Workplace Quickie

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Jessica texted me a cryptic message late last night:

Surprise for you tomorrow.

About 9:30 am Jessica showed up at my cubicle. She was her normal bubbly self, full of energy and always smiling. Her 5’2″, 115 lb body seemed to have an endless supply of energy. She came into my cube and sat on the side of my desk. She had on this bright blue mini skirt, gray tights, black high heels and a white blouse. The blouse was sheer so you could see the nude bra clearly through it. She loved teasing the boys at work and she definitely had the body to do it!

I spun around in my chair to face her. As I did she placed her left foot on the right arm of my chair to stop me from spinning any further. She swung her right leg past me and placed it on my keyboard tray. Her knees were bent inward, clearly on purpose, hiding what lay under her skirt. Slowly she spread her knees, like Sharon Stone did in Basic Instinct, and I saw that the gray tights were actually thigh high pantyhose that were being held up by black garters. The blue skirt was just long enough to hide this naughty little secret but now I had full view just inches from my reach. As she spread her knees wider the skirt opened up, revealing deeper secrets. Her inner thigh was very firm, even muscled. It was this pale white skin that looked as smooth as porcelain. Deeper inside the cave of treasures was her pussy, completely shaved, glistening with dew. She used to have a landing strip but it was now gone. What lay there now was just waxed, silky smooth skin. The folds of her pretty little lips made what looked like a tiny pink dew-covered flower. I was mesmerized. I finally caught myself and looked up at her. She knew and loved it.

“It appears I have your attention” she teased. I had temporarily lost the ability to speak. The vision of her nakedness was etched into my brain. She grabbed the notepad off of my desk, picked up a pen and wrote something on it. She tossed in on my desk, spun her right leg over my head, hopped off the desk and walked away. I watched as she pulled her skirt down, covering herself from plain sight. Her little ass wiggled down the row of cubes. It was actually mesmerizing. There is just something about a girl that can actually walk correctly in high heels. Girls either can or can’t, there is no learning it, no middle ground. She could. One blue high heel in front of the other in a perfect line. Her skirt was tight against her firm little butt. It was oddly sexual in nature and I found myself left with a raging hard on.

I spun around and grabbed the notepad. In frilly feminine handwriting she had written: 11:00 Archives. There was a smiley face below it. I knew what she meant.

The archives are what we call the storage room where we keep corporate documents. It’s like a library without the frills. There are rows of shelves, from floor to ceiling, with document boxes as far as the eye can see. There’s probably 25 years of records in the 4 rooms that makeup the archive. Jessica and I had hooked up once last year. Our firm had just finished its best year İstanbul Escort ever so the executives threw a huge party on new year’s eve. It was held right here in the building. It was the first and only time Jessica and I hooked up. She had brought her fiancee to the party and I brought a good friend as my “date”. Jessica drank way too much and she and I ended up hooking up. We had sex in a small meeting room while the party raged on just outside the door. It was very quick but very intense. What I remember most was her perfect little body. Before we decided on that location, however, we went to the archive. We snuck in and realized we weren’t alone. As we snuck around the racks we positioned ourselves so that we could see who was there. One of the big bosses was there with someone who wasn’t his wife. He was holding her up in the air, her legs straddling him with her feet on the shelves about three feet up behind him. His pants and underwear were down around his ankles. Her high heels and panties were laying next to them. Her skirt was long so it hid most of the action but it was clear, from both sight and sound, that he was fucking her good. Her back was against the rack and her hands hanging on the shelf, it was a wonderful sight seeing them go at it. He was feverishly pounding her. Jessica had her hand on my crotch, and as she started to unzip my pants we heard the door open behind us. Quickly we shuffled down the back aisle and out one of the side doors. From there we went to the closest private location: the meeting room. After we had sex Jessica said, “Next time we fuck in the archive. That was so hot”. She kissed me and then went back to the party.. That was it – not a word from her since then.

At 10:55 am I made my way to the archive room side door. I stood around the corner at the break room until the coast was clear and then hustled through the door, quietly closing it by hand behind me. The lights were already on which meant someone was most likely in there. I started to walk down the center aisle, looking down the rows for someone and listening for any noise. I made it all the way to the end and found no one. I then walked down a row to the back aisle. As I turned the corner, Jessica stepped out from behind one of the shelves by the reading tables. The only thing she had on were heels, pantyhose, and the garter belt cinched around her waist. She had amazing C cup breasts; pale, round with big nipples. Her abs were tight and flat. Her waist was crazy tiny. It was the single most erotic sight I have ever seen. I stopped dead in my tracks. There she stood almost completely naked, at work, within reach. She walked the few steps that separated us, taking long strides one foot in front of the other. She kissed me hard. Her hands found my belt and undid my pants. My hands ran up and down her backside. Her ass was something chiseled out of granite. Her buns were small but perfectly round and extremely tight. Her waist was tiny. Her skin was warm and very soft.

