Work Experience – The Boss’ Woman?

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Authors Note: This story stands alone, but there are potential links to some other stories to be published shortly, and possibly to be published in the future as well. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the read.


I’d worked at the credit union and with Rose for about six years when this incident occurred. Rose was the partner of the company’s CEO, Larry, had been ever since I started working with the company, and she was also the company’s Operations Manager.

At Christmas functions, it happened so often, that once my date had left me for whatever reason, whether to go to the toilet, to get a drink, or to talk with somebody else, Rose would, in a flash, be over to ask me to dance.

Like it almost seemed she was watching me, just waiting until the opportunity arose. Sometimes it even caused me trouble when my date had gone to the toilet and returned to find me dancing with Rose, and insinuating that “as soon as I’m gone you’re dancing with someone else.” On more than one occasion this situation occurred, and always I had to explain that it was not my fault. And Larry the boss, could not but have noticed the same thing.

I’ve never been clever with women, and didn’t think I was particularly good looking. Oh, I never had any problems once they’d say, agreed to go on a date, but I was never able to read the signs, unless they were unbelievably obvious, that they were attracted to me.

But in this case, and after getting comments from the different dates I took to these Christmas functions over the years, I finally started to recognise that Rose, may indeed, have possibly developed an attraction to me. I’d never pursued anything though, even when between partners’ as she had been and was still, as far as I could figure, the boss’ partner, and I didn’t think it was such a good idea to interfere with that relationship, not that I would have anyway. I didn’t even flirt with the female staff that I knew had partners. Yes, boring ol’ me…

In fact, I should have picked up, and my suspicions confirmed of her attraction, or at least the fact that the boss knew that Rose liked me, two years earlier, when at a weekly Managers’ meeting, after I had been already been ‘nominated,’ under protest, but to the applause of the other managers’ present, to attend a Credit Union orientation conference, and we were then discussing who else should go, when Rose offered to go with me. Larry, who normally spoke so quietly one could hardly hear him, exclaimed in an uncharacteristically loud and seemingly agitated voice, “NO” to Rose’s offer. After all the other manager’s, including me, had recovered from the shock of the CEO’s exclamation, the selection process continued, with the final result that, five of the newest staff members, who all happened to be females, would be invited to go with me. But that is another story.


To return to this one, …it was the last day of the accounting month, and I needed to be on site, to schedule some time critical computer operations. Had it been a weekday, I would just have stayed back in the office, and worked late but this time it was a Saturday. Just after midday, and I was the only person working upstairs of the two level building when I heard the front door open, a slight pause, and then I heard it shut again, followed by the soft footsteps of feet walking on carpet as Rose stuck her head in the doorway of my office. Rose had during the morning, been working on the customer counter downstairs along with two or three other girls, women, who had now all left the building.

“Hi David…” she said with a big smile on her face, “I noticed you were working today, from the computer screen… what brings you in on a Saturday?”

“Hi Rose,” I said, lifting my head to look at her, “I just had to get some end of month reports done before the system powered up again on Monday morning.”

“Ahhh, the old end-of-month routine.”

“Yes, you know, the part of my job that I live for,” I replied smiling.

“I know what you mean… It’s the bit I look forward too as well” and we both chuckled.

“So what exciting thing have you got planned for when you leave here today?” Rose asked.

“Nothing planned” I said. “I’m not seeing anyone at the moment so I’ll just have a quiet nightmaybe enjoy a glass of red, and have a read. I haven’t had time to read any good books lately, and I’ve got a couple that have been screaming out to be read for a while now.”

“Sounds good… hmmmm,… I might do the same. I won’t be seeing Larry until later this afternoon,” and I noticed a funny expression on her face, one that I couldn’t quite make out, as I’d not seen it before.

“So what bring you upstairs?” I asked.

“I’ve got to get some print-outs off the printer” she said pointing to the printer that was in the ‘computer room’ diagonally opposite my own office.

