Wishful Dreaming

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Sitting alone in her living room like she had done so many nights with the passion burning inside her was getting to be a normal thing for Sheila. Thoughts of embracing a man and him taking her into his arms rolled through her head. He looked deep into her eyes as he undressed her slowly. Taking in every inch of her body as the air caressed her. He stood back and looked at her face and said “you are the most beautiful women I have ever met.”

She had to stop doing this. It always ended the same. She would work herself up and then go to bed and take care of the desire with her best friend “Bob”. Her best friend Alisha had named it. They had been out shopping together and had gone into the adult store more as a gag than anything else. She had seen this dildo hanging on the wall. It was flesh colored not like the others as they were green, purple, pink etc. This one was about 4 inches in circumference and was about 7 and half inches long. She picked it up and decided she would buy it. She had never tried a dildo before but then she had always had a man to take care of the desire for her.

It had been almost a year since her last boyfriend and it looked to be quite a while before she got another. Her job just made meeting someone completely unreasonable. Right now with all altyazılı porno the traveling and the time she spent in meetings there just wasn’t any time for someone.

After purchasing the dildo Alisha said she should name it “Bob”. Why she had asked. Alisha stated it was short for battery operated boyfriend. They both laughed at it but it seemed fitting so she had kept the name.

Now “Bob” was the thing she had to take the place of the real thing. But she still had the fantasy of having the man holding her, caressing her, suckling on her breasts and of course the true feeling of him inside her. “Bob” was good but not the same.

Alisha had told her she needed to just go out. Have a one night stand. Relieve the tension and cut loose with someone at a night club or at a bar. She just couldn’t see herself doing that. She was not the type to have a meaningless fling with some guy. But was there any other alternative?

She went into her bedroom and got undressed. Looked at herself in the mirror. She wasn’t ugly but she knew she would never win any beauty pageants. Her breasts were not small but they were not something that a man would stare at instead of talk straight to her. Her hips were a little wider now than they were when she was younger and her mobil porno legs were not the legs she had when she was in school. She was 48 years old. Way past her prime. She knew guys were looking for a younger woman to be with.

She brushed her teeth and crawled into bed. Thoughts of a man touching her and tasting her rolled through her mind. She fell asleep to these thoughts and had a fabulous dream.

Sheila was on the beach watching the waves as a man comes up behind her. He grabs her hand and pulls her up against him. He leans in a kisses her intently. She feels the passion rise within her. He slips her sun dress off her shoulders and lets it fall off her. She is naked and the sun feels good on her body. He leans over and takes her breast in his mouth and suckles like a hungry baby. It sends chills through her body and suddenly she can feel the roar of the climax building within her. He holds her as the waves of the climax take full control of her body. She is putty in this man’s hands. He stops suckling and kisses her again until she is breathless. He picks her up and carries her to a log that is on the beach. He lays her down on the log and kneels between her legs. He smiles at her and dives into her pussy. He suckles her clit and tongues sex izle her pussy. She comes again and again.

By the time he stops she has lost count of the number of her orgasms. He stands next to her head and puts his dick in her mouth and she sucks on it. She takes his hard dick into the back of her throat and then pulls away again. Going all the way to the tip and back to the apex where it connects to his body. She fondles his balls as she sucks on him. He pulls out of her mouth and rolls her over on the log. He sticks two fingers into her dripping pussy. He rubs her g spot until she comes yet again. He brings his fingers out of her and enters her with the tip of his dick. Just enough of the head so she knows he is in there. He pushes into her till he is up against her cervix. He stays deep within her as he kisses her neck and shoulder. He pulls out and she can feel the emptiness of when he just was. He dives back into her with his dick and buries himself deep inside her. She can’t stop from orgasming again. He picks up the pace and pushes in and out of her she feels him growing inside her as her own orgasm is at the surface. Suddenly they come together, his deep inside her and hers dripping down her legs. There is a strange buzzing all of a sudden and he is gone.

Sheila wakes to find her alarm going off and her fingers plunged into her pussy. She is so wet from her own masturbation her sheet is soaked. She pulls her fingers out and shuts off the alarm. Time to take a shower and another day without her desires truly being satiated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32