Young Innkeeper

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Paula was enjoying the hot springs pool and her vacation. She found it so relaxing to come to the hot springs and simply soak. She had been in the pool for about half an hour when she saw Simon. Simon was the son of the innkeepers where Paula was staying.

The inn was more of a bed and breakfast than anything else but the local rules stated that anything that had more than four rooms was an inn, not a bed and breakfast. With 6 rooms, the inn was very small and cozy and had a family atmosphere. The family who owned and operated it was so nice to her the first time she’d stayed with them that Paula had come back three more times.

Simon smiled and asked “Mind if I sit with you?”

Paula shook her head “Not at all. Do you come to the pools often?”

“Once or twice a week. I have an annual pass that allows me to come here as often as I want so I take advantage of it.”

Paula teased “You come to see all the girls in bikinis?”

Simon made a face “Did you look around? Other than you, most other women here are either old or moms with young kids.”

“Good point.”

“I come for the same reason you probably came. To relax, clear my mind and recharge.”

“What are you clearing you mind of?”

“Accounting principles and tax laws.”


“I’m taking two correspondence classes and when my brain gets too full, I come here to relax and usually, when I get back, things have fallen into place in my brain and I finally get the last chapter I read.”

“So you’re studying accounting and tax laws?”

“It’s part of a business administration diploma I’m working towards. Mom and dad won’t be able to do this forever and I want to take over the family business when they’re ready to retire.”

“Ah, a man with a plan. And your parents are on-board with this plan?”

“They are. They’re pushing more and more of the reporting part of the business on to me already. And I like it so it works for all of us.”

“How long until you finish your diploma?”

“Another four courses after these two. So probably within the year if I work at it.”

“Well, I hope that you kept some interesting courses for last. That’ll help you stay motivated.”

“I did.”

The two of them remained in silence for a while and then Simon asked “May I ask you a personal question?”


“You’ve been here four times now, alone. How come a nice lady like you isn’t married?”

“I was married years ago and got divorced. Then I had a few boyfriends, one I even lived with for four years but that ended too. I’m just content by myself now. What about you? Got a girlfriend?”

“Naw, no girl looks at me.”

“Why not?”

“Look at me, I’m fat.”

“You are a bit chubby but not that bad. You’ve got beautiful eyes, great skin, great hair and a nice smile. I’m not exactly a supermodel and I managed to meet some guys and have them look beyond my thicker midriff. Eventually, some nice girl will look beyond your waist and see that you’re a great guy.”

“Eventually. You sound like my mom.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to but she’s right. A lot of times, when we’re young, we get hung up on superficial things. Then, as we get older, we look beyond the surface.”

“So how do I get girls to look beyond the surface?”

“Well, you become friends first. You show them who you truly are and show them that you’re a confident, intelligent, and nice good guy.”

“Tough to be confident when I’ve never even kissed a girl.”

“I meant confident in who you are and confident in your own worth. When the right girl comes along, you’ll figure out the physical stuff.”

“I’m just afraid that I’ll disappoint the first girl I’ll be with.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I just hear all my friends talk about their experiences and here I am, I’ve never even been on a real date or kissed a girl, let alone gotten naked with one.”

“My experience in life is that a lot of people boast sexual experiences that are more imagination than reality. To hear some people, they’ve had more sex than Hugh Hefner yet when you dig a little deeper, they’ve spent many nights alone at home, watching movies. So don’t believe everything you hear from friends about their love lives.”

“What other things should I do to get girls to like me?”

“Well, be a real friend and never betray their confidences. Then, tease them gently but never in a mean way. Be a gentleman with good manners. And last but not least, touch them. When you let a girl go in first, gently put your hand on her back without pushing. If you see a stray strand of hair, ask if you may and then move it to the back of her head. Pick lint off their clothes if you see it. Sounds silly but it shows you pay attention and care for them and their appearance without being annoying.”

“Interesting. What about when I do manage to get one to like me and want to date me?”

“Well, like I said, be a gentleman and treat her nicely without being a doormat. If the girl takes advantage of how Kartal Escort nice you are, gently call her attention to it and if she doesn’t stop then she’s clearly not the girl for you. Then, make sure you’re always clean, clean shaven and smell nice. Not too much perfume, just a touch. Brush your teeth regularly and if you go out on a dinner date, then have some gum after the meal to clean your teeth some and freshen your breath. The rest as I said, will come naturally.”

