You Looked at Me Pt. 05

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Big Dicks

(Thank you for all feedback and for being patient and waiting for Part 5 – I’ve had a lot going on but now catching up. The instalment is sex-free but starts setting the scene for the next few parts so stay with me…)

From Maisie’s point of view, starting in the kitchen at Richard’s:

I’m aching but it’s a nice type of ache and in more places than just my legs.

How do I put this?

Richard is a lot bigger than Tom and I can tell as I felt a lot more ‘full’ with him that I have ever felt before and it was exquisite. He’s everything I hoped he would be and a lot more.

He’s most certainly a lot more and I want him again but not today.

Time is getting on and I’ve a meal with my mother and some of her friends later, my ‘Aunt’s’ as I call most of them even though they are of no actual relation.

I start filling the kettle as Richard appears in the kitchen and find two teabags.

He’s very tidy for a single man.

I’m actually very impressed with his flat too. I also knew he’d cleaned up especially for me and made the effort with smells and even bleach and I appreciate that.

I’ve been with guys in the past and they live in squalor — usually a mix of beer cans, a sink full of dishes and a bin full of pizza boxes.

But that’s not this guy. He’s different. He’s nice.

I make us both a cup of tea and we start washing the dishes from our earlier breakfast — I wash and he dries up — and soon they are done as we stand and drink our tea.

“I best get dressed and get off, I’m out with Mum later” I say, hoping he’s not saddened that I need to make my departure.

“I’m serious about the gym” he smiles at me and says. “I need to look after myself more even if it’s just having a swim and doing the monotonous treadmill”.

I giggle and look him up and down. “You’re in good shape for your age”.

Oh my God did I just say that?

“Thanks”, he says as he pouts and then smiles. I can feel he’s looking me up and down and probably picturing me in a sports bra.

“Time to get dressed”. I track down my clothes, scattered throughout the place like in a scene from a Hollywood movie and put them on. My hair isn’t the best but I’ll wash it again and straighten it when I’m home. I know my mother is out so no awkward questions to be asked about why I look like I’ve been walking in the rain.

I reappear in the kitchen as Richard is finishing his drink.

I stand there and there is an awkward silence.

We look at each other.

I think Richard giggles first followed by me. One of those stupid moments.

“Come here and give me a goodbye kiss”, I say to him, not wanting to embarrass him on his doorstep.

He walks over to me and gives me the most briefest of kisses.

“Is that it?”, I ask, feeling a little dejected.

He then grabs me, both hands on my ass, pulling me into him as we embrace, my arms around his back and our mouths locked together, our tongues once again dancing.

I let out a slow moan and do wish I had more time today as I’d drag him back to bed now or just carry on here in the kitchen.

We pull apart and he grins.

“That better?” he asks.

“Oh yes much.”

I’d love more.

I want more but it’s time up for today as I make my way out of the kitchen and towards the stairs.

Richard follows me down and then pushes me up against the door in the hallway, continuing the kiss we just ended. Oh my God he’s amazing. He smells lovely of whatever he used in the shower.

I hold the back of his head as I keep our lips locked together and he’s pulling me into him. Is his cock firm again? It feels it and I wish I could find out.

Anyone outside the glass panel on the door can probably see us but we don’t care.

I pull apart and gasp for air.

“Stop. I must go. I’ll text you or you text me”, I say, not really wanting to leave. I could stay here and be happy with this goof-ball of a man.

“Go safe” he says. I guess walking me to the car in his state of half-dress wouldn’t be appropriate as it’s possibly obvious of what we’ve been doing.

I get into the car almanbahis and look back. He’s waving at me like an overgrown child.

He’s amazing.

What we’ve done is amazing and more than I expected.

I was expecting breakfast, a chat and maybe a kiss on his sofa. Not a session in his bedroom with me riding on his lovely cock.

I start the car and drive away, gesturing through the window for him to go inside.

I look at myself in the rear view mirror. I’m smiling. I can still feel an ache but I’m smiling.

‘Well thank you for today’ is the message on my phone when I get home from Richard.

He’s ultra polite and you can tell he’s a lot older than me as most guys my age would be asking when we could meet again already.

‘YW it was amazing’ I reply. Something in me wants to say ‘your cock is amazing’ but I decide it’s better to reply as politely as he messaged.

‘I’m deadly serious about the gym or just swimming’

‘I’d love another breakfast at yours ;-)’ I reply including the winky face.

‘Anytime LOL’

I definitely will go back. I’d have stayed today if I could have done but I did promise Mum I’d join her for the meal later.

I’m so glad my detective work trying to find Richard pays off.

Let me rewind us to the party…

Tom is annoying the hell out of me today.

