Working Away

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It had been a long tedious day — an early start on site, followed by a dreary conference. Steve was thoroughly bored with the daily grind.

In his pocket, his mobile vibrated to indicate an incoming message. He reached as subtly as he could into the pocket of his black combats and retrieved his Nokia.

The little yellow envelope showed at the top of the screen with a 2 next to it. Two messages. He sighed and opened the first — sure enough, his bank balance. The details didn’t really matter, there would be a D at the end, indicating his overdrawn status. The actual amount was large, but the ins and outs from his account were of little interest. He scrolled to the next message.

“I want to take you right to the edge, with my hands, lips and tongue, before stopping, looking at you, and then gently lowering myself onto you….”

Wow, that was unexpected. He’d only spoken to her a few times on the office phone and met up a couple of times for a pint……


“Hello, is Simon there, please?” had come the unusual voice over the office phone.

“No — sorry he no longer works here, can I help you?” Steve replied.

“Well, that depends…” said the female at the other end. She certainly had an accent, although Steve couldn’t exactly place it. For once, it sounded like someone with a sense of humour, at least.

“I’ll try, if I can — anything in particular you have in mind?”

The conversation ran through various boring business related stuff, but it was the voice that kept his interest. There always seemed to be a laugh waiting in the wings. It became clear that there was a bright brain attached to this voice and the two of them chatted for ages about the minutiae of day-to-day life, finding out that they both had a liking for correct English and little time for fools.

“OK — I’ll be in touch,” said the voice.

Steve suddenly realised he didn’t even know her name.

“Sorry, what is your name, I missed it at the start of the call!”

“I’m Tina, from York. I’ll be in touch.”

“Ok — I look forward to it…”


A few days later they spoke again on the ‘phone, chatting away like they’d known each other for ages and agreed to meet up for a beer one night.

“6pm in The Red Lion?” said Tina.

“Sure, but how will I know you?”

“I’ll send you a picture on-line.”

The picture duly arrived, and yes, she looked ok –not a stunner, but not a shocker either.

About 6.10 he wandered into the dark interior of the Lion, not his local, nor hers, but at least they had decent beer on tap.

In the corner sat a lonely figure in black leather and denim, nose buried in a book. Was that her?


She looked up and smiled — at least he’d not made a complete fool of himself.

Some small talk later and a couple of pints (both on real ale – that makes a change for a girl) and they were getting on like a house on fire. He looked at the book she was reading — something scifi based and at least by an author he’d heard of. But it wasn’t really the book that was catching his attention, it was still that laugh, not often let out, but still just on the edge.

A few more drinks and they were deep in that bit of conversation that could go anywhere. The guards were down and there was more eye contact than either expected.

“Time please, gentlemen,” called the barman. 11pm already! Last trains and tricky journeys beckoned.

Steve gallantly helped Tina into her leather jacket and offered her his arm. Pausing briefly to light a cigarette each, they walked slowly arm-in-arm towards the station. Steve’s heart was running fast, partly with the shock of the time (how would he explain this when he got home?) and partly because he hadn’t been the focus of attention of another woman for as long as he could remember.

The chat still flowed — work, politics, religion, family, food, drinks, plans, dreams, holidays. There was nothing missing, except that indefinable space. Three little letters, yet they both skirted it completely. There was a tension, certainly palpable, almost visible, starting to grow between them as they reached the station.

“Well that’s my train in 5 minutes,” Steve said.

“Uh huh,” Tina replied. There was another awkward pause, then they both spoke at once.

“No, you go first!”

“No you.”

Tina leant forward close enough for Steve to feel her breath on his lips. He had had just enough drink to make him brave enough to accept the offered mouth. Like a pair of teenagers, they moved hesitantly closer to each other, paused just long enough to be sure, before kissing. Initially a gentle contact, they were soon in a passionate embrace. Tina’s tongue snaked around the inside of Steve’s mouth, still tasting of beer and cigarettes — no different from his own, he guessed.

Tina pressed her hips forward against his, feeling for the evidence of his arousal. Steve’s eyes were closed as he involuntarily pushed himself back against her. He could feel himself swelling with excitement as she squirmed against him.

