You , I in a Hotel

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When you ask if I’m ready to go, the question hangs in the air, both of us knowing you’re asking about so much more than leaving the hotel bar. I can feel a slight buzz. The no-inhibitions-so-let’s- take-on-the-world kind of buzzed. The dangerous kind. The kind of buzz that gets you in trouble but creates the best memories. Perhaps we should wait until I mellow out, but I nod, smiling and full of butterflies as your hand on my hip guides me towards the door.

We enter an elevator and are pushed towards the back as it fills up. I lean into you, fully aware of the subtle movement of my hips as I subtly grind against you. You clear your throat. I press against you harder. Your strong possessive grip on my ass makes me gasp and blush but I look over my shoulder to exchange a smile, the mischievous look in your eyes making my legs feel weak.

The elevator empties as we ascend, making our teasing less secretive, but I need to feel you. Your finger traces the hem of my dress as you brush my thigh. I squeeze your arm. Our hands intertwine, fitting together so perfectly. Each breath becomes a little more ragged with excitement. We talk with our bodies… I want you… I need you… until finally we’re alone.

With our hands still clasped, you spin me around and back me into the wall. There’s no time to hesitate, no time to think. We’re both reaching for your pants, getting in each other’s way, trying to free your bursa escort dick. One of my long legs wraps tightly around your waist as you push past my panties. The cool draft in the elevator bringing attention to how damp they are. You impale me to the hilt in one hard thrust, making me arch my back and whimper. You give me a second to adjust to your size, my pussy stretching to accommodate and aching with need.

You retreat and slam back into me desperately, giving my greedy pussy the entire length of your shaft. We cling to each other roughly. Thinking about the delicious soreness and marks that will result makes me throb and grip your dick. I bury my face into your shoulder as you fuck me faster, biting down to keep from screaming in ecstasy. I wonder if anyone can hear the other noises filling the elevator. A moan or grunt as we pass a floor. My leg shakes, threatening to give out but you hold me firmly against the wall, fingers digging into my ass so that hardly any of my weight rests on my trembling leg.

Orgasm rushes over us both like a wave, leaving us panting and disheveled. The couple standing outside the doors gives us a knowing grin as we stumble off. “They look fun,” I joke after the elevator swallows them up.

The pace from the elevator to the hotel room is brisk – more eager than our relaxed attitude in the lobby – and you waste no time opening the door. Before it even closes bursa escort behind us, I’m pinned against the wall, my hands reaching up to feel that sexy facial hair as you kiss me. All the waiting and anticipation make for a rough, desperate, needy kiss – hands tugging at clothes to reach hidden skin.

When our lips separate, I walk further into the room, admiring the huge bed before opening the blinds to see the view. The city is sprawled out beneath me – cars, traffic lights, pedestrians dressed for a night out on the town. Squares of yellow light dot the buildings across the street. Dark silhouettes move about like living pictures framed by the windows. I wonder if any of those anonymous figures are looking back at us as you join me. I turn to you with a mischievous grin and slowly sink down to my knees, tightly grasping your waistband and bringing it down with me. I smile up at you, only a thin layer of fabric separating your hardness from my mouth. I bite my lip as I caress your cock, feeling it strain before releasing it, smiling as it springs free. Your hand in my hair is gentle encouragement.

I take your cock into my hands, gently stroking it and nearly squirming with anticipation as I shift my weight on my knees. I kiss away a drop of pre-cum, softly sucking the head of your cock. I don’t want to rush. I want to feel every inch pass slowly between my lips. I stop bursa eskort stroking and run my hands up your muscular legs, pulling you towards me as my mouth consumes the entire length of your shaft. My tongue dances along the underside, caressing your cock in my warm mouth.

My lips return to your swollen tip, suckling, licking, tasting you. I bob my head slowly, taking a little more of your thick cock on each thrust, creating that tight suction, wanting your cum.

In and out, over and over, increasing my pace, gagging a little as I try to take all of you into my greedy mouth. Soft moans tell you I’m enjoying myself and create vibrations along your shaft. I look up at you with watery eyes as I slide your cock from my slick, full, smiling lips.

I pump your hard cock with my hand again as I turn my attention to your balls, taking them each into my mouth before trailing my tongue from base to tip. I tease lightly with my tongue, knowing you’re getting close, wondering how long I can make you wait. You answer my mischievous smile with a firm hand in my hair, assisting the motion of my head as I resume bobbing on your cock.

Faster and faster, your fingers tangled in my hair, your hips rocking as you fuck my throat. Hot cum fills my mouth as you bury your cock deep. My lips clench tightly, not allowing a single drop to escape as I swallow your load. I lick you clean as you withdraw, relishing the taste of you before you help me to my feet. I look out the window again while you pull me tight to you, searching for an audience that may not exist. Perhaps the show was simply for you and there’s no voyeur to satisfy the exhibitionist, but I like to think there was…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32