Woman’s Best Friend – Crucifixion

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Woman’s Best Friend – Crucifixion
Chapter 5

Seyla tears through the tangled dark woods: naked, save the ill fitting pair of shoes she found as she crept silently through the barn. Sweat drips through the dirt and leaves clinging to her blonde hair. She hears her pursuers crashing through the brush behind her, “Maybe seven minutes behind now.” She guesses, as she pours on speed, carelessly crushing the forest floor in her terror fueled escape.

Suddenly she realizes her mistake, “Too obvious and he’ll know.” She warns internally, seemingly oblivious to the whips and lashes of saplings, vines and small branches slapping her bare skin as she runs. In truth, the tiny assaults on her body are insanely arousing. Little cuts and slaps leaving small trickles of blood: the call of the motherfucking wild, making rough, painful passage for one denied her armor.

“Wasn’t enough time.” She thinks, breathless and humming with adrenaline fueled panic, while her body instinctively carries out this mad escape. Hand dimming the flashlight she stole, she jumps downed limbs and ducks low branches, moving quickly, yet careful to leave a smaller trail. Body following it’s task, her mind races, jaggedly processing her situation.

One hundred and fifty five minutes ago, Seyla was still tied to a cross in the barn: not kinky and spread eagle for Saint Andrew, getting whipped, spanked, teased and soaking the floor as she might have enjoyed. That part turned out useful as she was able to hide the compass she swiped in her treasure cave for two days. “I’d be fucked without it.” She thinks in manic pride, pouring her victorious energy into running.


The cross is a crucifixion style and Seyla’s torture on it lasted for days. Grabbed from behind in a parking lot and hooded, while loading shopping bags in her suv, Seyla felt the prick of a needle, then black.

Awaking with the stiff ache of hours spent in one position, she found herself naked, hooded and bound in what felt like rope. Her body from the neck down was completely numb

Heart sinking with cold recognition, “I’ve been tied for hours.”, it dawned on her the location was likely remote. Still hooded and sitting upright, she realized she was strapped to the side wall of a moving vehicle, “Feels like a van.” she thought frantically. Maybe half an hour later, as they pulled to a stop, the engine turned off and she heard only silence. The van rocked as her captor got out. She heard the side door slide open and felt hands loosening the straps holding her in place.

Grabbing her bound arm and pulling her out the side door, her hood was removed to reveal her captor in a mask. All she could discern for certain, he was a man. Shifting focus, she took a long look at the farmhouse, yard and woods as he pulled her along silently, hobbling in her bonds to the barn, a hundred yards or so from the house. Ill-equipped to escape and navigate the remote terrain, she chose silent, fearful, obedience.

Abysmal darkness greeted her as he pulled her into the massive barn and shut the door behind them. In the eerie blackness, Seyla felt hands pulling at the bonds around her calves and knees. As the rope began to loosen it’s bite, she felt stinging agony and slight relief at the rush of blood through her lower legs. A slight whimper escaped her lips and she felt a hard slap across her face. Legs useless and buckling beneath her, she collided fully with the dirt floor.

Silent tears slid down her cheeks as he d**g her by her bonds through the dirt. Roughly, she felt herself lifted and set on a wooden chair as he continued untying her legs. The sting of the slap and ringing impact with the floor steadily reminded her to keep silent, as her mind desperately fought the panicked urge to scream or run. “What is this? What’s he going to do to me? Oh Fuck! I have to get out of here.”

Drowning in horrific imagination, Seyla suddenly realized, his hands weren’t touching her anymore. Free from the thighs down, she tentatively flexed her muscles, waiting for a slap in the pitch black. None came. She moved her legs a little more, her skin in stinging agitation.

For several minutes she sat in silence, gently flexing and moving her legs, no longer held in rope’s constricting embrace. Upper body and waist still tightly bound, arms fixed securely at her sides, she dared not move her upper half. Though he seemed to allow her leg movement, she couldn’t risk another slap to the ground. “I still have a fucking headache.”, her internal monologue in the dark.

As she sat, grateful for the respite, a little cold and fully aware she had no options yet, she heard a click. A light positioned interrogation style, flicked on above her. Like a solar flare, it flooded her eyes with pure white. She squinted tightly as tears slid from her blind eyes, down her dirt streaked face. Their tickle was maddening on her raw skin but she was helpless to stop it.

