Women’s Lit

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I lazily slouched in my desk as a blinding blonde sorority girl strutted to her desk, her ass sashaying with each step at my eye level. You can tell the sorority girls because they look ready to go clubbing at 8:30 in the morning. I sat in the back corner of class observing the rest of the ladies in my class, which happened to be the entirety of my class, this was English 416, Women’s Literature, and I was the brave soul to venture into what I imagined would be a bra-burning, man bashing celebration of the liberated lesbian.

Other than the sorority girl, I wouldn’t want to see any of the ladies’ in my class without a bra or in a lesbian fantasy I conjured up when I registered for the class, most of my classmates where what one may think of when imagining a group of feminists, nasty bitches.

As the alternative of sleeping at this hour for the rest of the semester seemed persuasive enough for me to grab my bag and never return, I was forced to reconsider. In walks this vivacious blonde with assertive locks falling gracefully from the back of her tight bun, the pinstripes of her suit ran up the curves of her firm ass and her white blouse beneath showed the outline of her low-cut bra losing the battle to keep her voluptuous breasts within. She must have been in her thirties, she was strong and powerful and glared over her spectacles at her class.

Being the conservative chauvinistic pig I am, we butted heads immediately. “It’s not a choice,” I said. “A baby’s life is not a choice to be made by anyone, you women have a choice when you spread your legs.”

“Well, I think you’re being a bigot and if you would see me after class I would appreciate it.”

I replied with a grin, “My pleasure ma’am,”

Well, this was a successful start to a semester. As the class emptied, each of the young ladies seemed to glare at me with contempt. I was a marked man. I sauntered up the stairs to my professor’s office where she had already stormed to and greeted her with my usual charming smile to try to reconcile. She ripped her glasses off and slammed them to her desk and with a stern pointed finger began to verbally castrate me. I tried to hear her through, figuring a retaliation would only get me deeper into shit.

As she yelled I tuned her out and began observing the pictures on her desk. Interesting, though predictable, her photos all contained her and what I assumed was her lover, a butch women in her middle age. As she leaned forward in her hysteria, I could see down her blouse and her tits were shaking with each Mamak Escort movement she made. They were perfect, especially for an aging woman. They weren’t hard and perky like college girls’, they were round and soft and heavy. Catching my eyes, she leaned back to defend from my harassment, and crossed her legs in anger. I slightly smiled, realizing I had been caught. She couldn’t help but smile back.

Her phone rang so she asked to be excused briefly; she stood and turned to where her phone was, leaving me a perfect view of her shapely ass. I traced the stripes of her suit with my eyes from bottom up, taking my time to cover the terrain of her curvy ass. it beckoned me to give it a gentle slap, feel it firm yet soft wiggle in waves with my hand. My cock swelled as I fantasized about her.

I shut the door of her office and set down my bag. I walked around her desk while she still spoke on the phone. Aware of the risk I was taking, I couldn’t help myself, I needed to taste her, to show her a man could love her just as well as a woman. Hesitantly, I approached her back, my cock pulsated with anticipation. I gently pulled her jacket back to expose her delicate neck.

I wet my lips and slowly pressed them to where her neck and shoulder meet. Simultaneously, I reached in front of her and slid my hand down the front of her pants, weaving through her bush to the top of her clit. Startled, she jumped and whipped her head back. I placed an assertive, reassuring kiss on her collarbone, and ran my middle finger down her moist slit. She pressed her ass back into me, searching for my cock, which I pushed back into her. She excused herself from the conversation and hung up the phone.

I guess it was just her big attitude that made her seem larger in stature, but once I was next to her, I towered over her petite frame. I ran my fingers down her succulent breasts and continued kissing her neck and jawline, nibbling her ears as I let the warmth of my masculine hand rest on the smooth curve of her stomach, and my fingers stretch through her bush resting their tips on her womanhood. She pressed her ass harder back into me. My cock was rock hard and I let her know it.

As I pressed sternly on her clit, she stretched her neck high and whispered that this wouldn’t work because “we didn’t see eye to eye.” I couldn’t agree more so I said, “I had better get on my knees then and see if we can’t negotiate a compromise.” I turned her around to face me, ran my fingers from her armpits to her Masaj Yapan Escort pants, and continued to slide her pinstripe pants to the floor, exposing her sexy tan legs and sheer, see-through panties.

