You Dirty Little Demon, You

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The mud squished under Marcen’s toes as he waited for the best fuck of his life. The grass and shrubbery rustled as Cade appeared a few feet away and Marcen’s heart pounded. He had been waiting for this moment ever since he met the guy last weekend at Lavoi’s Pub. His rosy cheeks were what drew Marcen in at first, along with his brilliantly coiffed blonde hair and extravagant blue eyes, but no, it was the red cheeks that did it for him. This natural blush was so unlike his own skin, pale and a little freckly, and he could never get his own red hair to style like Cade’s.

Cade approached the tree where he waited with wound up leather in his hands. Just looking at him made him stand at salutation. His heart throbbed even more than his dick as Cade came up to his face.

“You ready?” and he tied the leather straps to Marcen’s arms and ankles, then to a tree. “The safe word is ‘drop it’.”

Even the thought of a safe word made the hair on Marcen’s neck stand on end. Cade unbuckled his belt, undid the button and unzipped his pants. He fiddled around with it until Cade hauled out his long, floppy red penis. He then proceeded to unbuckle the belt that held up Marcen’s cotton tights, then practically ripped them off until his small cock pointed directly at Cade.

“You definitely are all ready.” chuckled Cade as he put his warm hand on Marcen’s shaft. His breath was intoxicating and warm. “I can’t wait.”

These were Marcen’s thoughts exactly. He wanted Cade inside him already, to see his cock become hard because of him and then enter him deep. He wanted to be spanked around and become Cade’s toy. He loved when someone else took command, and loved even more pretending to be one of his helpless victims.

Cade touched his slowly engorging dick to Marcen’s rock hard one. He massaged the heads together and as though the sensation were enough, Marcen felt his legs threatening to buckle under him. He could tell Cade was enjoying it too as he let out random sighs of “Yeah” and “That’s it”.

And then, Marcen felt Cade’s warm, luscious lips touch his neck and his wet tongue taste his anxious skin. He gently pressed his teeth, and continued to lick until Marcen felt them sink deeper.

Cade’s bursa escort bayan tongue went from his neck to his chest, then to his abdomen, where a small faint trail of red hair led to his raised cock. It fiddled around inside his belly button then found its way onto his pubes. Cade put his lips in motion, as if he were savoring the most delicious meal as he used it to tug on the red curls above his dick.

The moon above, fuller and redder than usual was no distraction for Marcen as Cade then moved his mouth to his beckoning cock. He felt a hot breath surround it, and then the wet, juicy tongue and lips devour it. He suckled it as his tongue massaged the head, making Marcen moan.

It suddenly stopped and Cade stood up and faced Marcen, his lips so close he wanted to lick them.

“Okay, I’m going to start now.” he reminded him. “Remember the safe word.”

Immediately, Marcen felt a strong hand strike him across the face, sending a warm and pleasurable feeling through his body. Another hand on the other side of the face made Marcen scream out in desire. Cade went down to his cock again and this time used his teeth to tug on the foreskin, pulling as far back as he could.

Marcen couldn’t breathe, the pleasure was too much already. Cade cupped his balls and tugged them downward, shooting another wave of warmth throughout his body.

Cade then untied the leather straps around Marcen’s ankles, then lifted his legs up towards his middle.

“I’m gonna fuck you better than any human could!” he said as he spit on his fingers and lathered it inside Marcen’s ass hole. “You’re gonna wish you never met me after I’m done with you.”

Marcen couldn’t help but moan further as he felt Cade’s hot, large dick stretch his hole farther than he ever felt. He stiffened his body as Cade plunged deeper, making every inch of Marcen tingle in heat, and yet it still kept going.

He felt a sensation to want to urinate when Cade’s shaft finally entered all the way. They stood there motionless as Marcen’s hole clenched around Cade’s throbbing cock. Another slap of the face and Marcen screamed again. With one hand, Cade began stroking Marcen’s small dick, spitting at bursa evi olan escort it for lubrication.

