Yoga Release

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I exhaled and gently thrust my hips upwards, in the midst of my downward facing dog. The stretch felt good and I lifted my hips up higher. Something caught my eye from the neighbouring window behind my garden.

I had never noticed anybody in that window before, until now. The garden was private, but there was a little gap in between the trees, creating the perfect viewing point. A girl with noticeably long dark hair looked directly at me. I pretended not to notice and continued to thrust my hips into the air. I glanced over quickly and almost lost balance as I realised the girl had her hand on her right breast on top of her vest.

No longer in control of my breathing, I swallowed hard. She was watching me. Watching me stretch whilst she got off. I took a deep breath and stood back up to reach my hands to the sky, taking this moment for another glance. The girl did not look away. She gently stroked her breast and teased her nipple with her fingertips. Was she enjoying knowing that I could see her?

After my initial shock I breathed in slowly to calm myself and soon realised I was also enjoying this. I could tell by the sensation between my legs.

I crouched down onto my mat and got down on all fours spreading my thighs apart a little wider than necessary. I enthusiastically stuck out my ass and looked up towards the window. The girl flicked her sexy dark hair back and her hand moved underneath her leggings.

The throbbing between my legs increased. I was positive my light grey shorts were damp from how wet I was getting. I wonder if she could see?

I turned over onto my back and gently lifted my hips into bridge pose. I looked over. She had gone. I was disappointed, but grinned to myself as I enjoyed the thrill of being watched.

I quickly ran inside and pulled my shorts down. I was soaking wet. I played with my clit furiously and fingered myself, coming quickly Antep Escort thinking about her.

The next morning at the same time I was back on my mat. There she was watching and waiting. This time I made a point of not wearing much. Some small tight shorts and a skimpy sports bra. Her hand moved swiftly up and down in her shorts. I could not tear my gaze away as I watched her close her eyes, biting her lip as her hand moved faster. I wonder what she sounds like? Is she going to come right in front of me? How does she express her excitement? Does she moan loudly or exhale subtly?

As I shifted position and glanced in her direction she disappeared again and once more I had to rush inside and get myself off, my orgasms getting more intense each time I thought about her.

We continued this ritual every morning and I found myself getting increasingly excited each morning when I woke up.

One morning I was disappointed to see she was no longer there. I continued my session and hoped to see her the next morning. A few mornings passed with no sign of her. I carried on as normal and desperately hoped to see her again.

I finished my session one morning and went inside. I was feeling cranky and the yoga had not helped release any of the tension. I was startled by a knock on the door. It was still early, who could it be?

I opened the door and was immediately shocked. It was the girl, standing outside my door holding a yoga mat, looking bright eyed and raring to go. I stood with my mouth slightly ajar, eyeing her up and down. She was gorgeous. Tall, with long dark flowing hair and a toned body. I could not believe this vision standing before me. I took in her tight shorts and crop top, clearly revealing the lack of bra underneath.

“Hi. You look like you know what you’re doing. I thought maybe you could show me?” Her voice. The one I had imagined over Antep Escort Bayan and over while playing with myself. I was sweet and sexy at the same time.

I was unable to speak. I found myself opening the door to let her in. She walked straight into the garden and laid out her mat. She wasted no time getting on all fours. ‘I like this one. Tell me if I’m doing it correctly?’

My heart was pounding, my breath shallow. I could barely move as I stared at her sexy body spread out in front of me. I moved slowly towards her and kneeled onto the mat behind with her ass in front of me. I gently rested my hands on her hips. I saw her close her eyes at my touch. The feeling of my skin on hers changed something in me. I breathed slowly. I felt calm. I moved her hips towards me. “You just need to move your hips back slightly. Like this.” I moved her hips towards me. “Good. Now you need to push your spine inwards and push your shoulders and hips into the air.”

I could barely contain myself as I watched her thrusting her ass into my face. I could clearly see the shape of her underneath her shorts. She was not wearing any undies.

“Now push your spine upwards and do the opposite. Keep repeating that slowly.” I watched as she moved a little too fast, my hands were still on her hips. “Slow down.” I slipped one of my hands onto her thigh as I slowed her movements down, deliberately brushing my fingers between her legs with the other. I heard a deep exhale.

“Now hold there for a minute.” I moved both my hands onto her ass and stared at it in awe. “You seem a little tense. Let me help with that.” I glided my hand effortlessly over her shorts from behind and slid my hand in between her legs. She gasped at the sensation. Her shorts were wet. “That’s it, let it go. Relax.” I rubbed faster imagining what her pussy looked like underneath. Judging by her shorts, it was Escort Antep swollen and ready for more than just a gentle rubbing.

No longer able to wait any longer, I peeled off her shorts slowly, delicately unwrapping my delicious prize underneath. She didn’t disappoint. I was greeted with a tight asshole and some enlarged and very wet dark pink lips. I licked. Slowly, softly, so she could barely feel it. She let out a little whimper. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your release.” I say, as I plunged my tongue deeper into her, parting her lips and lapping up the juices dripping out of her.

Her pussy was all I could think about. I laid down and positioned my head underneath her. The viewpoint from my position was perfect. The shape of her body in my line of sight was so alluring. She ripped her crop top off and rubbed her breasts as she looked down at me with pure lust, her hair blowing gently in the breeze. She lowered herself onto me and I licked her clit slowly. She moved gracefully, each thrust coating my face in her delicious juices. I left my tongue out, enabling her to position her clit appropriately. Her graceful movements soon turned into vigorous gyrating and she thrust backwards and forwards on my face without holding back. I heard her moans for the first time, they were much more seductive than I imagined, low and guttural, triggering me further to lick her in time with her movements.

She suddenly cried out as she climaxed and collapsed over me. She clambered off me and lay next to me on the mat, a look of satisfaction on her face. I grinned back, my mind relaxed and in the moment.

I dared not look down at my own shorts, which were no doubt giving away just how much I also needed a release.

She leant in to kiss me, kissing and licking the juices off my face. Her hair fell loosely over me, tickling me softly as she probed me with her tongue. She stopped abruptly. “I have to go. That was wonderful.” Before I had a chance to protest she left.

I lay back, closed my eyes and tried to relax. My body throbbed. My pussy quivered. My shorts were soaked.

It looked like another self care session was in order for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32