Worth the Wait

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I remember lying in bed waiting for you to come to my apartment late at night. You would sometimes catch a cab when you got off work which was always later than a standard shift. I would be tired, but too excited to see you to go to sleep. It seemed like it took forever for you to get there and my arousal would build in anticipation of seeing you.

There was one time I seem to remember more than most other times. Earlier in the week, I had gone to Hustler and picked out some skimpy clothing for you to wear. When you arrived, like always, I was raring to go, but you needed to relax a bit before getting to it. We sat on the couch, and I poured you some wine to help you get into the mood. After we chatted for a bit and generally caught up, you started to warm up. I was saying something but got distracted as you began to trace your finger up my thigh. I looked over and you gave me the eyebrows that have always driven me crazy. Your fingers moved up to my crotch and you started rubbing my hardening cock through my pants. My words stammered and you laughed. It reminded me of another time earlier in our relationship.

That other time was when we first started dating. We kind of lived at Isaac’s apartment at the time. Once when he was at work, we sat on the couch and you watched your shows and I read the sports page. You wanted me attention and apparently I wasn’t giving you enough of it. I remember you used the same move, rubbing me through my pants. When I didn’t immediately respond to me, you lifted up my shirt and began kissing me on the stomach and down to your favorite part (you know the part). You then had my attention to the fullest and my hardness proved that point. I set the paper down and you released me from my basketball shorts I had on at the time. You looked up at me and gave a wicked grin before putting it in your mouth. You diligently, licked, caressed and sucked me off until I pulled your head back and came all over my stomach. You wiped your mouth and looked quite pleased at yourself for literally taking hold of my attention.

This time, though, you wanted more than my attention. Your hand found the contours of my shaft through my pants and you gave it a couple of squeezes. I responded by kissing your neck and squeezing your breasts through your shirt. You removed my hand and pushed me back, smiling. You got off the couch, ordered me to refill your glass with more wine and grabbed the bag of goodies I bought for you from Hustler. You gave me a sly, sexy look back as you went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Even though you were only in there a few minutes, it felt like a year. I filled my glass and chugged it before filling it again. Then I made the bed and Bolu Escort set the lighting to an appropriately romantic setting. I returned myself to the couch and tried (unsuccessfully) to think of something else to help pass the few remaining few minutes that you spent putting on your new lingerie.

When you returned, my tongue hit the floor. You were beautiful (you were always beautiful, still are I’m positive), but you were also dripping with sexiness. You had long hair at the time and it cascaded down to your shoulders where it met the straps of a little pink lacey teddy that came down just far enough to cover the tops of your butt cheeks. Your terrific rack pushed the limits of the fabric in the front and your bust was adequately showcased. Your cleavage was gorgeous!

Under your teddy was the skimpiest of thongs. When you turned around, the bottoms of your cheeks were exposed in all of their luscious glory. They begged to be squeezed, kissed and spanked which I had intentions for all three in the very near future.

On your legs were fishnet thigh highs that stopped at the curvature of your ass. You had boots on, and the entire ensemble made you the hottest little sex pot I could ever have imagined.

At first, you felt a little slutty, I think, but once you realized that I wanted you that way, you gave into your inhibition and you became as hungry as I was to release the building sexual tension between us. I undressed as I gazed at your terrific body in a terrific outfit. You posed for me, first laying on the bed, then turning around and showing me your ass, then bending over and accentuating your impressive cleavage. You were working it.

Finally, I laid next to you and started my caressing. I kissed and licked on your neck and could feel you heat up beneath me. I roamed your body with my hands, squeezing your ass and tits through the thin material. I ran my hands along your legs and lightly brushed your clit through your thong. I tried moving the material to the side to get to the real thing, but you stopped me.

“You’re supposed to enjoy the outfit first,” you told me. “Just rub through the material.”

I did and worked you (and myself) into a frenzy.

“Now for the next part,” you said, getting off the bed. You told me to stand up and I obeyed. You began to kiss my neck, traveled down to each nipple and grabbed hold of my throbbing cock. You sank to your knees and I knew I was in for a treat. You held on the shaft and licked your way up to the head. You teased the top with your tongue, making big wet circles around the perineum. You then took the whole thing into your mouth and bobbed up and down. It was so hot and wet, it felt amazing! Bolu Escort Bayan You took it out of your mouth, and stuck your tongue out. You then slapped my dick onto your tongue a few times—a very hot move you learned from watching porn. Then you commenced with your deep throating and I was in heaven. You were really into it, giving me the top-notch treatment. I reached down and lifted up your teddy so that I could caress your nipples while you worked it in and out of your mouth. You took it out of your mouth again and rubbed the head of it into your nipple. Then you put it between your boobs and slid it between them a bit. I had never seen you do that before and it nearly made me cum all by itself. You were so nasty that night, I loved it!

