You Don’t Know Me

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Some sex but not a lot. Thanks to ‘Techsan’ for his editing skills.


My wife Kelly and I have been married for three years now. We have one child who is three years old. Yes, Kelly was pregnant before we got married. I’m now twenty-three and Kelly is twenty two.

All through our school years I always had a big crush on Kelly. She was my next door neighbor and we basically grew up together. I walked with her to school almost every day until we started high school. Then she got a ride everyday with her old boyfriend Tom.

I guess our relationship was like the song ‘You Don’t Know Me.’ by Ray Charles.


I remember the words:

You give your hand to me and then you say hello

And I can hardly speak, my heart is beating so

And anyone could tell, you think you know me well

But you don’t know me


That’s the way I always felt about Kelly. I felt love for her my whole short life. I believe she always liked me a lot as a friend also. Just not to the extent of how I felt about her. We would hang out and tell each other secrets. The times I spent with her as a kid were the best. But then came high school and we belonged to different groups. She, with the cheerleader and jock group. I hung more with the shop guys. Welding, construction, car repair, I liked using my hands.

I was hoping to someday have my own business. I knew the trades were the best way to go for me. Kelly never said anything about working or college. She was one of those who didn’t make up her mind. To listen to her talk, you would think that all she wanted was to marry a guy with lots of money and she would do her best to spend it. She loved nice things and was always one of the best dressed girls in school. Her parents bought her just about anything she wanted.

You would think she would be conceited but I never saw that in her. She seemed to be friends with just about everyone. She was head cheerleader and of course that made her very popular.


Then there was the part in the song about dreams:

No, you don’t know the one who dreams of you at night

And longs to kiss your lips and longs to hold you tight.

To you I’m just a friend, and that’s all I’ve ever been.

No, you don’t know me


I remember the evenings when Tom would bring her home from dates. They would sit and neck in the car. I would always have tears in my eyes as I went to sleep. Always wanting to be the one to hold her tight. To kiss her lips and make love to her. She just thought of me at the time as her best friend, not really knowing how much it hurt me when she talked to me about Tom. How someday they would get married and have a family together. She would tell me how Tom was going to be a business executive and one day be the bank president in our town. His dad was the president of the bank now so of course Tom had the inside track as soon as he graduated. Everyone knew he would be working at the bank being the big executive and earning the big bucks..

I remember being out with some of my buddies one evening and I spotted Tom with another girl. They were parked back in the Big Boy restaurant parking lot necking. It hurt me so much to see him cheating on Kelly. When I got home she came over and sat with me on the porch to talk. I asked her where Tom was and she said he was out with a few friends. I didn’t want to hurt her so I didn’t say anything.

I decided to talk to Tom the next day. I wasn’t a wuss. In fact I was bigger and stronger than Tom. I just wasn’t all that interested in sports. Of course since he played sports it kind of made him big man on campus, so to speak. I caught him alone after one of our classes and told him straight out that he better quit cheating on Kelly or break up with her. She deserved a hell of a lot better than him.

He laughed and asked me, “What are you going to do about it? Go and snitch to Kelly?”

He started to turn around and walk away. I grabbed him and turned him back around and hit him as hard as I could in the mid-section. He grabbed his stomach, doubled over and fell to the floor. I told him next time I wouldn’t be so easy on him. I turned and walked out of the room. The only person to witness it was Sheila. She seemed to like me so I didn’t think she would ever turn me in. She just smiled at me and walked away.


If only I was a lover:

For I never knew the art of making love

Though my heart aches with love for you

Afraid and shy I let my chance go by

The chance that you might love me too


I did date a few other girls in school. I guess a lot of them liked me also. I remember a couple of Kelly’s friends asked Kelly if she could get me to go out on a double date with her and Tom. When she brought the subject up and asked me what Anadolu Yakası Escort I thought, I laughed and said I could never double date with her. For one thing I didn’t like Tom and the other was I couldn’t make out with another girl in front of her. Of course she just laughed.