Focusing her frustration, Seyla worked on adjusting to the light. “If I can see now, I can help myself later.”, she soothed herself till she slowly began to see her surroundings. There was unfortunately, little to see. The barn was at least 3 stories tall and very wide, her impression from the hobble in.

“I’m probably right in the fucking middle.”, she moaned inside. All she could see was her body, the chair and maybe a ten foot circle of black dirt. While contemplating turning her head just a little, she heard his footsteps coming towards her. Deathly still, she waited, ice churning in her belly as her head rang, “What comes next?”

She felt his approach directly behind her and shivered helplessly. “This is it. Oh my god.”, outward tears reflecting her inner fear, tormenting streams she suddenly no longer noticed. Rough gloved hands rested heavy on her naked shoulders. She felt a stillness, like the eye of a storm. Her shivering stopped and finally, he spoke: a low pitched voice modifier slowly stroking her terror.

“Bitch, I am Master. Pleasing Master is your life. If you want to live, please Master.” Absorbing his message, she remained perfectly quiet, as this was the only lesson he’d taught her. “Playing along is the only play.”, her instincts spoke inside.

“Good bitch. Smart bitch.”, he tousled the top of her head with one gloved hand, sort of scratching behind her ear. Though bizarre and bit humiliating, it felt oddly calming to Seyla.

“You may answer me bitch, by barking: once to say yes Master. Twice for no Master. Do you understand bitch?”

“Rrraaarrkk!”, Seyla attempted to appease him. “Gooood bitch. Smart bitch.” He petted her head this time, stroking gently down her hair with his rough textured glove. Again, she felt a bizarre comfort underneath the horror of her predicament, as his hand stroked her head, his low growling voice expressing approval.

A moment later, he removed his hand and walked into the darkness, behind and to her right. His footsteps carried for a moment, then silence. In that silence her mind was explosively loud. “Oh god, what is this? Where is he going? Fuck. What’s gonna happen to me? Gotta stay calm. Gotta do what he wants till I can find a way out. Jesus fuck! What is this?”, tormented circles of thought assaulting her in the silence, her shivering returned.

Staving off madness, she finally heard noise from his direction: an eerie dragging sound mixed with exerted breath through the voice modifier. Her imagination locked to the one possibility she found the most disturbing, “It’s the body of the last girl. He’s going to make me look. Oh fuck, please no!” As the sound drew nearer, she desperately wanted to shut her eyes. She steeled her will, hoping not to react incorrectly to the grizzly vision being d**g towards her.

As his black clad body came into view, she saw a rope slung over his shoulder, clearly dragging a heavy weight. Shortly, the light revealed him pulling a large box, at least six feet tall and maybe three feet wide with a black, smooth reflective surface. It looked very much like a coffin, except for the flat top. Seyla’s heart froze as she waited for him to lift the lid and show her the dead girl.

Her captor pulled the box well into the light, then stopped and untied the hauling rope. Coiling it neatly around his arm, he stared at her, absorbing her expressions. Eyes lowered but in his direction, she tried to remain humbly passive, though tears were now tickling her cheeks again. Rope secured, he walked back into the darkness for a moment as she tried desperately not to see the box.

Returning from the black, he walked directly to the box and placed his hand on the lid as he watched her. Slowly, he began to raise it. Seyla’s stomach rolled. Fighting the urge to vomit, she kept her eyes where he wanted them, as tears streamed heavily down her face. “Oh god. Please no.”, she thought as the lid lifted higher and higher.

Relief washed over her as she realized the box was empty of human occupants. It was just a box, yet ornate and quite beautiful. Lined inside with thick cushioned, black, velvety material, it looked expensive and well made. Relief at not seeing her desiccated predecessor was soon replaced with worry, “What’s it for then? Is he putting me in there? Christ! Is he going to suffocate me?” Panic stabbed her deeply. Suffocation terrified her. Her eyes went wide at the thought as she struggled to maintain some silent sanity, staring down at her worst fear.