“You sound so sure about that.”

“Hey, I was almost 20 years old when I kissed my first boyfriend. So I know. And I didn’t like it at first! It was so sad that after anticipating it for so long, my first real kiss disgusted me. My best friend told me I’d get used to it and I laughed because she made it sound like getting used to eating broccoli and cauliflower. But she was right. After the second and third kisses, I was hooked. And the guy never even noticed my hesitation. So trust me, you’ll learn fast too. I’m sure of it.”

Simon had laughed with Paula when she spoke of her initial response and said “Well, I did get used to eating veggies too so I guess I’ll be okay.”

“Another idea is that when you do start dating, don’t try to get physical too fast. When you get to know and trust the girl, you might feel comfortable enough with her to admit your lack of experience and if she’s a nice girl, she’ll take that into consideration and be nice about it.”

“Can I ask you something else?”


Simon looked down and sheepishly asked “Does size matter?”

“Only if we’re talking about a truck about to run me over.”


“Sorry. Size matters when it’s about the truck that would run me over. I’d rather be run over by a pick up truck than by a semi or a quarry truck. But if you’re talking about anatomy, no, size does not matter to most women. Just like breast size only matters to some men, penis size only matters to some women. I’m not one of them. And actually, if a guy is too big, it’s scarier than anything else.”

“I’ve heard so many stories about how big a guy’s gotta be to please a woman.”

“When you have an erection, is your penis more than 3 inches long?”

Simon turned a deep shade of red and said “yeah, more like 7 inches.”

“You measured, didn’t you?”

Simon only nodded.

“Don’t be ashamed, most guys do that. And 7 inches is plenty, trust me.”

“But I’ve heard so much about ten and twelve inch cocks….”

“Like I said before, don’t believe everything you hear. Twelve inch cocks are the exception, not the norm. From what I’ve read, a normal penis can be anywhere from four to ten inches. Anything below and above is rather unusual. The saying ‘it’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it’ is very true. And if you build confidence in your self and you abilities, then size will have no impact. Trust me, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

“Thanks. This isn’t the kind of conversation a twenty year old wants to have with his parents, you know?”

“I know.”

Just then, some kids came close and splashed about and both Simon and Paula watched the kids play for a while. Then, Simon looked up at the clock on the wall and said “I should get back. Thanks for the talk and I’ll see you later.”

Paula watched him leave the pool and stayed for another half hour herself. Then, she left and went to have dinner at a local restaurant.

When she got back, Paula noticed that there was a bit of commotion in the family kitchen No wanting to intrude, she went to her room quietly. Within a few minutes, Lorraine, the innkeeper, came to Paula’s door and after knocking, told Paula “My husband’s mother just took a bad fall and is headed to the hospital. We need to go help out my father in law who’s too frail to take care of himself. Stuart and I will leave in a few minutes but don’t worry, our son, Simon will stay and take care of you and our other guests.”

Paula felt the tension and could sympathize “You sure? I can go if Simon wants to go with you.”

Simon walked by at that moment and said “I’m fine staying back, Paula. Besides, we have other guests coming.”

Paula hugged Lorraine. “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine. Go take care of your in-laws.”

Moments later, Lorraine and Stuart left the inn, leaving Simon in charge.

Paula heard two couples arriving a bit later and heard Simon show them to their rooms on the other side of the inn.

Later, she heard a knock on her door and was surprised to see Simon there. “May I come in?”

Paula opened the door fully and backed up into the room, allowing Simon space to come in.” Simon closed the door behind him and nervously asked

“Would you teach me?”

“Teach you what?”

“Teach me how to kiss. Teach me how to be with a girl so that when it finally happens, I can have that confidence you say I should have.”

“You want me to teach you how to kiss.” Paula was surprised. She had not expected that.

“Please? I trust Yakacık Escort you and considering you’re single, it wouldn’t hurt anybody. I won’t tell a soul, I promise. Please?”