I was just too shy and couldn’t tell her that she was the one I wanted to date instead of her girlfriends.

I remember the high school prom. Of course Kelly went with Tom. I took another close friend Sheila. Yes, the girl who saw me hit Tom. She and I were good friends also. I did find out later that she felt about me the way I felt about Kelly. I remember her signing my year book. “To Jerry, the one guy in high school I always had a crush on. If only you liked me half as much as you liked Kelly I would have been the best girlfriend and future wife you could have ever imagined. I hope you end up with the girl of your dreams, with love, your friend always, Sheila.”


There I was always saying goodbye:

You give your hand to me and then you say good-bye

I watch you walk away beside the lucky guy

To never, never know the one who loves you so

No, you don’t know me


Wow! Damn, Sheila was one of the nicest girls ever. I was so busy pining over Kelly that I missed a possibly great relationship with Sheila. I wish I had known how Sheila felt about me then instead of after graduation when we all signed each other’s year book. I did have feelings for her only they weren’t as strong as the ones I had for Kelly.

At the prom Sheila and I were having a nice time. Every now and then I saw Kelly and Tom arguing. I kind of let it slide. I knew Kelly would probably tell me everything later.

Kelly told me a couple of days after the prom that Tom wanted to have sex with her. I was surprised that they had never done it before. She told me she let him feel her up and finger her, and that she jacked him off but that was as far as it went. It bothered me to even hear that but I tried to listen as a friend. That’s what they were arguing about at the prom. She said that Tom was heading off to College and wanted to secure their relationship before he left. She told me she thought she loved him but didn’t know about going all the way. Of course I told her she shouldn’t unless she was sure he really loved her as well.

After hearing Kelly tell me about giving herself to Tom I was really aggravated and decided to go out. I called Sheila since now I knew she cared for me. We went out to dinner and then saw a movie. I kept picturing Kelly making out with Tom and it got to me. It was as though I was going to get even with them and have sex with Sheila.

I parked in our lovers lane and started kissing Sheila. She kissed me back with everything she had. I started to unbutton her blouse and was feeling her breasts. Soft, warm, hard nipples, I lowered my head and began sucking on them. She just held me tightly and told me she always wanted to do this with me. I unbuckled her jeans and slid my hand down into her pants. Wow, she was hot and kept saying how much she loved me and has always wanted me. I wasn’t thinking of her while doing all this. I was thinking of Kelly.

Sheila removed her jeans and panties and I lowered my jeans and underwear. Sheila then got on my lap facing me and slowly lowered herself onto my stiff manhood. This was my first real fuck. I have felt up a few girls but never penetrated any of them. As Sheila lowered herself on my cock she looked into my eyes and said, “I love you, Jerry, with all my heart,” and with tears flowing down her cheeks she lowered herself all the way down on my manhood, breaking her hymen on the way down. My God, she was a virgin and gave herself wholly to me.

That’s when I realized what had just happened. Sheila gave herself fully to me. Giving her virginity to me. It felt so good being the first time for me also. Then I thought about what a bastard I was. I used Sheila for some off the wall revenge. How stupid could I be. Here was a woman that truly loved me and I used her.

After we were finished, I apologized to her. I told her I had no right to take away her virginity. I really felt bad about it. If I didn’t have such strong feelings for Kelly it would have been different.

Sheila looked at me and replied, “Jerry, you didn’t take away my virginity. I gave it up for you. I have always cared for you. You are the one I want to always remember making love to me for the first time. Maybe it didn’t mean as much to you but I will always cherish you and remember this night.”

I kissed her one more time very passionately, and it was for her. A really loving tender person. I then drove her home.

