Your Blindfolded Beach Massage

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We’ve been on our romantic beach vacation for 3 days so far. The first day it was raining so we spent the day inside, naked, getting reacquainted.

The second day was beautiful and we got out in the sun quite a bit. Nothing too crazy but did visit the topless beach and you even took your top off for a bit. I enjoyed rubbing lotion into your breasts to make sure they didn’t burn.

The 3rd day I had planned a massage on the beach for both of us, but separately since they didn’t have a couples one available. We walked over to them together and I dropped you off at your little hut and walked to mine.

When you walked into the little tiny waiting area, there was a robe and a blindfold. A short note said “Please disrobe and get into the robe and place the blindfold over your eyes. Your masseuse will be with your shortly.”

You’re a little nervous but you do what it says. Almost as if you are being watched, the second you are ready you hear a door open. No one speaks but you feel a soft hand take yours.

You are gently guided to Ankara Escort a massage table and you feel hands undoing your robe. You lay down on your stomach and feel a light sheet being placed over you, not fully covering you but making you feel a bit less exposed.

You smell the warm scent of oil and soft music is playing. You feel instantly relaxed.

Strong but soft hands start working you over using some warm oil with a lavender scent. You aren’t quite sure if it’s a man or a woman, but it really doesn’t matter.

As your whole body is worked over you feel very good, even a little aroused. Before long you feel a lot of work on your upper legs, thighs, and butt.

You realize the hands are getting closer to your delicate bits but it feels really natural. Organically the touch just flows to your soft wet parts and you go with it.

You feel things quickly building and all of the sudden your mind wanders to what I am doing right now. Hmm.

The excitement of it all quickly overwhelms Ankara Masaj Escort you. You let out a soft moan as your orgasm overtakes you. That one was surprisingly strong.

Shortly after you feel a warm wet towel being rubbed over your body. Next, you feel those same hands gently guiding you to roll over. A small towel is placed between your legs, covering you there, but the rest of you is naked to the room. Your blindfold remains intact.

You hear what sounds like a shower starting. After a few seconds, you feel the shower now on you. Warm wet water is over your entire body.

Its probably three shower heads, but it feels like a hundred.

The hands now start working you over, head to toe, with a soft scrub. It smells a little like the sea but feels really good. The water is very warm and you find yourself dying for every touch of the strong hands.

Now you again feel a warm wet cloth on you as all of the scrub is gently washed off you. During this, that little towel Ankara Olgun Escort covering you seems to have been lost.

The water and all the contact is too much. What starts as you lazily playing with your breasts soon becomes a lot more. Your other hand finds it’s way down to your soft vagina.

You’ve almost forgotten there is another person in the room. As you continue to feel your pleasure build, suddenly a pair of hands, clearly from above your head, starts working on your shoulders.

The hands continue to work their way down and are sensually rubbing your breasts and you work harder and harder on your clitoris.

Before long you are enjoying a very strong orgasm, much longer and harder than the first one.

As you start to calm, the water shuts off and several warm, dry towels are placed on your body. Soon you are dry and warm and happy.

Again you feel a hand take yours. You are guided back to the lobby area and hear the door shut behind you.

You remove the blindfold and get dressed. You are feeling immensely relaxed but a little unsure of exactly what it all was.

As you leave, you see me waiting there for you. I smile, wrap my arms around you, and say “so how was it?”

You just smile widely and hug your me, kissing me on the neck

“Nice,” you say.

You still aren’t quite sure of what all of that was. And who that was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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