Within the Wood

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For a while now my friend Kristy has had this deep-rooted passion for nature. She’s currently attending college to become a forest conservationist and loves to hang out in the woods on starry nights, smoke a joint and just let her mind wander at peace with her soul. Seeing as how I live in the middle of nothing but wilderness, I thought what better excuse to get her alone than a nice hike through the woods? I’ve long thought Kristy was attractive, and since she’d just broken it off with her fiancé Josh, I thought I’d make my intentions known.

How I’d do this took proper care so I didn’t make her uncomfortable and scare her off. Fucking Kristy wasn’t really a top priority on my mind, but after telling my fiancé Krissy (yes, I know, they have VERY similar names) about it one night in bed, she said she was turned on by the idea. She’d always displayed a fondness for Kristy’s naturally seductive body, especially her shapely hips and perfect tits. Turned on thinking about it, Krissy basically REQUESTED that I go for it and do my best to find my cock into Kristy’s tantalizing body… every orifice I could get.

So, I invited Kristy to join me on a day long hike and she accepted, much to the delight of Krissy and myself. Kristy and I start out for our little hike, packing nothing more than bottled water to help keep us hydrated. I’ve got on jeans, a black T-shirt and my army surplus trenchcoat. Meanwhile, she’s wearing her Velcro pants, a white cotton muscle shirt and a button-up flannel over it. We basically walk through the woods for an hour or two, talking about shit, making dick and fart jokes and joking about fucking each other… you know, the usual stuff. Finally we make it to a small clearing. It’s a good sized camping type area with a single oak tree in the middle of it and a cleared out forest floor where people pitch their tents… in more ways than one.

I suggest we take a break, as I’m thirsty and need to “wet my lips”, of course offering to do the same for Kristy in typical Dave fashion. I find it always best to keep the tension down with humor. To help add to that, I offer to give Kristy a shoulder massage. Laying out my coat on the ground, I ask her to lay on her stomach so I can work her back easier. While rubbing and loosening her shoulders, I offer some oil to make it more comfortable and easier. She accepts and takes off her shirt. Hell, I’ve seen her in her bra before, so what’s the big deal, right? While rubbing, I ask to undo her bra so it wont get in the way. She sees no problem and undoes herself so I can continue rubbing her down in the sunlight.

She groans her approval as I continue and she seems to relax more, even as I come closer to the small of her back. She laughs as I hit a ticklish spot and I apologize, kissing the spot, warranting another small laugh. Laying down next to her, I ask her in all seriousness if she could ever see herself as being attracted to a guy like me. She hesitates for a moment and replies with, “well, when I was with J, I never really considered it because I’d never cheat on him. But, since we’ve been separated, the thought does cross my mind of doing dirty things with you and your woman heh heh. As for fucking just you, I don’t know, I like to tease you and I think that’d ruin it.”

She looks at me with playful flirtatious eyes as she lifts herself up on one elbow to talk to me. When she does this though, her bra falls and her left breast becomes apparent. I try not to look, but i can’t help but take a glance at the tasty little tits I’d been lusting after since we first met. To cover for myself I make a fake cough and try to lift her bra strap back up to cover her. She takes my hand and tells me it’s okay, she feels comfortable enough with me that my seeing her tits is no big deal, and she proceeds to take off her bra completely and set it aside. She rolls onto her back to tease me more and grabs at her stomach. “It’s this I don’t want you to see” she jokes, but I take her hands and kiss her stomach, resting my head on it and looking up at her, “You’re crazy woman, your stomach’s cute. Besides, I only love girls that have something to love. It’s more natural and real.” I of course follow this up with another kiss to her stomach and flash her a smile.

She looks down at me and smiles herself, stroking my hair. She loves my hair, I find that many girls do because it’s so long and soft. Yeah, all the hairless apes may think my hair’s “faggy”, but that’s not what their girlfriends think… “Here, let me braid your hair” Kristy says as she sits up, my face now resting snuggly in her lap. “Hey, I’m all yours” is my reply. We sit back-to-front as she puts her legs to either side of me, sitting on her knees. As she takes my hair in her hands, she strokes it softly, complimenting me on it and making her appreciation Maltepe Escort of it known. Meanwhile, the only thing I’m thinking of stroking are her soft, natural breasts, which are pressed against my back. I can feel her nipples poking at me through my shirt. One good thing about the great outdoors: there always seems to be a breeze cool enough to awaken nipples.