We fucked last night after he’d been to football and it was literally ‘grunt and go’ and the only consolation was that his parents were out for the evening, being a Saturday, and the fact that Tom had showered so the sweaty footballer smell had gone.

I feel what he wants from sex and what I want are two different things.

To him, he literally empties his nuts and he’s done. I’m just getting started at that point and I’ve found myself in the shower afterwards, fingers inside me and on my clit so I can get the orgasm I crave.

Today he’s like ‘Come across earlier so we can fuck before the party’. How direct can he be? I want flowers and romance and he just wants a fuck.

I tell him I’m busy but will pick him up.

That gets ‘well give me a blowy in the car’. Great. How dignified.

It was my fault he suggested that again as I’d done it once, just after I started driving after we joked about it and I then did it was a silly dare.

It took a few attempts to clean off the cum stain from the passenger seat before I could give Mum a lift and I had to add an air freshener as I was convinced you could smell what we’d done.

I don’t know if I’m becoming tired of him or just tired of his disrespect for me but I’m too lazy to confront him about it but I think I should and sooner than later.

We land at the party to celebrate Stefan’s birthday and his mother Donna is lovely towards me as ever as she’s the kind of ‘I wish I had a daughter too’ lady and likes the girls to join her in the kitchen to help.

“You look stunning” she tells me.

That’s nice to hear as I literally threw this outfit on today to try and convince Tom that his sexy girlfriend exists and is not just something to fuck but I feel his entire response was a glance and then he made a beeline for the beer and to talk football tactics or some other boy shit with Stefan.

I help Donna to put the food on the large table she as and then go outside to chat to a few people I recognise including Donna’s mother who everyone calls ‘Nanna’, even me as she’s around 90 and treats everyone as if they are her family.

Who else is here? I spot who I think it Donna’s boss as she is always at their parties. Stefan’s girlfriend Amy who goes to college is here and with who I assume are her parents. Add to this copious children, all chasing each other around the garden or pulling the heads of Paul’s flowers.

It’s then I spot a guy I’ve not seen before.

He may have been here at parties before but it’s only now that he’s caught my eye while he was chatting to Stefan’s father Paul.

He’s nice.

Full head of hair, dressed smart and good looking too for whatever his age is.

He’s looking my way too. Yes he looked at me. almanbahis giriş I blush a little.

I watch as he and Paul chat, probably about business or something as a lot of Paul’s friends are either builders, joiners, electricians and plumbers or similar as you always see his van around Forton if new houses are being built or old ones renovated.

I’m scanning the people again and spot the guy is looking at me.

I know why as I’m not exactly discrete today and I think even Donna caught an eyeful of my boobs as we were plating up sausage rolls and sandwiches.

I kind of wish I’d worn a bra but it doesn’t go with this top and even one of the same colour shows as much bra as it does flesh.

I look over to him and want to smile or at least make eye contact but he’s facing Paul again.

I keep looking.

Damn it, he’s got his back to me now and I can hear him laughing.

I watch on and off for a few moments as they chat and finally shake hands as men do.

I get a prod on my ass from Tom who finally realises he’s with me and not in love with Stefan instead.

“Food’s ready”, I hear a call from the house.

I’m not starving but Donna always puts on a good spread. Can I get into the queue for egg mayonnaise and stand by the guy?

He’s not there. Where is he?

I look ahead in the queue and then behind me.

He’s gone. Obviously the handshake was a parting gesture.

Damn it.

I stand and eat my food and will admit it’s great. You can’t go wrong with buffet spreads can you?

“Who was that with your Dad?” I ask Stefan later?

I get a bit of a rundown from Stefan.

He’s Rich who his Dad buys things from ‘for the electrics’ and he organised Stefan’s work experience for him.

Smart guy. Rich or Richard is a nice name.

Mental note made.

The party continues — adults getting more drunk on either bottles they’ve brought with them or drinking Donna and Paul’s beers.

Stefan and Tom are part pissed to the point they are the loudest and I realise I’ve got to get one of them home.

Fortunately it’s not too late in the evening and fingers crossed, with beer inside him, Tom will just want to go home.

An hour later, thankfully he does and no suggests of in-car entertainment or a quick shag in his father’s garage. (Yes we did and it wasn’t nice — I smelt of lawnmower oil and fuel after for most of the day)

Well that’s the party bit for you.



Dick? (giggle)


Is he rich? I doubt it if he’s something to do with building houses but probably ‘okay for money’ if that makes sense?

A few texts back and forth to Stefan, partially disguised by asking him about football fixtures for him and Tom and he’s told me who Richard works for but that’s about it.

I can hardly ring the company and ask for ‘Richard’ now can I?

