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Big Tits

I’ve taken my clothes off, when fresh out of the shower, you come up close to me from behind and wrap your arms around me in a nice affectionate hug. You nuzzle your nose into my hair just a little and breathe in my fragrance. I wrap my arms in your arms as you embrace me from behind. Then I tilt my head slightly so my hair falls to one side and so your lips can touch softly to my neck. You smell the sweet honeysuckle scent I placed on the back of my neck just for you. As your nose fills with the heady sweet scent, you think to yourself, mmmmmm, she smells so good! I lean my body back against yours a little harder so I can feel your lust against my backside as it grows.

Your hands start roaming my naked body a bit as the desire to explore me takes over your mind. I drop my hands and reach back with one arm and put it gently on your bottom to pull your hardness even closer to my body. You cup both of my breasts in your hands and then one hand slowly begins to roam down my body to my stomach while the other hand hovers over my breast. You take my nipple between your finger and thumb and rub it to complete erection. Your other hand, still roaming, finds its way to explore my pussy. Just brushing your hand lightly over the hair there you feel how soft it is. Then your fingers begin to explore, looking for warmth and wetness.

I softly sigh in pleasure and arch my back so that my bottom presses hard against your cock. You dip your fingers into my wet pussy and pull them out to wet my clit. You rub my clit while still playing with my erect nipple and kissing my neck a little harder now, sucking gently. I can no longer control the urge to kiss you full on the mouth and I turn around and press my body up against yours, feeling you against me, hard and hot. I look you right in the eyes to explore your emotion and then I touch your chin lightly with my hand while pressing my sweet lips to yours. As the kiss becomes more passionate, our tongues play fight and my hand moves around to the back of your neck cradling your head gently so that you do not break away from our kiss. You take me into a full embrace and pull my body close so that you can feel my warm, soft breasts on your chest.

We kiss passionately for a few moments and then I break our kiss and begin to kneel in front of you, lowering my body to the floor while dragging my hands down your chest gently. As I reach my knees, I take hold of your hard cock and gently squeeze it forward to milk out a glistening pearl of lust. I look up into your eyes and part my lips slightly, as if to put lipstick on, and I take the silky smooth tip of your cock and start at the corner of my mouth and apply the drop of lust to my lips as if it were indeed my lipstick, first the top lip, nice and slowly, all the Ulus Escort way around, and then my bottom lip. Watching this you get a little crazy and tilt your head back as a sigh escapes uncontrollably from your lungs.

While your eyes are closed, I reach around behind you with my other hand and put it to your bottom. You look down just in time to watch me begin working my mouth slowly over your cockhead. My lips are all wet and glistening. Very slowly, I glide you into my mouth, pursing my lips so it’s nice and tight going in. I glide you in more and more, swirling my tongue on the bottom side of your sweet cock. My hand is on your bottom and I pull you toward me to bury you into my mouth. I can hear your breathing; it’s getting faster as my tongue works all over your cock. My tongue is swirling and darting.

I pull my lips toward your cockhead again, sucking gently, and then I begin to rhythmically move you in and out of my mouth by pulling on your bottom and then backing my mouth away, in and out you go. You look down to see your nice hard cock disappearing and reappearing. It drives you crazy! I love having you in my mouth and seeing the pleasure in your face from my every move on your cock with my tongue and lips.

I work my lips, hands and tongue over your cock now, and look up into your eyes while you’re buried deep inside my mouth. I watch your eyes as you see your wet glistening cock slide in and out of my hungry mouth. I reach up and tug gently on your balls, filling my small hand with them while never letting your cock leave my mouth. Your cock is very wet from my mouth and I taste your precum on my tongue as I slowly draw your cock out of my mouth. With my hands I milk more precum to the opening and lick it off with my tongue. Tasting you makes me even more hungry for your sweet cum and I begin sucking you while pumping my wet hand up and down your cock, milking you into my warm, hungry mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth and you can feel my passion in every synchronized movement of my hand and mouth.

You feel a tingling in your balls and you can’t take it much longer. You want to cum so bad but you don’t want to come in my mouth. You want to make love to me. You want to show me how much you love me. So you gently pull me up and away from your cock. It takes a lot of willpower because you want to explode in my mouth watching and feeling me suck your cock so nice and sweet!

You bring me up to your mouth now. You’re breathing is almost uncontrolled. You look me in the eye and I can see the sweetest combination of lust and love in your eyes. I can see how much you want to fuck me like crazy and yet make sweet love to me at the very same time. You are wild with passion and overwhelmed with love.