He watched her a while, saying nothing, feeding on her internal struggle as she tried desperately to hide it. Finally, he walked behind her and she felt his hands at the rope again. With each loosening of the bonds on her upper body, she felt increasing panic. “I don’t want to go in there. Please don’t make me go in there!”, she thought, her pleading eyes glazing canlı bahis şirketleri in terror.

Swiftly, he worked through the knots holding her captive, causing a stinging release as one thousand tiny shivs of pain moved across her limbs and torso. Seyla felt her natural reaction to this sensation. Terrified though she was, it went straight to her cunt and nipples, wetting and tickling her, despite the terror of her circumstance. For a moment, she allowed herself to feel her body, in tandem with her fear.

End of the rope sliding across her skin, Seyla accepted it’s final kiss as the flood of terror regained her thought fully. Again, she heard the sound as he coiled the rope, still standing behind her. “Whatever else he is, he seems to be tidy.”, she clocked this as something to remember while his footsteps faded behind her. Experiencing pain had bolstered her mind, allowing her a smidge of critical thought, but the box still loomed in front of her, open and waiting.

“My legs are ready to run. If I get a chance, I have to try. I’m not going to die like this.”, she worked up her courage, waiting for him to return. Finally, he walked again into the light and faced her. Pointing to the box he said,”This is your place bitch. Are you ready to go to your place?” Desperately clinging to the his one moment of tenderness, she decided to try his mercy.

“Aaarrrrfff! Aaarrrrfff!”, she responded, looking humbly below his eyes.

“Are you sure of your answer bitch?” He demanded in his demon growl.

She could not read his expression through the mask but she felt danger seething off of him. She amended her answer, “Aaarrrrfff!”, knowing she had no intention of going in willingly. Now was her only chance. “That’s better. Go to your place bitch.”

Seyla stood slowly from the chair, body quivering, breath quick and shallow. Pretending to stumble, she dropped to the ground and grabbed the chair, throwing it directly at him as she fled the opposite direction, towards the black. She heard a collision but dared not look back. She made four running steps before feeling a bite in her back. Every muscle in her body seized in agony as she fell fully onto her front, shaking and flailing from a tazer shot to her back.

Walking calmly towards her spasming body, he reached down, holding a needle near her neck. “Let this be your first lesson bitch. Never run from Master.” Sliding the needle into her neck, Seyla’s world went thankfully dark for a while.


Chapter 6

Awaking slowly, Seyla felt agony in every part of her body. Slowly blinking her eyes open, she could see the same patch of light, another chair in the same place, but now she was looking down at it. Her arms and legs were tied again but this was not the worst of it. Her lungs felt compressed and difficult to expand. This realization snapped her quickly to panicked reality.

Looking down and to her sides, she realized she was tied to a rough wooden cross, arms stretched out across the top beam, knees slightly bent, ankles bound above a small block jutting from the wood, on which her feet rested. Deeply terrified by her own struggle to breathe, she pushed up on the block with her legs and sucked for air in quick panicked gasps.

Dizzying waves washed over her brain as her rapid chuffing threatened to take her consciousness. Recognizing the peril of passing out again, she worked to slow and calm herself. She felt little hope of surviving in that moment but her will to try was still strong. Closing her eyes, she worked on calming her mind: taking in what breath she could on shaking legs, accepting the smaller draughts she could inhale as her legs rested, sending the weight to her arms

With this shakey system in place, she began to look around her. Small cracks of daylight seeped into the barn, allowing her a little more vision than last night. The door he’d brought her in through was far to her left now. Near it, she could make the outline of shelves. Something metallic there glinted a little in the dim light. Locking it into memory, she scanned the rest of the room. Most of the barn was shrouded in murky darkness, but she continued to search for anything that could help her later.

Time droned on as she waited in the silence, alternating the torture between her arms, legs and lungs. The agony passed through her helpless body causing familiar feelings of lust and need. Her cunt began to drip and trickle the sensation inside her. At first, this caused her heavy frustration: her body betraying her, accepting this awful plight as pleasure. Boredom and sensation eventually won her over, as she focused more on the transmutation going on inside, testing to see if she could cum from the pain alone. There was nothing else she could do at the moment.

Finally, she heard steps approaching the barn. Door opening, she took a quick look at the metallic object on the shelf. Her heart sank as she realized it was a small round disk, not a weapon of any sort. Her captor walked silently through the door and closed it behind him. Body quivering now, in both exhaustion and fearful anticipation, her breath quickened. The mental purchase she’d gained began to slip as he approached her, still fully clad and masked in all black.