I go online and put the company name into Google. Bingo! They are a big company of wholesalers and the website is a lot more than just an online catalogue.

I click around ‘Home’ ‘About Us’ ‘Your Account’ ‘Orders’ ‘Sales Team’. I select ‘Sales Team’ and get prompted to put in my postcode to find out who is who.

I fear I’m about to place an order for 200 ceiling fans but instead the website tells me my area is ‘Central and Home Counties’ and who my sales manager is.

There he is — ‘Richard Weaver, Sales Manager’. I feel a funny tingle as I look at his photo online that must be a few years old and the kind you put on a lanyard as he’s not really smiling.

His phone number is there too.

Dare I text him?

I daren’t.

Well maybe tomorrow?

So that’s how I spotted Richard and here we are now, back in the present and I’m getting ready for an evening out of girls talk and wine with Mum.

As you can imagine my mind is elsewhere. Tom has messaged me and Mum has walked in and out of my room with various outfits on, finally deciding on the first thing she tried on.

Thank goodness we don’t match. She and I have a habit of doing that — I will choose almanbahis yeni giriş a light blouse and denim jeans, Mum will choose a white blouse and blue trousers.

“You were out early today?” I hear Mum call from the bathroom as she’s doing her makeup.

“And?” I reply. Mum and I watch out for each other.

Maybe a little too much like sisters but it’s just me and her at home so I guess we know whatever the other is doing.

“Just an early get together with some girls from college, look at University stuff, talk about boys; the usual boring stuff”.

“Oh, okay, as long as you’re okay?” Mum always asks me that. “Yes all good”.

And with that and a quick flourish of makeup for myself, we are off for an evening of women chat, moaning about men, eating quite expensive food and drinking probably a touch too much.

Well actually I’m not drinking as I offered to drive us home so it’s just an eat as much as I can evening.

‘How was the meal?’ came the first of the text messages from Richard.

‘It’s was nice, food was good, Mum drunk and loud’.

Actually Mum was very loud as it was the kind of restaurant where you go for quiet dining and we had a table of ten and the more wine drunk, the louder we got and Mum was singing before we left.

‘What you have?’

‘Pork Medallions, potatoes, carrots and some sauce thing.’


‘Orange thing that was sickly’.

I love chat like this. It’s more than I get from my own soccer star. Richard is at least interested in me.

‘Had cola and orange seeing I had the car keys’.

‘Good girl’. Ohhh that was a little patronising but I know what he means.

‘What you been up to?’.

I look at my watch and it’s getting on for 11pm. Over three hours of life with a drunken mother (who’s probably now asleep with her clothes on) I won’t ever get back.

‘Chillled. Netflix. Coffee.’

I guess he’s the type of guy who enjoys quiet evenings, especially if he works on the road a lot. Driving and travel can be tiring. I would have happily chilled with him.

‘Sounds good’ I reply.

I’m tired and ready for bed and so is my food-baby of a stomach but if he’s chatting I’m happy to respond.

‘Thought about this morning too’ he replies.

I’ll be honest, all through the meal I thought about little else. It was amazing. It was what I wanted and I want more. Not just his cock and sex but everything else too.

‘Can we meet again?’ he asks.

Oh indeed Richard Weaver we can meet again. You can do anything to me over and over again and I’ll want more.

I think a more formal reply:


The replies stop. I look at my watch. I bet he’s fallen asleep.

‘Sorry, was getting ready for bed’.

Phew — thought that question had frightened him away.

‘You got college in the week?’ Of course I have and he will be working too no doubt.

‘Yeah, sorry, no free time either and I bet you’re working too.

‘Friday evening, supper then mine?’ he asks.

I think and yes it works. Tom can have the evening off or find something else to do probably with Stefan.


I finish college by 4pm, can be ready in an hour so would he like supper early?

‘I’m free from around 6 and how about a pizza?’

I want supper early and Richard for dessert!

‘Works for me. Keep in touch’.

So that’s our next get together and I’m hoping for more excitement than a couple of pizzas, curly fries and garlic dips.

We text all week through.

Actually that’s not quite what we do as we move the conversation to Whatsapp and I send him a few photos.

Nothing you wouldn’t show your granny and Richard sends equally tame ones including a photo of him having a sandwich.

The week slips by and it’s finally Friday morning.

I’m not quite the nervous wreck but I do overthink things.

What do I wear later?

What do you wear for pizza and hopefully mind-blowing sex afterwards?

Tom messages me during my first session at college and tells me he’s heading to the cricket club later ‘for someone’s birthday or something’. Whatever it is it will be beer-fuelled and if there’s a DJ on it will get out of hand and end in a fight.

At times I feel more his childminder than his girlfriend.

Is this what I want?

I know what I do want though…..

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