With Great Power Ch. 02

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DISCLAIMER: This story contains themes of adultery, betrayal, incest, non-consent. If this kind of story doesn’t appeal to you, best to steer clear.


The mug fell from Claire’s fingers and shattered at her feet. The coffee splattered far and wide, soaking the bottoms of Claire’s pajama pants, and burning her toes. Claire cried out in pain and shook the coffee off her singed feet. I quickly grabbed a tea towel and dropped to my knees at Claire’s feet, drying her pant legs and feet.

Claire covered her face with her hands in embarrassment.

“I am SO SORRY, Alex!” Claire apologized, “I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s absolutely no problem,” I said, looking up at her and smiling as I dried the coffee off her pant leg, “Cheap mugs, easily replaced.”

My hands swept over her feet under the guise of concern.

My sense tingled. Even this simple touch was arousing for her. I looked up at Claire as my fingers caressed the top of her foot. “Your skin looks red, Claire,” I said, lightly brushing my fingertips down to her toes. “I think maybe you’ve got a bit of a burn.”

I tried hard not to smile as I felt her whole body respond to my touch.

Kim looked over from her breakfast, smiling. “Mom, did you break my FAVOURITE crappy coffee mug?”

Claire shot her a look, “You mean the mug that says ‘World’s Worst Daughter’?”

Kim laughed and went back to her breakfast. Charlie tried to get down on all fours to help clear up the pieces.

“Back off, Charlie,” I said, not unkindly, “Rest. Enjoy your breakfast. This mess is on me and Claire.” I smiled up at Claire and patted her legs with the dishtowel one last time. “I think we got it all. We should get some ointment on that burn, though,” I said, running my index finger over the top of her foot one last time. I could sense her vagina throb from the caress.

Claire and I tidied the bits of ceramic as best we could and then I took her to the bathroom. Claire sat on the edge of the bathtub and ran her feet under cold water. There was definitely a light burn, but it was nothing serious. I fished some polysporin out of the bathroom cabinet and sat on the edge of the tub next to Claire.

“OK, let’s see these feet,” I said, mock-officiously, “Dr. Alex Wayne is on the case.”

Claire set her feet on my lap, “Sorry, they’re wet.”

THEY’RE NOT THE ONLY THING, I thought. I dabbed some polysporin on my finger, and lightly massaged it into the top of her feet. She sighed audibly, “Oh, that feels nice, Alex. Thank you so much. I am SUCH a klutz.”

I kept the pressure light with my fingertips, moving down to her toes. “No problem, Claire. You must have a soft spot for the tango, eh?” At the mention of tango, Claire’s whole body went rigid involuntarily. My eyes went wide.

“Are you OK?” I pretended to be oblivious and concerned.

“Fine, fine,” She gathered her composure, “I’m not sure what’s wrong with me today.”

I persisted, “Your whole body just went tense.” I moved my fingers to her calves, pushing the coffee-stained pant legs up to her knees. I rubbed the back of her calves, savouring her sexual response. Her entire body was SCREAMING to be touched. “Your calves are like steel right now!”

“Oh no, it’s OK, Alex. Really, it’s OK,” Claire pulled down her pant legs self-consciously. “I’m just rattled, that’s all. And I obviously need to change into different pants!” Claire hastily swung her feet out of the tub and stood up. “Thank you so much for your help!” She smiled, warm but strained from anxiety. “You’re my hero.”

“Hey,” I said, grabbing her hand gently, “no problem.” With my free hand I touched her soiled pants, “We can toss these in the laundry today.”

“Thank you,” Claire mumbled, and she walked away. I let my hand hold hers for a fraction of a second longer than appropriate, just long enough to make her arms extend slightly as she walked away. She looked over her shoulder at me one last time before disappearing down the hall and into her bedroom.


After breakfast, Charlie and Claire went to church, at Claire’s insistence. I posited to myself that her guilt was weighing on her, as neither of them had been strict church-goers in the past. We spent the rest of the day downtown shopping for Christmas presents, which was always an enormous drag. Hours of trudging around in the cold and we were all completely spent by the time we got in the door at the end of the day. We ordered two large pizzas, plopped on a Christmas movie, and the four of us stuffed our exhausted faces while watching Ralphie conspire to get a BB gun from Santa.

I was sitting on the couch in between Charlie on my left and Claire on my right. By half an hour into the movie, it was readily apparent that some of us were not going to make it to the end. Charlie was snoring at the end of the couch, and Kim was dozing off to his left in our recliner.

