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I had always fancied you, I was sure you noticed my eyes on your body, my glances caressing your graceful curves as I undressed you in my mind.

I used to let my imagination wander and picture you in my arms, holding you tight as I lifted your face to mine and kissed you deeply, our tongues eagerly searching for one another. I would then dream of slowly stripping you, letting the clothes fall from your body to the floor until you were naked in my arms and I picked you up, carrying you to the big soft rug in front of the warming flames of a roaring fire.

There I would kiss every inch of your body enjoying your delicate skin and lingering over the more sensitive areas until I could hold myself back no longer, moving over you and pressing my swollen aching flesh into your body for the first time.

In my mind we would make love all night using our bodies to pleasure each other until we fell asleep exhausted as the first wisps of light began to drift through the lace curtains.

You can imagine how I felt then, that night in the bar when we started to talk. I had never felt so nervous, my throat was dry and my heart was in my mouth. Everything I said seemed so stupid but we stayed together all evening. You were everything I had ever dreamed that you were and more.

In the Taxi on the way home I plucked up all my courage and when your beautiful face was lifted up to talk to me I leaned down and kissed you on the mouth. You responded immediately opening your mouth to mine and putting your arms around my neck, our tongues hungrily touching just as in my dreams. When the Taxi arrived at your flat I was prepared to say goodnight but you asked me if I wanted to stay the night. My wildest dreams were about to become reality.

As you searched in your handbag for the key I took you in my arms again and held you tight kissing you once more. We entered your flat where you led me to the kitchen and asked me to open a bottle of wine for us both, as soon as I had the wine open you took two glasses telling me to follow you into the living room.

We sat on the large comfortable sofa and poured the wine, I took one drink then put down my glass and took you in my arms, lifted your face to mine with one hand and kissed you firmly on the mouth, my tongue slipping between your open lips as we held each other tightly.

As we kissed I pressed my hand down onto your breast feeling its soft weight through your clothes before I started to undo the buttons down the front of your blouse opening it and lifting my hand to your bra. You pushed your chest against my hand as it closed around the soft lace of your bra enjoying the feel of my fingers caressing you through the thin material. You pulled away from and me and stood up letting your blouse slip down over your shoulders and undid the waistband of your skirt to let that too fall to the floor.

You stood before me looking proud and wonderfully erotic wearing only your stockings and suspenders with tiny semi transparent knickers and bra. As I admired your gorgeous body you lifted your hands to the catch of your bra and opened it, allowing the straps to fall from your arms as you crossed them over your breasts and pulled the flimsy material from your lovely body exposing the gorgeous curves of your firm tits.

You took two steps towards me your graceful body moving sensuously and your pert breasts swinging delightfully. You bent down as you reached me and pulled off my tie then started to undo the buttons on my shirt. I stood up and you pulled my shirt down letting it drop to the floor, then moved in close to me allowing me to take you in my arms again as it fell. I felt the soft skin of your body touch Bolu Escort mine, your hard nipples pressing against my chest as I bent to kiss you.

I felt your hands reach down and undo my belt and the front of my trousers, the zip sliding down over the hard bulge at the front. You let my trousers drop and I stepped out of them leaving my shoes and socks behind, I held you close again my hands running over your delicate skin, feeling your body and enjoying its delicious curves, caressing your soft breasts and pinching your nipples gently, making them harden between my fingers before dropping my hands down to your rounded buttocks.

I squeezed the firm cheeks of your bottom pressing your hips against the hot throbbing bulge of my erection then slipped my hands inside the back of your knickers and started to slide them down over your buttocks. As the silky material slid down I felt you pull the waist of my shorts down, your forearm brushing my stiff erect prick as it sprang free from its confined space to nestle against your stomach, the swollen tip pressing into your skin as my shorts dropped from my thighs.

