You, She and I

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Her hand reaches out to beckon me forward. She stands behind me, soft hands slowly rubbing down my arms as she presents me to you.

The anticipatory sparkle in your eyes sends tingles through my nipples. She looks at you and smiles, communicating in a silent language the sacrifice she has on offer.

I slowly grind my ass against her pelvic bone pressing on me from behind. Senses heightening as she slowly unbuttons my shirt, offering my swollen breasts, pushing me forward so your hands can clasp their firmness in your grip, and a moan of liquid fire lances through me.

She traps my hands inside my shirt sleeves, further thrusting my breasts against your face. “Taste her, lick her firm nipples with your tongue, then let me also taste”.

Her soft bites on my neck, your strong hands on my breasts and sharp nips awaken my body like acupuncture needles, releasing energy from every pore. Her hands slide down inside my panties and touch my very core.

You pull her around to sit on your lap and position me between your legs. Then the torture begins. Your mouth on one breast and hers on the next. Two different sensations milking me until I want to scream.

You leave her there and slide your hairy face down my belly, scratching me with a feeling I have never felt before. You moan as you lick the indentation of my belly button. She grabs my ass, pulling me forward whilst pushing your head down and ordering you to “taste her”.

Your first licks on my clitoris are too much. My head shoots back in total surrender and my knees buckle, throwing me to the floor. You both laugh and position me on the ground like a full meal on a platter you eat together from both ends. She releases my hands from my shirt sleeves and Kadıköy Esmer Escort positions her nipple over my mouth as you continue to gently lick me.

I reach out and touch those beautiful tits capped with darker brown nipples, tiny ones, unlike my own. Her skin is smooth and soft, yet firm. I can smell the traces of her lotion on her skin, a heady perfume. I lick her breasts, up to her neck, her beautiful face, and finally those lips, swallowing her moans.

You pull us to lie beside each other, legs splayed over the other as our tongues duel and slowly finger fuck our pussies – one hand on each, as you tell us with words and looks how delightful a spectacle we make.

She looks into my eyes and whispers laughingly in my ears and we both turn around to you. We push you back onto the ground and divest you of your drawers. You spring up, purple and ready, hands grasping your love stick and offering it for our worship.

She pushes my head to take you, unselfishly sharing this sweet treasure. I rub my cheeks against your member, soft hair caressing your pelvis as I lick the length of you, getting accustomed to your smell, your dampness. I run my tongue back up and encircle your cock with it, pulling it into my mouth. Your hips shoot up, driving your cock deep into my mouth as you emit a squeal of pleasure. We laugh – she and I – and I turn you over to her for a taste.

We take turns sucking on your shaft until I let her take over and force your legs up and back so that I can pay more attention to those balls. Your entire body stiffens and shivers as the double sensation of me wetly licking your scrotum and her sloppy wet sucking of your cock hits you.

We exchange places once more and Kadıköy Eve Gelen Escort you grab my hair, force feeding me your hard cock as you roar with pleasure. It is too much for me, and I scream as my pussy finds release.

I push you away and prepare your woman for your entry. Her pussy is beyond wet and I lay her down, pulling her legs apart as I beckon you to fuck her. You crawl between her legs on your knees, pulling her feet towards your shoulders and licking her soft ankles.

I kneel beside her, once more taking those sweet breasts into my mouth, telling you with my eyes to fuck her. Fuck her in rhythm to my sucking on her breasts. Drive your cock into her hot pussy to the hilt and then pull out slowly. We shall play her like a fiddler on his strings, drawing out every last note from her body.

I stick my fingers in your mouth and your licking them drives sexy tingles to my toes. I remove my wet fingers and hold her clit between them, like a scissors going up and down. She bucks wildly, trying to shake them off, and you hold her legs wide open, forcing her to bear the pleasure of your cock pummeling her pussy, my hands teasing her clit and my mouth milking her breasts.

I tell you to put your thumb on her clit and I turn my full attention to her breasts, squeezing and slapping them as I demand her to give total control of her hot cunt over to you. Between your squeals and hers I am undone. My hand drops down to my clit which has swollen until it feels like I can shoot a load of cum straight to the skies. I fall backwards, arching my back and hips as I try to find release.

Having had her first fulfillment, she jumps up and sticks her tongue deep in my pussy, offering you Kadıköy Evi Olan Escort her pussy from behind. You waste no time in grabbing her hips and driving your cock into her once more. Your head goes straight back as you enjoy her from this position.

Meanwhile, her tender mouth sucks my clit in and out like the tiniest of cocks she wants to tease. I can feel the tension building from my littlest toe, through my feet, up my calves, the backs of my legs and into my ass cheeks.

I am beyond words, incoherent with the orgasm that I know will hit me like a million bricks any second. She slaps me wildly as she too nears another earth shattering climax. I can hear you slapping her ass with hands and loins as your squeals build and you prepare to shoot your load to the moon.

It is too much and I convulse as the waves hit me, jerking the essence from my body, drawing tears from my eyes as I struggle for air.

Your deep thrusts as you build like a fiery inferno ready to erupt drives her into my body. I hold her tightly to my tummy, encouraging her to give you as good as she is getting and to shout her pleasure to the winds.

You suddenly withdraw and viciously grab your cock. Your squeals are beyond sound as you arch your hips once, fighting for breath, as your copious juices splash us both on bodies, hair and face, and keep pouring forth from your rigid torso. As your hand pulls back on your member tight as if trying to hold back this outpouring from your very soul.

She and I have both recovered enough to think alike. We push you backwards and I attack your nipples with my tongue as she drags her sopping cunt across your face and reaches over me to take your seeping cock into her mouth.

The sensation is too much, as we knew it would be, and your strong hands shove her away as you gasp for every breath, your feet rigid with the extra tingle we have called forth with our teasing tongues.

We collapse in a heap, not believing the sparks that we have let fly, from this union between you, she and I.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32