You Say, I Say

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If you’re interested in anything but wonderful, straight sex, or you’re male, you may want to move to a different author.

If you’re a lady please continue and please understand that what I say is from my heart.

Your response — my response

You’re only interested in sex – – I am interested in you, sex would be nice.

You just want to get in a girl’s pants – – I am interested in you, I’m sure that what is in the pants is perfect and would be just as nice.

You don’t even know me – – Nor you me, but I’d like to know you.

I might be ugly – – A woman is never ugly.

I might be too thin, too average, or too fat – – You’re perfect as you are.

I might be too short or too tall – – As I said, you’re perfect as you are.

I could be disabled or challenged – – I have no doubt that you’re a challenge, but you’re a beautiful lady, the rest doesn’t matter.

Would you push my wheelchair? – – When can we Bolu Escort leave?

Would you change my bedpan? – – Can I use a clothespin on my nose?

I may be married – – How fortunate he is.

I may have a bunch of kids – – Lucky kids.

I like dogs, or cats, or birds – – So do I.

I can’t have animals around – – I’ll get rid of them.

I may be poor, ill-mannered, uneducated – – So might I, but this is what you are.

I like gifts – – If I can afford them, or earn them, they’re my pleasure to give.

I may hate sex, or love too much sex – – I hope I can help, should the occasion rise.

I may be bi-sexual or gay – – Not if you’re reading this.

I don’t like group sex – – Me, too.

I don’t like a lot of sex – – You set the rules.

I need attention – – As often as you like.

I may run around – – I hope you won’t have to

I like tall guys – – I can wear lifts in my shoes.

I Bolu Escort Bayan like short guys – – Please remove my legs.

I like skinny men – – don’t feed me.

I like fat men – – Got any pie?

I like strong men – – I’ll forget to use my ‘Right Guard’.

I like sportsmen – – Do you like my Nike’s?

I like Nerds – – Do you know the general solution to the ‘Wave Equation’?

Do you write? – – Not very well.

I’m allergic to dust – – I can vacuum.

I don’t like housework – – I’ll do it or get a maid.

What if I’d like a male housekeeper – – May I be home when he’s here?

I don’t like staying home – – We’ll rent an apartment.

I mean I like to get out of the house – – Me, too.

You’re crowding me – – I’ll back up.

You’re stalking me – – Send me away.

I don’t like you – – I’ll leave.

You’ve never seen me, and can’t see me now – – You’re in my Escort Bolu heart and mind.

You’re naïve – – I’m satisfied.

Do you like me the way I am? – – I adore you the way you are.

You’re too meek – – I know what I want.

My feet hurt – – May I massage them?

Do you have a brother? – – He’s old and ugly (Two years older than I am, looks more like your favorite TV/Movie star, not like me).

Any sisters? – – No, unfortunately.

Do you have a good job? – – Not as good as I’d like, but adequate for my needs.

Do you have an education? – – I’m still working on improving it.

Will you cherish me? – – In every way.

Will you cheat? – – Only if we can’t afford the taxes.

Would you go to prison for me? – – You’ve already imprisoned me.

Are you forgiving? – – Forever.

Are you a good lover? – – I’d like you to tell me, or train me.

Do you have staying power? – – I’ll seriously work on it.

Do you like oral sex? – – Anyway will be perfect.

Would you love me? – – I do.

Is this going to be a one night stand? – – You decide.

Doesn’t anything about me bother you? – – Only that you don’t realize how great you are.

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