Suddenly Tina pulled away Bodrum Escort and with a saucy grin, turned away to run for her bus, leaving Steve dumbstruck as he wandered off to catch his late train.

Throughout the journey home, Steve sat shaking his head, partly in confusion, partly in disbelief. At least the walk at the other end would give him a chance to sober up and get his thoughts straight.

Even after a few drinks, Steve slept fitfully, tossing and turning in his sleep, unreasonably annoyed by the sound of his wife sleeping soundly next to him. When the alarm woke him early the next morning he fell out of bed and went for a shower. Looking in the mirror, he looked hard at himself — not too bad for late 30’s but no Brad Pitt either. Dark hair, bearded and olive tinted skin, he was never likely to have the girls queuing at his door, and he knew it — life had never really been like that.

Inevitably his thoughts returned to the night before. Glancing down he could see his penis start to swell as he remembered how Tina had pressed herself into him with such enthusiasm. He reached down and held his hardening cock, easing his foreskin back as his erection grew. Within a few moments he was fully hard. Whilst not much to look at when clothed, Steve knew he was pretty well endowed — his cock was about 8 inches long, but the few partners he’d had were all more impressed by the girth — he could only just get his fingers all the way round it when aroused, and he had big hands! He smiled ruefully as he gently tugged on his foreskin. There always was that urge to come when you have a slight hangover, and Steve soon gave in to it, wincing as his heartbeat rose and pounded in his head as he shot a load of cum, albeit a small one, into the shower.

Once recovered and rinsed, he dressed, bade farewell to the family and left for the office. Nothing exciting was likely to happen today, but the evening before had been a pleasant diversion and had boosted his flagging ego somewhat. Sex had been pretty much off the menu at home for a long time, long before the arrival of the children. He almost laughed at the fact that the one time he remembered had been the makings of their first child and he couldn’t even remember being there for the conception of the second! So much for married life.


The office held the usual round of people chasing for payment, people trying to sell services he didn’t need and the rest. His head still buzzed slightly from both the drink and the early morning wank, and the coffee hadn’t really helped. It was nearly midday when the phone rang again.

“Yes — can I help you?” he sighed. The customer care course really had been wasted that morning, but there was a hesitant response on the line.

“Erm yes, well I hope so. It’s, er about last night……”

“Tina, is that you?” Steve brightened up visibly, sitting up in his chair as he took her call.

“I’d like to apologise if I was a bit, er, inappropriate?” came the response “That’s not something I normally do, in fact I’ve never done it before, not like that, anyway, and you’re married and you must think I’m a dreadful tart and I’m really sorry and I hope….”

“Please, I was flattered, really, by that — we were both a bit drunk and hey I enjoyed it anyway.”

There was an almost audible sigh of relief over the phone and the conversation was back on track, and was there still a hint of sexual tension or was that Steve’s imagination?

After chatting more Steve suddenly remembered that he had a gig to go to that Friday. What the hell, he thought, seeing as Tina lived so far away, it was unlikely she’d go for it, but he invited her anyway.

“I’d love to come, where is it?” came the slightly breathless reply.

Having sorted out directions, Steve hung up and sat pondering things. There was no-one else in the office and he found his hand gently cupping his cock again, this time through his jeans.

She’d really got to him — mind you, it was a while since anyone had shown any interest in him, certainly physically.

Emerging from his reverie, Steve returned to what he should have been doing — invoices, paperwork, all the dull stuff. He struggled to concentrate, but got most of the work done anyway before heading off home.


The next two days were pretty ordinary — no contact with Tina — was that good, was he going to be stood up, should he call? Friday came and, at lunchtime, a call, this time on his mobile.

“Still on for tonight?” came the distinctive voice.

He swallowed, probably audibly. “Sure — see you there about 7?”

“Will do,” click.

That was it. Twelve words. Yet the die was cast. The earlier kiss could be passed off as drink related, but now they were both stone cold sober and planning to get together again. There was no doubt that things were progressing and in a pretty extraordinary way.

The afternoon went in a blur, with the lighting and sound system installed for the bands who were due to play. Half way through soundchecking a voice behind Steve said “Hi there, sexy!”

