Women Enjoying Naked Men Ch. 02

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The coming days and weeks for Taryn were educational. While she didn’t become a porn addict — there were days at a stretch when the busyness of her life meant she didn’t take time to surf for pictures or videos to learn more about her own personal turn-ons — she almost always squeezed in at least one satisfying masturbation session most days, the screen in her imagination now so easily filled from an expanded playlist of sexy fantasies.

And she learned a lot about herself, about her natural sexual appetite. She got over the fact that her assumptions about what women were supposed to be aroused by, to think about, to lust after when it came to sex were — at best — constrained, if not downright handcuffed by her upbringing. Giggling out loud immediately after the first time she self-described her upbringing as “handcuffed,” Taryn realized she hadn’t yet investigated whether seeing a handsome, sexy guy naked and cuffed to the bedposts, unable to stop her from doing whatever she wanted to him, would get her hot and ready to climb on top of his hard cock.

It did. Finding such pictures was easy enough, and, oh, how incredibly sexy it was to see one particular guy who had that certain set of jaw that Taryn had always found a turn-on stretched out with his wrists and ankles secured to a four-poster bed, waiting for whatever was going to be done to him by fantasy-Taryn when she showed up to toy with him.

The anticipation, of course, had lengthened her fantasy-man’s cock, and the picture showed him spread, cuffed, and delectably erect.

All kinds of such scenarios popped into her head as she grew comfortable with her own, natural reaction to mentally picturing handsome, naked men and to seeing them in pictures and videos, displayed for the camera in all their lusciousness for her to contemplate.

She discovered all the pictures and videos and scenarios that struck her fancy to be fun, sexy, enjoyable. She simply skipped over anything she found that turned her off.

As a result, both Taryn’s masturbation frequency and the variety of scenes and nude males in her masturbatory fantasies grew exponentially.

What would toying with two naked men at the same time be like?

Would she find it erotic to have a guy over her lap, his nude butt fetchingly displayed and available for her to massage, to knead, to play with . . . and to spank?

(Some videos of naked men getting their nude butts lovingly spanked in just such a position by women taking great pleasure in teasing the men, timing smacks intermittently so the men never knew when the next would arrive, were powerfully arousing to Taryn — something that surprised her.

(She had never thought about spanking a nude guy, but she made up for lost time with that particular fantasy. The guys starring in her scenarios always became incredibly aroused by her playful swats, she trapping their hard cocks between her thighs as they draped themselves over her to present their sexy bottoms for their punishment, then pushing themselves off her lap to stand before her, their stiff erections evident as they leaned in to kiss her while eagerly unbuttoning her blouse . . . or pushing her back into the chair and kneeling in front of her to reach under her short skirt and rip her panties off in order to bury their faces in her crotch . . . or scooping her up in their arms to carry her to the bedroom . . . or straddling her on the chair as they kissed her passionately while she toyed with their dicks . . . or . . .)

Anal sex? Taryn had rejected the notion after a single, clumsy attempt by Ned not long after they had married, and she had not considered it since.

But now, with a new regard for exploration, she searched for both depictions of women enjoying the act and information about what would ensure such enjoyment. It wasn’t hard to find anal sex depicted on the Internet, and seeing those lovely erect dicks sliding into women’s accommodating assholes turned out to fire her curiosity about the act — especially since her lone experience was so very unsatisfying.

And that’s when Taryn Roberts stumbled into pegging.

“You know,” one woman posted on a site Taryn found that offered sensible conversation and helpful advice about anal sex, “I truly believe the reason my guy is slow and gentle and uses lots of lube and knows when I’ve reached the point of being ready for some good, hard pounding in my ass is because we made a deal. I would do it to him first with a strapon cock the same size as his real cock, and then he could do me in the ass. He thought about it for a minute and said he was down with that.”

A woman fucking a man with a fake cock strapped to her crotch?

_Damn_! thought Taryn, _that’s something I want to see_.

Maybe it was the discovery she’d made when watching gay porn, when realizing one of the things that was so arousing for her was seeing a man open, receptive, and eager to be penetrated, then squirming in all kinds of pleasure as he was thoroughly and energetically Maltepe Fetiş Escort fucked in the ass to the point of ejaculation.

