiss and suck it clean. Then he puts his clothes on and leaves.

I climb on top of you and push inside and feel all that cum inside you I cant hold back and shoot as soon as I get to that spot. You look up at me and tell me to clean your pussy all up so your husband doesn’t find out. I look at the marks all over your body and I can smell your perfume mixed with all the cum. I go down to clean your pussy up and you hold me back by the hair and tell me just to look at it. Watch the cum run out of you and onto my bed. You tell me that you know I liked getting you fucked in my bed and having all that strange cum shot in your pussy. You keep holding me there and tell me. All I get to do is look at how swollen your pussy is and watch the cum drip out. I push your hand away and start eating your pussy. Licking and sucking the cum out of you. Then I suck on your clit trying to make you cum. I lick your pussy as more cum runs out. Then back to your clit. You start cumming and I just keep licking and sucking all that cum. Then as you stop cumming. I just keep kissing your pussy wanting to make it feel better. Your body is covered with cum and I just keep kissing that sweet pussy soft and easy trying to comfort it after all those guys used it. You lay back and tell me that me bed is all covered with cum. I don’t care Lauren. I want you to have all you need. You just lay there and let me kiss your swollen pussy. I watch as it keeps dripping. You know I like it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32