Winter’s Embrace

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‘Man, its cold out here,’ Michael thought as he pulled his truck out of the hardware store driveway, starting the long ride home. Frowning at the early darkness, and wishing for the longer days of spring and summer, he pulled on the headlights. He had grown up here in the mountains that surrounded Salt Lake City.

Michael had thought about moving many times but this is where his heart was. It had been a long day, handling the many tedious problems of the condo tenants. So many new faces lately; people from all parts of the country, some just vacationing, and some deciding to make the mountains home. Lost in thought as he drove, one special face came to mind, drawing a lustful smile to his face. ‘I wonder if she would have dinner with me?’, Michael thought, knowing it was against the rules to get involved with the tenants. But she wasn’t a condo tenant, just a visitor.

Since taking on the job of maintenance for Parkview West, repair orders seemed to more than double compare to the last maintenance man records. The women in the condo community seem to find things that needed his attention, hanging around, posing and primping. He like his job and wanted to keep it, and the condo he was given with the job was cherry; so he just played along with verbal innuendos. There was too much to lose, especially if a jealous husband or boyfriend were to ever find out how their women acted with Michael in the room.

Michael was the fantasy man that the elusive elite women dreamed about. He had his flashing ‘boy-next-door’ smile and deep, teasing laugh that could send shivers down any red blood woman’s spine. That ‘V’-shaped, broad-shouldered back, smiling, sparkling deep blue eyes, and sandy-colored sun-streaked hair added to mouthwatering lust. He was average in height, but had strong, lean muscles that moving under his clothes, blessings from being athletic and his Scandinavian genes. Aware that he was being undressed with their eyes usually brought out his playful nature.

But her, that one woman, she seemed unreachable, he thought. Michael remembered their first meeting when Jennie Carter had asked him to stop by about some repairs. To him she was a vision. Not very tall, smooth, lightly tanned skin, larger breasts, full luscious hips and the round cheeks of her butt, would fit nicely in his hands, he smirked to himself. Kara was her name with hair of deep auburn, expressive large green eyes, and a mouth made to be devoured. Her shy nature showed in her ready smile, Michael noticed the ever so slight quiver of her lips as her smile widened.

Kara Simons was visiting her best friend, Jennie Carter, for the winter. Saving enough vacation time and with a short leave of absence she would be able to stay until the end of March. She had answered Jennie’s door in an oversized, deep, dark green sweater that fell off one shoulder, jeans that fit like a second skin, and barefoot.

Michael chuckled as he picture one of those fairytale wood nymphs. And here she was standing in the door with that warm, shy smile. Her voice was throaty and sensual that zinged down his spine and up again, “Hi Michael,” she started, “. “Jennie told me you’d be by to fix the kitchen disposal.”

My God, he had thought, does she have any idea how much of a turn on it was just hearing that voice. She walked with him to the kitchen, offering a cup of hot chocolate. He politely declined and started working, hoping that the bulge that started in his jeans wouldn’t be noticed.

Still thinking about that first meeting he drove on. While he worked on the disposal, Kara continued chopping veggies and fresh spices for the stew she was making. She told Michael that cooking was calming for her. Pausing now and then, she’d watch him work, answering some of the usual questions. When he asked her why spend her vacation here, Kara explained that she needed a change from the southern winter, wanted to see snow again.

She chuckled softly as she spoke of her childhood with her friends running and playing in the snow. She talked about how she and Jennie had met years ago when she had lived in Salt Lake. Kara told Michael that she missed the ocean and the sun-warmed beaches and had moved to a small town on the eastern coast of Florida. She and Jennie had kept in touch over the years and whenever Kara needed a break from all the sand and sun, she would stay with Jennie for a month or so and vice versa.

‘Man, how did I ever miss you,’ Michael thought to himself, as she spoke of the clubs she and Jennie had gone to when she had lived here. Trying to keep his mind on his work and not those soft mounds under that soft sweater, he had rolled so his back faced her, needed to hide that ever growing bulge. “Well,” adding the last of the potatoes to the pot, “I’ll leave you to your disposal,” Kara said, “if you need anything, I’ll be in the other room.” She left the kitchen with fresh hot chocolate and headed off to the living room. Michael eyes fixed on that cute tight ass.

