Young Man Pt. 04

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Ball Licking

Part 4, check out the previous stories for backstory!

Finally, fucking Friday night! I thought to myself as I came into my apartment and dumped my gym bag on the ground. It had been a long week and I had taken it out on myself by biking, squatting, benching, and doing sit ups until all my muscles ached.

I grabbed a cold white claw from the fridge and drained it while eating my takeout at the counter. Flipping through my texts I saw that some volleyball games were going down a few blocks away towards the campus. Sweet, a chance to play, and might as well get a little sandy before I shower anyway!

I texted I was on my way in the group chat and headed back out the door. There were definitely less people than usual here tonight but that meant that some games of 2’s and 3’s were open. I noticed that Jake was absent and he was usually there on Friday nights.

“Hey, do you know if Jake is coming tonight? I thought he was usually here with his friends?” I asked one of the other guys from the college.

“Nah he won’t be coming tonight, it’s his birthday so he’s probably been drunk since noon anyway, probably wouldn’t be any good out here!” He answered me joking.

“Haha probably then!” I said trying to be casual as we kept playing for another couple hours.

I had an insane sweat going and combined with my aching muscles and the amount of sun I had just gotten, it felt good to be walking back around 9 with the sun setting and the air turning cooler.

I sipped on some water on the walk and opened up my Snapchat, chuckling to myself as I watched Jake’s stories of getting progressively more hammered as the day went on.

I typed out “Hey happy birthday, maybe I can give you your present sometime ;)” and hit send smiling to myself.

I wasn’t expecting him to reply anytime soon, he was probably passed out somewhere anyway, but just as I got to my apartment stairs my phone buzzed.

I got inside and opened it up, “I think you have to do that tonight before my birthday ends…;). You at home?”

I smiled and replied, “just got back, about to shower.”

“Mind if my buddy Dave crashes at your place tonight too? Think he might be more drunk than me…”

I switched on the shower water and thought about how to reply. Idk if he was out or if people knew he was gay or bi, I guess I had never asked him if he liked women too. And then was he trying to do a threesome inviting him or were we just crashing as friends? Oh well, yolo right? I thought as I responded.

“Sure thing, got plenty of room!”

I grabbed another white claw and climbed into the shower as he messaged me that they would be there in about a half hour.

I washed off all of the sand and sweat and honestly just chilled for more than a few minutes while some music played from my phone and I drank the claw. My aching muscles loving every second of the burning hot water.

I got out and dried off, grabbing a basic tee and athletic shorts to change into. No underwear, you know, just in case things got freaky. Then I just chilled on one of the bar stools, browsing my phone and doing a couple shots of whisky and chasing it with another white claw while I waited. I figured I would probably have to catch up anyway!

I didn’t have to wait long until I got the message they were heading up the stairs and I heard a knock on the door. I walked over and opened the door Anadolu Yakası Escort to two very drunk and very handsome individuals!

“What up man, thanks for the place to crash!” Jake half yelled half mumbled out as he came inside. His friend Dave following right behind him.

“Hey I’m Dave.” He said as normal as he could as he reached out to shake my hand.

“Nice to meet you, welcome to the drunk tank apparently!” I said joking.

Dave was handsome. Very handsome. About the same height as me, but maybe 20 pounds lighter. He was very lean and I could tell he had a smattering of dark black chest hair. I could tell because his short sleeve button up was halfway undone!

Jake was dressed in jeans and a dark washed short sleeve Henley. I could see his thick chest muscles and thick chest hair sprouting out and had to stop myself from drooling. They both kicked their shoes off and we gathered around the kitchen, drinking a little more. I was doing way more shots while they sipped white claws, I had to catch up!

After like an hour of bull shitting, Dave laid down on the couch and passed out immediately. I knew he was out because when I bent down to grab another white claw, I felt Jake’s semi hard cock press against me as he grabbed my hips from behind.

I straightened up and he wrapped his arms around me. I popped the top and took a sip as he pressed his face between my shoulder blades, grinding against me.

“So you gonna give me that present or what?” He slurred.

I pushed my ass back against him. “Birthday boys choice, you wanna fuck my mouth or booty?” I asked smiling as I felt myself a little drunk and a lot horny.

He pulled on my hips and I spun around and found him pressing his lips against mine. His strong hands gripped my hips and ass cheeks while his tongue pressed hungrily into me.

I could smell the stale, cheap whisky he had been drinking earlier, along with cheap beer, white claw, and what had to have been a few cigarettes. Fuck it just made him hotter and more animalistic I thought as I kissed him back eagerly.

He pulled off of my lips and tugged my head down a little and bit my ear super rough, making me cry out just a little. My eyes darted over and heard Dave still passed out. “I wanna fuck that tight, fat ass for sure.”

What a romantic, I thought as I grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. I flipped off all the lights on Dave as we went. In the bedroom I turned and faced him, just inches away and lifted my shirt up and then tugged my shorts to the floor.

My cock was so stiff and excited. I fucking loved being completely naked while he was still clothed, made me feel like such a slut.

He smiled at me and kissed me again, then put his hands on my chest and shoved me onto my back on the bed.

“Hey!” I exclaiming giggling as my cock flopped against my stomach while I bounced.

“Don’t say hey like that to the birthday man!” He said laughing with me as he got on his knees off the side of the bed. He grabbed my legs and pulled me all the way until my butt was on the edge of the bed.

I wrapped my legs on his shoulders and head and he leaned forward and started to lick and suck every inch of my cock. Fuck he had not sucked on my before and it was fucking great. His firm, strong lips and graceful tongue felt like electricity all over me. İstanbul Escort Granted he was hammered so he was a little all over the place, but still.

