Workout for the worn out

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You are waiting for him to get home and being such a warm day are just wearing a light sun dress with a low cut front showing off plenty of cleavage and the buttons undone from the knee up to just a button below your pussy so when you sit with your legs crossed they show off all the way up, even revealing your red satin underwear. Pretty soon the door opens and he steps in after a long days work, but before you throw yourself into his arms you can see that he is really worn out so just walk up to him, give him a light hug and a gentle kiss. “Busy day?” you enquire.

“Very,” he replies “all I want right now is to jump in shower and then have a lay down,” his words are somewhat disappointing but you understand then he suddenly hugs you a bit tighter whispering in your ear “Well that and I would love to get you out of that dress, you look good enough to eat, but I can barely stand right now,” and he lets you go heading for the shower.

He strips off as he walks and you just follow enjoying the sight and notice that even though he is worn out his penis appears to be responding to you and you smile wishing he wasn’t as tired as he is you would love to have your way with him right now. You sit on the bed and look through the door of the ensuite just watching him shower, seeing the water and soap washing down his body starts to get you excited, your nipples begin to harden and you slip a hand between your legs and slowly rub your clit.

By the time he finishes his shower your pussy is very wet and you hope that maybe the shower invigorated him enough for some fun but as he steps toward you towelling himself off you can see in his bağlıca escort eyes he needs to sleep, but his eyes are wandering noticing that you still have your hand between your legs “Having fun?” he asks with a weak smile, “I do wish I could join you, perhaps after a nap if you still want to,” and he drops down on the bed beside you appearing to almost fall asleep as his head touches the pillow.

You sit there and just watch him sleep for a while enjoying the fact he didn’t even get under a sheet and you get to enjoy the view of his naked body and his penis which still seems to be slightly erect and you reach out and run your fingers along his leg enjoying the feel of his skin being so smooth and fresh after his shower. You continue to trail your fingers along his leg and up over his butt, since he is lying on his side, and up across his chest before moving onto his shoulder and down his arm.

He stirs a little as your fingers move over him but he doesn’t seem like waking at all and you decide, with a mischievous grin, to stroke his semi erect penis to see what happens and are very happy when it begins to grow even more. He shifts and rolls on to his back causing his penis to point up into the air and you slip off the edge of the bed to kneel beside it, meaning his penis is level with your face, as you continue to gently stroke it bringing it to its full size and then cup his balls in your other hand.

His breathing is strong and steady but he does not seem like he will wake so you decide to try to go even further and you lift yourself up so your mouth is right beside his penis and start to bala escort slowly run your tongue along his length flicking your tongue across the tip and you hear his breathing change to almost moans, but when you look up to his face he definitely is still asleep so you continue until you can take no more and opening your mouth wrap your lips around the head of penis and start to slowly suck on him.

You are sure he will wake as you get the whole of his penis into your mouth feeling the end of it pushing into your throat and begin to work your mouth up and down his shaft but he still doesn’t seem to stir and by this time you really aren’t caring to much whether he does or not as you increase your tempo and gently roll his balls around in your hand. You slide your other hand back between your legs and slip a finger under the edge of your underwear then quickly insert it into your very wet pussy causing you to moan on his penis. You thrust your finger into your pussy in time with your mouth riding his penis and you feel deep within you that your orgasm is starting build and wish his penis was deep inside you.

Suddenly you stop your sucking and fingering as a thought hits you … dare you? Could you? … “Yes,” you say aloud as you take his penis from your mouth and stand up quickly removing your dress and underwear before hoping carefully onto the bed and straddling your sleeping hunk you take hold of his penis and slowly lower yourself down until the tip parts your pussy lips sending a shiver up your spine and you drop yourself down impaling yourself on his penis. You squeal in delight as his penis thrusts ankara escort deeply into you and you no longer care about his sleeping and just start to ride him hard, your breasts swaying and bouncing with the force of your thrusts and you take one in your hand and pinch on your nipple heightening your pleasure even further.

Your orgasm suddenly hits you like a crashing wave and you scream out loud ramming yourself down even harder onto his penis, leaning forward your breasts are just above his face when you suddenly feel his lips close around one of your nipples and you groan then suddenly realise he must have woken. You look down and see his smiling eyes as he sucks on your nipple and he grabs your hips lifting you up so he can thrust into you, then releasing your nipple says “What a way to wake up, I can’t believe how excited or how hard I am right now,” and with that begins to thrust hard and fast into your soaked pussy and he groans with each thrust.

“Sorry …,” you begin almost out of breath “you … looked so … good. I … ooohhhhh … couldn’t help … ahhhhhh,” you begin to moan loudly as you feel a second orgasm coming upon you and he pulls you down onto his penis with all his strength ramming into you deeply as his own orgasm starts and you feel his seed burst forth into you as you both orgasm at the same time.

As you both begin to relax after your orgasms he says with a chuckle “I just may have to come home worn out more often,” and he rolls over bringing you on to the bed on your side and with his penis still inside you pulls you into his embrace “but I really am totally worn out now,” and he snuggles against you as his breathing settles telling you he will soon go back to sleep and think to yourself what a wonderful idea.

So there in his arms with his penis still inside you, you rest your head against his chest and listening to his breathing slowly drift off to sleep as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32