I looked over at my wife and my father-in-law and smiled, “Hey Kim,” I said, and Kim started awake. “I think maybe Charlie needs to go to bed. Diyarbakır Escort It’s been an overwhelming day. And I think maybe you do too!”

Kim languidly stretched her arms and sighed, “God, yes, I am ready to pack it in.” She reached over and patted her dad’s arm, “Come on, Dad. Let’s get you to bed.” Charlie blinked his eyes groggily and said, “How will I know what happens in this movie though?”

“He gets the gun,” Kim replied as she stood up, “Just like the last time we watched it.”

“Right, right,” Charlie stood up shakily, brushing his hands on his pants. “Well, enjoy the movie, and don’t stay up too late.”

Claire smiled up at him. “OK, love, sleep well.”

Charlie followed his daughter up the stairs, and Claire and I watched until they disappeared down the hall.

“The night owls are victorious,” I proclaimed, and Claire laughed.

“Scootch down to the end of the couch,” Claire ordered, and I obeyed. She stretched her legs out onto the couch, her feet inches from my thigh. “Ahhh…” she breathed with a contented smile. “Muuuch better.”

I saw she wasn’t wearing socks, and leapt at the opportunity to follow up. “How are your feet?” I asked, and I gently lifted them up, scooting my butt slightly closer to her and resting them on my lap. Her left heel pressed firmly down onto my cock, which I could feel start to respond.

“Pretty good,” Claire sighed dreamily, and looked back at the TV.

“Foot rub?”

Claire glanced back at me, “I wouldn’t say no.”

I smiled and placed my hands on her right foot, letting her left foot rest on my crotch. As soon as I started to caress her feet, my mind could feel hers responding. Each thumb press into the arch of her foot sent a tidal wave up her body, washing over her pubic region. As I could sense her waves of pleasure, I started timing my motions to coincide, creating a sort of feedback loop of lust. She sighed again and closed her eyes. Her thighs rubbed together ever so slightly.

I switched feet. I had no intention of letting her foot break contact with my cock, so I started on her toes and the balls of her feet. I subtly pushed down, increasing the pressure against my cock, while maintaining the ever increasing waves of pleasure that flowed up through her body. She was breathing shallowly now, short breaths and lots of them. I slightly lifted my crotch up to rub her foot with every wave.

“Nnnngh…”Claire moaned involuntarily.

I knew she was close now. I continued building her orgasm for another minute or so and she moaned again, louder this time, “Ohhhgghhh…” she murmured.

Pretending to be concerned, I reached over and placed my hand on her pelvis, just above her crotch.

“Are you OK, Claire?” I asked, and then pressed simultaneously on her foot and her pelvis, hitting a cresting wave of pleasure and sending her over the edge. Claire covered her face in her hands as a massive orgasm washed through her.

“Ohhgghghgodddddammnnn…” she babbled as her pelvis bucked, thighs rubbing together furiously.

I removed my hand from her foot and her pelvis and let her come back down to earth. One of her hands was kneading her tit involuntarily, and she bit her lip as she rode out the rest of her orgasm.

I kept the concerned expression on my face, as Claire’s rational mind returned to her, and she turned beet red.

“Oh God, Alex, I am SO SORRY,” Claire wailed and covered her face with her hands, ‘Oh, what you must think of me!”

I patted her leg, “It’s OK, Claire. It was no big deal. You got a little carried away with a simple foot massage. I should have stopped sooner.”

Claire kept her face hidden. “I can’t believe I let that happen,” she moaned. “This is humiliating.”

I reached over and pulled Claire’s hands from her face. “You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You are a flesh and blood woman, and your body has needs. You’ve been neglecting them, and the needs found a way to be met without your consent.” Without her consent indeed.

“I think,” I said, patting her legs one last time, “We have all had a long day, and we could all use a full night’s sleep. Forget the movie.”

Claire’s face started to return to its normal hue, and she nodded, “You’re right, Alex, let’s get some sleep. I’ll feel better once I get some sleep.”

YES, YOU WILL, I thought, and we turned off the movie and headed to bed.


It was still a ways ’til Christmas, but you’d have thought it was Christmas Eve by how excited I was as I lay down in bed next to my slumbering wife. Within a few moments I was projecting, my body an empty husk. I floated down the hall to the guest room, where I found Claire just starting to drift off, next to her already snoring husband. I stood and watched her for a while, admiring her beauty while I waited for her to settle. She was a stunner for her age. Short cropped hair framed a beautiful teardrop face and blue almond eyes, and she had a pair o fbreasts that were frankly to die for.

