You Can’t Do That on TV – Truth Pt. 01

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You Still Can’t Do That On Television


– Episode #8

“Truth the feeling of cold, lumpy disgusting GREEN SLIME being dumped all over her. A look of shock and disappointment is on her face as the gross smelly slop starts pouring down on her head.

Tiffany: Awwwww…

As chunks of disgusting slime splatter off her head, coating her hair and rolling down over her wincing face, she lets out a sad pathetic moan of despair before slumping her shoulders and pouting in van seks hikayeleri misery as it pours over her. The thick smelly gunk continues dumping down on the poor girl, absolutely trashing her hair and covering her face while cascading over her shoulders and down her body. Tiffany slowly shakes her head in defeat, as the thick slop rains down on her, before exhaling a long defeated sigh and tilting her head slightly upward into the slime stream for a few seconds, giving in to yet another unfortunate messy humiliation at the hands of her own carelessness. She then looks back down, shaking gross chunks of slime from her face as the yucky stuff continues streaming down on her, re-covering her hair and shoulders before slowing to a trickle and finally leaving her a slimy dejected mess.

Nicole hops back into view, jumping and clicking her heels in celebration, laughing all the while as Tiffany pathetically scrapes thick globs of nasty smelly slime from her face so that she can breath and see again.

Nicole: Yuck! You really oughta be more careful with what you say Tiff. Hehe!

Katie pinches her nose while Nicole exaggeratedly waves a hand in front of her face to mock Tiffany’s smelly slimy state. Tiffany quietly mutters to herself as the other girls giggle.

Tiffany: Patience, Tiffany. Yes, you will have a nice slime-less episode one day.

The CAMERA pulls in close on Tiffany’s sad pathetic face as slime continues dripping down it, and we…

{ CUT TO: }


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32