You Know Her, She’s The One

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You Know Her, She’s The One

When she stepped past the door, she glanced through the crack between the door frame and the door. The door usually was closed, so it caught her eye. She made about three steps past the point of view before she stopped after realizing that he was masturbating as she looked through the crack. She shook her head, turned around and crept back, and looked again.

Peering at her head poking around the corner was the eye of his penis, shooting come straight upward from his position on his back. His blue-green eyes were also looking into her eyes.

Caught and caught.

He wanted it, and so did she, but only he knew it before they locked eyes in that single second.

She knew it as soon as she saw his penis.

Stud-like was the category she immediately placed him within. He was circumcised and beautiful. The tip was rounded, nearly purple it was so engorged. The shaft was stiff and pulsing with the action of his come releasing from the tip of his cock. His scrotum was dark red and pulled up tight and wrinkled.

His fist was tense and appeared to be squeezing his erection tightly while pulling him in an arch up off the bed. The surprise and joy on his face were highlighted by the intense gaze they shared. Frozen at her view, she watched rope after rope of his come fly up and fall back on his naked body. She immediately wanted to get his cock in her mouth, lick him, and clean him of the come mess.

He moaned and seemed relaxed enough to finish coming and said, “I see you there, mom, you might as well come in so you can tell me off now and get it over with.”

Tina Morisseau knew he was right, but for those few seconds, she wanted to flee. She rolled back out of his view and leaned against the wall while getting herself under some control.

From the other side of the door, “Come in here, now. I want to get this over with.”

Removing her hands from the wall, she turned toward the door and pushed it open. She felt Dale’s strength powering her to obey, and at the same time, knew she was in charge of what would happen next.

Her world changed with that quick little look. And then it really changed when she returned to look again. She had begun to sweat, her vagina felt moist, her breath was accelerated, and her hearing and vision seemed more alert. Her heart had accelerated, and she knew that she wanted that penis as her lover.

He realized he might have fucked up when she came back to the door immediately, with a look of, well, a look on her face he had never seen before. She first looked at his penis, which had not gotten soft, then at his face, and then at the come spread all over.

She said, “I will get a washcloth.” She turned to go.

He said, “Please wait. I have a better idea.”

She stopped, turned back, and he said, “Let’s talk, and then I will clean up.”

“What could we say to each other that would make this okay, mom?”

“I think I need to know how this happened in the first place,” she replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Your door is always closed, And then this morning you just happen to be masturbating as I walk by? And, the door is open? I don’t believe in coincidence, Dale.”

He hesitated just too long, and she knew she was right in some way. He acted guilty about something.

“Spill it, Dale.”

“Do you promise not to interrupt Çanakkale Escort while I tell it all?”

“Not promise, but will do my best.”

“I have been using your panties to grip my cock when I masturbate. I knew that you would go by here when you did, so I slipped the door that little gap hoping to get you to look in as you went by. I was using your red thong to help catch your eye, but it fell off just before you looked at me. I was too close to coming, so continued rubbing myself with just my fist as you looked in. And then you looked in again as I came, and I lost all control. I shouldn’t have displayed myself to you like that, mom. What can I do to make up to you?”

“Well, Dale. This is fortuitous because I didn’t think of you as a man, but as my young son up until I saw your come flying in here. I had last had a sexual thought about you when you were circumcised and I wanted to kiss it to make it better. But today we have flipped a switch deep inside my motherhood.”

“When I saw that flying come I was fully in heat within a few split seconds. I was turned on, ready, and I want to fuck and make love to you more than I have ever wanted anyone, ever.”

“So, Dale, I am the one that wants more than a quickie look at your penis, more than a conversation about today, and more conversation about how I will clean you off right now.”

“Wait, mom. You want to fuck me because I jacked off in front of you?”

“Well, I guess that is right, Dale. I knew before now in my conscious mind that I wanted sex with you, and I sure was aware of it everyday son.”

As an attorney, I am aware of the illegality of it, and I know there is no way I can or should tell you to, but just this once, right now, enjoy me sucking you off and then fucking you.”

“So, Dale, I want to fuck you? I will meet you in my bedroom as soon as I shower. We can talk further as I get ready for work. Now put on some clothes and meet me.”

Tina stood there, staring at him, fondling his cock, and both of them looked stunned. She didn’t make a move to leave, and in fact, she was licking her lips and squirming as she inched closer to Dale’s bed. She reached out to touch his cock, and when her fingers wrapped around the shaft, he shot her in the face with two quick ropes of come, with a third and fourth rope smearing on her threadbare nightshirt.

She gasped, jerked upward, and then back down and managed to get his cock in her mouth as it completed spewing his second orgasm within just a few minutes. Later she recalled thinking that he must really be virile.

Tina hadn’t had sex in the three years since her husband had gone to prison and was so aroused right now that she couldn’t any longer stop herself from assaulting her son.

He reacted by shrinking away from her hand until she placed her mouth over the end of his cock spewing come. Then he instinctively pushed his hips forward.

Tina became a woman possessed as she knelt on the edge of the bed and jacked his cock with her pounding fist while holding the tip in her mouth. She scooted down on his bed; Dale’s arm encircled her hips and hugged her against his bare ribcage. When her cool skin touched his hot and flushed skin, they both felt the connection in an almost galvanic taste in their mouths. Their DNA had melded in some micro-contact way, and they seemed Çanakkale Escort Bayan as of one mind for this tussle.