My cock has been hardening in my jeans for most the last 5 minutes, but I’m not sure if now is a good time to “unleash the beast”. By now Kristy’s finished, which she notes by tugging on the long braid that happens to be resting between her breasts. She laughs playfully and embraces me from behind, squeezing my chest. Okay, that’s it, no more teases… I whip around and hold Kristy’s hands behind her with one hand, holding her head in the other as I plant a strong kiss on her lips. I hold the motion for what seems like minutes, but in reality only take a few short seconds. The moment’s broken though, when she slips her tongue beyond my lips and into my mouth. I let her hands go and she wraps them around my neck, grabbing two handfuls of hair and trying to force our faces impossibly closer.

Our tongues wrestle as my own hands lock around her waist, testing the limits as they reach down to explore her ass. I always love a girl with an ass I can hold onto, but Kristy’s ashamed of her extra-sized ass for some reason. When my hands grip her backside, she breaks the embrace, turning around and standing up in one swift action. Her naked back to me and ass staring at me, the wind rushes out of my sails and I slump, disappointed that Kristy’s obviously not into sharing her body with her best friend.

“I’m sorry”, I whisper, feeling like I may have just ruined a friendship I’ve worked so hard to sustain. Maybe it’s just too soon for her to be with another man. I mean, it’s only been a few weeks since Josh broke it off with her, and a two year relationship takes time to overcome. Ashamed, I pick up my trenchcoat from the forest floor and place it over Kristy’s bare, exposed shoulders. She turns around, looks me in the eyes and says “Don’t be sorry Beachboy (her nickname for me)”. She then throws my coat back on the ground, puts her arms around my neck again, buries her face in my neck and whispers to my ear, “the ball’s in your court now baby, let’s see what you can do with it”. She then looks at me again with those beautiful blue, almost grey eyes, biting her lower lip in a sight that makes my pants that much tighter and lets out yet another of those soft laughs like a siren’s call beckoning my hardened shaft. Laying down on her back again, Kristy runs her hands up and down her body, bending her knees and spreading her legs open. She never wears panties, so I notice a damp spot in the crotch of her pants… a rather large damp spot… looks like being separated from a real cock for weeks has actually made me attractive to her. Hey, who am I to complain, as long as something makes me attractive.

Kneeling down next to her, I softly rest my hand on her stomach once more, rubbing it, trying to get rid of any doubts she still might have about my own attraction to her. Again I kiss her stomach, only this time I run the tip of my tongue around her soft, warm flesh as well. She shivers at my touch, either because my tongue tickles her or she feels a crackle of lust up her spine. I work my lips and tongue up her body, slowly, savoring the semi-sweet sweat that begins to form from her inner heat. Resting my ear to her chest, I can hear her lungs inhale and exhale in short gasps as her heart begins to pound harder. Not wanting to break the mood, I grip her tit in my hand, squeezing it slightly as my tongue slips out and savors the taste of her flesh. I trace it around her areola, then flick it over her pink nipple.

Her body twitches in lust as my tongue circles and molests her nipple, sitting erect on her hardened breast. Grabbing my hair again, she forces my head hard against her chest, as my licks are replaced by lips, kissing and sucking on her sensitive body. Now she knows what true teasing is about. My mouth leaves her tit and goes to the other side, to continue the same ritual. Her body squirms and she moans her approval and she begins to run fingernails up and down my back. Sitting upward, I remove my shirt before darting down to give her neck the same treatment her breasts received, much to her delight, again betrayed by her gasps and moans and the occasional giggle. That’s right, Kristy giggles when you touch the right spot. My braid falls to one side, across her chest. Now I realize why she did it: to avoid the problem of my air falling all over her face… looks like she planned for this too.

As I kiss her neck, one of my hands has slipped behind her to support her head and direct Anadolu Yakası Escort it to the side, allowing me easier access to her beautiful pale skin. As for my other hand, it’s traced a finger back down her body to the Velcro fastener of her pants. The sound of the material separating seems to drive her senses harder, as it heralds events she’s obviously been waiting for me to execute. I slowly undo the zipper, as I love to pay back her teasing in kind.