A couple of weeks after graduation Kelly came crying to me. She said that Tom was running around telling everyone he finally took her virginity. She was crying and said she broke off going with him. Pendik Escort He was nothing but a bastard. She said she never wanted to see him again. Of course that was great news to me other than her getting screwed. I asked her if she wanted to go to the movies with me to get her mind off the situation? She said yes and we had our first official date. I finally got the girl. It was summer time and we went to the beach almost every day. I was doing everything I could to get her to think about me. I thought she was finally falling in love with me. One day after one of our dates we went into her house and were watching a love story. Her parents would be out most of the evening so we decided to get comfortable.

She went upstairs and put on her baby doll pajamas and I just had on my shorts and t-shirt. We started necking and we were both getting hot. I started feeling her up. God, this was what I dreamed about my whole life. I undid her top and started sucking on her nipples. She just pulled my head down against them and kept moaning. I slid my hand down into her bottoms and started rubbing her bush. My God, it felt so great, she never even tried to stop me. I pulled her bottoms off with her panties and began rubbing her clit. She kept telling me how good it felt and asking if I would kiss her down there.

I knelt between her legs and buried my face into her oh so wet vagina, separating the lips so I could push my tongue in as deep as possible into the pink valley. I couldn’t take it any longer and took off my shorts and pushed my rigid member as deep into her waiting valley as possible. My balls were banging against her ass. I couldn’t hold back any longer as I erupted, coating her insides with my sperm. She was screaming how great it felt and how much she loved me. I was in seventh heaven. I had just made love to the girl of my dreams. The oddest part was as I came I thought of Sheila and how she had given her virginity up for me.

My thoughts were all mixed up. I was with one girl and thinking about the other. Hopefully it would be something that would pass.

I found a good job with a construction crew. They paid me top bucks even though I was a beginner due to the school courses I took. Everything was going good. Then of course I get a call from Kelly telling me she was pregnant. She was crying and asked me what she should do? I told her I would be right over. I went next door and she invited me in. I asked her if her parents were home and if she told them about the up coming baby. She said that they weren’t home and she wanted to talk with me first.

I knelt down on one knee in front of Kelly and said, “Kelly, I have loved you my whole life. I was just too shy to tell you. But I’m not shy anymore. Will you be my wife?”

She started crying and said how she knew I had always liked her and that of course she would marry me.

She told her parents when they got home. They weren’t happy about her being pregnant or marrying me. They didn’t think I would amount to much and then there was Tom who was a college boy. They had hoped she would have waited for him. Then she could have been the banker’s wife.

I did feel an obligation to tell Sheila. I stopped by her house and she was so happy to see me. She just ran up and kissed me. Then I looked down and she knew there was a problem.

“What is it, Jerry? What’s the matter?” she asked.

I looked at her and said, “Kelly is pregnant and we are getting married. I wanted to be the one to tell you.”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said that she wished us the best, that I finally got the girl of my dreams and she kissed me goodbye . She started crying and went back into her house. God, why did I feel so miserable about telling her. Could it be that my feelings for her were stronger than I had thought?

My parents said that I did the right thing by Kelly. If I got her pregnant and loved her then we had their blessings. We got married the following month. She wanted to get married before she began to show her pregnancy much.

Even though I made decent money we couldn’t afford much just starting out. I didn’t want her parents giving us money and bailing us out. I knew I would never hear the end of how their princess was just too good for me and I wouldn’t be able to supply her needs. We did buy a nice three bedroom house trailer and it was put in a nice trailer park. Of course at nineteen and twenty years old, we did the best we could.

I was working a lot of hours and trying to get ahead. Kelly spent the day taking care of the house and getting one of the two smaller bedrooms ready for the baby. The other we just made a small office for me. One day I got a call from work telling me to head for the hospital. I was about to become a father. I went into the delivery room, put on my gown and face mask and stood holding my wife’s hand during the delivery. It was unbelievable watching my daughter being born. I cut the umbilical cord and waited for Kurtköy Escort them to clean up the baby.