Standing before her, he took her in silently, looking her up and down. Finally he spoke, voice still filtered with the low growl of his modifier. “Are you ready to please Master now?” Seyla gulped a massive lump down her throat. She still couldn’t fathom stepping inside her own coffin, but he’d already begun to take her air. At least in the box there would be less pain. She croaked out her reply as best she could. “Aaarrrrfff.”, she responded weakly.

“Good bitch. You’re learning. You’ve made quite a mess down there.” He stated, pointing to her wet cunt. As she looked towards the ground she realized she had relieved herself in her sleep. Instantly embarrassed, her face would have turned red were it not already carrying that hue. “Going to have to clean you up before putting you in your place. I’m going to take you down now. Remember what happens when you run bitch. I’d suggest not trying that again.”

“Rrraaarrkk.” Seyla croaked, hoping to garner some favor. She was in no shape to run at this point and he knew it, but she felt the gesture might help ease her suffering. “Good bitch. Smart bitch.”, he responded, as he walked behind her. After a series of clicks, she felt the cross begin to recline backwards. With each click she felt the weight shifting off her legs and arms, giving her an enormous sense of relief she felt deep in her body. Arousal inserted itself inside her again as the waves of pain washed over and out from her.

Fully reclined and flat on her back against the wood, she felt his hands at the knots on her wrist. Remaining still and quiet, she felt slow relief, as he loosed her, rolling her to her side on the flat wooden surface against which the cross now lay. He stepped away for a moment as she lay there, feeling the agony and release, completely thankful for the simple right to breathe. Returning to her side, he sat her up and supported her weight, placing a bottled water in her hand. Struggling with the cap, he took it from her, opened it and pressed it to her lips. She drank deeply, greedily, despite her sapped condition, coating her parched throat with cool relief.

As she drank, she felt him slide a leather collar around her neck, buckling it snugly. Humiliation far beyond her now, she was simply relieved that it did not choke or constrict her air. Stepping back, he allowed her several minutes to sit on the wooden table, next to the cross she had hung from, watching her. Then, he approached her again, clipping a lead to her collar. “It’s time for your bath bitch. Come.”, he growled, snapping the leash once. Seyla slid painfully from the table and tried to stand. Her legs quickly buckled as she fell to the floor. Cringing in fear, she waited for a strike as she struggled to get up.

“Stay on your fours bitch. Come.” He snapped the leash and tugged her forward. Tears now dripping from her eyes again, she crawled through the dirt attempting to keep up with him. As he led her out the barn door, her eyes were assaulted with daylight. For a moment, she could only follow blindly, crawling across gravel until she felt soft grass beneath her. He walked her around the back side of the barn to a water spigot fit with a hose.

He pointed to a dirty rug near the spigot and commanded, “Sit.” She crawled to the rug and sat. Realizing this may well be the next mind fuck, she gathered her courage and braced herself. He dropped her lead and turned his back on her as he walked over to pick up the hose. For a moment, she felt the desperate urge to run again, but wisely held herself in place.

Returning to the spigot, he lifted the handle and commanded, “On your fours bitch.” She complied as he began spraying her with water. It was ice cold at first and she struggled not to cry out. He started below her neck soaking her body. She shivered and watched as layers of dirt began to run down her body into the filthy rug.

Adjusting to the temperature, she began to enjoy the feeling of the water cleaning her, though she dared not show him. As her body slightly relaxed, he turned the flow towards her still greedy cunt and ass. The spray began to tease and tempt her pain swollen pussy, causing uncontrollable feelings to wash over her. Humiliation and embarrassment resurfaced as she fought the urge to cum in front of him. Her mind was blasted with emotions she both loved and hated as he worked the surface of her sex. Relentless in his taunting, Seyla finally resigned to doing it quietly. Maybe he wouldn’t notice.

Wave after wave of pleasure rolled through her canlı kaçak bahis as he watched her trying to hide it, trying to be still and silent. Biting her lips shut and closing her eyes, she held in every moan and gasp, waiting for this bizarre dance to end, secretly wishing to feel it again and again. Finally, he turned his attention away from her pussy to her head.

