Wood Nymphs

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Picture this: He stumbled upon a beautiful, naked woman, sleeping, lying next to the lake catching some afternoon rays. He had decided to go down for a dip, what with the weather being so dreadfully hot lately. He wore only his birthday suit, as he was sure there would be no one around for miles. This site is known to very few people, since he had kept it a closely guarded secret for the several years he had known of its existence. To find such a beauty laid out before his eyes was unexpected, to say the least. He halted in his tracks for a few moments and feasted his eyes. He observed the slow, steady rhythm of her breathing, indicating that indeed, she was in a deep, restful sleep. There was also evidence of perhaps an erotic dream occurring, as witnessed by her nipple erection. Very fine nipples at that, he observed; very taut, somewhat large, sitting right atop her nicely rounded, full breasts. Her blonde streaked hair, however, did not match her “carpet,” but that didn’t detract from her loveliness. She had a narrow, curved waist that flared out with full, luscious hips, and legs that wouldn’t stop. He noticed her face…her smile to be specific.

He wondered what she could be dreaming of. Her hand moved over to her mound and her body shifted slightly. She moaned slightly. His very healthy member started to react to the vision in front of him. He stroked his cock a few times just to reassure himself…yes, he was not seeing things…this beauty really was here and his overworked imagination was not playing games on himself.

He walked a few steps closer wanting to get a better look, but still loathe to disrupt the ptranquility of the moment. He inadvertently stepped on a twig and it snapped. He froze in his tracks. Beauty slept on, oblivious to her audience, her hand creeping deeper into the crevasse between her legs. He saw one finger slip between her cunt lips, revealing pouty lips and an almost erect clitoris. His member started having ideas of its own. By now, his semi-erection had turned into a raging hardon. His breathing started to quicken, almost in time with hers, as her finger probed deeper and sought more gratification. He stood there watching her, lost in the moment, stroking his cock. He could feel the intensity building behind his balls. He closed his eyes to savor the moment. When he opened them again and looked at Beauty, he was making eye contact!

She was awake and watching him…watching her, both of them playing with and pleasuring themselves. She neither startled nor screamed, and neither did she attempt to cover her nudity. She continued stroking her clit, staring intently into his eyes. He could not have stopped looking…or stroking, if he had been ordered by God Almighty himself! In just a few moments, both of them burst into mutual orgasmic delight, with deep moans and sighs, grunts, and then a ferocious bellow by him, followed closely by a loud rumble from Beauty’s throat as she concluded her own passionate climax.

His intended cooling dip forgotten for the moment, he stood there frozen, not knowing what to do or say. He finally did the gentlemanly thing and turned and walked into the water and dove under, allowing her the privacy and time to “tidy” herself, should she feel the need. When he re-emerged several moments later, he was alone. Had she really been there? Did he imagine Beauty? He didn’t think so….the grass in the spot where she had lain was matted, indicating someone had been there….


He looked around the clearing by the lake, knowing she couldn’t have gone far, especially as she wasn’t dressed. He realized he probably had an advantage over her also, knowing the terrain better than most anyone around. He followed his instincts that told him she took the softest, quietest way out…over the grassy knoll. She also was not wearing shoes, so the route through the wooded forest would have been painful on bare soles.

Fortunately for him, the grassy knoll took you right back up to his cabin. It was a bit off the beaten path, but that’s how he preferred it. Neighbors and traffic he could live without. He took his time walking back to the cabin. If his bursa eskort mysterious wood nymph wanted to be shy, he would give her the opportunity to find something to cover herself with, before confronting her; but confront her he would.

He was a patient man, but a passionate one also, and anyone evoking that kind of response so instantaneously and overwhelmingly powerful in him, he wasn’t about to let slip through his fingers. He wanted to know her, in the most basic, carnal, and biblical way. If things developed beyond that, all the better.

It had been a long time since he had been with a woman. It wasn’t for lack of offers though, but rather lack of that certain spark that set that one woman apart from the rest. Just as he rounded the last bend in the path, he saw his cabin up ahead, and a nicely tanned ass disappearing through his front door. Living up in the woods as such, his doors were never locked. There wasn’t much of value (at least to anyone else) to take, so he didn’t worry about theft. Also, he had the world’s best alarm system around: two rambunctious dogs who acted better and faster than any high-end electronic surveillance system could ever hope to. Funny, how they hadn’t sounded the alarm with the arrival of this new stranger…

He walked up the steps to the front door and paused there to greet his beloved boys. They wagged their butts up to him, their tongues lolling out the sides of their mouths. “Ya, a lot of good you guys are…” he chided them. They merely smiled back. Hmmm, the wisdom of the animal kingdom maybe?