Just around the corner from home brought Michael’s attention back into Bodrum Escort focus, more aware now of the hardness in his jeans and the affect she had on him.

He wanted her desperately, not like other women in his past; she brought out something in him that wanted to keep her safe. She seemed so shy, not delicate, and almost wary of people. He would need to be a total gentleman, a casual night on the town. Maybe dinner and a movie he thought something middle of the road. If all went well, then he would follow with a romantic evening of dinner and slow, close dancing. He smiled to himself as he pulled into the condo complex. He noticed the lights were on in Jennie Carter’s condo, but Jennie’s car wasn’t there. ‘I hope she’s there alone,’ he thought, ‘this would be the perfect time to ask Kara out to dinner and that movie.’

Parking his truck, he got out, pulled his collar closer to his neck. The blast of cold air was as effective as a cold shower in cooling him down. He took the stairs two at a time, caught his breath before knocking at the door. Just as he was about to knock, the door opened and Jennie stepped out. “Oh hi Michael is there something you forgot the other day,” Jennie smiled as she asked.

“Ah, no, not really. I was just wondering if Kara was at home. I figured she hasn’t been in town for a while and I wanted to ask her if she wanted to get a bite to eat and a movie. You know me, just being polite,” he replied quickly with that boyish charm.

“Oh she should be back shortly. She ran into town with my car. John is picking me up tonight and Kara didn’t want to join us,” Jennie replied. “That’s really sweet of you and I’m sure she’d like that.”

“Ok then, I’ll call her later,” Michael said. As he turned and started back down the stairs, “Oh there is one more thing, Ms. Carter,” Michael started to ask, “You didn’t happen to find a set keys in the kitchen did you? I lost the extra set that I usually keep in my toolbox.”

“No, haven’t seen them,” Jennie answered just as John pulled up in his car. “But I’ll look again if you’d like.”

“Ok, thanks, and sorry for the bother,” answered Michael as he turned back down the stairs passing John with a nod. Michael went back to his truck and continued further into the complex towards home.

He parked his truck, grabbed his stuff and hopped out. The soft smell of wood burning fireplaces in the air made him feel more hopeful about his dinner and movie idea. He approached the front porch and noticed that his auto light hadn’t come on inside the house. As he opened the door, there was a scent of jasmine and sandalwood in the air and he could smell a fire in his fireplace.

He quietly stepped in putting down his tool box and closing the door behind him. Not sure if his condo was being robbed, he grabbed the bat by the door. Looking around the foyer he noticed candles making a pathway to the small table with his key bowl. A note, tall, soft glowing tapered candle, and a glass of warm apple brandy waited for him.

A wry grin came across his face as he thought, sliding the bat back to its corner. ‘This could get interesting,’ he thought. Picking up the note, it read “Follow the path and speak not a word or the spell will be broken. For the moment, sit, relax, and enjoy your brandy. When you are done, come follow the path of light. But remember, speak not a word or the spell will be broken.”

‘Ok,’ he thought, ‘I wonder which one of those guys set this up.’ His birthday was coming up and his buddies had been bugging him about going to Vegas to celebrate. He had begged out of it, mainly because his back up was on vacation and the other because of Kara. “No, I got to stay here, Charlie’s away with his wife and kids.” Michael told them.

With a light chuckle, he sat down next to the fireplace with his brandy and took off his boots. Settling back in his chair, he realized that there was the faint sound of music drifting towards him. Sipping slowly and feeling the warm brandy slowly spreading through him, but curiosity got the best of him as he rose and decided to continue down the path. The candles reflected off the wall of windows that overlooked the mountains, and led a path up the stairs to illuminating the darkness that enveloped the bedroom. The scent of jasmine, sandalwood, and orchids that filled the room was heady but not overpowering.

As he stepped into the room, his eyes still trying to adjust to the darkness, he felt warm hands come from behind to cover his eyes. She whispered, “Don’t open your eyes, don’t speak a word or the spell will be broken.” He felt a soft cloth cover his eyes and soft hands caressed his face. The voice was familiar but he couldn’t quite place it. He felt the glass being taken from his hands, as she came around in front of him. He tried to reach out for her but she moved away. “Stay where you are, move only when told,” she whispered, “don’t touch, just stand there. To do anything else will break the spell.”