Setting down the hose, he walked to the front of her with a pitcher. Filling it with water he began pouring it over her head, rubbing her hair down with his rough gloves. The sensation was incredible, more powerful than the orgasms she’d just experienced. He talked gently as he rubbed down her hair and face, working behind her ears. “Good bitch. Smart bitch. Pleasing Master is pleasing yourself. Do you see?”, he asked in his low, horror show tone.

“Rrraaarrrff.” Seyla responded without thinking. It was maddening, flailing between his extremes: deranged and hateful one moment, gentle and caring the next. The contradictions threatened to unhinge her as she allowed him to pet and clean her. When he finally put the pitcher down and walked to turn off the hose, she felt sad it was over. “This is so fucking sick.”, she chastised herself inside. “What the fuck is wrong with me? I need to get out of here.” He grabbed a dry towel and began to wipe her down, not gentle, not rough, just matter of fact.

Fully dried, he picked up her lead and commanded, “On your twos bitch.” She did as commanded, standing stiffly on her sore legs. He headed her back towards the barn, trailing just behind him. She walked exhausted back inside, towards the darkness and the coffin. On her way in, she quickly glanced at the round metal object on the shelf and realized, it might have some value after all.

Closing the door behind them, he led her back to the far corner: the chair, the light, the cross and the box. Seyla knew this time, she was going to comply. She needed sleep and rest so badly. Her only choice was to trust that he didn’t plan to kill her right away. It was the only hope she could find to cling to as he pointed to the box and said, “In your place bitch.”

Voice cracking, she let out her fearful response, “Aaarrrrfff.”, and walked towards the box. He lifted the lid for her as she stared down her darkest nightmare. Looking inside, she noticed some food bars and a bottled water tucked in beside the plush cushioned headrest. Perhaps there was a reason to hope. “Wipe your paws before you get inside bitch.”, He commanded, handing her a towel. “Rrraaarrrff.”, she responded, again without thinking, as she wiped each foot before placing it inside.


Chapter 7

Laying down, she realized she had more room than expected, a small relief to her growing panic. The material was the first kind touch on her skin since he’d k**napped her. It felt exquisite, despite the voracious fear gnawing in her belly. Laying on her back, she looked up to see his gaze, eating her every reaction. Tears now sliding down her cheeks, she was thankful she had hands to wipe them with this time. Pleading with her eyes, she felt no response from his shrouded face. He handed her a folded blanket and wordlessly closed the lid.

She closed her eyes with the lid and began to sob silently. “How long do I have?”, she wondered in deep sorrow. “Who will take care of Mandy?” This thought threatened to break her as she imagined her shepherd starving to death, alone in the house. “I can’t let him kill me like this.” She wanted to scream and bang on the lid, demand and beg him to let her go, but she knew what that would get her. Instead, she kept her eyes shut tight, wrapped herself in the blanket and fell asleep, tears still leaking down her face.

Awaking some time later to the sound of the barn door, she finally opened her eyes. She noticed small, circular patches of grainy light coming through different points in the front side of the box. “It’s ventilated. Jesus.” Her relief was immeasurable but short lived. Her captor opened the lid and spoke, “Wake up bitch. Time for your training.”

She sat up timidly, holding the blanket around herself. “What the fuck is training?”, she wondered. “Christ. I want to go home.” Tears blurred her vision as he took the blanket from her and commanded, “Out bitch. On your fours.” She complied, climbing out of the box and waiting on her hands and knees in the dirt. He clipped a lead to her collar and tugged. ” Come. Don’t want you messing on the floor again.”

She crawled behind him out the barn door and into the yard. The sun was still up but heading towards dusk. He led her around the side yard to the grass and stopped. “Make your business bitch. Be quick about it.” Horrified and red faced, she let out her lone reply, “Aaarrrrfff.” and hoped she would be able relieve herself. Her water came mercifully quick but she was not so sure she could take a shit like this, in front of him and on the ground, like the dog he’d made her.

In desperate effort she squatted as best she could and tried to push something out. It was much less difficult than she imagined, but just as humiliating as she’d expected. Waste poured from her ass like water as he watched it all behind his mask. After several squirts it seemed she was empty. “Good bitch, very good.”, he spoke as he led her several paces from her mess. He walked behind her and began wiping her ass, legs and pussy with a rough wet cloth. Despite the degradation being heaped upon her, she felt oddly comforted by this care and attention.

