Yankee Stadium Chubby Chasers

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Big Dicks

I work for a PR firm – lots of client meet and greet dinners, drinks, etc. I’m a big sports fan – so any time we have a client who wants to go to some kind of sporting event, I’m kind of the go-to. So we wind up taking a client and a couple of his co-workers to Yankee Stadium this past May (Yanks/Blue Jays).

Now, Yankee Stadium has these swanky lounges that certain tickets have access to, and thanks to these being company tickets, we had access. We’re watching the game from in there, having a few drinks and what not – and there’s a couple (who is clearly a couple) close by who clearly has never watched an inning of baseball before. They’re talking trying to figure out what the hell is going on. They seem to be about my age (34) and are in good shape – opposite of this chubby guy. As I’m overhearing this conversation I’m smirking to myself because they are THAT lost. So I turn to them and offer (in a completely platonic, no flirt whatsoever kind of way) to explain some things.

For the next couple of innings I go back and forth between my new friends and our clients – but the clients decide they’d had enough in the 7th inning and head out. I never leave a game early, so I’m hanging in the lounge, still talking with my two baseball friends. Now, keep in mind, I know they’re a couple, but they have no clue I’m bi.

There comes a point where I said something about someone being “on deck,” and one of them asked if there was a name for everyone in the batting order. Obviously, there’s not – but I said there’s “on deck” and the batter after him is “in the hole.” They both start laughing and cracking jokes and I’m laughing right along with them. After that, the conversation gets a little more ankara travesti flirty – nothing crazy, but we’re all getting pretty comfortable here. They decide they want to leave before the end of the game, but ask if I’d be down to watch another game with them and explain some more things. At this point I had no idea if they actually wanted that, or if that was just window dressing. So we exchange info, they leave, the Yankees win, I go home.

The next day I get a text asking if I wanna come to their place to watch the game. I respond by saying I’d love to, and I’m given their address – a lovely studio in Chelsea. So head down there and I’m greeted by Matt and James and we do the awkward handshake/hug thing. We sit to watch the game and have a couple of drinks – they have a couch that seats 3 comfortably, so they’re kinda snuggled together and I’m on the opposite side. As the game continues – they start laying it on kinda of thick. Making the “in the hole” reference every half inning, pointing out whenever anyone adjusts their cup, etc. – and I’m digging what they’re putting down. Then comes the tipping point: one of them said something to the effect of “jockstraps are hot,” to which I replied: “i definitely agree.” We all smirked at each other and kind of gave the “Ok – it’s on” look to each other.

They motioned for me to sit between them (cliche porn move, yes – but true!) and I happily obliged, and after an awkward couple of seconds, James made the first move and kissed me. I made out with both of them, and of course they were with each other for a good while – it was a pretty intense build up. Clothes start coming off, tons of body contact happening – and before I know it I’m naked with two ankara travestileri different hands stroking me. At this point I just lay back and let whatever happens happen. Matt drops to his knees and starts to blow me while James keeps my mouth occupied with his – and after a couple of minutes they switched places. Both gave great head, but I probably give the edge to James because he used his hand to stroke me as well.

I then take matters into my own hands (literally) and pull James back onto the couch. I reach out both hands and grab each shaft, getting my first look and feel of the couple’s packages. Both were pretty average-sized, both cut, and both absolutely rock hard. I stroke for a minute and we continue to make out, but I then eagerly slip to my knees and start blowing them, alternating every few seconds so as to not leave anyone out. After a few minutes of back and forth, I look up at them, almost as if to say “well, what else do you want?” With that, Matt stands up and moves towards me, placing his cock in front of my face. I eagerly take it in my mouth, sucking him off and stroking his shaft simultaneously. James, meanwhile, is stroking himself on the couch. After a minute of this Matt speaks: “Would you be open to sucking off James after I cum on his cock.” Never did that before, but definitely was up for it. I took my mouth off of his dick just long enough to say “absolutely.”

So James is on the couch, stroking himself to the sight of me giving his partner a blowjob. I continue to work Matt’s cock for a while, stroking myself as I do. But after a few more minutes, Matt is obviously ready to blow. With one final pump of his shaft, he gently pulls out of my mouth and turns travesti ankara to James. I scurry to the couch to make sure I’m ready (plus I wanted to see him unload), and Matt strokes himself just a few more times before unleashing a pretty sizeable load right onto his partner’s cock. Most of it made it on to James’ dick, with a big on his stomach. He bends a bit, rubbing his cock on James’, making sure to get the last remnants off. Then, without hesitation, I dive in. My mouth envelops James’ head – the familiar taste of thick, salty cum hitting my tongue. I’ll be honest, I swallowed some right off the bat – but the rest I used on James, both with my mouth and with my hand.

Matt collapsed to the couch, just watching me work over his man. I did so for another few minutes – but then James gave me the warning: he was going to unload. I kept sucking and stroking (i was kinda messy at this point), he tensed up and then delivered another solid load (a bit smaller than Matt’s) directly into my mouth. This one I swallowed immediately. I made sure to clean him up before crawling back to the couch and dropping between them.

They got close and we began to make out again, with both sets of hands again working my own cock (im 5 inches cut). The makeout session became pretty intense – going back and forth between the partners as they stroked me. I’d never cum like this and the thought really expedited things. We couldn’t have been going for more than a couple of minutes before I started moaning (I’m a moaner) – at which point they stroked harder and faster until I exploded. I came quite a bit, mostly on their hands, with a shot or two hitting my stomach. We made out a little more, got dressed, and went for a drink.

It was a really fun night with two really great guys. We have plans to go to a Yankee game together (seriously) and I’m sure that will lead to other stuff. All in all – total home run of a meetup (yea – sorry, I did it).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32