“Hi Bodrum Escort Bayan — you look good,” and Tina did — the bands were loosely a gypsy themed bunch and Tina had gone some way to matching the brief. Not only that, she’d bought the first drinks of the evening! Good girl, Steve thought.

Taking a seat in the corner, Tina relaxed with her book, but Steve was conscious of her eyes on him as he finished sorting out the technical requirements of the three bands due to play that night. At last everyone was happy and Steve could give Tina some time. They sat and chatted for a few minutes before slipping out for a crafty cigarette. There was definitely some tension there, and some in Steve’s trousers, as the banter flowed between them.

After the second band there was a long break before the headliners were due on, so the two of them sneaked out to another pub — this one with decent beer, but still close enough for them to get back for the climax of the evening’s entertainment.

Why was it that words like climax kept creeping into the conversation, Steve wondered idly, as they caught each others’ eye yet again. There were palpable sparks starting to come off them both as the evening wore on.

Tina was pretty drunk as they left for the station. Steve too was definitely merry and had enjoyed Tina’s company no end. As they stood on the platform, waiting for her train home, she suddenly turned and planted a kiss square on Steve’s lips, before wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing herself into him. Shocked by this sudden development, Steve instinctively grabbed her around her waist, pulling her closer still. The kiss was a real passionate affair, and Steve’s mind was in a whirl as the train pulled in. Tina reluctantly released him and jumped on the train, just as the doors closed. Waving from the window, the train pulled out, leaving Steve with a baffled expression on his face and yet another raging hardon.

Steve wandered home, even more lost in his thoughts than after the first time they kissed. Fortunately everyone else was asleep as he let himself in, so he grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat not watching the television. Even the free channels with topless girls didn’t grab his attention — he was definitely thinking more about Tina… what would she look like topless, or even better, naked, he wondered. She had a slim physique, somewhat different from his sleeping wife upstairs, and was a lot more forward in her advances, that was for sure. Again, Steve smiled ruefully — maybe that really was just married life!

Saturday and Sunday were the usual round of domestic commitments — football for his son, dance for his daughter, followed by lunch, domestic chores and the like. Steve plodded through the routine with part of his mind definitely on other matters. Admittedly they’d not really progressed to any level of intimacy when sober, but it had happened twice now and he’d been more aroused by it than he could remember being in years.

Monday and Tuesday were spend in an increasing state of nervous anticipation — he was working on site and had to have his mobile off, so it was Wednesday before he looked at the missed calls display on the office phone — 16 missed calls, four messages. He idly scanned through the list of missed calls — there were a load of 0845 numbers — banks after his non-existent money, but a bunch together from a mobile number he didn’t recognise. He debated calling it back, and was still pondering when the line rang from the very mobile he’d been contemplating…

“Hello, how can I help you?”

“I can think of one or two things you might be able to help with…!” came the laughing reply.

Excellent, thought Steve…. she really is up for some fun — would they have the nerve to take it further though?

This time there was precious little work talk — just a lot of flirting, plenty of double entendres and again the tension.

It turned out that Tina had a project to work on and no project manager to visit the client. Would Steve be able to help her out? All expenses paid trip to a hotel somewhere.

Steve didn’t want to look to keen, but didn’t want to blow the chance either… there were things he hoped would be blown if they did go away, after all!

Tina was also playing it cool by the sound of things, but they agreed to meet up at the station two days later and take the trip together.

The next day was another tedious corporate event. Steve kept his phone on silent – no-one likes it when they are interrupted half way through the latest developments in business especially if it’s the crew. The phone vibrated silently in his pocket, twice. Another message. These days they were rarely anything very interesting. He discreetly slipped his Nokia from the pocket on his combats. Two messages. One was the bank (overdrawn, of course) the other from a mobile number…..”I want to take you right to the edge, with my hands, lips and tongue, before stopping, looking at you, and then gently lowering myself onto you….” Bloody hell! That really was a shock. Escort Bodrum Steve felt himself go red — a rare thing, as he re-read the message. He’d never received a message quite like that! Was Tina really up for it or was she just a real prick tease?


Dressed smartly, Steve stood waiting by the ticket barrier, dying for a nervous cigarette (but unable to have one as he stood on the platform). Tina sneaked up and suddenly slipped her arm around him and, with a cheeky grin, set off, guiding Steve towards the waiting train. She too was dressed for business and looked good, Steve reflected.