As she leaned on the desk I began to kiss her thighs as I ran my hand up her leg and around to her ass. I pushed my nose through the fabric of her panties and ran my tongue from as far back as I could reach to her navel. She spread her legs wider, begging for more, and ran her fingers through my hair to the back of my head, pulling me closer to her sopping wet panties. I slid the panties down as she kicked off her shoes and sat on the desk. I lifted her gorgeous legs to my shoulders so I would be in perfect position to eat her tasty cunt.

She wrapped her legs around my head, and like a boa, pulled my face into her aching pussy. I began to lick her slit with the pointed tip of my tongue while I caressed her legs and ass. I could tell she was growing impatient with my teasing because she squeezed her legs tightly as if to force my tongue into her like a new years party blower. I couldn’t help but oblige. Starting from the bottom of her pussy, I dug my tongue into her and began to lick and lap her furiously. Her ass tightened in my hands and she threw herself back onto her desk. I ate her with passion as her hands roamed her body.

Glancing from my duties I saw my half naked professor in pure ecstasy, and wanted to fuck her like I’ve never fucked anyone, I wanted to convert her, make her desire a man and a man’s loving. With hard strokes of my tongue, I licked her pussy like an ice cream cone in July, pushing hard on her clit with every upstroke. The pressure was too intense for her, and she arched her back, pushing her cunt into my face. Only her shoulders and head touched the desk, and her perfect ass sat on my hands like a juicy watermelon I was devouring like an animal. Her arm swung across her desk knocking a picture of her and her lover to the floor, she clenched her teeth and moaned a suppressed sigh of climax as her loins shuddered in my face. Giving her a second to recuperate, began kissing up her stomach as I unbuttoned her blouse. Before I could get to the second to last button she sat up, pushing me off.

With lust, she ripped my belt off and dropped my jeans, then pushed me into her leather chair. She licked my balls gently, pulling them into her mouth and releasing to continue up my shaft, her tongue flicking my swollen head at the zenith. She Moldovyalı Escort curled her tongue around my pulsing cock like a “pig in the blanket” and pushed her gaping mouth down the length of my huge erection.

My head fell back and my eyes rolled in titillation. She took my cock deep into her throat and paused at the bottom where she began to hum in deep tones. The vibrations and moist warmth of her mouth almost sent me through the roof. Sensing my near orgasm she ceased to suck me off and looked up into my eyes. “Fuck me. Fuck me like a man, ram your cock into my pussy and make me feel like a woman should.”

She peeled my shirt off as I stood and unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and slid it to the floor. Her nude body was gorgeous, she exposed her heavy tits as she unleashed them from her bra. I instantly began to suck her fat tits as I pushed her to her back on the desk and slid my cock into her juicy cunt. I was met with some resistance, for she wasn’t used to huge cock. Her mouth gaped open as if to scream, but no noise emitted. “A little bigger than a few fingers and a tongue huh?” “OH! Just fuck me hard!” she strained to say. I began to fuck her with steady, long strokes. Her tits bounced in my face as I held her tightly in my arms. I pushed our pelvises together hard, giving her every millimeter of my manhood. My pumping increased, sliding my cock into her clenching pussy faster and faster. “Fuck me like a macho man. Fuck me like a frat boy, fuck me like the Marlboro man, Fuck me like the stallion you are!”

I pumped harder and faster, the sweat from my brow dripped on her chin and she licked it as squeezed my ass and dug into my back. The pressure in my cock was building, knowing I was going to come soon. I couldn’t come before her though, I was on a mission now. A high pitched noise began to come from her, she was moaning in her throat and digging her nails into me harder. “Make me come!” “I’m ready to come!” I kept my aggressive pace and fought back my own orgasm with everything I had. I could feel the well of come gathering in my balls but could not release yet. “Come for me baby,” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes!” she began moaning. OHHHHH “I’m coming!!!!!” “OH FUCK ME you fucking animal!” The walls of her cunt grabbed me like Chinese handcuffs and her body became tense with her flooding orgasm. I instantly pulled out and came on her beautiful tits, My load shot over her stomach and tits and hit some on her face, which she smiled and licked. I kissed her neck and began to get dressed.

She hastily put her hair back into her tight bun and hiked her pants back up. “Come by tomorrow during my office hours and we’ll discuss the course work further,” as she unzipped my bag and dropped her panties onto my books.

I winked as I backed out the door, “Yes ma’am.” Walking down the hall I thought women’s lit won’t be so bad.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32