I bent down pushing your knickers further down and moving my mouth down to your neck kissing and biting you gently before bending my knees and running my tongue down over your shoulders and onto your breasts to kiss your creamy soft skin, sucking the tight little buds of your nipples into my mouth, feeling them harden between my lips. I dropped to my knees in front of you and pulled your knickers to the floor, my mouth leaving your breasts and running down over your stomach until I felt my lips brush the soft curls covering the rounded mound of your pussy. I slipped my tongue along the crease at the top of your thigh then let it drift into the crisp hairs between your legs.

You parted your thighs for me and I ran my tongue along the length of your cleft starting to open your sensitive swollen petals with my lips and tongue, smelling and tasting the musk of your excitement as your gorgeous pussy opened to me. My tongue started to lick gently along your sensitive cleft then slid between your delicate lips and probed deeply into the warmth of your body. I sucked your delicate lips into my mouth and started to flick gently around your clitoris exciting you even more.

You feel me lift my mouth from you then take your hand and pull you down to your knees beside me, l pushed you back so that you were lying in front of me, my hands opening your legs. Kneeling in front of you between your open legs with my thick curving erection pointing at you, I could see all the delights of your body spread before me.

I ran my hands moved up the inside of your thighs and began to rub the firm mound of your pussy before lowering my head between your thighs. I licked your beautiful pussy again letting my tongue run between your swollen pink lips tasting the rich musk of your excitement, the tip of my tongue seeking for the hard little button of your clitoris, finding it nestling between the pouting lips of your vulva like a pearl in a juicy oyster and making you groan with pleasure.

I licked you, letting your excitement build, flicking my tongue over your clitoris then drawing it into my mouth before I spread your lips with my fingers and slip my tongue deep into your body tasting the very inside of you as your soaking pussy coated my face with your rich musky juice. I looked up at you, your eyes were shut tight, your hands squeezing your breasts and pulling on your nipples making them stand on end while I sucked you. You enjoyed my tongue for a little while then leaned forward to pull me up and kissed me.

I savoured your breasts on Bolu Escort Bayan the way up sucking your hard little nipples then kissed you full on the mouth pushing my tongue between your lips. I lay between your parted legs and you felt me slowly ease my aching cock towards the centre of your soaking wet sex, allowing my hot aching cock to press against the soft heat of your pussy, I felt the tip being moistened by your love juice as I slid it along the length of your aching slit then allowed it to slip between your swollen lips and push against the tight muscles guarding the entrance to your body.

I pushed my hips gently at you letting my hard flesh enter you slightly, feeling your warmth and wetness engulf the very end of my throbbing prick as it opened up your pussy. I stopped, teasing you by moving backwards and forwards very gently with just the bulging head of my cock inside you before pushing myself firmly down plunging my thick hard shaft all the way into your soft warm cunt, forcing your yielding body to stretch and accept my swollen flesh. You held me tightly as I fucked you gently enjoying the feel of your tight cunt gripping the length of my cock as it slipped in and out of the warm velvet heat of your body.

My slow gentle movements began to get faster and harder as our excitement built and you feel the full length of my hard cock sliding easily in and out of your soaking cunt, wetting the hairs at the base of my cock and filling your aching hole with each thrust.

I reached down underneath you and gripped your buttocks, pulling your hips up to meet my glistening erection, driving myself even deeper into your body and grinding the base of my aching prick against your swollen clitoris with each thrust of my hips.

I know my orgasm is close but hold off waiting for you to come first, suddenly the waves of pleasure surged through you spreading out from your inflamed clitoris to break around defenceless body as your climax overwhelmed you, the contractions of your cunt along the stiff length of my cock forcing my own orgasm from me, an explosion of pleasure shooting from my balls and up my swollen shaft from base to tip making my prick jerk inside you and spray jets of thick creamy sperm deep into your body.

Our orgasms subsided slowly and we relaxed, my shrinking penis slipping gently from your body as I held you closely, kissing you deeply as our energy returned.