Whether that was the reason or not, it wasn’t hard to find videos of women strapped into fake cocks and screwing guys in the butt, Taryn found, but there sure was a lot of crappy stuff to wade through to discover the gems. Early on in her newfound exploration of expanded thinking about her sexual desires, Taryn learned she just wasn’t into heavy BDSM and humiliation scenarios. A lot of man-fucking porn was all about that.

But the videos that showed both partners enjoying it, the woman obviously turned on by giving the guy incredible pleasure and the guy trusting and open enough to let her do it . . . well, it was hands-down the sexiest, most arousing thing Taryn had ever seen.

It was almost like a second adolescence regarding sexual discovery.

And just like any horny teenaged virgin, Taryn was excited, giddy, anxious, eager, and somehow sure that her first experience was going to be fairy-tale perfect.

But, good grief! — this was a whole ‘nother level of challenge. Finding a teen-aged guy to have sex with was laughably easy for any teen-aged girl, no matter her degree of attractiveness. Then, once she had located a guy, what would the teen-aged virgin have to do for the guy to be ready and eager?

Pretty much nothing.

But turning the tables and being the one with the ever-ready, stiff cock on the lookout for a handsome guy who wanted to have sex, both of them knowing that he’d be the one on his back, opening himself up to take her strapon inside his asshole as the sexual activity that would turn them both on?

Uh-huh. THAT would be about as easy as brain surgery on one of Disneyland’s spinning teacups.

Given all the challenges, though, Taryn desperately wanted to find out what it felt like to do it, to actually be the woman performing this insanely erotic act . . . to feel every sensation, to hear every sound, to see every arousing visual during the coupling.

She wanted to be the women she saw in the videos, the ones with their hips pumping and thrusting as they worked toward their own climaxes, usually preceded in orgasmic release by their male partners who moaned in pleasure as their cocks spurted loads of cum while strapon dildos plowed their willingly surrendered assholes.

The thought of it! A gorgeous, naked man, stiff cock in her grasp as he lay on his back, his knees drawn to his handsome chest, Taryn leaning over him as she rocked back and forth into him, a strapon cock harnessed to her crotch, rubbing against her clit with every thrust. His pretty eyes would look into hers then roll back in ecstacy as she bottomed out inside him, only to refocus on her face briefly until she did it again . . . and again . . . and again, both of them heading toward a blinding orgasm.

His moans. His groans. His desperate entreaties for her to fuck him, to fill him up and to make him come.

Oh, shit! Oh, damn! Could anything be sexier!

Maybe only the sight of him spurting onto his chest, fists clenching the bedsheets, abs contracting and rippling as he rode out the intense climax Taryn was triggering by stroking her strapon cock into him, into his lubed asshole, into his mind, into his desire to be taken sexually by Taryn as she slaked her own desire to be the penetrator, the one invading her partner’s most intimate anatomy.

The sight of a naked man groaning through an orgasmic eruption as SHE fucked HIM would most surely be the hottest thing she would ever witness.

And thus began weeks of frustration for Taryn.

Teaching at the city university meant she was — literally — surrounded by young, virile men. Even subtracting from the availability pool the students in her classes and any that she might have in her classes or in any other way interact with in her role as an instructor, there were lots of young, single guys all around her.

And then, even subtracting the percentage of the male student body that held little attraction for her because, for whatever reason, they just didn’t spark any interest, there were still HUNDREDS of young studs on campus she could imagine naked, with hard cocks, panting in their desperation that she keep on fucking their beautiful asses.

This was now something Taryn added to her imaginary couplings with college guys that became frequent after she accepted the natural rightness of thinking about naked men. It wasn’t like her normal life stopped — she was still a productive professor, a good friend in her group of girlfriends, a daughter and a book-reader and a gym-goer and a woman who liked to experiment with new recipes. But whether it was daydreaming for a moment as she gazed out her office window to take a break from grading exams and seeing a group of guys tossing a frisbie, or because she was walking behind a group of male students on their way to their next class, Taryn let her imagination Maltepe Gecelik Escort melt the clothes from the men’s bodies in order to see their sexy butts and cocks.