I gazed at her silently, Diyarbakır Escort Bayan letting her drift more deeply asleep. As her breathing slowed, I reached out with my mind, and entered hers.


Smoky nothingness swirled and took shape, this time coalescing into the walls and forms of the master bedroom.

I created my wife, Kim, lying on the bed completely naked. I lay down next to her and commanded, “Get on top of me.” Dream-Kim dutifully slung her leg over me and sat on me, awaiting further instructions.

“Grind on me,Kim,” I said, and Kim started thrusting back and forth against my rod, stiffening it quickly. I held her hips and enjoyed the sensation. I was looking forward to fucking my Dream-Kim, which was something I had never done. Creating dream people had taken a lot of practice over the years, and getting them just to behave like real people was a huge challenge. A few years ago, fucking one would have seemed impossible. But I had practiced hard every night since awakening these skills, and I was determined that this would work, and more than that, be totally fucking hot.

All I needed was my audience.

My mind found Claire and gently tugged her into my dream creation. She coalesced on the edge of the bed, just a foot from where her daughter and I were thrusting.

As her beautiful face took shape, her mouth widened in shock.

“Oh my God!” Claire said, hand clapped over her mouth.

“It’s OK, Claire,” I said, as I pushed her daughter’s hips back and forth over my rapidly hardening dick. Kim’s juices were running down over my dick, tickling my balls. It felt exquisite. “You can stay herewith us. Kim wants it too, don’t you?”

Kim didn’t look up from her thrusting, “Yes, Mom, stay,” she said simply.

Claire was wide-eyed and frozen in place. I reached one hand over and placed it on her thigh. “You are welcome here,” I took a chance with my next statement, “This is a safe dream-space, Claire.” I ran my hand up and down her thigh, and achieved the desired effect. Despite the presence of her daughter, Claire was becoming aroused.

“Dream-space…”murmured Claire, “This is… a dream.”

I nodded, “It’s just you and me here. Kim is a part of the dream,” I looked back at Kim, “Kim, honey, can you put me inside you now?”

Kim reached down between her thighs and grasped my rock hard cock, guided it to her entrance, and immediately and unceremoniously sat down on it balls deep. I sighed and Claire gasped. Kim started rocking back and forth quickly on my dick, grunting and groaning. My hand crept farther up Claire’s thigh.

The power of dream logic is an incredible tool. What Claire wouldn’t tolerate for a second in the real world, in a dream was perfectly acceptable. Now, I had weaponized her own arousal into accepting sitting mere inches away from her daughter as she fucked her husband.

I gripped Claire’s thigh and tugged gently. “Come here,” I said firmly. Claire hesitantly momentarily, and then shifted her body closer, which caused my hand to slide up and make contact with Claire’s naked mound. She gasped. I teased a finger across her outer lips and Claire shuddered.

“You look beautiful, Claire,” I said as I worked on her arousal, brushing against her cunt with my fingertips in a rhythm to match her waves of lust.

Claire’s eyes were entirely shut now, and she was rocking back and forth, her swaying hips increasing the friction of my fingers against her.

Kim was wildly rocking and fucking against me, but I was barely paying attention to her now. I was mesmerized by Claire, who had completely let herself go in the moment. Kim was leaning on my chest, and I grabbed one of her hands and placed it on her mother’s breast. Kim dutifully rubbed and stroked her mother’s nipple, increasing Claire’s lust, and she began to moan.

“Ohhhh… fuck…”Claire moaned, “Fuck fuck fuck!”

I smiled. She was completely giving in to the pleasure. I slid one finger down her bush towards her steaming cunt, and it was immediately enveloped.

“Oh, Alex, yes…”she moaned, “Finger me, fuck me…”

I slid another finger inside her, and she screamed out, “FUCK YES!”

“ALEX!” I heard a voice thundering through my reality. The dream began to collapse around me, Kim dissolving in a puff of smoke, and Claire fading from my view.


Charlie was standing over me, wild-eyed with fear.

“Alex! Kim!” Charlie was panicking, “Come quick please. I can’t seem to wake Claire!” Kim and I blearily swung our feet to the floor.

Charlie continued, “She was moaning in her sleep, and when I tried to wake her up she just wouldn’t.”

We darted out into the hall and raced to the guest bedroom. On flinging open the door, we were greeted with Claire, lying in bed, fully awake.

Claire looked puzzled at the sight of the three of us, “What’s wrong?”

Charlie’s shoulders slumped in relief. “Oh God, Claire, you scared me. I couldn’t wake you.”

Kim smiled at her dad’s relief, Escort Diyarbakır “Aw, dad, it is so cute you were concerned!”