As he did so, he began to thrust in and out. It was a mix of excruciating pain and extreme and unmanageable pleasure that Marcen felt at that moment. The more it hurt, the more closer he was to cumming. He looked at Cade’s face and it was red, more so than normal and his blue eyes were narrowed, his forehead wrinkled in concentration and his eyebrows furrowed.

Marcen wrapped his skinny legs around Cade’s back as he continued to make his cock drive into his yearning ass. In and out it went, faster and faster each time, the force of the push making Marcen’s voice vibrate as he moaned. There were no people around and he wanted to shout as loud as he can, so that giant moon, which got redder each time he looked at it, would hear him and know how good it felt to have this man inside him.

With his legs around him, Marcen could feel Cade’s body get warmer and warmer with ever second. He thrust in faster, almost to the point where he couldn’t feel his dick anymore, only the force of the push. Marcen loved every minute of it, and couldn’t wait for what he knew would happen next.

Marcen grabbed his bouncing shaft and began to jerk off as he saw Cade’s eyes turn from bright blue to silver and his skin from hot to scorching. His muscles, though big already, pumped into giant ones, his chest protruded into square-like blocks of strength and his nipples grew wider. His blonde hair suddenly extended down to his shoulders and turned a sliver white and his fingernails, already dug deep into Marcen’s skin, turned into sharp claws.

Then, the last of it, two giant curled horns shot out of Cade’s forehead and wound around his ears. His eyebrows disappeared and his teeth grew sharp. And the most pleasurable of it all, Cade’s dick inside him turned fatter and hotter as it thrust without inhibition into him.

Marcen felt it now, that culminating feeling that just wouldn’t let him stop. He looked at the new Cade in front of him as he continued jerking off, pumping away faster and faster. Cade growled and howled. His claws dug deeper into his skin until he felt bursa otele gelen escort blood trickle out. His dick was so big inside him, he felt he was going to explode.

And he was. He was going to explode. His dick couldn’t take anymore. He was going to cum and he wanted it all over Cade’s giant body. He curled his toes, tightened the muscles in his ass, clenched his hole, gritted his teeth and then…

He screamed. He moaned. He continued to pump away as he felt shot after shot of pure white cum burst out of his dick. In time with every thrust, another bullet of cream busted out of him. His mind went blank as the pleasure seized every inch of him. He didn’t even need to breathe in this state. His cum began to dribble down his shaft and onto his stomach. He looked at Cade, who had gotten some of the cum on his own stomach, and with one hand he massaged it on his chest then licked it off of his claws.

Marcen then felt those claws dig deeper into his skin as Cade gave out another inhuman growl and his eyes then shot wide open, the silver in them almost blinding as Marcen felt a hot, juicy liquid fill his hole and spill down his crack.

It wouldn’t stop, as if Cade’s supply of semen was endless. He heard as some of it fall on the leaves below him. Cade continued to thrust away, slower and slower with every moment, until he finally removed his enormous cock out of Marcen, leaving him feeling empty.

Cade slowly laid Marcen’s feet back down on the ground and with his index claw he cut off the leather strap that held Marcen’s hands up.

They stared at each other, panting, dumbfounded by the impact of the brick wall of steaming pleasure they had just experienced. As he glared at him, Marcen couldn’t help but want more, but his body was too exhausted. Cade was beautiful as a demon, not like the stories describe them. They were gentler in normal situations too. However, he knew it was wrong to fall in love, so he made sure that his feelings were of pure lust. Incubuses never fell in love, so why should he?

A final kiss on the lips and Cade walked away, carrying the clothes that would not fit him now under his giant arm. His buttocks bounced slightly as he disappeared into the darkness.

Marcen slid down the tree on his back until he sat on the warm grass covered in Cade’s cum. He let out one long sigh and slid his tights on again. He couldn’t wait until next weekend, when Cade would be looking for more victims, and he would be there to distract him from it all.

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