Wiped clean, he picked up her lead and said, “Come bitch. Time to please Master.” Without hesitation, Seyla replied, “Rrraaarrrff.”, and began her crawl to the barn. Fear wrapped it’s icy grip on her belly as she contemplated what ‘training’ and ‘pleasing’ might entail. Nearing the barn door, she looked longingly towards the woods surrounding the property. She noticed the dirt road leading to the house, curved west of the barn and locked this into memory as he led her inside.

Sick with worry, Seyla followed blindly as her mind raced. She was terribly concerned with Mandy at the moment. By now she would hungry and very confused. “At least there’s plenty of water out, plus the toilet bowls.”, she thought, trying to ease her despair. Thoughts of Mandy’s well being made her realize she was hungry too. “I should’ve eaten those bars instead of balling like a baby. Damnit! Gotta start thinking ahead.”

“Sit bitch.”

His voice snapped her from her whirling thoughts. He was pointing to a dusty rug next to the chair. He unclipped her lead as she answered, “Rrraaarrkk.”, and crawled to her place. As she sat, she noticed the two bars and the bottled water from her, “Crate.”, her mind spoke up. This thought turned her stomach a bit, but it felt true now. It was her only safe space.

“Eat bitch. You will need it.”, he commanded.

“Rrraaarrrff.”, her response, as she opened the first bar without looking. She was damn hungry. Biting in, she tasted her favorite flavor, strawberry. In less than a minute she had finished up the bar and commenced drinking the water. Ripping open bar two, she tasted chocolate, also good. She ate a little more slowly this time realizing suddenly that training still loomed ahead.

Second bar finished, she drank a little more water, then looked up. He’d been staring the whole time. She couldn’t be sure, but it almost seemed he was smiling under that mask. Lowering her eyes,she waited as he turned and walked toward the plywood table and that evil fucking cross.

“Come bitch. On your twos.”, he commanded. A whimper nearly escaped her lips as she stood, quivering slightly. “Aaarrrrkkk.”, she replied weakly, as she walked towards him. Standing before him, he scooped her up and set her on the table. “On your cross.”, he commanded. Fully shivering now, Seyla lay out on the beams. Her breath became quick and shallow.

Approaching her with the rope, he suddenly lay it on the table and said, “Settle bitch.”, as he lay his rough gloved hands on her chest and pressed a bit. His strong energy seemed to seep into her bones. As her quaking slowed and her breath came easier, she felt torn in two: the dichotomy he inflicted on her was challenging her to the core.

She hated him and what he was doing to her, but he made her crave things she had never thought to need. Physically, if not mentally calmer Seyla stared at the invisible ceiling as he grabbed a coil of rope and started on her wrist. In a half hour’s time, she was bound and he now stood behind her at the crank. *Click. Click. Click. Click.* As the cross started to lift from the table, Seyla’s heart began to race, pounding out the rhythm of her rising torment. “Keep your head.”, she tried to warn herself, but she was not ready for this.

The cross clicked into it’s full, upright position. She watched as he engaged several locks with the base. He stepped back looking up at her and said, “Time begins now bitch. Four hours.” Tears began to fall as she pressed on the block with her feet, watching him walk out of the light. Moments later, she heard a click and all was black. Night had fallen, and Seyla’s mind fell with it.

Everything she cared for and all she’d hated: the moments of her life assaulted her as her primal need to breathe, literally hung in a balance. Mandy’s well being was her deepest sorrow, but she had thoughts of Ned as well. She was falling in love with him, not ready to let go. Even Ralph made an appearance, “I never got to set that motherfucker straight.”, she fumed during one of her leg presses. “I hope Ned still carries it out for me.”

For hours her mind flailed in the darkness until slowly, the reality of suffocation became her sole concern. Resting on the ripped muscle of her arms, she took her shallow gasps bahis siteleri canlı like precious water in the desert. Her mind swum dimly on these down takes, but she had to try to reserve her legs. Stretched beyond her fear, her existence was now a system of pressing and releasing. Nothing much existed beyond that system.