She lifts her ass off the ground, allowing me to push her pants down her thighs. She wiggles out of them under her own power, kicking them off as my fingers, still slick from the massage oil, gently touch her clitoris through the well maintained bush of auburn pubic hair. By this time her clit is swollen to the point that it must be almost painful to sustain. I gently run my fingertips over it and around the oily flesh, drowning in her juices. Her clitoris is so stiff and sensitive, I’ve got to be careful not to make her cum too soon. I’m not sure how long she can last after what the hike must’ve taken out of her. Her hips buck and she grinds against my hand. She obviously wants me to probe her hungry hole, but isn’t the kind of girl who wants to tell her lover what to do.

Feeling she’s been teased enough, I slide my middle and index fingers over her opening, which pulsates and seems to reach out to me, begging to be fed. Finally I begin to push both fingers into her hole, which has grown tight from not seeing action for nearly a month. However, as lubricated as it is from her desire, as well as the hard trust Kristy gives with her hips, my digits are swallowed up to the knuckle. She clenches her legs on my hand, holding it there in a deathgrip as she begins to thrash and ride my fingers. I’ve never seen a woman this horny, as she cries out and screams “YES! OOOOOH! FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD WITH YOUR LONG FINGERS!”. The only fingers she’s had in her since her break up belonged to her friend Kristen, so my strong, large hand is a pleasant surprise for her to have between her thighs. As my fingers stab in and out of her, matched in rhythm by her pelvic thrusts, my stiff palm rubs against her clit, adding to her madness.

Though she’s apparently enthralled with my hand, Kristy obviously wants more, as her right hand darts to the bulge in my jeans. She unzips me furiously and reaches in to find my engorged prick, which jerks and throbs at her touch. Then, she does what I’ve been waiting for her to do since my eyes first saw her enticing breasts, as she pulls out my rigid cock. I’m so hard that I feel as if my rod will split open if I don’t get some action. Immediately she begins stroking the length of my shaft, her fist clenched tight around it as she jerks at it fast and hard, making my balls slap back and forth with the momentum. Burying my face in her neck once more, I bite down on the tender flesh hard. I can feel her body tremble as what must be an incredible orgasm begins it’s rumble to the surface.

Digging her nails into the arm whose hand I’m violating her with, I feel her cunt tighten like a vice on my fingers, trying to swallow them whole when it happens. She screams out in what at any other time would sound like intense pain, that echoes throughout the entire forest. Even miles from civilization, I’m almost sure SOMEONE must’ve heard that savage cry. Her cum gushes in a river of pearl colored excretion, streaming all over my hand and down her crotch, over her ass and spilling all over my coat. She takes her hands from my cock and arm and grabs my hair once more, forcing her tongue into my mouth and showing her appreciation with an intensely deep kiss. Pulling my face away from her, I gasp, as the ferocity of her orgasm seems to have pulled the energy from me as well. Pressing my body hard against hers, I move my lips to her ear and growl, “I want to devour your cunt. Let me taste you”. She gasps at the words and runs her nails across my back. “Alright, lie down” is her response.

Laying on my back now, my ass sitting in the wet spot created by our first encounter, Kristy squats over my face. Now in control, she goes back to her teasing ways and hangs her pussy, still dripping with her concoction, just out of reach of my face. She pins my shoulders down with her knees and laughs, and I can only imagine that demonic smile on her lips. “Keep still. You can eat all you want in a minute”. I could easily push my head up and start lapping at her like a hungry mongrel, but I play along. Greasing up her hands with a few squirts of the oil, she runs a fingertip over my swollen, almost purple head, making my dick dance, as if it’s looking for anything nearby to sheath itself in. Though we’re in the perfect position, we won’t be doing a 69.

