Working Overtime

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It had been a long, hot week. Attending a conference for work in Florida in the middle of August had been exhausting enough without the summer heat and humidity. The only consolation during the week had been seeing Gina again. The conference took place in a nice, large beachfront resort; complete with multiple pools, a large bar area, and the best location along the coast. Despite all these amenities, business had taken precedence day and night, including social dinners and continued conversations about work and more work. On the few nights I was able to run away to the bar for a few minutes, usually late into the night, it was hard to avoid meeting more customers and co-workers willing to continue earlier conversations.

Not so with Gina. She was a co-worker based in another city within our same company. We had met in other venues and she was always fun to talk to, sometimes shy but always sweet. She was in her late-twenties, at least 5 years younger than me. Gina had a full-figure; which she usually hid behind formal business attire. She had long brown hair and brown eyes; and was fair-skinned. Her facial features were soft and she wore glasses that gave her a slightly nerdy, innocent look. During the few days we met at the bar, Gina had shed her formal clothes and was a lot more revealing about her curves. She was definitely big-breasted, with a cleavage that had a lot more skin than I had ever seen before. She had wide hips and the tight jeans she wore displayed a nicely-shaped, large buttock with a slightly square shape.

Maybe it was the mixed drinks, or maybe she was just more comfortable in her own skin in the hotel environment, but Gina seemed more alive and less reserved than prior situations. We knew each other and clicked right away during the first few nights, having long discussions at the bar until midnight. She was very smart and fun to talk to. When the bar was crowded, she would get close enough that the tip of her breasts would rub against me. Despite some sparks between us, we would usually end the night with a hug and a goodbye. I assumed I was just imagining more than I should. And I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable in front of other co-workers.

On the last day, I was finally done with all my meetings and had plenty of time to kill before getting on a plane back home. I was going to try to catch an earlier flight when I decided to take one last look at the ocean. I was wearing full suit and tie and was sweating like crazy under the hot summer sun. As I made my way around the pool area, I got close enough to the overhanging area above the beach. All of a sudden, I hear Gina’s voice calling me. I turned around and there she was: sun-tanning in a beach chair in a corner of the pool area. I could barely believe my luck. I went over and sat next to her.

“Are you leaving?” she asked, while I noticed her massive tits bulging out of her light blue bikini. Her mild belly fat made her look even more attractive and curvy; while her wide hips were in full display.

“Err…yes, although I wish I didn’t, now that I saw you.” She smiled, while I tried to quickly change subject, “Did you take a dip in the ocean?”

“No, I don’t really want other people we know to see me.” She gave a quick glance at her body and said in a low voice, “You know… I’m kind of chubby.”

“Well, you look fine to me,” I told her, smiling, “I think women with curves are so much sexier.” I realized I was being more forward than before with her, but I couldn’t stop staring at her breasts and she was noticing.

“Well, that’s refreshing to hear!” she replied in a flirty mode, sitting up to make sure her cleavage was even more exposed to me. “It’s a shame you are leaving today, I am taking a flight tomorrow.”

“Yes,” I replied, “I wished we could have another round of drinks tonight.” I was sweating profusely by then, excited by Gina’s curves and her teasing.

“Pity,” she concluded, not appearing to be bothered by how much I continued to look at her tits. “I would really have enjoyed one last drink with you,” she said, staring directly into my eyes.

“Well, I still have 3 hours left before I have to go to the airport,” I mentioned casually, “I was going to try Sıhhiye Escort to make an earlier flight.” She remained quiet.

Of course, I wished I could have more than just one last drink with her at that point. She seemed genuinely sad to see me go, but we said our goodbyes. She came closer to me and gave me one last hug, giving me a full sense of how plentiful she was up top. Her ass was amazingly thick: big cheeks barely covered by her bottom piece, framed by full thighs. I quickly left, trying to hide my hard-on as I cut across the pool and into the hotel lobby. I asked for a taxi at the front desk and prepared myself for the long ride to the airport as I waited outside in the sun. The image of Gina’s body and the feel of her breasts pressing against me were driving me crazy. I was again sweating in the hot summer sun waiting for the cab ride that was taking forever to arrive.

All of a sudden, I received a text from Gina on my phone, “It would be a waste of 3 hours if you had to wait in an airport… Want to hang out?”

I checked and re-checked the text, wondering if I had read it correctly. I assumed she wanted to have some drinks or talk, so I texted back, “Sure!”

She then replied, “Room 738.” I wasn’t yet sure what that fully meant but I was more than glad to leave the taxi behind!

I went up the elevator, walked towards her room and knocked on the door. It opened and Gina’s voice was loud and clear: “Come in, I’m drying up.” She was still wearing her bikini, using a towel to dry her hair and body.