You Üniversiteli Escort pull me ever so close and I can feel your hard hot cock against my body. It’s wet from my mouth. You kiss me full on the mouth and walk me backwards towards the bed. Gently you lie me down on the bed and step between my legs. You recline me slowly and you look at me, your eyes begin at my eyes and then roam all the way down my body slowly. You lick your lips and smile. You lower your body over mine and kiss me very lovingly on the mouth at first. I can feel your cock pressing just at the opening of my pussy. I want you inside me; and I spread my legs a bit more to welcome you inside. Feeling this, you heat up the kiss, your tongue darting in and out and all about with mine. You hear me moan with your tongue in my mouth and you know that I want you inside me!

You break our kiss and without reaching down, you gently start your cock at the opening of my pussy as we both watch you do it. One last look into my eyes and you glide your cock in effortlessly. It is so hot and wet there that you close your eyes and bury it deeper and deeper into me. You can hear me breathing heavier. When you reach my depths with your sweet cock, you hear me take in a quick, deep breath and you feel me arch my head back to expose my neck and force my breasts up toward you.

You begin fucking your slippery cock in and out of me and kissing me on the breasts as you hold yourself up slightly off my body. You look at my face and you see that look in my eye that tells you I want you to kiss me NOW! You don’t hesitate to accommodate my desire to be kissed because you know it makes my pussy get even wetter and hotter and you want to feel me grinding my hips against you. You know if you kiss my lips and suck on my neck while you are fucking me that I won’t be able to hold my pussy still and you will get a ride from the bottom side like no one else can give you!

As you continue fucking your cock in and out of my wet, writhing pussy, you keep your tongue buried in my mouth. You know that makes me crazy and I’ll open my legs wide so you can bury yourself deeper and deeper into me. You feel your balls gently banging against my bottom now with each inward stroke. My mind is whirling with passion as I feel your cock gliding in and out, in and out, and your tongue doing the same to my mouth! You raise up on one hand as much as you can without losing contact with either my mouth or my dripping wet pussy. You reach your hand down to the tight space between our bodies and you begin to rub my clit as you are fucking me and kissing me. You can tell by my breathing and moaning and whimpering into your mouth that I’m about to cum all over your nice hard cock and it makes you want Yenimahalle Escort to cum too. You want to make me cum!

You keep rubbing and kissing and fucking me until I feel my body starting to flush with pleasure! Then I feel it, a warmth taking over my whole body. You recognize the sound of my short spasmodic breaths now and you speed up. Pulling away from my lips and looking me in the eyes, you fuck your cock in and out of me faster and faster now while rubbing my clit faster and faster.

My head tilts back and I’m gasping in short uncontrolled breaths now and you know that you have me right where you want me! You just keep fucking and fingering until my whole body feels like it’s about to explode. I start to whimper little moans rhythmically with each inward thrust of your cock. You know I’m less than seconds away from cumming all over your now throbbing cock!

You feel a tightening in your balls. You’re thinking about how nice and slippery my pussy feels and how lust fills my eyes as I look into yours almost helplessly. You hear one last gasp from me and suddenly you feel my pussy spasming all around your hard cock. You begin to push into me deeper and deeper with each stroke as your balls begin to churn and you feel like all control is now lost. You don’t care! My pussy is so hot and wet!

Now that I’ve started cumming, I have spread my legs even wider to let your cock have its way with my deepest recesses where I want you to bury your cum. You feel it; it’s working its way up. Looking into my eyes you tell me, “Oh baby, you feel so good! You’re going to make me cum!” My pussy is still rhythmically clenching around your throbbing cock and then I feel it starting to pulsate as you send your warm cum deep inside me. You keep fucking me until you have no more and you drop slowly on top of me. You have just cum so hard that you haven’t the strength to hold yourself up off my body anymore.

We lay in each others arms with you on top of me and I stroke your back gently with my hand. Your skin feels like warm silk and I feel warm inside and out. After a few moments, you notice that I’m holding my breath from your weight on my chest and you roll just to the side a bit, still on top of me. You don’t want to leave me. You want to stay as close to me as you can.

Your cock is softer now but you’re still inside me. You look me in the eye and tell me that you love me as you kiss my lips ever so sweetly. I return your kiss and tell you that I love you too. You smile happily and roll over onto your back with a very relaxed sigh escaping your lungs. I turn to you and gently cradle my leg over your body. I put my arm over your chest and lay my head on your chest to hear your heartbeat.

You tighten your arm around me and I squeeze gently with my arm and leg to hug you. I feel the heat of your body against mine, I hear your heartbeat. As I listen, our breathing becomes slower and slower, each breath getting deeper and deeper until we fall to sleep in each others arms. It’s peaceful, spent, loving sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32