As well as producing the financial reports, I was also responsible for maintaining the company’s computer Anadolu Yakası Escort equipment. The computer room was only small as it only needed to hold a small mainframe, a router, a switch and a couple of printers and a bench under which were stored different coloured papers, printer ribbons, toners, cartridges, and miscellaneous bits and pieces. The only problem with the size of the room was that it was sometimes awkward to get to the paper supplies if somebody was standing in front of the printer, not that that happened very often. You had to kind of squeeze past the person that was standing there, or wait for them to leave.

But knowing that there were two printers downstairs, I became concerned that they weren’t working, otherwise why would Rose have printed what she needed on the upstairs printer.

“Are the printers downstairs broken?” I asked.

“No.. relax… I just sent the reports to this one because I saw that you were here today, which is pretty unusual for you, and thought I would just come up and say hello.”

“Ohh, that’s nice. It really is, and you have brightened my day,” I said grinning from ear to ear, “Is there anything I can do for you to return the favour, to brighten your day, not that you look like you need any brightening up… you look pretty good in fact,” and I might have for a very brief moment looked uncomfortable as I made that uncharacteristically flirty comment. And she did look pretty good. Rose had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and from what I could make out, a pretty reasonable curvy figure without being fat, or even plump. This day she wore an ankle length navy blue combined blouse/skirt dress with a white design on it. It was actually part of a uniform that our credit union female employees typically wore. They were essentially uniform dresses that could have been worn by any female employees of any of the other banks.

“Why thank you sir,” she responded, and added “I’d better leave you to do your work” and went over to the printer.

Rose’s reports were still coming out and she was bent over the printer checking them when a few minutes later, needing to get some coloured paper for my own reports, I went into the computer room.

If I have a fetish, it is enjoying the sight of a woman’s breasts hanging down when she is bent over, and the sight that greeted me was just that. Rose’s breasts were hanging down, straining against the constricting material of her dress. I could just imagine my hands cupping those breasts, feeling their full weight. That started to get my manhood aroused. It had often in my life been a battle of wills between cock and brain, and I’m sad to say, that cock’s victories were many more than brain’s. And to make matters worse, not only were her full breasts tempting me, but being bent over I could just imagine running my hands along her back and then over the rounded curves of her buttocks that were now sticking out, pointing towards the wall, and leaving only a small amount of room, not enough, for me to get around behind her. My cock was now hard and I had to adjust its position before something broke.

“Ummmmm Rose,” I coughed, ” … I need to get past you.”

“Yes, that’s OK” she said.

“Ummmmm, … I don’t have quite enough room.”

“Ohh,” she said giggling and she straightened up a little to give me room to pass.

She didn’t straighten up all the way however, and it was a toss up as to whether I would be able to get past without touching her. My cock was really starting to strain now, as from my position, I could see the curves of her body as they swept in to her waist before flaring out again over her hips to make smooth uninterrupted arcs that melded into the roundness of her buttocks. And to make matters worse, the dress was of a clingy, staticly type of material, that moulded in, quite noticeably I thought, into her bum crack.

“Thank… thank you” I coughed again as I moved behind her into the space that would allow me to get past her. But it was not to be.

I had managed to slowly and very carefully move sideways behind her and had almost cleared one rounded buttock before Rose bent down again, pushing me back against the wall. I was now trapped with my back against the wall, my cock pressing the skirt material into her bum crack, and the fronts of my thighs pressing hard against her buttocks.

I could now feel myself getting a little flushed, and even more excited as a quiet “ohhh” escaped from Rose’s lips.

“UuhhhRose, I’m kinda stuck” I croaked.

“Hmmmm, I wonder how that might have happened.”

I took the hint. The devil made me do it. I moved my hands to her waist and gently massaged it on both sides, feeling the inside of the curves, before moving them over her hips and then her buttocks. As my hands found the roundest parts of her buttocks I gently squeezed the firm flesh, eliciting a slight moan from Rose’s lips. I retraced my hand movements from the gentle massaging up and over her Bostancı Escort rounded buttocks, along her lower back and over her waist again before moving them all over her back as they moved upwards. Rose’s head was down a little, with her arms outstretched and her hands resting on the edges of the printer.