My whole life I use to say how ugly all babies were when they were born. My little girl was no exception. She looked like a wrinkled little red mass. But she was ours, and I was a very happy father. Our parents came in and of course the women did nothing but giggle over the baby. Each saying how the baby looked like us when we were born. I just shook my head and laughed. Geez, I hoped I wasn’t that ugly when I was born.

Three years passed since the birth of Ellen. She became one cute little bundle of joy. To me she looks a lot like her mother, which is a good thing. I’m not a bad looking man but Kelly has all the looks.

I started working evenings doing welding jobs on the side. It brought in a lot of extra money and was the start of my own business. Kelly was a stay-at-home mom. She really kept the place clean and spent most of her time playing with Ellie (that’s what I called Ellen).

My wife was a neatnik. Everything had to be just right. No dirty dishes, garbage always taken out and then the stupid old toilet seat issue. She would always say, “If you put the seat up then you have to put it down. What’s so hard to remember about that?”

Every time I would forget she would hound me. I guess this was the side of married life you don’t think about before marriage.

I started putting half of every job I did welding into a special account. I was hoping to someday surprise Kelly by quitting my job and having my welding business built up enough to support us. The other half I put into our checking to help pay our expenses. For some reason Kelly always told me we didn’t have enough money. She would go shopping with her friends pretty often.

Life wasn’t as good as I had hoped for. I still loved Kelly but the sex wasn’t coming very often for two young people. She was either not in the mood or would fake sleeping when I came in late. Other times she more or less went along but something was wrong. I was now becoming suspicious.

I received a message on my cell phone. “Tom Edwards is back in town and has been back for over a year.” No name, that was it. I wondered why Kelly never mentioned it to me? Who sent the message?

I was wondering if she had been cheating on me. The first clue was one afternoon when I came home after my first job to get ready to go do some welding. I went into the extra clean bathroom and was getting ready to wash up. I glanced over and the toilet seat was up. I thought to myself, “Oh, shit, I’m going to hear about this shit again,” but I couldn’t believe she would go the whole day leaving the toilet seat up just so she could yell at me about it.

I quickly put the seat down. When she got home she was in a somewhat happy mood. I asked her if she had any company today and she said that no one was in the house but her girlfriend Jane picked her up to go shopping.

I put the toilet seat issue back in my memory and talked about how many jobs I was getting doing welding. She told me that all I think about is the stupid welding. I told her that the stupid welding helped buy the clothes on her back.

She laughed at me and said her parents were the ones buying her clothes, that my paychecks weren’t big enough to keep her in the style she was accustomed to.

I asked her how long she had been taking money from her parents and she said ever since we got married. She told me I was always on an ego trip and knew I’d get pissed off if she told me. But now she didn’t care what I thought.

I was pissed. She said I didn’t make enough money for her and that I never spent much time with the baby. She was right about Ellie. I hardly ever saw or played with her but that was all going to change when my business got better. I left to go to my welding jobs.

A couple of days later I got a message on my personal cell phone. It was a text message. All it read was, “Your wife is cheating on you.” I had no idea where it came from but when I got home the toilet seat was up again. Kelly was out again so I started looking for anything else suspicious.

I went through the computer and found nothing. I checked our charge card bills and there were a lot of personal purchases for women’s wear but the bills were all paid on time. As I was going through a few of the drawers I found a business card in her lingerie drawer. It was just a card but the name on it read Tom Edwards vice-president of the local bank. Why would she have Tom’s card in her drawer and where did she get it?

About ten minutes later Kelly came in with Ellie. She handed Ellie to me and said, “Here, hold your daughter” and she headed for the bathroom. A few minutes later she came out of the bathroom yelling at me. “Jesus Christ, how many times do I have to tell you to put down the damn toilet seat?” she blurted out.

I looked at her and said, “I haven’t been in the bathroom since I got home a few minutes ago, just before you. Your boyfriend must have left it up just like he did yesterday,” I replied.

Her face froze. She needed a second to think. “What the hell are you accusing me of? There’s been no other men here. You must have left it up before you left for work this morning,” she replied.

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