In order to see the luscious, rounded, muscular asscheeks she would love to fondle, grip, and then spread apart, inching the tip of her strapon closer and closer to their sexy, crinkled openings.

It was something she could not allow herself to think about for more than a few seconds at a time while at work.

It was just so damned distracting!

But in her alone time, when she was unfettered from keeping one foot firmly in reality, she pulled her vibrator from the nightstand next to her bed and pressed the satisfying buzz against the side of her slickened clit while she imagined Cory, his pretty blue eyes gazing into hers with a sexual urgency that demanded she fuck him deeper, harder, longer.

Or Joe.

Or Leland.

Or Anthony.

Or geek guy, or fireman guy, or business guy, or athlete guy, or _______.

Toss in maybe two or three professors she sometimes saw at the gym and whose bodies (what she could see of them) indicated they’d probably look quite nice naked and erect, and . . . well, Taryn felt like the character set adrift on a raft in the ocean: “Water, water all around, and not a drop to drink!”

Yes, she was dating. Yes, she usually went out at least once each weekend. That wasn’t the problem. And, yes, she still wanted lovely, missionary, satisfying sex with the guy’s cock deep in her pussy, her legs wrapped around his waist, urging them both on to satisfying climaxes.

And she still fantasized about that, too, and she still loved to think about finding a nice guy, a good man whom she could marry, who would care for her, who would like it and appreciate it when she cooked for him, who would share holidays and birthdays and vacations, and who would become a lover, a husband, a life mate.

The problem was pursuing an interesting potential guy long enough to have the “what I like sexually” conversation after a few couplings to ensure she would continue to find him compatible and interesting both in and out of bed. The one dating relationship reaching that stage for Taryn after her discovery of, and subsequent lust for, a male ass-fucking encounter ended before she could broach the subject.

In case it turned out he had been willing, Taryn had weeks earlier purchased a strapon dildo and harness. She donned them every now and then, modeling for herself in front of the bathroom mirror. She tested her movements, trying to get closer to the hip motions of practiced fuckers and the rhythms that came so easily to men when they screwed their partners or to the few women in the decent man-fucking videos she’d found who could emulate that sexy, thrusting, piston-like motion that drove their strapon cocks into their men’s lubricated assholes.

And, on a visit to amazon, Taryn found a device that appealed to both the pegger-to-be and the engineer in her. It was a male masturbation toy — one of those silly-looking stand-ins for a woman’s vagina (and, she found, buyers could get stand-ins that were molded to imitate the crinkly opening of the human anus) — but the silicone sleeve was housed in a tube, the end of which was fastened to a clever vacuum suction cup.

The engineering of the mechanism was simple but effective: a guy could vacuum-lock the contraption to the shower wall, for instance, at the proper height, then set the angle of the fake pussy or asshole just right with a rotating and lockable ratchet gear. He then had a perfectly positioned, serviceable orifice into which he could stroke his cock as he imagined pumping into a real woman (or man).

Intrigued, Taryn studied the device’s pictures and descriptions. She read the user reviews. She watched the video demonstrating its use (enjoying the inevitable tingle in her pussy as the demonstration model’s naked butt pumped into the toy).

It would be a perfect way to practice strapon fucking.

She ordered the toy and, to her delight, discovered its design allowed her to find inventive locations around her loft where a smooth, non-porous surface to which the suction cup would attach securely allowed its use. This, Taryn discovered, was important. Though the shower wall worked wonderfully, it was immediately apparent that the physics of the location meant it was good for practicing only what would be stand-up strapon fucking — there was no way to lean forward as she stroked into the toy in order to practice the movements she would make with a guy on his back, leaning over him as she kissed him, for instance, while she fucked him.

Stalking through her loft, her gaze lit on a metal file cabinet, two drawers high. It was perfect! She attached the toy to the side of the cabinet, then leaned over it as she practiced the movements for screwing a guy in the ass as he bent over the arm of her sofa. (Scientist-engineer that she was, Taryn had measured the Maltepe Genç Escort height of both the cabinet and her sofa.)