When she heard his footsteps near the barn door, she found herself grateful. Approaching the circle of light, he looked her over. Walking behind, he rummaged through something, then inspected the back of her with a flashlight, growling out, “Good bitch. Smart bitch. You’re learning. Training is done for now.” *Click. Click. Click.* Never had she heard a more satisfying sound as the cross began to recline and her weight began to shift.


Chapter 7

He took her through the same routine, clipping the lead to her collar and leading her out to the hose. This time there was a large plastic tub of water set next to the spigot. Pointing to the tub he commanded, “In bitch. On your back.” Meekly replying, “Aaarrrrfff.”, she stepped into the tub, hoping the mild night air would help her tolerate the ice cold water. Surprisingly, it was hot. She lay on her back and let the water soothe her tortured body as he rubbed down her breasts, belly, arms and thighs, with his rough gloved touch.

“On your fours.” He commanded. Gingerly, she turned herself over and he began to rub down her neck, back and ass. Despite the texture of his grip, the sensation on her body was indescribable. She felt her pussy swelling, nipples tingling, as he worked his way down her body. This time, she did not feel torn for her reaction. She simply accepted it and allowed herself to absorb.

When he was done, he directed her onto the rug and toweled her down. Clipping the lead he commanded, “Come bitch. On your twos.” Seyla responded, “Aaarrrrfff.” Suddenly, she thought of an opportunity. Walking into the barn she kept pace behind him, deftly swiping the disk as she passed by the shelf. Pretending her legs gave way, she fell on her face arms tucked underneath, furiously shoving the compass in her tiny hole. As he turned to help her she quickly sat up pressing it further inside with her heel.

Hoping it was hidden well, she was taken aback as he scooped her up and carried her to the box. Standing her in front of it, he began to towel off the dirt on her front. A moment of panic hit her as her ordered, “Spread.”, and tapped her thighs. Squeezing inside, she spread her legs as he toweled off the dirt.

Finished dusting her, he stared at her a moment, then gestured toward the box. “In your place.” She quickly closed her legs, wiped her feet and stepped carefully inside. Laying down, she noticed two more bars and a bottle of water. Taking a huge risk, she looked into his eyes and said, “Thank you Master.”. He stared for a moment, nodded at her, then closed her inside.

Lid closed, she waited for his footsteps to fade, the click of the light, then darkness. Quickly, she took two fingers and pressed the compass deep inside. Pulling out her fingers, she put them in her mouth and tasted herself. Stronger than usual, but the flavor was a comfort. She opened one of her bars and began to contemplate.


The pattern seemed to repeat though she couldn’t be sure the intervals. Wake, waste, eat, cross, bathe, eat, sleep: for days he kept her in this cycle. For days Seyla faced her most powerful love and deepest hate, stretched on those rough wooden beams. He captor was an enigma she had grown a twisted need for, but she’d finally decided to try for a way out.

Never had she heard manipulation on the lid. It was most likely unlocked. No doubt he had some other system in place but she knew she could most likely escape the box. Sleep cycle was her ticket out, but she couldn’t leave right away. Carefully, repeating her plan she waited in her crate for over and hour, giving her muscles time to restore themselves. When she felt more ready she slowly opened the lid of her crate.

It was night time, nearing her fifth day of captivity as she crept silently out of her box. Not yet heading for the door, she went instead to the plywood table on which the cross rested. Feeling around it in the dark she touched a shelf, quietly examining it until she found the flashlight she figured he was keeping there. “Tidy men can be counted on to be tidy!”, she heard the giddy thought in her head and realized she was absolutely terrified. “Fuck. Keep it together Lala.”, she told herself, conjuring up her c***dhood nickname.

Holding the flashlight in her teeth she squatted and squeezed out her pussy treasure. Wiping the compass on her own skin she tried to dry it, finally licking the plastic top clean. “A bit ripe but it tastes like freedom!”, she thought in manic glee. Stepping back and feeling for the table, her foot brushed something under the shelves.

Setting her items on the floor, she placed a foot on them and reached under the shelves. It was an old pair of men’s tennis shoes, dusty and quite crushed. Shoving her foot in quickly she realized there was a layer of dirt inside but she had no time to be neat. Sliding her feet in easily she tied them as tight as she could. Picking up her compass and flashlight she made her way from the table, to her crate, and from there, directly to the barn door.

