Would You Shave Me?

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“Would you shave me?” His turquoise eyes reflected his need and want. At this moment, he wanted her. The feel of her skin against his, the gentleness of her caress. He always got what he wanted.

“I have never shaved anyone else before,” her body trembled with nervousness as she spoke, “but I would love to shave you. I’ll be careful so that I don’t hurt you.”

“That’s a good girl.” He stood and held his hand out to her. She took his hand and he helped her to her feet. Being led by the hand, she followed him into the bathroom.

She stood there as he undressed quickly and stepped into the shower. Pulling the curtain partially closed to keep the water from spraying onto the floor, he twisted the knob that released the water. The loud hissing of the water shot through the showerhead and startled her. When she jumped, she hoped that he hadn’t actually seen her. She was afraid he would not want her anymore.

“Come on, get in here.” Water streamed down his face, dripping off of his chin, as he peered around the translucent shower curtain. His body was almost completely obscured by the curtain. His bare arm wrapped around the border. She was reluctant to reach for the curtain and pull it away, yet she wanted to see all of him. Her knees weakened at the thought when she looked at him. She knew she could do this. She wanted to do this.

She pulled off her black mary janes with white knee-heighth socks. He loved it when she wore them, they always turned him on faster than a switch. Her plaid mini skirt was held on by a mere buckle. She unfastened it quickly and dropped everything into a small pile on the floor. Her shirt came undone by just tugging on the sides, popping each little silver snap. It drifted off of her arms landing neatly onto the pile.

The air in the bathroom chilled her, making the gooseflesh crawl across her skin. Steam poured from around the thin barrier of curtain inviting her into its warmth. He reached for her and a grin touched his lips as she stepped beyond Maltepe Grup Escort its boundary with his help.

He stood back under the hot spray. The water cascading over his shoulders and down his chest. The sheeting liquid split around his erection and merged again at the base of the shaft trickling down his legs.

She reached out catching the water. It pooled in her hands before it fell to the tub floor. Tracing up the falling water, she ran her fingers around his stiff member. His eyes closed at her touch. She bent forward and pulled his throbbing organ into her waiting mouth. She sucked at his erection, guiding it deeper into her throat. She suddenly rose up, releasing him from her suctioning grip. His eyes opened, gazing upon her. Her eyes sparkled.

“Get under the water.” He grabbed her around the waist and turned their bodies until she was under the scalding spray.

The water streamed about her, leaving red trails from its temperature. She let the heat overtake her as the steam billowed around them. His hands glided over her body through the water. She closed her eyes in anticipation as he explored her curves.

“Are you ready?” His soft voice brought her back. She nodded her head and he handed her the can of shaving gel.

She knelt down in front of him, his cock bounced before her face. She shot her tongue out and let it graze across the tip. She smiled to herself. She knew what she wanted as much as he did.

A quick depression of the nozzle on the can sent foaming gel into the palm of her hand. She rubbed her hands together, lathering them completely. Smearing the lather over his pubic hair, she prepared it for the razor.

Satisfied by the coverage, he handed her the razor. She took it and looked up into his eyes. He smiled, “Be gentle now, you don’t want to harm my delicate skin.”

She carefully made pass after pass, watching as foam and hair disappeared, revealing naked skin. Her fingertips guided the blade before each stroke, Maltepe Manken Escort making certain that no stragglers were left behind.

Slowly making her way down with the razor, she reached the base of his hard shaft, leaving a path of hair that extended from below his naval to the bottom of his cock. She checked the shaved areas with fingertips for missed spots before moving on to the underside.

Gently, she lifted his sac and placed the razor against it. She slid it along the skin slowly, erasing the existence of any pubic hair. She was extremely careful with the delicate skin making sure to not nick it. She made sure that his sac was smooth from stubble before setting the razor down.

Catching water in her cupped fingers, she washed away the leftover smudges of shaving foam. She slid her hands over the slick skin, making sure one last time that nothing had been missed. His face beamed with the pleasure that the touch of her hands had brought him when she looked up. He stared down with sparkles in his eyes and a grin tracing his mouth.

“Did I do a good job?” She was sure that she had done well since she had taken her time and not rushed the strokes, but his reassurance was what she wanted.

He reached down and explored himself lightly, feeling everything that she had shaved. His eyes flicked from his fingers to her as he checked her work. She was watching his fingers fondle himself and didn’t see him watching her.

“You did a wonderful job, pet.” Her eyes followed his bodyline up to his smiling face. His smile reached up into his eyes. He was very pleased with the job she had done and it showed on more than just his face.

“Thank you.” She blushed and turned her face. He had never called her by anything other than her real name before.

“Now, you deserve a reward for doing so well. Would you like that, pet?”

“Yes, thank you.” She looked back up towards him from her kneeling position on the tub floor and was captured by Maltepe Masöz Escort his eyes. She stayed kneeling, her eyes transfixed on his like a deer caught in headlights. His hands found her arms and lifted her up to stand in front of him.

They stood there in the spray of water, its heat cooling around them as theirs rose. He pulled her towards him, wrapping his arms around her waist. He kissed her firmly on the mouth. His tongue parted her lips and probed between her teeth searching out her tongue.

She gave in to him. She wanted him, wanted him to be in her, pommelling her from the inside. She would do anything that he asked of her.

Pulling away from her mouth, he searched her face. She had closed her eyes and was breathing heavily. He loosened his arms from around her and brought his hands up to cup her face. She opened her eyes and gazed into his. His smile returned, drawing hers out along with it.

“Come, pet. Let’s get out from under this waterfall and into my bed. We’ll have more fun there.” He turned and shut off the water before stepping out of the tub.

She stood with her arms wrapped around herself, dripping and shivering from the sudden cold, while he towelled off. He had only brought one towel so they were going to have to share. When he had finished, he handed her the towel and pulled on his soft, fleece pants.

“Join me in my bed when you are done. I will wait for you there.” He opened the door and left, closing it behind him.

She dried quickly but thoroughly, dressing just enough to go from the bathroom to his room across the hall. She was only a few minutes behind him, but when she entered his room, he had fallen asleep.

“I guess either it was more fun than he anticipated or he’s had a long day. I’ll let him sleep, for now.” She gathered her things and quietly dressed. His breathing was soft and she knew he wasn’t waking again that night.

When she had finished dressing, she leaned over him and kissed him lightly on his forehead. His fresh showered scent drifted up to her and she sighed.

“Good night, dear one.” He grinned, in his sleep, and turned onto his side, curling up and settled in for the night. She smiled back at his sleepiness, then turned and left the room, clicking off the light as she shut the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32