You Know How I Like It. Much Creamy.

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It is the end of a working day, the last customer leaves the store. Olivia locks the door, tired, sweaty. That’s when Silvia once again show her stare, his glasses on the tip of her nose. It’s been like this all day, Olivia knows what her boss wants. Not for the first time, that she wants.

The young woman in her twenties, goes to the bathroom to get ready, to put on lipstick. That’s when she hears the door open and Silvia walk in. A quick look and it’s clear that there’s no escape, but who says that Olivia intends to escape.

Silvia, comes, pull over. Olivia takes two steps to crash into the wall. Their gazes locked, glued to each other. Their bodies squeezed in that cubicle cream tiled walls. The intense, gasping breaths. Olivia’s frightened look, Silvia’s penetrating gaze.

“I’ve to leave, Ms. Silvia.”

“Why you do this to me, always… With me. Huh?”

“I didn’t do anything, it’s your impression.”

“Mine? Always an excuse, the excuse of a lying woman.”

“I didn’t do anything, nothing. I just looked, for a second.”

“Just to tease me, always to tease me. All day long flirting with me, asking with your eyes. And then you pretend you didn’t want anything. Always pretending.”

“I swear Ms. Silvia. I didn’t mean to.”

“I’m tired of you, I’m tired of your excuses.”

“No, no…”

“I warned, I told. Now I want, made me want to taste you. Make sweet, very sweet, just for me. It’s been a long time since you’ve done .”

“Jesus, what if someone comes. Maybe a customer will come back.”

“Don’t take too long. And don’t scream this time. You know how I like it, much creamy. But first, comes and sucks. I like to see how you suck. tuzla escort

The mouth opens, two fingers enter, the fearful tongue licks all around. The eyes close, the taste sharpens and the mouth closes in a wet suck, the saliva drips out mixing with the moans.

The scream comes!

It’s the beak of the breast being stretched, the other hand kneads the well-drawn breast, tortures, mistreats the thick tip of the pink nipple. The mistress’s perfume invades her nostrils. Olivia is on fire, goes becoming someone else.

Saliva drips from the corners of her mouth. The fingers leave, and the perverted tongue enters, agitated and mistress. It invades the entire mouth of the employee. The tingling begins, right between the legs. Olivia rubs her thighs, the other understands.

The abuse hand, invades, takes possession. The curly pubes mingling with the slimy fingers. Pervert and naughty, they advance in search of the opening, between lips.



“Open, let see how you are.”

Their foreheads collide, their noses touch, their eyes lock, and the fingers’s Silvia move, touching, turning, finding…


“Is that all you want to give me? It’s not even wet. Just warm, I don’t deserve any more, honey? I’ve done so much for you… With you. And that’s all you want to give me?”

“Oooohhhh!!… Ms Silviaaaa.”

“I found! Found it, he’s so cute. I love yours, you know? It’s cute, pointy and hard. Now open, show me, let me in.”

The pink panties slide down her thighs to the floor. Olivia accepts, opens up fully. Her thighs tense, the toes pointed on the cold ceramic. The impetuous hand sinks, pierces, penetrates pendik escort the dark cave, feel the sweltering of intimate space. Olivia’s vagina is pierced by her fingers, is invaded to the hilt.

“Aiiiii…. Myyyy Goodness!”

“Moves, Moves like a fucking. Like you do with your boyfriend, move that waist, move Olivia.”

“Don’t make like this. No, no, don’t make me like this.”

“I just want my juice, very sweet and hot. Who told you to tease me. Make now, Olivia! Please, darling.”

Olivia’s pussy surrenders, blossoms. The hand occupies across the entrance , and the fingers, with well-painted nails, scratch the employee’s nerve center.

“I love see you suffering Olivia. Just love that slutty look in your eyes.”

“And you don’t want to taste? See if the honeydew got the way you like it?”

Silvia smiles, the smile of a very perverted owner. Takes the fingers and tastes it, tastes Olivia’s juice, tastes the bouquet of a warm pussy.

“MMmmm… It’s almost there, almost how I like it. Almost sweet.”

“Maybe a kiss, a tongue kiss will help.”

“That’s what you wanted all along, isn’t it? Was in need of a sucking.”

“And if so? Don’t you want too?”

“To drink straight from the fountain. On my knees to you?”

“Come down and I’ll give you the honey, Ms. Silvia. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

The kiss comes sticky, drooling. The tongues loose, crazy, tying in and out of mouths. Olivia slowly forcing the other one down. Silvia, submissive, dominated, begins to wrap the wet pussy in an obscene kiss.

The new pussy, touching her mistress’ face, the hot smell of a woman in heat. The obscene sight of a vagina. Silvia smiles aydınlı escort before biting the black hair, before sucking the dark lips.

“Suck it here, suck it the way I like it, Silvia.”

The tongue licking the way Olivia likes. The employee rubs her pussy against her owner’s face. She masturbates with Silvia’s face. Rides as if she could shove her whole face inside her uterus.

“So cute, your’s clit. Soooo beauty pussy.”

“Suck bitch! Suck it, Silvia. Give a tongue kiss, deep inside. I want to see you drink it all, all of it! Right in the mouth of my boss, open and swallow Silvia!”

Silvia obeys, her pussy on fire, she loves it when Olivia loses her mind, makes her a slut, her pet whore. The indecent kiss comes intense, Olivia’s flower surrenders to her lover’s tongue, thick broth pours in Silvia’s mouth. Dense, sweet, and hot.

Olivia trembles, shakes and screams. A loud scream, a crazy howl.


Her legs shacking, the thick spurt into Silvia’s mouth. The hands clutching of red hair, and her pussy riding the madam’s face. The sugary taste of a broth coming down the boss’s throat.

“Aaaaeeeeeee… Aaaannnnnnn… Unnnnmmm…”

The earthquake stops. Olivia admires her lover’s red face, the glazed look, the trembling of her arms.

“Now enjoy, cum, cum you slut.”


“Wet the floor ‘Mistress’ Silvia. Wet for you clean it up! “

Silvia’s pussy explodes like a volcano. The strong spurt, a single spurt, hot and acidic. A crystal clear puddle runs down the white floor.

“Will is it as sweet as mine?”

“Don’t you want to taste it, Olivia?”

“First you lick the floor, drink all. Then, who knows, I taste your tongue.”


Olivia sticks three fingers in her boss’s mouth, and after gives her a sharp slap in her face.

“Go! Drink. I have to date my boyfriend.”

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