Taking a few quick deep breaths, she slipped through the door and around the blind side of the barn. The moon was not bright enough to reveal her compass so she gripped the flashlight by the end, hooding its beam and clicked it on. Looking at her compass, she found west and began a low slow run from the field to the woods. For a few minutes she thought she might have slipped away, until she heard the barking of dogs behind her. “Master is coming for me.”, she thought eerily, as she tore west in a panic.


Chapter 8

Seyla races west leaving less and less of a trail behind her. Her mind is now utterly focused on getting away. Her lead is no more than six minutes now as she makes a critical choice. Stopping for a moment, she turns and runs back the way she came: thirty, forty, fifty feet she runs towards him. Finally she sees the little spot she clocked running west. Moving fast on her back trail, she takes a running leap and jumps directly north of her path up a small embankment. Grabbing onto a strong sapling near the edge, she pulls herself up and heads northwest.

Running for minutes on the higher plane, she sees a large open field that runs into a fence, with a house maybe two hundred yards beyond it. She pauses in the edge of the tree line debating, “Do I run in the open, or take more time and follow the tree line?” Only faint sounds greet her from the south. She makes up her mind and starts running, directly through the field towards the fence.

As the house comes closer and closer into view she feels herself energized. “I’m going to get out of here. I’m going to make it!”, she tells herself victoriously. Passing the two thirds mark of the field, she catches low movement to her left, pacing, angling towards her through the field. ” Oh my god.”, her panic soars as she sees the dog moving in on her. Pushing forward with all her strength she aims for the fence. Closer and closer, the dog closes in.

In a burst of panic she leaps at the approaching fence. **Wham!** She feels a furry body knock her to the ground just short of the fence. Cowering on the ground in a ball, she tries to protect her belly as she waits for the snap of teeth. Instead she feels a licking on her hands protecting her face. She peeks through her fingers and sees, “Mandy! Oh baby, I missed you!”. She sits up and starts breathlessly petting her shepherd. “You got me really good girl.”, wincing her words she pets and hugs her girl.

Minutes later, her mask clad captor walks up with a dark furry friend. Removing his mask, Ned rubs a hand through his sweaty hair, and beams down at Seyla. “You were fucking brilliant baby! I’m so proud of you. You faced your shit like an Amazon warrior. Oh my god, that was intense!” He plops on the ground beside her and scoops her into his lap, while Mandy and his standard poodle Frank, short for Frankenstein, continue chasing each other.

Stroking her hair and massaging her ravaged muscles, Ned leans down and kisses the top of her head. “How are you baby? How do you feel?”, he asks tenderly. Seyla takes a deep sigh, “I haven’t really spoken in days. It’s kinda hard now.”, she chuckles and smiles up at him. Pausing a while, she finally finds her words. “I feel free. I don’t know if the phobia is permanently gone, but I feel light as a feather. Thank you darlin’. I know it was really hard for you, but you played it so well. I don’t know how you thought it all up. It was so real. There were times, I really wasn’t sure it was you.”

“That must have been terrifying.”, he remarked sympathetically. They sat in silence a moment. “That was the point.”, she said with a slight grin. “Okay. Well now it’s time for me to be the real Ned.”, he spoke softly as he scooped her into his arms and carried her through the field, back towards the road. “Frank, Mandy, come!”, Seyla called over his shoulder. She smiled as they came bounding after.

Ned carried her all the way to the road and set her in the truck. Of course, he knew a path because it was his property, a ‘special place’ he came to do ‘special things’ as he’d put it. Seyla was plenty intrigued by the mysteries yet unfurled of Ned Middleton, but for tonight, she was craving the man she knew.

He opened the back cab of his truck. “Up.”, he called as Mandy, then Frank jumped in. Reaching over the seat, he handed her a blanket. As he started up the truck and pulled onto the road, a thought popped into Seyla’s mind. “You know, there’s one thing I really did ponder while I was up there. I think I’m ready to pull the trigger on the Ralph plan. It’s time I paid him back.” Ned’s face broke into a wide grin, “I can’t wait for that one.” He wrapped his arm her pulled her close as he drove them home.

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