Charlie looked sheepishly at the two of us. “I’m so sorry to scare everyone. Go back to bed, it’s all OK.”

As we turned and headed for bed, I realized the big drawback of seducing my mother-in-law in her dreams. As long as I had hold of her, she couldn’t wake up. And with the activities I had planned for us, she was definitely going to make the kind of noise that would wake up a bed-mate.

I was too paranoid to try anything else that night, and crawled back into bed frustrated. Sleep came agonizingly slowly.


I awoke in a foul mood. It was Monday, and I had to go to work. While at my desk I stewed about the issue at hand: how to keep my mother-in-law quiet so she wouldn’t disturb her husband during her dreams.

I pondered it all day and came up with nothing.

I thought about it on the drive home. Bupkis.

While I sat at the dinner table with my family, all of them laughing and eating, I had a glimmer of an idea. One I wasn’t sure would work because I had never attempted anything like it before. But it seemed possible, and the idea was monstrous.

Monstrous and arousing. I smiled, and speared a broccoli flower and stuffed it into my mouth.

Kim reached over and squeezed my hand, “There’s the smile I love. Are you in a better mood?”

“Yes,” I said, chewing happily, “Much.”


Despite being incredibly excited and horny as fuck, I was somehow able to force myself to go to sleep. I had a completely different locale in mind for tonight’s activities, and I set about creating it.

I formed a wide, dark, cavernous room, and I lined the walls with torches, casting the whole space into flickering light and shadow.

A bed formed in the center of the space, large, with black sheets and nothing else.

Next to the bed and facing it, I made a chair. It looked like a seated-style crucifix, with leg clamps at the ankles, and a cross on the back of the chair for arms to be spread and locked in. It was horrifyingly beautiful.

I materialized myself, naked, in the middle of this hellish chamber.

I coalesced a dream Charlie into the chair. His arms spread wide and locked in place, his feet likewise immobilized. There was a gag in his mouth, and a bizarre serene expression on his face. I gave him a little bit of fear and anxiety so he didn’t look like a drugged out lunatic, and then I reached out for Claire. Slowly I dragged her into this dungeon nightmare, her body materializing lying down on the bed.

Claire slowly pushed herself up and looked around. Her expression was one of concern, but dream logic kept her calm. She saw her husband and gasped.

“Charlie! Are you OK?” She hopped from the bed and ran over to him. He looked anxious but not panicking.

“He’s fine, Claire,” I said, and she whirled around to face me.

“What is he doing here?” Claire asked angrily.

“He’s not really here. It’s just you and me, Claire. I created him to be our audience.” Claire turned back towards her husband, and I sedated Charlie a bit to make him look more calm. He smiled at Claire through the gag.

“See? He’s OK,”I reassured, taking a step towards Claire, who was standing in front of Charlie, with her hand on his shoulder. I stepped up behind her, letting my flaccid cock nestle between her ass cheeks as my chest pressed into her shoulders. Claire’s whole body shuddered, and she leaned back against me.

“Alex,” she breathed, “what you do to me is… unreal…”

I leaned over and kissed her neck, my hands reaching around to cup her beautiful breasts.

“Quite literally,” I murmured, as I planted kisses up her neck. Dream Charlie was staring at us, and his small cock was growing. I smiled as I nibbled Claire’s ear.

“Looks like Charlie is enjoying the show,” I said, and turned Claire to face me. Her eyelids were heavy with arousal, and her breathing was ragged.

“I’m enjoying…it too,” she said, running her hands over my chest.

“Good,” I responded, and leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips, and was surprised when she immediately opened her mouth, welcoming me with her tongue. We made out passionately in front of her husband, our hands roaming freely over each other’s bodies.

I pulled my mouth free and held Claire’s face in both hands, “Are you ready to fuck me in front of your husband?”

Claire was panting with lust, and could barely manage a nod.

I swept her up into my arms and carried her to the bed.


Claire and I fucked slowly. I couldn’t take the chance that her cries wouldn’t wake her husband.

My mother-in-law’s cunt was tight, and it clutched at my cock with every thrust. My balls gently slapped against her ass as I took her. I held her arms above her head, pinned to the bed. She stared at me with an intensity I had never seen in a lover, and it was an amazing turn-on. With every thrust she lifted her hips to meet mine, and our mouths sought each other out to complete the full body connection. We were one person, deeply in lust, and I knew at this point that Claire would accept just about anything.

Dream Charlie sat in the chair, his slim unimpressive cock completely erect as he watched his wife and son-in-law make love.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32