“Well, first, you should never plead or beg. Ever. If you want to kiss a girl, you need to do so with confidence. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should kiss every girl you see. But when you sense that the girl might be interested, you should just do it. Not like a maniac though, gently, confidently.”

Simon approached Paula, stood in front of her and said “show me”.

Paula reached up and gently touched Simon’s cheek with the back of her fingers. Then she reached up with both hands, gently grabbed his face and pulled him towards her and kissed him softly on the lips. She then released him and said “your turn”.

Simon awkwardly reached for Paula’s face and quickly kissed her. Paula pulled back and said “Try that again, slowly and with more confidence. You know I’m not going to slap you or anything so take your time.”

Simon tried again and this time, kissed her lips and lingered there a moment before pulling away. Paula smiled and said “That was much better. Do that again.”

Simon kissed Paula again and this time, she put her arms around him and pulled him to her. When he stopped, she said “don’t stop, keep kissing me.” Simon continued and after a few kisses, Paula gently parted her lips and pushed her tongue against his lips. Simon opened up his own lips and Paula slipped her tongue in and searched for his. Simon awkwardly kissed her back. Paula pulled away and said “That was nice. With practice, you’ll become a pro. Now, kiss me again and play in my hair.”

Before kissing her, Simon said “That won’t be a problem, you have beautiful hair. I’ve wanted to play in it since the first time I met you.” And he kissed her, running his one hand through her hair. This time, the kiss lasted much longer and was more passionate with Simon getting into it. When they pulled apart, Paula said “That was even better. You’re a quick learner.”

“Teach me more. I’m really liking this but have no clue what to do next. Well, I kind of know but not how to do it right or confidently.”

Paula asked “The other guests, they’re not in close by, are they?”

Simon smiled and said “Nope, they’re at the other end of the house. They won’t be able to hear us.”

Simon stepped closer to Paula and kissed her again. When he broke the kiss, Paula told him “The next thing you need to do is start having your hands roam but very lightly. You want to caress, not grab. Caressing teases, tantalizes and enflames. Grabbing does not. Let me show you and then you can follow my lead.”

They kissed again and Paula caressed Simon’s back gently. When he started doing the same, Paula lowered her own hands to his back side and his hips, pulling him towards her.

Soon, they both had their hands roam as they kissed and when Simon finally got up the nerve to cup one of her breasts, Paula pulled away and removed her sweatshirt. She stood before him and let him look at her. Then she said “Take off your shirt.” Simon hesitated. Paula insisted “Simon, you want me to teach you, you need to work with me here. Besides, I saw you at the pool this afternoon and trust me, I didn’t mind what I saw.”

Realizing that she was right, Simon removed his shirt and Paula approached him, putting her hands on his torso. She caressed him and said “Like the kissing, start slow and light. Always start with a light touch, it enflames the skin, makes the person want more. Don’t you want more Simon?”

Simon nodded. Paula continued caressing him, running her hands all over his chest. She kissed him and then kissed his neck and worked her way down very slowly. Her hands were busy, making their way up to his nipples. She used her thumbs to tease the nipples and get a reaction. Simon’s breath caught when she reached his nipples and tweaked them gently. “You like that?”


As she continued to caress him and tease his nipples, Paula explained “As I said, always start light, then tease and if the person wants more, they’ll let you know.”

She then resumed kissing his chest and kissed around the nipples for a while. When she finally took one of his nipples between her lips and teased it with her tongue, Simon inhaled sharply. Paula let go of his nipple and kissed him again. Simon responded by pulling her close and caressing her back. When they broke the kiss, Paula reached back and unhooked her bra. She then said “Your turn. Remember, slowly.”

Simon, having learned from the kissing, copied what Paula had done to him and caressed her softly, taking his time and teasing her skin. Paula closed her eyes and let him continue. When he reached her nipples and teased them both into hardness, she moaned softly. Simon withdrew his hands and asked “Did I hurt you?”

Paula shook her head “No, sweetie, that was a moan of pleasure. You’re doing great. I think you’re a natural. Come here.” She wrapped her Kadıköy Escort arms around him and kissed him deeply, her hands making their way into his thick hair. She then guided his head down to kiss her neck and lower. Taking the hint, Simon kissed his way to her nipple and it was his turn to have her inhale when he took her nipple into his mouth. Emboldened, Simon sucked on the other nipple and continued caressing her. Paula moaned softly and kept her hands in his hair, encouraging him.