At that point, it was easy to imagine Cory or Joe or geek guy or athlete guy as the man she was stroking her strapon cock into while she played out the scenario in her mind, actually making the motions, plunging her strapon into the inventive toy, practicing the moves and the subtle positionings she discovered were so important to get the angle just right or to avoid cramping a muscle, or to-

Good grief! It took a lot of stamina to do this! It took a lot of concentration, Taryn discovered. She had to keep track of a lot of stuff at the same time in order to make all the right moves at the proper pace and in a way that meant she could keep doing it all long enough so 1) she wouldn’t tire and have to stop before 2) her guy had a reasonable amount of being-fucked time to reach a climax, and 3) she herself could concentrate on the sexy scenario and not be distracted by the other stuff to the point that it interfered with her own orgasm.

The first time she’d gotten everything positioned just right and checked to ensure she and the toy were at the right height and angle, Taryn eagerly settled in to test drive the set-up. The first guy she would fuck in her imagination would be Darrian (again, if you believed the caption on the Internet picture), a really cute guy with a buffed body and a pretty smile who had the most gorgeous ass.

She would stroke her strapon in and out of the toy’s snug, flesh-like opening, but in her mind she was leaning over Darrian’s imaginary back as he was bent over the arm of her sofa. She would fuck him in the ass as her breasts and nipples pressed into his back. She’d whisper into his ear sexy, dirty talk about how much he was turning her on by taking her strapon deep into his cute little asshole and listen to his excited moans in response as she-

Shit! She just backed out a bit too far on the out-stroke. Her dildo was therefore angled incorrectly for the in-stroke, and she was fucking air instead of Darrian’s ass.

Thank goodness this was practice time and not real-guy time!

It took a while in that first session to become even reasonably proficient enough to call Darrian back into her imagination and finally finish the fuck.

Having weeks earlier accepted the scientific, physiological, psychological truth as proven in multiple research studies that it was her natural role to look at and lust after naked guys, enjoying the sight of their hard cocks and firm butts, and knowing her pussy was _supposed_ to moisten when she saw them masturbating or doing any of the other things researchers had proven were exciting visuals for women, Taryn’s fantasy-fucks now had her saying and doing things she had NEVER done with any guy.

Her dates in real life were with handsome, witty, intelligent men because that’s what she liked and because her own good looks and intelligence meant it was easy to attract the same caliber partner. It was natural that her fantasy interactions would also be with witty, intelligent guys, but now the freedom she allowed herself to find pictures of handsome men who also happened to be totally naked and sporting erections meant she could fantasize about intelligence and wit packaged with a six-pack, a taut butt, sexy shoulders, and a luscious 7-inch cock.

Darrian in real life might have been dumb as a box of rocks, but fantasy-Darrian was guaranteed to be a charming, literate, well-traveled gentleman who also just happened to be eager to get fucked in the ass. With such an imaginary guy, Taryn let her inner minx come out to play, secure in the fantasy scenario that anything her libido might prompt in words or deeds would be a success.

With those odds, Taryn freed herself to say and do anything, knowing Darrian or Cory or geek guy would find her irresistibly sexy.

Before reading _What Do Women Want?_, she hadn’t even THOUGHT of many of the things that were now part of her fantasies.

But it was all part of why the fantasies were so satisfying — nothing but handsome, sexy men who were invariably turned on by her and everything she said and did to them.

They were always clever and considerate. And they were always willing to masturbate for her, or plunge their tongues in her ass, or bend over and take her strapon, or lean across her lap for a playful spanking followed by a soothing massage with lotion that always led to one or more of her fingers slipping inside their assholes in the process, or . . .

So she knew Darrian was going to turn her on immensely. She knew he would absolutely adore getting fucked in the ass.

And now, thanks to her new toy, she’d be making the motions in real life that would be happening in her imagination as she slid her strapon dildo in and out of Darrian’s delectable ass.

It quickly became one hell of a satisfying sexual fantasy:

Darrian-with-the-fantastic-ass was at her loft after a nice meal at one of her favorite restaurants. The dinner fare had been tasty and satisfying — just as she knew Darrian would be.

“Thank you for the beautiful evening out,” Taryn said in her fantasy as she pulled a bottle of wine from the rack in her pantry. “I really like that restaurant, don’t you?”

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