Next you got back on the bed and I watched you position yourself comfortably on it. You laid on your back and lifted your teddy and squeezed your own breast. You smiled at me with those bedroom eyes and it made me crazy. Your other hand instinctually moved to your now super-hot pussy and you began to frig your clit yourself. Watching you pleasure yourself was another major arousal to me. I hovered over you and moved to a nipple. I let my long hair dangle on your chest and moved my mouth just above the peak. I let me lips brush against it ever so lightly and could feel you squirm. Finally I ran my tongue over your areola and watched the nipple harden in response. Then I sucked on it while I used my free hand to squeeze the other one. I pushed the two breasts together and kissed and licked on and around each nipple.

Finally, I reached down to your thong and found it soaked. I moved my head to your belly button and began my kissing descent. You knew what was coming and you weren’t sure if that was what you wanted me to do, but I wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I had to taste your juices. The smell was pure sex and I just needed to taste it. I know your clit can be too sensitive sometimes for a sharp tongue lashing, so I made my tongue as flat as I could and rubbed it over the nub. It came to life from my touch and your body writhed in blissful agony. Once I had you nice and lathered, I did something I hadn’t done before and it sent you to the moon: I sucked your clit. I did it once and you moaned loudly. I did it again and you bucked in ecstasy. I gently inserted the tip of my finger into your hole and licked a little softer this time. You were telling me “yes” so I knew I was headed in the right direction. I glanced up and saw you caressing your breast and was convinced you didn’t even realize you were doing it. I sucked on it a third time and it released your juices all over my chin and face. You came with force and you Escort Bolu squealed out in pleasure. I had never seen you orgasm so hard.

I let you catch your breath for a moment and wiped my chin off. You wiggled around on the bed for a second or two before I rejoined you on the bed.

“Ready for the next part?” you asked me. Clearly you had this planned out.

You got off the bed and took off your thong. You told me to lay down. I did so and you laid next to me on your side, facing away from me. We assumed a spooning position. You reached back and found my raging hard on with your hands. You lifted your left leg and guided me into your pussy. I too reached around and fondled your breasts as I fucked you.

You guided my hand to your clit and I stroked it while we went at it like wild animals. My dick reached far into you with every visceral thrust and you bucked back at me each time. You encouraged me along and talked dirty to me, telling me to “fuck me harder”. I took my hand from your clit and grabbed each shoulder and increased my force upon you. Once in a nice rhythm, you swept one of your legs over mine, sprawling across the bed. I lifted it up into the air and found new leverage as we moved in unison.

Because of the intensity of our lovemaking, we found ourselves in a new position with you flat on your stomach and me on top of you. I paused, stood up and commanded you on all fours. You assumed the position with your beautiful ass glistening up at me, and you shook it playfully at me. I admired the scene for a moment of you, ass in air, vulnerable, wanting it, teasing me, hair disheveled, teddy pulled down, tits hanging out, glazed with sweat, positively dripping with sex. I stroked myself looking on at how irresistible you were in that moment.

Then I positioned myself behind you and this time, guided myself into you. I quickened the pace and began ramming you from behind. My torso clapped upon your ass with each thrust causing your tits to swing in uniform as I did so. The sex was primal and delicious as I banged your box. You were panting and speaking incoherent encouragement. Your ass would fly back to meet each time and you were building to your second climax. I cupped and squeezed your ass hard and you said “Oh, yes!” and I knew I had you. I spread your cheeks with my hands and the sensation caused you to cum on my dick. You bucked wildly and could feel tremors with pleasure. You screamed out as I pumped you a few more times before I pulled out and sprayed my seed on your ass cheeks and lower back. We each wailed out in unison and I’m certain the earth shook. I stood up in a daze and all you could do was pant with your ass still up in the air and still on your hands and knees. Once my sense returned to me, I cleaned up the mess I left all over you and you finally collapsed into a lying position on the bed. Naked and exhausted, we spooned and immediately fell asleep.

It was a night I will never forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32