You woke me gently your soft mouth moving delicately on my sensitive cock, sucking it slowly between your lips as your tongue moved around the smooth round end making it grow and stiffen in your mouth. You cupped my balls in one hand feeling their weight in your palm and wrapped your fingers around my thickening shaft rubbing the bulging head of my prick against your cheek. You slowly pulled back my foreskin exposing my hot glans, making a small drop of clear semen appear from the pouting hole at the end.

You delicately licked the drop of moisture from me, tasting my excitement before licking the entire length of my straining shaft slowly from base to tip. The feelings you were producing in me were unbelievable I wanted to force my aching cock into your tight wet pussy and fuck you as hard as I could, to relieve the terrible ache in my groin. You pursed your lips and rested them against the end of my cock, squeezing my shaft with your hand then as you looked up at me slid my penis slowly and tantalisingly into your mouth sucking the end then sliding the shaft between your lips making me groan with delight and push my hips towards your face.

I watched the wonderful erotic sight of my angry swollen flesh press between your beautiful lips as Escort Bolu you began moving your head backwards and forwards, pushing me into you mouth, scraping the sensitive skin with your teeth and caressing me with your tongue. Watching your pretty face swallow my thick veined penis and feeling your lips and tongue play over my prick nearly made me come there and then, somehow I held off as you started to rock your head back and forth sliding my swollen manhood between your lips, coating me with your saliva, milking the base of my prick gently with your hand and feeling my balls.

My hips developed a life of their own thrusting at your face pushing my stiff erect prick against the roof of your mouth and tongue. As I watched my swollen, angry looking flesh slip in and out of your beautiful mouth my pleasure grew to the point when I could not prevent my hips from thrusting at you, pressing my big thick cock right to the back of your mouth, I ached desperately for release and thrust faster and faster into your warm mouth as you wrapped your lips around my thick curved erection, I wanted to come in your mouth letting my spunk flood from the end of my cock and run out over your tongue and between your lips, filling your mouth faster than you could swallow.

You stopped before I came, desperate for my hot swollen cock to pierce the slippery folds of your cunt and slide deep into your body. You pulled my thick throbbing penis from your mouth and straddling my hips and reached down between your thighs to grasp my rigid erection.

You lifted your hips and placed my cock against your wet aching pussy rubbing it along your burning groove, feeling it open your swollen petals then pressing it against your clit before pushing my hot erection flesh back between your sex lips letting the tip poke into the soft molten core of your cunt before easing your weight down onto me and forcing my solid shaft up into your aching body, impaling yourself on my rigid spear and grinding your clitoris against the hard bone at the base of my prick.

You feel me slide past your gaping lips all the way into your body, burying my solid flesh in your moist folds and enjoying the sensations as the long curving shaft stretched your glistening flesh easing itself easily inside. You began to ride me, sliding my thick cock in and out of your swollen cunt and rubbing your clitoris against me, making your breasts bounce as you to moved on me.

You moved faster and faster my hips riding up to meet yours forcing my flesh harder and deeper into your body each time. I looked down at my hard prick sliding in and out of your body as you rode me, the red lips of your tightly stretched cunt slipping up and down the thick shaft leaving it glistening wetly with your juice then up to see your succulent tits bouncing above my face as you fucked me. I reached up and squeezed them enjoying their weight on my hands as your excitement built, rolling your nipples between my fingers and thumbs as your orgasm approached.

As you rode me harder and harder I gripped your soft tits and pinched your nipples harder, your mounting excitement and rapid movements driving me wild with pleasure and forcing my orgasm to suddenly burst up along my prick and flood your beautiful cunt with thick creamy sperm, the jerking of my cock as I came deep inside you triggering your own climax. You rubbed your tender flesh backwards and forwards against me your feelings building to a crescendo then your orgasm hit you, taking you by force, wild groans escaping your lips the repeated shocks of ecstasy stabbed into your excited cunt and spread throughout your body.

Spasms of pleasure coursing through you as you collapsed forward onto my chest, letting me wrap my arms around you and hold you tight as we both recovered, my cock just moving gently inside you as it shrank and we slowly drifted back into sleep together, my soft cock still nestling in your satisfied cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32