Simon continued to kiss her breasts and then made his way back up and kissed her passionately, pulling her against him. Paula could feel his erection through their jeans and moved them towards the bed. When Simon couldn’t go any further, Paula pulled away and started undoing his pants. Simon was slightly embarrassed but Paula kept going and when Simon’s erection was finally freed, Paula exclaimed “Sweetie, let me tell you, you are well endowed. You have nothing to be worried about.” Simon asked “Really? You’re not just saying that?”

Paula pushed him back on the bed and said “Trust me, I’m not just saying that to make you feel good, 7 inches is plenty! Any bigger and I’d worry that it would hurt me. And you’ve got a beautiful cock.” Paula caressed his cock and then got up and said “Wait here.” She went to the washroom and got a wet cloth. She came back and used the wet cloth to clean Simon’s cock, explaining “One of the best things you can do if you want your girlfriend to go down on you is to keep your cock clean. I know you guys think that shaking that last drop off after you pee is good enough but no woman really likes to taste pee on her guy’s cock so when you think you’re going to be with a girl, give it a quick wash, okay?”

“Okay. Does that mean you’re going to go down on me?”

“Oh yeah sweetie, I want to enjoy this beautiful cock of yours so lean back and just let me play with you.”

Simon did as he was told and Paula set the washcloth aside and kissed the tip of his cock. She kissed the shaft up and down and also kissed his balls, gently massaging his sack with her hand. She then made her way back up and used her tongue this time, lightly licking him and teasing him. Finally, she took him into her mouth and he let out a moan. She twirled her tongue around the head of his cock, making him breathe faster. Paula then took as much of him into her mouth as she could and bobbed up and down on his cock. Hearing his breathing, feeling his balls tighten in her hands, and knowing this was his first time, Paula figured he was close and didn’t want to tease him so she kept going and sucked just a little more. Soon, she felt and tasted his seed spurting into her mouth. She took it all, swallowing all of it and making sure he was fully spent and softening before stopping and standing up.

Simon exclaimed “Wow, that was fantastic. Better than I ever imagined.”

Paula, taking her own pants down smiled and said “Glad you enjoyed it. When you are with a girl, you really should give her warning when you’re about to come. Some girls might not want you to come in their mouths and might prefer to make you come with their hands instead. Now, ready to learn some more?”

Simon nodded “Oh yeah.”

Paula took down her panties and then joined him on the bed. “I want you to look at me down there. I washed up after dinner so I am clean other than the wetness you caused with all that kissing and caressing.”

“What do you mean?”

“Sweetie, a woman that gets kissed and caressed like that gets all wet in her vagina, preparing for intercourse and trust me, I’m wet. Now I want you to look and explore to your heart’s content and then I’ll teach you what works for me and a lot of women.”

Simon positioned himself between Paula’s legs and looked and touched. “We did learn about anatomy in school. I like how you shaved the sides and the bottom but left some hair at the top. It’s pretty soft.”

When he’d looked and explored long enough, Simon told Paula “teach me how to touch you in a sexual way now.”

Paula said “How about sensual first?” She then patted the bed next to her and closed her legs. “Most times, when you approach a girl, it’ll be from the side and she’ll still have her legs closed and probably also still have her pants on. You need to slowly reach in and cup her vulva like this.” Matching movement to words, Paula cupped her own sex and caressed herself up and down. Then, she applied just a bit of pressure and rotation to her fingers. “Don’t try to go too fast, press down gently on the clitoris area with all your fingers flat. Soon, the girl will open up her legs for you. That’s when you start pushing in the big finger. Just enough to part the outer lips and rub up and down like this.”

Simon watched as Paula’s middle finger gently pushed between her folds.

“Then, if the pants are still on, it’s time for them to come off. After they’re off, go back to the same thing and press just a bit further in. Go down lower and with that finger, circle her vagina gently, teasing. Always remember what I said about teasing the skin. There’s always time for rougher touches later.”

Simon watched intently as Paula caressed herself and teased the area around her vagina. Then, she pulled her hand back up and teased her clit.

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