Kristy isn’t the cocksucking type like my Ümraniye Escort fiancé is, which is really sad since she has a tongue stud piercing. Such a waste. She runs her hands down either side of my dick, greasing it up and making it glisten in the afternoon sun. She then goes further down and oils up my balls, tugging playfully at my scrotum. Slowly Kristy begins to stroke my meat with one hand, cupping my balls with the other. She plants her index and middle fingertips at my sweet spot, pressing down at an area between my ass and balls, at the bottom of my sac. Putting pressure on it, she squeezes my balls and strokes my cock at the same time. Immediately this is one of the greatest handjobs I’ve ever know. Looks like all these months of joking around about my sex life have paid off and she’s been paying attention for an opportunity like this…

After she sets herself into a proper pace, she lowers her slit down to where I can start my part of the job. Grabbing her ass with my hands, I squeeze and knead her cheeks as my tongue traces up and down her lips, still oozing with nature’s lubricant. My tracing becomes lapping, not unlike a dog, up and down her lips and focusing for moments on her clit, still throbbing. As I said, Kristen’s the only person Kristy’s been with since the break up, and though women know how to eat each other out better than men, there’s a certain primal feel when a man does it that can also drive a woman insane. Besides, after all the lesbian porn I’ve seen in my lifetime, I’ve picked up a few tricks.

As my oral becomes more intense, Kristy’s strokes adjust in kind. I see her game now: the better I am the better she gets. Now it’s just a matter of who can hold out their orgasm longer… Enough of the teasing, if I’m going to coax another climax from her, I’m going to need to plant my hungry tongue deep into her. So, holding her in place by my grip on her ass, I rear my head back and slam my tongue in with one hard motion. My tongue’s nothing in length compared to Gene Simmons or my bride-to-be, but it is wide, so the initial penetration with it pulls a groan from Kristy’s throat. She starts to gasp and stroke faster and harder as my tongue fuck makes her body thrash again.

I know she’s on the verge, but I can’t hold out much longer. She’s tugging at my scrotum and rubbing my sweet spot, and having a foreskin in addition to all this isn’t helping my control any, since a foreskin is the male clitoris. I always thank my parents after I have sex for making the right decision when I was a baby. My tongue darts in and out, the hair on my chin stimulating her clit hard with each inward thrust. But, I can’t take it anymore. My balls have been swollen to the point of agony and I’ve yet to cum, so Kristy holds the advantage. I soon lose the challenge as my hips buckle and I thrust against her clenched fingers, an explosion of cum shooting out, splattering on her chest.

Her strokes slow down and become tighter, as she pulls all the cum she can from my aching testicles. My seed spills over her hand, dribbling my own river of lust down her arm and across my sac. The liquid then finds it’s way to my ass and down to the wet spot Kristy had left. I don’t think I’ll be washing that trenchcoat ever again. Now that her focus is off pleasing my cock, Kristy begins to slam her hips backward. She reaches back and rubs her clit furiously, ready to greet her next climax now that she’s won our little game. Soon enough a wave overtakes her body as anyone watching would be able to see her entire being ripple as she screams out again. “YES! YES! OOOOOOOOH, EAT MY CUNT! SUCK ALL THE CUM OUT OF ME! GOD YESSSSSSS!” can be heard for what must be miles in every direction. Completely sapped of energy, she collapses on top of me, my still rigid cock resting against her cheek, her tits resting on my stomach and her snatch, still pulsing, resting on my lips.

I probe her with my tongue, slurping up the drippings she offers to me, swallowing her sweet nectar. She sighs her approval and I can imagine the smile on her face, the content glow, like she’s the happiest girl in the world. She rolls onto her back and places an arm across her tits and the other behind her head, crossing her legs and rubbing them together, the sensations of my tongue inside her now a pleasant memory. She sighs again and her face is just as I imagined it, possibly the happiest it’s been in a long time. I reposition myself to rest my head next to hers.

Looking over to her, our eyes meet and we smile at each other, sharing a small kiss. I’m more than ready to continue our little sexual odyssey, but I can tell she’s exhausted, not used to this kind of strain, so it’s no surprise when she puts her head back and closes her eyes, with that smile still plastered across her lips and her hands once more stroking my hair. It’s not long before she’s asleep and I’m reaching for my bottle of water. “Krissy’s gonna love hearing about this”, I say under my breath as a smile spreads over my face and my cock rubs against the material of my jeans.

To Be Continued…

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