She had my pants down around my ankles in seconds. She Anadolu Yakası Escort slid down my body. My cock was already rock hard, straining to burst free from my boxer briefs. She placed her warm little hands on the side of them and tugged them down in one quick movement. My cock sprung to action, inches from her face. “I can’t wait to get this inside me again. Why have we waited so long?” she said as she grabbed my cock with her right hand and slammed her head down on me. Her lips parted and the tip of my cock popped into her mouth. Her mouth was so warm. Her tongue flicked back and forth on my tip. She spun her tongue in circles around it. She’d just started and I was already weak in the knees. She made this slurping sound as she slid down the shaft. She was able to get about 6″ or so in her mouth before she gagged slightly. She then did something to this day that I will never forget – she looked up at me, with her big brown eyes, and stared at me while sucking my length down her windpipe. I’ve never had anyone do it like she did. Her head slightly tilted upward, her eyes were wide open and were staring directly at me. She looked like she was begging for my approval. Her hands were rubbing my ass cheeks, pulling me toward her – deeper into her mouth. Her eyes watered slightly. She slid back off of my cock, slowly making sure I was soaking wet, and then she slammed back down on me. Her lips were velvety soft. It was like she didn’t have a single tooth in her head. It made this loud sucking sound. I immediately forgot I was at work, where we could be discovered at any minute. Her left hand dropped between her legs. She frantically rubbed her clit while she did this move over and over. I was about to burst, which she must have sensed.

Jessica pulled off of me, stood up, and said “No, no…..not yet”! She pulled me 10 feet down the back aisle to one of the viewing tables, my legs trapped inside my pants. I waddled down the row trying to keep up with her without falling. She sat on the edge of the table. I instinctively knelt in front of her and buried my face into her pussy. She quickly pulled me off, before I could even get a good taste. The smell was like honey and some of her juices coated the end of my nose. “Fuck me…..” she blurted out as she pulled me up towards her. I stepped between her legs and placed them on my forearms, spread wide with her heels flailing up in the air. Her skin was just so smooth and warm it was amazing. She reached down and grabbed my cock. Expertly she quided it to the entrance of her pussy. She bent forward and kissed her hard. “Fuck me……..hard and fast” she said far too loud for a workplace encounter. I pressed forward with all of my weight, separating legs wide apart and pulling them into me. My cock buried itself into her wetness. It went in deep on the first try. “Oh God…..” she yelled out, again too loud. Her pussy squeezed my cock tight. Her hands were behind my neck, pulling on me as I thrust wildly in and out of her. She was so wet, my cock covered in thick white creamy Kartal Escort goo every time I pulled back. Her perfect size C breasts were heaving on each and every stroke. The table creaked with each thrust. Nonetheless I continued to pound her. Her pussy had a death grip on me but it was so wet I continued to slide in and out. It wasn’t but two minutes of this before I could feel myself ready to explode.

“I’m gonna cum soon” I attempted to say quietly.

“Me too…….go ahead… me……….cum in me” she replied. “God I can’t wait to come on your wonderful cock!” Her face was red and sweaty. Her eyes were closed and she was panting loudly.

I was fading fast. My legs ached. I could feel my testicles starting to boil. I was holding onto my load for dear life. It was then I noticed how loud the slapping sounds were as I plowed in and out of her. That made me even hornier. The CEO of the company could have walked in and I wouldn’t have stopped. “Are you sure….inside?” I questioned with my last ounce of restraint.

“Yes…….I’m cumming………..yes………inside me……..don’t stop” she yelped. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in on each stroke. That was all I needed to hear. I released what felt like a river of cum into her wet pussy. Each stroke was sloppier then the last. The amount of fluids we created was an incredible mix. They spilled out as the pace of each thrust slowed. My knees buckled and so did my arms. She was making this panting sound, like saying “ughh” over and over again. “God…so good… strong…..:” she exclaimed. Our frantic pace started too slow. She pulled my head towards her and kissed me, this time very softly. I stopped thrusting into her and we both just sat there, breathing heavily, kissing. My heart was pounding in my chest.

“God, you’re amazing!” I told her. “I’m going to fuck you more often”.

“You are too. We make good fuckbuddies, don’t we?” she joked. I started to go limp and slid out of her. A huge glob of cum spurted out of her pussy, making a sloshy sound. Both of us were looking down at it. “Get my panties, will you? They are over there, in the bottom of my purse.” She pointed to a pile of clothes by the wall. I pulled up my underwear and pants and went over and opened her purse and sorted through until I located a pale yellow lace thong, one of those ones that was high waisted. I handed it to her. She wiped up the huge glob of cum on the panty and slid them over her heels and stood up. The sloshing sound happened again as she pulled them into place. “Perfect timing. Something to suck on later” she said as she pressed the yellow lace material against her messy pussy. It became instantly discolored from the leaking juices. She grabbed her skirt and shimmied it up her legs. Her little hips wiggled with each tug. I picked up her bra and shirt, which was now wrinkled as hell, and handed it to her.

I placed my hands on her waist before she got the shirt buttoned up and pulled her to me. I kissed her softly. “You are incredible”.

She buttoned up her shirt, grabbed her bag and started to walk away. “I hope so, cause I’m betting you just knocked me up” she yelled back. As I stood there cinching my belt and tucking in my shirt I stared at her as she walked away. My brain hadn’t registered the comment. Again, that walk……that walk……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32