“You know” she said, “I always loved the feel of your hands, of your body touching mine when we danced, but this feels sooo much better and this feels even better” she said as she wriggled her bum slightly from side to side feeling my erection.

Pinned to the wall, I couldn’t bend as far forward as I wanted to, but still I was able to bend far enough to run my hands over the sides of her back and underneath to feel the outsides of her breasts. I could feel the tip of my cock get wet as I realised that Rose was not wearing a bra. I’d often wondered if she wore one but I could never be sure as she almost always wore a sleeveless front button vest that hid the details. And it would never have done to be caught staring. The times I’d managed to get glimpses of her breasts were few and far between, and when she walked there was only the slightest bounce indicating she might be wearing a bra, but at the same time, the rounded shapes of full breasts indicated that she wasn’t. But now I knew!

“Ohhh,” she moaned as my hands moved to cup her breasts. But I was a little restricted in the freedom to move, as I was still pinned against the wall. “You need to move forward a little” I said “so I can get to you better.”

Rose moved forward immediately, so I was now able to bend all the way forward, to kiss the back of her exposed neck and reach around underneath her to now be able to feel the full weight of her breasts in my hands.

Rose gasped as I kneaded her breasts and then reaching right under her, I was able to undo the buttons on the blouse part of her dress. When they were all undone I pulled the two halves of her blouse apart releasing her breasts to fall down unhindered by clothing, and hang there under their own weight. Another throb emanated from my cock as I felt Rose’s naked breasts for the first time, a feeling that for me personally, ranks as one of the most pleasurable there is, and exceeded only by the feeling of entering a woman for the first time.

Moans and groans accompanied my kneading, squeezing, massaging and manipulation of Rose’s full and firm breasts. And even more sensual sounds came from her lips as I started to manipulate her nipples. Rose obviously liked what I was doing as I rolled each nipple between my thumb and forefinger, then tugged down on them, extending her breasts and then releasing them, a process I repeated a number of times, before Rose reached behind her and moved her hands down her thighs where she commenced to pull the hem of her skirt up.

I released her nipples and helped her pull the skirt up.

Once I’d started helping her, she moved her hands back to rest on the sides of the printer, as I finished pulling the back of her skirt up to expose panty less buttocks and pussy! That was a shock. Rose was not wearing panties! Under her dress, Rose had been completely naked!

As I moved back to appreciate the view I ran the palms of my hands over her buttocks, feeling not only the roundness of the globes , but also their firmness, and then moving down a little, the feel of the guardians of the ultimate prize, the fleshy feel of the aroused labia majora, and then the intricacies and complexities of labia minora. The groove where her inner labia joined roughly was absolutely soaked with her juices.

I could wait no longer. I undid my belt, the top button of my trousers and ran the zip down as far as it would go. My trousers fell to the floor and I pulled my briefs down far enough to release my cock, which I now rubbed up and down Rose’s slit, adding her lubrication to the precum that was already on the glans of my cock in copious quantities.

My cock slid easily all the way into Rose’s most inner private sanctum and I felt the tip of it hit her cervix, and once there I paused for a minute or so.

‘Goooood it feels good to have you inside me,” she said and after waiting a while just to savour my presence, she then started slowly, to move back and forth along the full length of my cock, “you don’t know how long I’ve waited for this.”

“Can you stop for a moment?” I asked after about five minutes, and as she did, without pulling my cock out, I gathered up the hem of her dress, that part that was on her back and that part that hung down the front of her legs, and slid the whole lot forward over her head. Rose lifted her hands from the printer so that I could push the crumpled dress over her shoulders, over her arms, to fall alongside the printer onto the floor.

As I straightened up, I lightly, with just the very lightest touch ran the tips of my fingers all over Rose’s back. From the top of her neck down to the lowest reaches of her exposed body.

“Oh Ümraniye Escort my God, that feels soooooo good…” Rose said dreamily, and I felt a slight tremor as she spoke, “…you know, you could make me cum just by doing that…”

“So cum”, I said.