Tina didn’t notice Dale’s hand sliding up her thigh, and she instinctively spread her legs as his fingers glided up to her pussy. She was soaked, and her sliminess was spread from her vagina to her knees. Dale’s fingers slid right between her pussy’s outer layer of skin and through the ridge and crevasse where her clitoris was standing a little above her pubes. He knew to use his thumb against her clitoris, and as he did, she had her first orgasm, and with its onset, she deep throated him repeatedly.

While she was sucking, he was able to get repositioned with her on top of him in a sixty-nine. She had his cock under control and was working on getting him to blast his come down her throat. Tina pulled her head up off his cock and strung the slime of saliva, precome, cock ooze, and arousal mess from her lips to his cock, making herself smile because she loved that self-image when she had sucked Dale’s father’s cock.

He was licking up and down her pussy’s opening and assaulting her clitoris as he did. He could feel Tina pushing hard against his face, and then she began to spasm in her hips, repeatedly driving her pussy against his chin and face so hard it actually hurt his chin.

Tina’s oozing come was smeared from Dale’s hairline to his neck and from ear-to-ear.

When Dale came for the third time, Tina had moved to a cowgirl position and had Dale sucking her tits as she fucked him hard and fast.

He said, “I love you, mommy.”

“I love you, too, son.”

As they calmed down some, she wanted his cock in her, so she held him in her as she slid fore and aft on his cock, rubbing her clitoris against his firm torso. She sat upright and pinched and rolled her nipples until it hurt so bad she had tears in her eyes.

Dale thought she was crying and, in an attempt to console her, hugged her down onto his chest, where they laid long enough to catch their breaths.

Tina got up and repositioned herself to lay inside his curled arm, and they talked.

Tina asked Dale, “Are you afraid now that we had sex?”

“Not at all.”

“You realize that I could be placed in jail for fucking you? Mothers fucking sons and daughters is illegal.”

“Yes. But I was the one who wanted to do it, mom.”

“And, I am the one who initiated sex.”

“Were you, though?”

“If we are going to tell someone, we probably need to create a story that we both agree upon. If we are not going to tell anyone, we will just need to be careful.”


“Yes, son?”

“Can I just plain old fuck you? You know, missionary, watching your face, feeling your skin rubbing mine, smelling your arousal, our combined body secretions, and odors? I have wanted to fuck you for so long, mom.”

“Well, Dale, I am yours for as many times and ways as you want.”

“Let’s get showers, breakfast, and then come back to bed where I want to eat desert until lunchtime.”

“Sounds right to me.”

“I want you to move into my bedroom today.”

“I will get that done.”

“You better.”

Breakfast burned while she gave him a blowjob, and the food was cold before he finished eating her on the wet and messy kitchen counter. They were back in bed when the cat decided to eat the Escort Çanakkale bacon and eggs. When the cat threw up the eggs and bacon, it was kind enough to leave the mess on her purse and sunglasses.

Late that afternoon, she called the local top-end Italian restaurant and ordered delivery which they ate all of before it was barely cooled off. Dale wiped up the spaghetti sauce left in the to-go box with his flaccid penis, and Tina licked him clean.

After a few weeks, her sister came to visit for a week. Dale stayed in Tina’s bed while Rose slept in his room. Rose had been there about ten minutes when she boldly asked Tina, “Does everyone know you are sleeping together?”

“Oh no, absolutely no one except you knows for sure. We are discrete and have left enough of Dale’s things in his room to look proper and raise no suspicions if someone visits. I wanted you to know because of our background together. We have never kept such serious things a secret from each other. I thought I could trust you to keep our secret and I expected that you will be okay with it.”

“Oh, Tina, I am okay with it, I would like to make love with Carl, but am too afraid. When he comes to breakfast now in his basketball shorts, his flacid cock looks like a fence post nearly touching his knees. Seeing it makes me sweat and wet. I have to change my panties after breakfast, and I have been masturbating almost non-stop for hours each day. I started smelling his underwear, kissing his pillow, and I even took a nap in his bed and masturbated to three orgasms one day, naked on his bed.”

“What can I do to stop this lust and madness from my day?”

“After my confrontation with Dale, all I can say is I bet if you told Carl exactly what you told me, he would hang you on his cock until you couldn’t walk from the soreness of his long, strong, twenty-year-old cock.”

“Rose, I’ll be happy to feel him out for you. I can see which way he is leaning before you say anything to him. What do you say?”

“Oh Sis, I hope you can do it today. Thank you.”

Tina had already decided to see if she could get Carl over to fix a loose cupboard door, as both she and Dale were not ‘handy’ around the house. Now she was going to ask him to arrive right after Dale had left for work in case it would take the full day to convince him that his mom wanted to fuck him.

Rose wanted details, and when they had finished their coffee with Bailey’s, Rose gave Tina a wet French kiss and kneeled in front of Tina and kissed, fondled and pinched her tits and nipples.

When Rose was leaving, Dale came out of his room and gave her a lingering kiss and a tight and affectionate hug, crushing her chest and thrusting his erect cock against her belly through their clothes.

She whispered, “Come over tonight after ten o’clock, Carl has the twelve hour shift at the fire station tonight, he won’t be there and we can talk.”

“Got it.”

After Rose had been gone and they had connected again, Tina listened to a message from Rose.

‘Thought I would let you know that I will be entertaining tonight at 10 o’clock. I hope to need help. Show up in a coat and naked underneath about ten-fifteen. Don’t knock, sneak in and stay undetected for as long as you want.’

Tina read the note and kind of kissed it off as, ‘not interested.’ She had forgotten that Dale had said earlier that he had to meet a friend that evening.

When he was leaving, she remembered the note from her sister and decided to check it out.

She started with a shower, a shave, and an enema. She finished with fingers and toes a sexy red. When she left the house, she knew she was hot enough to do anything.

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