Fortunately they had a double seat facing forward, with no-one in the seat opposite, giving plenty of legroom for them both. Tina unshipped her laptop and opened up a couple of files, pretending to work. Steve looked over her shoulder and saw they were in fact playlists for I-tunes. Tina passed him a spare pair of headphones and they were soon swapping tracks back and forth. The journey was only interrupted by the trolley buffet, from which they had a couple of small bottles of red wine and a sandwich.

At last the train pulled into their destination and Steve chivalrously helped Tina down from the train and grabbed her bag. He was rewarded with a solid kiss.

“And that’s just for starters, if you play your cards right!” she threw over her shoulder as they set off on the short walk to the hotel.

Steve followed, properly noticing her walk for the first time — mmm, rather nice, he thought.

Reception at the hotel didn’t bat an eyelid as

the two of them checked in and headed upstairs.

The room was ok — a little faded, but perfectly serviceable. And only one big bed.

Both of them paused, just over the threshold of the room, the door propped open slightly by their bags. Steve’s mind was partly on pause, partly running flat out, paused with the shock of actually being there, but running on apace with the possibilities…

The door swung closed and they stood for a moment, not speaking.

“Well here we are, then….” Steve ventured

“Yes, we are,” Tina had never sounded so unsure.

“Let’s unpack then,” and Steve made a start.

Within five minutes they had both put their clothes away and were stood, slightly self-consciously between the bed and the dressing table. Tina turned towards Steve and, almost at an unspoken command, they were kissing.

The kiss grew in intensity — their tongues probing and wrapping around each other. They made eye contact and broke off — reluctantly. Steve spoke first.

“We don’t have to do anything — you can stop at any time.”

“Uh huh…”

“No — I mean it…. you can call halt at any time.”

Tina’s reaction was to grab Steve by his tie and thrust her tongue down Steve’s throat.

Steve reached up and slipped his hand behind her neck, pulling her closer to him.

As they pulled apart, Steve’s hand came up between them, gently running his fingers over the buttons of Tina’s top. He undid the first, nearest her neck, noticing the pulse in her neck as he did so. It quickened noticeably as he began to undo the buttons down her blouse, his hands pausing briefly as he passed between her breasts.

Her blouse slipped easily from her slender shoulders, leaving Tina with her breasts only hidden by her plain black bra. Steve paused again, before slipping the strap from one shoulder. Tina bit her lip and closed her eyes as the slightly padded cup of her bra slipped down.

She swallowed hard, as did Steve, as her smooth flesh was revealed. He reached round behind Tina, struggled for a moment, then released the catch on her bra. Subconsciously, Tina held the thin material closer to her chest, keeping her boobs hidden from Steve’s gaze. Steve bent down towards her, his hot breath on her chest, and eased her hands down. Her left breast came into view, creamy white flesh topped with a delicate, coffee tinted nipple. He bent lower and touched the tip of Tina’s nipple with his tongue. The skin around Tina’s nipple puckered and she drew a deep shuddering breath.

Steve straightened and Tina too. Looking him straight in the eye, Tina grabbed Steve’s jacket and pulled it from him before starting to unbutton his shirt. Steve pulled his tie off and threw it on the bed. Tina’s fingers ran through the dark hair on Steve’s chest before slipping down to his waistband, where they busied themselves undoing his belt and trousers.

Steve too reached down, running the tips of his fingers across the soft warmth of Tina’s stomach towards the button of her jeans. In a moment, the top of her jeans was open. There was that awkward moment (never seen in movies of any genre) whilst shoes & socks were removed. Trousers soon joined them on the floor, leaving the two of them, out of breath and slightly uncomfortable, dressed only in their underwear from the waist down.

Tina’s plain black panties came into view as she stood slightly bashfully in front of Steve, her hands lightly clasped in front of her stomach. Steve knew Tina had had a child, now a teenager, and also knew she was a bit self conscious about the resulting stretchmarks. Steve gently moved her hand away from her stomach. He could see she was trying to hold in her belly, but Steve didn’t care — he just wanted her, a fact borne out by the swelling in the front of his grey pants.

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