Young And Innocent My Ass

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Young And Innocent My Ass

My wife tried to convince me that our fourteen-year-old daughter Alicia was innocent. Well she sure plays the innocent act around her mother but I have seen the other side of her.

It all started soon after Alicia turned fourteen.

My wife has a regular Thursday night ‘girl’s night out’ every week. It coincides with her paycheck. She doesn’t come home from work at all until almost midnight. Then she is pretty well on her way to being drunk as a skunk and horny as hell too. I look forward to those Thursday nights because she lets me do things to her that she normally wouldn’t let me do like fuck her ass, spank her, and take nude pictures of her.

So anyway soon after Alicia turned fourteen those Thursdays became her time to tease me. At first it was hardly noticeable like brushing up against my cock with her hand or wanting to wrestle with me. The wrestling was just playful at first and she always had pants on but then she started wrestling around on the floor with me in a skirt. Recently Alicia has worn mini skirts when she instigates our wrestling matches. She was wearing ‘little girl panties’ in the beginning but now wears thongs and G-strings that she gets out of her mother’s drawer. Alicia makes sure that she rubs her tits on my arms and in my hands, she rubs my cock often, and she makes sure that her skirt is up high enough for me to get a clear view of her panties. Lately she doesn’t wear a bra and half of her buttons on her blouse are not buttoned either. Don’t get me wrong I think it is sexy as hell but…it’s my own daughter.

Sometimes when we are watching television I will watch Alicia put her feet up on the couch and rest her chin on her knees. In doing so her feet are about shoulder width apart and I can see her panties clearly. Every time I leave the room and come back her gaziantep escort bayan panties are tucked up into her pussy lips further and further until hardly anything is covered. It is more than a grown man can stand. No wonder I practically rape my wife when she comes home at midnight.

Alicia has started kissing me goodnight on the lips every night not just on Thursdays and slipping her tongue into my mouth. She never lets her mother see it. At first I wanted her to stop it but her mouth tastes so sweet that I just couldn’t. I think she realizes how much I like wild cherry flavored LifeSavors and sucks on one before kissing me. Whatever it is I love it when she slips her tongue into my mouth. I look forward to her kissing me goodnight. She always waits until her mother is occupied and the kisses have gotten long. On Thursdays when her mother isn’t around Alicia kisses me more often and when she goes to bed our kisses last a good five minutes or longer and I cup a breast while I kiss her too.

Then last Thursday Alicia took a shower and came down in a towel to get something. Well the towel wasn’t anywhere near big enough. It was bigger than a washcloth but it sure wasn’t our normal bath towel. Anyway it conveniently fell off right in front of me. Alicia stood there completely naked while I looked her over in great detail. I tried to memorize her young teenage body.

Jokingly I asked, “Do you want to wrestle?”

Alicia smiled and replied, “Okay but only if you get naked too.”

God, help me! I undressed quicker than I ever had before hoping that she wouldn’t change her mind. She got on the living room rug where we usually wrestle. The thick carpet is well padded and very nice to lie on. I got down next to her and Alicia attacked me, grabbed my cock, and gaziantep escort bayan ilanları knocked me over. The next thing I knew I was licking her pussy. It was incredible because it too tasted like wild cherry LifeSavors. I tried to devour her sweet young pussy. Then I realized that Alicia was sucking my cock. I stopped what I was doing so that I could fully enjoy what she was doing.

Alicia turned her head to look at me and said, “Don’t stop daddy! I like that!”

I replied, “Honey if I do I can’t enjoy what you are doing!”

Alicia said, “Okay we’ll do it one at a time and I’ll go first!” With that said Alicia got right back to work on my cock. She wasn’t all that great but she was good enough. The most exciting part was that she was my daughter. The next best part was looking into her gaping pussy knowing that in a little while I would back in there with my tongue giving her more pleasure than any man would in the rest of her life. She already thought that her daddy was a superhero but after tonight I would be ‘Super Pussy Licker’ the daddy that ninety-nine daughters out of a hundred prefer. I was brought back to reality as I felt that familiar churning in my balls as the cum started building up. I gave her a couple of seconds warning but she stuck with it. Soon I was firing gobs of cum into her mouth. She gagged as the first one hit the back of her throat. As she pulled off I shot one right up her nose then I hit her right eye. Quickly she engulfed my cock again to prevent any further damage. I just smiled at her innocence. Young and innocent my ass! She swallowed, wiped up the over shots with her finger, and swallowed that too. Then it was my turn.

As Alicia collapsed on my chest I slipped my tongue up into her moist pussy. I licked and gaziantep escort bayan reklamları I licked all I wanted too. She was still coming down from her high when I went after her clit. I flicked it with the tip of my tongue, scraped it lightly with my teeth, and sent her into her first orgasm. She thanked me but I wouldn’t let her up. After the second orgasm she confessed that she always stopped after giving herself the first one. But I didn’t stop and I wasn’t going too either.

We were in a sixty-nine and I had the back of her knees in my armpits and was pulling her onto my face. In that position I had a clear view and had full access to her tiny asshole. I licked her butt hole and sent shivers up her spine. I went from her vagina opening to her anal opening and she loved it. Eventually I went back to working on her clitoris. I gave her a couple more orgasms then went back to her asshole. I fingered her pussy and sucked my fingers clean a few times. Then I slipped that moist finger slowly into Alicia’s rectum as I gave her two more orgasms. She was incoherent when I stopped and removed my finger from her asshole.

Just then we heard my wife’s car pull into the driveway. We both got up, grabbed our stuff, and ran for the stairs. I watched Alicia’s ass as she climbed the stairs in front of me. I knew that I would have to fuck her soon. Hopefully next Thursday!

My wife came directly to our bedroom and undressed before climbing into bed with me. She told me how horny she was and how badly she needed sex. So I slipped that finger that had just come out of her daughter’s ass into her ass. She cooed and got all excited thinking that she had some magical power over me to get me instantly excited like that. I could care less who was in bed with me! All I could think about was fucking Alicia! Hell I would have fucked a rock pile if I had thought there was a snake in there! That night I ravished my wife’s ass three times. In the morning when she went to work she was still tired and her ass was sore. I think she was still hung over too!

Well the week flew by, today is Thursday, and I’m on my way home to Alicia right now!

The End
Young And Innocent My Ass

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