And she did. It must have been a combination of the circumstances, me inside her, her position, my hands roaming over her body, but whatever it was, Rose did cum, and so quickly, “Aaaaahhhhhhh,” she yelled, as I felt a series of tremors, and I caught hold of her just as her knees buckled slightly.

I waited until she recovered and was surprised when she said with her breath returning, “.. I’m sorry… I couldn’t help it … I’ve waited so long …for this … pent up emotions I guess.”

“What on earth are you apologising for?” I asked, “… you are a man’s dream.”

“No…” Rose replied, “… just yours… I hope… and … I might say the same…”

“What…, that I am a man’s dream.”

“No”, she giggled, and it felt quite stimulating to feel the vibrations through her body as she giggled. “No, I meant that you are still inside me..l and hard …, instead of… pulling straight out.”

I now started moving my cock in and out along its full length, as a little moan came from Rose’s lips. “I can’t take any credit for that at this stage” I said, “I haven’t cum yet.”

“Well, I’m ready when you are.”

So I kept pumping, but as I did that, I leaned a little over to my left so I could see the weight of Rose’s full breast swinging back and forth as I moved my cock in and out. I loved that sight, and it served to stimulate me even more as I started taking shorter breaths. But I was vaguely aware that Rose was doing the same.

I now reached under her and fully cupped my hands under the bottoms of Rose’s swinging breasts, constraining them to a degree. It was only a few minutes later that the sheer sexual pleasure of having access to beautiful heavy breasts, to look at a beautiful curved back, rounded buttocks, and to feel the wet, hot, and silky smoothness of the passage that my cock was traversing, welled up inside and caused me to explode inside her.

It was on about the third eruption that the now sensitive tip of the glans of my cock detected another series of tremors within Rose’s body, as she built up to her own second climax. I could not believe now, how tight her vagina had come, as her muscles clamped and pulsed tightly, tightly around my cock on each outward stroke.

Then it was all over. Three or four pumps later, accompanied by loud moans from both Rose and I, I was spent, and so was Rose. As her knees once again started to buckle, I still had the presence of mind to move my hands from her breasts back until I found the front of the top of her thighs and pulled her back toward me. But the movement was not only steadying. It also served to drive me in as deeply as my still hard but softening cock could go. That feeling as you pump out the very last tiny remnant of your seed as deep inside your woman as it is possible to go is what makes life worth living.

I kissed her back and ran my hands over it as softly as I could, before running them over her hips and down the outside of her thighs as far down as I could reach. Then, as the strength came back into Rose’s knees, she straightened her legs, and waited until my cock softened sufficiently for it to plop out naturally, when she straightened up, pushing me up with her.

My now limp, wet cock slipped of its own accord, out of her pussy, as I pulled her into my chest. I put my arms around her and cupped her breasts in my hands, as I bent just that little bit to kiss the back and side of her neck.

Just a minute or so late Rose spoke. “Thank you.”

“For what?” I asked.

“For the after play… for everything.”

“Ohh Rose, thank you for the compliment, but I think we were equal partners in this, …at least I hope we were.”

“You know,” she said as we got dressed, “…. I had always wondered … if the reality of us ever getting together ever happened, if it could possibly be as good as I had imagined …or would I be disappointed.”


“You asked me earlier today, this afternoon, whether there was something you could do to brighten my day up even further,” Rose said, “… and you have …and in response to your query …the reality was much, much better than I had ever imagined.”

“I’m glad I didn’t disappoint,” I said as we now faced each other fully clothed.

“Rose, you know this could be very difficult for me, for us, from now on.” She said nothing, as she waited for me to continue…

“You are in a relationship with Larry…, but even in you weren’t, …and I plead for your understanding here, I’m only recently out of a seventeen year, second marriage, …and I need to … have the space to find myself… so

I cannot commit to you…I really like you, …and I just hope what we have just done, …and what I have just said, ..l won’t turn you against me.”

There was an extended silence as I looked into her blue eyes, trying to fathom what was happening inside her head. A number of changing expressions flickered through those blue eyes, but I knew not what they were, and then she spoke.

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