His hands roamed up and down my sides, reaching up to play with my nipples and I ran my hands through his hair while he teased my tip and drove me wild. Then he ran his tongue down my shaft and start to lick and suck all over my balls. Big slurping sounds as he worked my sensitive areas all over. I lifted my hips and begged for more and he gave me more.

His head dipped even lower and now he was rimming me. I could feel his hot breath and warm, wet tongue probing me and circling my rim. I could feel my eyes in the back of my head while he worked. I couldn’t take it anymore, “Jake…Jake fuck me with that big dick. Please I need that big dick!” I moaned down to him.

“Yeah he want this big birthday dick?” He moaned up to me, barely taking his tongue and lips off my of ass.

“Yes, yes fuck me with that big birthday dick!”

He pulled off of me and I rolled over onto my side to grab lube out of my bedside table. As I rolled back he grabbed me and pulled me to my feet and then pushed me down onto my knees in front of him.

He pulled his shirt off while I worked the button and zipper on his jeans and then he pushed them down to his ankles, his big, long, thick cock hanging down between his strong legs. He had grown a little bigger black bush on the lower abdomen down to the base of his cock that just made him look hotter.

I reached out and wrapped my lips around his tip making him groan and undid the top of the lube bottle. I squirted it onto my hands and started to stroke his cock. Eventually letting my lips off and lubing his tip too. I squirted more lube on his shaft and covered him thinking that with his state he was liable to just shove it in and I would need all the help I could get!

“That’s enough, fuck you’ll be wetter than the wettest pussy!” He said with a deep laugh as he grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet again.

“Probably better though…” I said smiling before he kissed me and then shoved me on my back again.

“I’d say you think highly of yourself, but that sweet ass does all of your thinking!” He said as he climbed onto the bed, pushing my knees up to my chest and lining his slick cock up with my butt.

“God stop teasing me and fuck me!” I begged as I reached up to run my hand over his muscled chest, my other hand squeezing the forearm of the hand that was gripping the base of his cock.

“You asked for it…” he said as he pressed his cock head into me. Followed very quickly by the rest of his dick as he buried himself balls deep in me!

“Oh god fuck! Fuck!” I cried out as he bottomed out inside of me. I was suddenly very glad I had lubed him up so much.

He didn’t stay bottomed out for too long. Soon he was just jack hammering away at me. My ass held up by his hand under my knee, his heavy balls smacking against my cheeks. I could smell the alcohol on his sweat as he grunted and fucked me hard. Harder than he ever had.

I just held on tight as he pounded me into what felt like the next life. My hands were ghost white I was gripping his hips and thighs so hard under me.

“Fuck Jake I love that big dick, fuck me, fuck me!” I moaned up to him as he pummeled my ass. It felt so good to turn him on Ümraniye Escort so much and make his dick so hard.

“Fuck I love this tight, bubble butt. Take all of this big dick.” He moaned down to me. “Fuck that ass is gonna make me cum so fast!” He grunted as I felt all of his muscles tighten up.

I moved my hands and held onto his strong arms as he fucked me harder and harder, I moaned more and more as I could feel him getting closer. My own cock bouncing around like it was trying to run away as he pounded me.

Finally he gasped deeply and then started to squeeze and release all of his muscles seconds before I felt his cock doing the same thing. His big cock squeezed and then expanded and exploded inside of me.

“Oh fuck…” I said with a drawn out moan. He was panting and slick with sweat as he kept sliding in and out of me slowly, his cock still squeezing out cum. Fuck he could cum buckets.

“I’m pulling out, keep that load inside of your ass.” He said as he slid out of me. There was a loud pop as I clenched my ass tight and kept his seed in me.

He didn’t leave between my legs though. He just leaned down and wrapped one hand around my throat and gripped my cock in his other hand. He was covered in sweat and drunk and had a wild look in his eye as he jerked me off and choked me. Casually leaning his body weight down and pinning me to the bed. I gripped his arm and guided him to relieve pressure on my neck when it was too much. But he was in control and pushed me to the edge. I could see stars as my body was stimulated beyond what I thought possible.

My face was red as I gasped for air around his strong hand and my legs were shaking as his hand stimulated me. I tried to tell him I was going to cum but I couldn’t get enough air to form the words. It just came out garbled. He got the point though anyway because I felt him squeeze my cock and neck tighter despite me trying to let up a little on my neck.

I felt my cock start to swell and he stopped jacking me, fucking asshole was going to do that “ruined orgasm” thing to me! I felt my hips buck as my cock begged to release and I could hear him laughing a little as he crushed my neck even more. Fuck I was on the edge of blacking out when my cock started to spurt and spill cum out of my tip. A slow dribble without any stimulation.

He released my neck and I gasped for air as my cock dribbled cum. His hand gripped the base of my cock and squeezed the rest of my orgasm out.

“God you…you fucking asshole…” I moaned angrily. It was hard to take me serious though as my hips kept bucking up and my cock was so hard it looked like I was begging for more.

“Haha he says to the birthday boy, damn imagine what I’m gonna do to you on your birthday?” He said and I couldn’t help but chuckle back at his big smile.

Finally my cock calmed down and he squeezed me one more time for good measure and then grabbed a towel for me to clean up with. My ass still filled with his cum and my own cum all over my shaft, stomach, and thighs.

He laid down next to me on the bed, sideways and just about immediately passed out. I caught my breath eventually and grabbed some water before passing out next to him and sleeping til like 5 am the next morning.

I got up having to take a huge piss and threw my athletic shorts on and stumbled into the hallway, my legs still very weak and my head a little hungover. I relieved myself for a long time before creeping into the kitchen and getting a couple Gatorade’s. Sneaking past Dave still asleep on the couch.

On the way back though I heard him stir and say, “Sounded like you two had fun last night.” His words making me freeze in my tracks. But that’s the next story…

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