Upon entering the dim coolness of his cabin, he could sense her presence, almost a palpable presence, not fear, but something equally as evocative. He could almost smell her essence. Suddenly he caught a movement in the corner of his eye. She had, indeed, found a throw blanket from the couch, and had wrapped it around herself. She decided it was futile to try and make an “escape,” and just stood there and squared her shoulders.

“There you are,” he said mildly and smiled. She stood there mute.

“You know, you shouldn’t go wandering around the wilderness like that. You never know who or what you’ll come across. Lucky I found you first.” Still she didn’t respond.

“Are you lost?” he asked. No answer.

“Are you hurt? Do you need some help?” Nothing.

Now he was getting a bit concerned, thinking perhaps she was in a catatonic state, injured, abused, something that would have put her in a state of shock. He took a step back and really looked at her. She looked to be in her late 20s or early 30s, solidly built, not those skinny Minnie type models you see plastered all over the billboards. She had long, well-muscled legs and shapely arms. Her eyes were bright green with flecks of gold. Her lips were rosy pink and pursed in an “O” shape.

After bringing his eyes back up to meet hers, he noted a slow grin appear on her face. At length she spoke. “Like what you see?” she asked simply.

“Most definitely,” he replied, grinning. Already he was feeling her effect on him again. Man was it ever getting warm in this room.

“In answer to your questions, yes, no, and definitely yes.”

He was at a loss as to what he had asked her. His confusion must have shown all over his face.

“Yes, I’m lost. No, I’m not hurt. And yes, I could definitely use some help.” She paused.

“I’ve been studying the natural flora and fauna over the northern California forests, and a day ago, I actually was with a group of other researchers. We were striking camp yesterday afternoon, when I decided to go for one last refreshing dip before taking off.

“Evidently my group must have thought I went off to scout something interesting and packed up the remaining camp equipment, including all my clothes and stuff, and headed on down the mountain. Unfortunately, even though they left my Jeep behind, they had inadvertently taken all my clothes AND my keys. I tried hiking part way down the mountain, but the road was way too rough on my feet. I spent the night in a cave I discovered about 6 miles from here, foraged around for berries and edible plants for food.

“Then bursa escort bayan today, after having covered myself in dirt for insulation last night, I decided a dip in that water hole would feel really good. I cleaned myself off and decided to lie down in the sun for a while and dry off. I must have been more tired than I realized, because I fell asleep, obviously for a few hours, and that’s when you stumbled upon me…” Her voice trailed off.

He was at a loss as to what to day. He blushed.

“When I awoke and saw you standing over me in all your glorious nakedness, stroking your cock, I realized how aroused I was myself. I think I’d been dreaming of something sexy, because when I reached between my legs, oh boy was I wet,” she chuckled.

“I have to admit, ahhhh, when I saw you lying there, naked and beautiful as the day you were born, I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.” He blushed again.

“Oh God, where are my manners?” he stammered. “My name is Mark. And you are?”

“Gina,” she answered simply.

He reached over to take her offered hand in his. It was the first time he had actually touched her. Her skin felt warm and soft…velvety almost. He didn’t let go of her hand. They stood there looking at each other.

“And I’m not,” she said.

“Not?” he asked, confused again.

“Embarrassed. I’m not embarrassed.” With this, she let the throw blanket fall to the floor. “I guess it’s only fair that we both be naked, instead of just one of us,” she said.

Mark stood there; unable to speak even if had he wanted to. He was afraid of breaking the spell they were under. Their feet seemed to have a mind of their own and gravitated toward each other. They were standing close enough to feel the other’s breath on their skin, eyes locked, still holding hands. Marked released her hand, only to put his hand behind her head as he brought his own lips down to hers. Their eyes closed and the earth stood still. Their lips barely touched at first. His tongue snaked its way out, tentatively probing at her lips, until she opened them for him. Upon his first taste of her sweet breath, a fire ignited beneath his skin and his passion seized control. His kiss deepened, probing, demanding response from hers. Her mouth caressed his tongue, answering its demands with enthusiasm.

He could feel her nipples stiff and hard against his hairy chest. Mark wrapped his arms around her, grabbing her ass and lifting her off the floor easily. Gina did a tiny hop and wrapped her legs around his middle. He easily carried her across the room and into the master bedroom. This was the one area in which he splurged and pampered himself a bit. He had it decorated with a huge king sized bed, covered in fine Egyptian cotton sheets and blankets. The weave was so tight they felt like silk to the touch.