“Thanks for inviting me over, I was just sweating it out in the hot sun…” I blurted out as I started closing the door, wondering what to say next.

“Let’s not waste time,” I heard her say and, as I turned, I found Gina had walked write up to me. She pushed me against the wall and immediately started to kiss me, while wrapping her arms around me. The towel fell on the floor.

Her full lips were salty from the pool and her breasts were again pressed against me. This time I could really feel their volume and firmness on my chest. She hugged me tight, my hard-on immediately coming back in full force. I kept kissing her, holding her by the waist, letting her press harder against me. I couldn’t resist letting my hand stray lower, grabbing the top of her right buttock with one hand. I felt her tongue rubbing against mine, and placed the left hand firmly on her ass, squeezing it.

“Let’s take this off,” she said, while taking my shirt off, barely giving me time to recover from the surprise. My pants were next and, soon, I was wearing only underwear. “I think this is a lot more fun than waiting in the airport,” she continued, as her hand slipped over my underwear and into my hard cock. We went back to kissing, as her fingers played around with it.

“Come,” she finally said, grabbing my hand and leading me into the bedroom, which had an amazing view of the ocean, a wide bed.

Gina didn’t lose a moment and was soon spread on all fours on the bed, showing me her amazing ass and moving aside her bikini. Her pussy was showing through her thick legs and she was smiling at me, “Do you want it?”

“I do want it,” I categorically stated and crawled over to her. I got closer, held her butt cheeks with each hand, and placed my tongue in her pussy. Her labia were cold from the pool, but I soon made my way into her warm clitoris.

“Oh, yes,” moaned Gina, approvingly. I continued to bury my tongue deeper among her thick thighs. “I’m so glad you came up!” My hard-on was throbbing with excitement and I was soon kissing Gina’s pussy all over. “Put your tongue in me again!” I felt like she was teasing me to the limit so I would want her even more badly later and she wouldn’t let me go. “Please don’t stop!” she kept begging.

The swimsuit was getting in the way, so I asked her to lie down, “So I can really eat your pussy!”

“Yes, please,” she said, taking her bottom piece off and positioning herself against the bed’s pillows. She opened her legs and gave me a horny look of appreciation, “Please continue!” She was quite a vision: her big boobs almost coming out of her bikini, her thick legs spread wide open, Tandoğan Escort and her wet pussy ready for more. “Do you like it?”

“I love it,” was my reply, as I put my tongue back into her pussy with even more energy. She was now moaning louder and louder.

At some point, I looked up from her vagina and saw that she had pulled her top down, revealing her huge tits. They were large, with big areolas, and pointed down on her chest due to their weight. As I ate her pussy, Gina would caress her breasts with her hands, rubbing them as I continued to pleasure her.

I could barely hold myself anymore, and wanted to get up and stuff my dick in her pussy as hard as possible, but she was faster, “I want your cock, now!”

She made me stop, and I got up, kneeling down on the bed. She placed herself on all fours facing me and reached over. My underwear was off, so she grabbed my dick with one hand and started swallowing it without hesitation.

“Damn, Gina, that feels so good,” I said as the warmth of her mouth filled my whole body with pleasure. She started a strong rhythm going, stuffing my cock in her mouth almost completely. I looked down to see another amazing vision. She was holding herself up with both arms and had her ass wide open. She would suck the entire length and then concentrate on the tip with short, intense slurps. Her face looked so sweet yet so naughty, with her eyes closed and her mouth going up and down on me.

“I feel like I am going to explode,” I told Gina. So she stopped.

“Come lie down, let me fuck you,” she said. I obeyed and was on my back in a second, while she quickly mounted on top of me and placed my dick in her pussy. It slid in nicely, so wet it was. Her breasts were in my face and she started rubbing them on me as I tried to kiss them. “Do you like my tits? I saw you staring at them at the pool?”

I didn’t respond for a few seconds, so enthralled I was with her soft pussy receiving my cock. “Yes, your tits are amazing!”

“I guess you weren’t lying when you said you like curvy girls.”

“I definitely like your curves!”

“Good, relax and enjoy them.”

I placed my hands in her butt cheeks, as she slid my dick deeper in her. She pressed hard a few times to get it fully inside her and then proceeded to pound against me, with increasing strength.

Her breasts started bouncing so I had to hold them in my hands in order to lick her nipples. They were big enough that they would barely fit in my palms.

“Bite my nipples, gently,” she asked. “Now kiss them all over!”

I started matching her thrusts against my body with equal intensity, spreading her pussy wider for full penetration, while she cried, “Fuck me more, oh, fuck me, yes!”

“You are so hot, Gina!” was all I could mutter, almost getting suffocated by her tits, as I continued to fondle her ass.