Those soft, warm hands began caressing the back of his neck Bodrum Escort Bayan and moved to his chest; slowly he felt the buttons of his shirt being undone. Michael was sure now that his friends were playing a birthday prank, decided to play along. Her hands began caressing his chest, and Michael felt his body responding. Soft feather strokes moving ever so slowly downward, he could feel his maleness growing in leaps and bound. His belt was taken and jean undone before he realized she was gasping with satisfaction and surprise. “Mmmmmm, my isn’t this a nice present,” she whispered as she reached for his growing shaft. She pressed her body against his, reaching up with her body as she softly began kissing his lips, moving across to his ear, and slowly nibbling his neck, “shhhhhh,” came her whisper, “don’t say a word or touch or the spell will be broken.” Her lips caressed his skin as she lowered her body still pressing against him.

As she moved lower, she was pulling his jeans farther down. His shaft was hard and prime as her cheek brushed by him sending a shockwave through his body. Ever so slowly, he felt her lips kissing and caressing his long hard shaft as she took him into her hot wet mouth. “Mmmmmmm, so sweet,” she whispered. Moving her head and mouth back and forth, her hand found his sac. Holding him she continued to tease and taunt him with her tongue. “Not yet just hold there,” she whisper again, as Michael felt his knees weaken. “The spell has not reached it completion yet” those whispers came from the darkness and she kissed the full length of his shaft, onward up to his chest, and finally his lips again.

Michael groaned with pleasure as he thinking he had died and gone to heaven. He wondered if it was Pete or Rich he would have to thank for this. Her lips soft and full, were teasing and taunting him as she played with his tongue. He reached up to remove the blindfold, but she stopped him. “Play with me, keep it on,” she whispered in a pouty sounding voice. Michael’s curiosity was getting the better of him; no it wasn’t Julie or Megan from the ski lodge. He tried to think who this seductress could be.

She finished removing his clothes, still not letting him touch her other than a brush of his arm across her breasts or his leg brushing against her, and it was then he realized that she was as naked as he was becoming. Taking his hand, she led him through the bedroom to a waiting bath. The heat was heavy in the room as she guided him to the waiting water. Still not allowing him to remove his blindfold, he had to trust her guidance.

The bath was warm and inviting as the scent of sandalwood fill the heavy moist air. She stepped in behind him, as she slowly helped him settle down into the warm water. Using a large soft sponge and her hands she massaged his back, letting the warm scented water trickling down his chest. Her breath softly tickling his ears as she continued her slow massage, her breasts pressing against his back as she reached around him with her sponge.

“I want you to remain as still as possible and no peeking,” she whispered. Slowly she rose and stepped from the tub, “Lean back and relax, I’ll be back in a moment,” came that sensual whispered. She returned a moment later with a fresh warm apple brandy and pressed the glass to his hand. “Now relax here for a while, enjoy your brandy and bath, I’ll be back for you,” came her soft, low voice. As he reached out for her, she tapped his hand away and put herself just out of his reach. “Do you wish to break the spell,” she asked in a sad whisper. “I’ll be back. Just have a little patience, love. Remember, no peeking or the spell will be broken and I’ll be gone.” He stretched out as far as he could, the strong warm scent of the sandalwood oil and his warm brandy adding to his anticipation of what would come next. The warmth of desire was growing inside him, wondering how much more could one man take….but it would be worth the wait, of that there would be no doubt. Completely relaxed a sigh escaped him as a sly, playful smile came to his lips.

Keeping her own breathing in check, she watched him from the doorway. ‘He’s wonderful,’ she thought, ‘ever so much more than I anticipated.’ Kara watch Michael as she wondered if he knew it was her. She had noticed he was checking her out that morning at Jennie’s. And that bulge that had started as he turned his back to her had more than just caught her attention but invaded her dreams as well.

When she returned to the kitchen, Michael was getting up to get something out of his truck. He had opened the toolbox to put a couple of tools back, when she saw the keys, slightly buried under some of his tools. When he was out the door, she snatched them up and hid them in the drawer next to her, hoping that one of them would be for his place. She couldn’t believe she was even thinking of how to seduce him.

When Jennie had first bought the place she explained all the condos on the west side of the complex were the same it was just the views that were Escort Bodrum different, so she knew she would know his condo’s layout. She had never wanted anyone so badly as she wanted Michael.