Mark turned and fell back on the bed, with Gina riding on top. His very erect manhood had no trouble finding her very hot, wet love hole. She allowed him to penetrate her with only the head of his cock, preferring to tease and torture him. Oh God, how he loved that. She sat up on her knees, just his cock head in her pussy, and then leaned over, offering him her breasts. Mark greedily sucked first her right nipple, then her left. He felt her shudder, and relax a bit, as another inch penetrated her juicy pussy. She stopped the momentum there, preferring instead to squeeze her pelvic muscles around his cock. Mark moaned loudly.

“Oh yessss, Gina, yesss that feels so damn good, don’t stop,” he cried out.

She laughed a bit. “You like that do you?” she teased.

“Oh yeah…What’s not to like?” he replied.

With that, she sat back upright and allowed herself to slide all the way down to his pelvic bone. She didn’t allow him to pump just yet though, even though she knew he wanted to fuck her sideways until Sunday. She wanted to savor the moment….

Suddenly, Gina sat up again and withdrew herself from his cock. He started to protest, but she spun herself around and impaled herself on his cock again, this time with her back to his face. He was görükle escort able to sit up now and reach around to grasp her tits, and play with her nipples.

“Ohhhhh yes, baby, pinch my nipples…mmmmm that feels so good,” she moaned.

Marked proceed to pinch and pull her nipples, one in each hand. He thought, “My, what a wild little nymph I’ve found… a bit kinky even. I like that.”

Almost as suddenly as she had before, Gina pulled herself free of Mark’s massive hardon again. She rolled over to the top of the bed and crawled to the center. There she got on all fours, and offered her ass end to Mark. He wasn’t sure what the invitation was for, but decided to go for broke and see if she declined. She didn’t. Mark probed just inside her pussy lips, coating the end of his cock with her juices, and teased her pert little ass hole. Since she moaned and squealed in pleasure, he figured she was okay with that idea also. A little more lubricant from her very wet pussy, and her anus was ready for him.

He slowly entered the head of his cock, giving her time to adjust to it. She gasped at the first intrusion of his cock, but soon began rocking back a little, encouraging him to proceed further. Slowly, inch by inch, he inserted his penis until he was fully inside her ass. He grabbed her by the hips and began slowly rocking back and forth. Soon she was bucking back to greet him and encourage him on. The pace increased as did their passion. Mark reached around to tweak her nipples some more, then drew back and grabbed her hips for some serious grinding.

Mark could feel the tension rising quickly behind his balls, but not wanting their fun to end; he slowed and finally withdrew from her ass. As she fell down to the bed, Mark took the opportunity to run to the bathroom and grab a washcloth. He quickly cleaned his cock a bit and returned to his beauty. Gina lay there on the bed, eyes closed, her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy again.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. She continued her fingering of her clit. Mark could hardly believe his eyes. Such an erotic sight…his own personal wood nymph giving him the show of his life! He quietly tiptoed out to the living room and grabbed his digital camera. Sneaking back into the room, Gina was enjoying herself immensely, and was still unaware of her audience. Mark, as quietly as possible, snapped a few pictures of the highly intoxicating scene before him.

Gina must have sensed something was going on, because she opened her eyes suddenly and tensed. She looked over across the room at Mark, then between her legs at her still active fingers. “Ooooooooooo” was all she could say. Right at that moment, Gina erupted in the biggest climax she could ever remember, riding on the waves that washed over her body, over and over again, until she lay there spent and sweating.

Mark walked back over to where Gina lain and stood there looking at her, looking for some clue if she was mad or not. Gina thought for a moment, and then a wicked grin grew across her face.

“Come here you stud…you have some cleaning up to do,” she ordered.

Mark wasted no time in diving between her legs with much enthusiasm. Oh, how delicious she tasted. He licked, sucked, and licked some more, ignoring Gina’s pleas for cessation. They lost count of how many times she came, and yet he still urged her on to greater and greater heights of ecstasy. At last, when Mark could hold out no longer, he shifted his body up and entered her swiftly in one hard stroke. God she felt so tight, so good, and so right. In and out he stroked, savoring each and every one, looking deep into her eyes straight, to her soul, knowing it was so right.

At last Mark felt the familiar tightening of his balls, and evidently so could Gina. She sensed he was close to cumming, and wrapped her long legs around his waist, opening herself up to him more, and drawing him deeper inside her womb. She squeezed her pelvic muscles with all her might, urging him to cum, to fill her up.

“Yes, Mark, give it to me. Give it to me NOW. Fuck me Mark. Yessss, fill me up with your hot, sticky cum. Mmmmmmm….”

How could a gentleman say no to that? Mark exploded with a ferocity he had never before experienced. It seemed to last for hours, and when he was finally spent, he collapsed on top of Gina. She held him tight, until their breathing returned to normal. It was in that position they both drifted off to sleep.

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