She was getting more and more rowdy as she screamed, “I’m about to come, don’t stop pounding my pussy!” My fingers were rubbing her butthole gently and she seemed to approve. “And don’t forget my nipples since you love my tits so much!” She wanted both my hands on her tits and my lips on her nipples and I was glad to oblige. We were both sweating hard, our bodies rubbing against each other. Her full body shaking against mine was making me reach closer to an orgasm as well.

“Oh, fuck, oh, yeah!”she said as she started to come long and hard, moaning and stuffing her pussy deep on my dick. And she wasn’t done for several minutes, shaking her ass against me time and again. “Oh my God, oh, yes!”

We held each other naked and sweating in bed, until she could recover, “Did you finish?”

“No,” I said, “but I’m close.” She smiled and kneeled down sideways next to me. She bent over and started to lick my penis once more.

“Gina, you are amazing!” I told her as I pulled her hair in a ponytail, “I wish I could see you sucking my dick.”

“Well, grab my phone on the nightstand”, she said. I turned the camera on and she allowed me to hold it in a position where I could both film her and see it at the same time.

She smiled for the camera and said, “This is Gina, ready to suck your cock till you Tunalı Escort come!” She had one had on the bottom of the shaft, rubbing my balls gently, while her mouth continued to swallow my penis repeatedly.

She would look up to the phone every now and then, and lick the top just to show how much she enjoyed it. “I can’t take it anymore, I’m about to come.” Gina gave it a few more hard licks and masturbated me as I began to finish. She kept massaging as I throbbed in her hand, almost forgetting about the phone altogether.

“Was it worth missing an earlier flight?” she inquired, falling on top of me and kissing my neck and chest as I continued to enjoy the orgasm.

I grabbed her ass, “That was way better than waiting for a plane!”

With the amazing few of the ocean in front of us, we talked and rested for a while. Until she noticed the time, “You are going to miss your actual flight now if you don’t get going!”

My clothes were strewn all around the room and I needed to change before heading out. “Yep, I’m going to need a shower.”

We got up from the bed and went together into the bathroom. It was a spacious arrangement, with a big tub in the middle. “Let’s have a bath,” she said, while I glanced over her thick thighs and big tits swaying as she started the hot water.

We quickly soaped our bodies and I it wasn’t long before Gina started giving me the same horny look as before. She came close and we started kissing hard while she soaped my dick with her two hands until it was ready to go again.

“Come, lay down, I will give you a parting gift,” she whispered, as she kneeled down to rub her lovely tits on my penis. They were slightly red from sunburn, but they felt soft and nice on it. She took turns with each breast, holding my dick straight against her nipples and washing it with hot water, before placing it right in between both breasts.

“God, your tits are so big and nice, Gina!”

“Well, you shouldn’t forget my ass,” she replied, smiling at me with my cock on her boobs. She then turned around and showed me her big butt, spread once more in front of me. “Do you like this view?”

I didn’t need to reply, grabbing her ass with my hands and spreading the cheeks until her pussy and ass were showing. I rubbed her pussy with my hand, until Gina began to moan, while teasing me, “Remember you have a flight to catch!”

“Well, I really want to fuck you one more time, Gina!”

“Then let’s go fuck!” she dragged me into the bedroom and, wetness and all, went on all fours in the bed with her massive butt in the air. I came from behind, marveling at that amazing ass and quickly stuck my dick in her open pussy.

Grabbing both cheeks, I started fucking her as hard and as deep as we could.

“Oh, yes,” is all she could say, as her body shook back and forth. We were both as horny as the first time and she looked gorgeous with all her naked curves. “Spread my ass, I love it when you do that!” I continued spreading her butthole with my fingers while pounding her pussy.

“Do you want me to record this too?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

I said yes and she grabbed her phone nearby and started recording herself. Her tits were swaying hard and she was moaning like crazy.

“Harder, harder”, she kept begging as she moved her butt around, pressing against me. She eventually reached another orgasm while I kept my dick deep into her.

“I’m coming too, Gina!” I said. This was even long and harder than before. After a few minutes, I pulled my penis out and cum was still rolling down the shaft. I had my dick right between her cheeks and was getting her wet.

“Ok, now you need to go or you are not leaving today.”

“Yeah, I’m not leaving.”

“Oh, yeah, where are you staying tonight?”

“I was hoping here, in your room.”

“Well, I see what you can do for me…” she smiled as we embraced again.

We never even left the room until the next morning, continuing to have sex through the night. We did leave separately and it was all a blur after that, trying to get another plane and rushing home.

When I landed, I found a text from Gina waiting for me, “Hope you had a nice flight!” with a kiss in it. The next text had two videos attached to it: one where she was sucking my dick and another where she came on all fours. She looked amazing to say the least. “These are for you only!”

I could feel another hard-on coming every time I watched and re-watched them. I finally received one last text: “Until next time” with a smile in it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32