Kara had been with the model types, but they just seemed self-absorbed, Michael was different. He had a rugged, outdoors look that she had longed for. She had watched him across the way for the past couple of weeks. She fantasized about him, and decided to play it out herself. She knew he was attracted to her, but would he be able to accept this side of her and not think that she was the town slut. She continued watching him in the bath, being caught up in the scents and heat of the room. Her favorite scents were the jasmine and sandalwood, the orchids just added to the sensualness of her nature craved. She could feel her own body’s excitement growing, anticipation can’t get the best of her yet she thought.

Unable to wait any longer, she finally returned after what seemed like an eternity. She helped him from his bath and she dried him with the fluffy, soft towel she warmed by the fire. Again, taking his hand she led him back to the bedroom. When she stopped, she turned him and gently pushed him back onto the bed. The sheets were soft and inviting as he again tried to reach for her. Taking his hand, she gently pulled him closer as she pressed the full length of her body against his. Nuzzling and caressing his neck with her lips and teeth, she could feel him growing larger, harder, and his breath rapid as it brushing her cheeks. She still held his hands away from her wondering if she would be able to keep him from her much longer. Her hands brought his above his head as she rose and straddled his waist. He could fell the warm moistness from between her thighs; slowly she released his hands to caressing and kissing his chest, sliding lower and lower. Slowly, ever so slowly.

Reaching his wonderful cock, so hard and straining, she traced its hard length with her nails, softly teasing, barely touching him, she heard his gasp of pleasure. Her soft lips and tongue tracing her nails, long wet licks across the tip of his cock, winding slowly around the head and slowly down to his sac. Slowly she pulled one side into her mouth gently massaging her tongue around, releasing it and then to the other, ever so slowly and softly. Kara couldn’t believe how engorged he was becoming as she began kissing his erection back to the tip until finally she took the tip between her lips. Kissing and caressing his hardness, she could hear him groaning with pleasure. Kara slowly lower her hot, wet mouth down the full length of him, sucking gently back to the tip and plunging her mouth down again.

Kara could feel him throbbing in her mouth, wanting that release but not yet wanted this to end. She brought her mouth to the tip once more, tracing down his length with her teeth. Soft loving nibbles, circling him, nibbling, kissing, licking, sucking, she could feel his groan from deep within, growing stronger with each moment. Teasingly she took one long lick from the root to tip of his engorged cock, kissing the very tip, she trailed kisses and licks upward making her way back to his mouth.

Her hard nipples brushed along his body as she moved to his mouth “Are you ready for me love,” she whispered in his ear as she nuzzled his ear. “Bring me to where you are,” Kara’s voice low and throaty. She moved her body lower against his, nibbling, kissing, licking, her mind now wondering what he would do, if he would wait for more of her caresses.

Michael was beside himself. ‘Who is this mystery that has set me on fire,’ his mind rushed. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take before he lost total control. This woman was bringing his mind and body to places he could only dream about. She felt his hands on her arms, stopping her from moving as he rolled her onto her back.

Kara wondered if she should remove his blindfold, but decided to let the spell continue, hoping he wouldn’t be angry to find out it was her. He nuzzled her neck, tracing his tongue from her ear to the hollow of her neck, sending sparks of lightening through her body. She could feel him trying to reach his blindfold, but took his hand in hers not letting him. Kissing him, Kara whispered, “Not yet. Let the feelings flow, see with your other senses not your eyes.” His hands began tracing her body as an artist smoothly caresses his sculpture. She gasped as he brushed his fingers over her hard nipples, making them harder still.

Michael feeling more in control, allowed his blindfold to stay a little longer, slowly tracing his lips toward the moist warmth between her thighs, sliding his knee between her legs, spreading them apart. Her breathing became deeper and faster, feeling his hot shaft pressed against her thigh. He raised her arms above her and held her hands in one of his as the other continued playing with her body like a finely tuned instrument.

Michael’s body had Kara pinned beneath him. Unable to move from under him, she tried to move her hands free but his grasp kept her there. “My turn to tease, Woman,” came his deep voice in her ear, taking control, feeling Kara’s body respond to his demanding announcement. “Since I can’t see you, you don’t get move,” he chuckled softly as he kissed her neck making her body arch up to his.

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