Winter Warmth

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Dean held the phone in his outstretched right hand, his left wrapped tightly around Emma’s waist as she leaned back against him, temples together, as he took the selfie.

He showed her the photo, with them together, and the beautiful frozen waterfall behind them.

“This was a great idea you had,” he said, still holding her tightly. “It’s gorgeous out here.”

Emma looked around at the snow-covered ground near the waterfall where they had set up for their winter picnic.

“Sure is,” she said. “It’s a bit chilly though.”

“Well, I can keep you warm,” Dean said. He put the phone in his pocket and added his right arm to his left around her.

“Oh yes?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” he said, moving both hands up until they were cupping her breasts, and squeezing gently.

Even through her sweater and winter jacket, Emma enjoyed the sensation. She pushed back against him even closer, pressing her ass against his crotch, keeping her head touching his.

And she was starting to warm up.

“Mmmmm…” she mumbled as he continued to massage her tits, stopping occasionally to press against her nipples through her coat and sweater. She started to move her ass against him, loving the heat and hardness in his crotch even through their jeans.

“I love to feel you against my ass,” she said. “Especially when you’re so stiff.”

“How could I not be, when you’re so fucking hot?” he whispered in her ear, before he started licking and nibbling at her earlobe, which he knew she found irresistible.

“Use those lips on mine,” she said, breaking free of his arms and turning around, stepping close again so now she felt the bulge in his pants against her own crotch. Dean put a hand on each side of her jaw and gently lifted her face up to his. She looked into his eyes and saw hot passion that even the chill air couldn’t extinguish.

He kissed her deeply, pressing his lips hard against hers, his tongue exploring her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his back to steady herself and get even closer, searching for his tongue with hers. When she felt it, the sensation thrilled her all over, and she moaned into his mouth. Dean moved his hands down to her ass and squeezed as she withdrew ever so slightly so she could lick his lips with her tongue, which she knew made him crazy.

“Oh my God,” he breathed when she paused. “I need you now!”

“Come here,” she said, grabbing his hand and pulling him down to where they had laid out a thick blanket on the snow for their picnic. She lay on her back and still holding his hand, pulled him down so that they were face to face again. He leaned down and resumed their sloppy kiss. She felt her pussy start to get wet, and aching slightly for his fingers, his mouth, his cock.

He moved his pelvis back and forth over hers, making her moan again. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore, and started to pull down the zipper to her coat.

Even though her mind was clouded with lust, a small part of Emma’s mind worried about the cold. She didn’t need frostbite. But mostly, she wanted Dean, his strong hands, his stiff cock…what if…

“What if we compromise?”

“Mmmmm?” Dean was still busy with the zipper.

“I feel like I’m going to burn my clothes off, I’m so hot for you,” she said. “But frostbite will be a real mood-killer. Just undo my coat and lift my sweater, OK? Massage and lick my tits while I stroke your cock. Then we should probably move inside.”

“Works for me!” Dean said as he spread her coat open and started to roll up her sweater. Luckily, her bra clasped in front, and she gasped slightly as he undid it, exposing her rock-hard nipples to the air. The tingle was a welcome contrast to her heat in her crotch.

He started squeezing and massaging her tits, loving their heavy softness. He ran his thumbs over her nipples, occasionally pressing hard against them. With his hands covering her tits and massaging them, Emma’s exposed skin wasn’t cold at all. Dean leaned down and started licking each nipple, then closing his mouth over them, sucking while his tongue twirled over them. Emma arched her back, trying to force her nipples further into his mouth.

She started rubbing her gloved hand up and down his shaft, still stiff and pushing against his jeans. “Mmmm…” he murmured against her nipples.

“Suck harder,” she gasped, pushing his head down. “Lick my tits!”

Dean doubled his efforts, sucking harder and licking faster. She responded in kind, stroking his cock faster. When he finally stopped, the feeling of the cold air on her still wet nipples sent pleasurable shivers through her, like the times back home when they licked and sucked Kazan Escort each other with small ice cubes in their mouths. The thought of those hot sessions made Emma even wetter between her legs.

“We need to go inside now,” she breathed. “I want you to make me even hotter. I want your cock!”

“And I need your hot pussy!” Dean said.

He stood up and gathered up the picnic things while Emma redid her bra, and bundled back up. Together they folded the blanket, and walked back to their rented cabin, nestled against the same mountain that was home to the waterfall. On the short walk, Dean took Emma’s hand in his. She loved how even now, with both them horny and needing to cum badly, he kept his sense of romance and tenderness. She squeezed his hand tightly until they got to the cabin door. He opened it for her, and stepped in behind her. The door had frozen while they were out, and he struggled for a few moments to get it to shut and lock properly, his aching cock adding to the frustration of the frozen door.

“There!” he said when the lock snapped in place, turning around, eager to touch her again, to fuck her. “Now, we can get really warmed-“

Emma was standing on the soft fur rug in front of the cabin’s fireplace, naked except for her knee-high boot socks. “My feet are still cold,” she said when she saw Dean’s raised eyebrows.

She put a hand between her legs, slowly rubbing her clit, and the other over one breast, lifting and squeezing. “But the rest of me is burning hot.”

Dean tore off his hat, coat, and gloves as he rushed over to her, driven nearly mad by lust as he watched her pleasure herself. The sight of her naked was incredible enough; the sight of her playing with herself drove him nearly over the edge.

“Turn around,” he panted as he reached her. She did, and stuck her ass out slightly. He pressed against her as he did at the waterfall, squeezing her free breast with one hand and putting the other over hers at her cunt. He pushed her hand even harder against her clit, and moving it faster. He licked her earlobe and she pressed back against him. He spread her fingers so that his were in between his, eight digits rubbing deliciously over her clit and pussy.

“Oh, yes, fuck!” she exclaimed as they rubbed her clit furiously. Their hands together were big enough to rub against her whole pussy. She straightened up to lean back against him as she started to feel her knees go weak, her orgasm building. “Fuck! Make me cum!” she yelled, and he moved their hands even faster. The feeling was exhilarating. The wet sounds they were making made her think her cunt was flooded. She felt a trickle of pussy juice roll down one thigh, dampening the top of one sock. Finally she came; quivering and moaning as the orgasm filled her body with delicious heat. She crumpled down to the rug, lost in the sweet afterglow. When she came back to herself, she saw Dean was still standing, looking down at her with lust still in his eyes.

“Oh my God,” she said. “You make me cum so hard!”

“It was a team effort,” Dean grinned. “And you led the way!”

“Well, I’m ready to get back in the game, Coach!” she said, still horny, as she rose up on her knees, and started unbuckling his belt. She pulled down his jeans and underwear, and reveled in the sight of his hard cock. She loved knowing she could make him so hard, and give him so much pleasure.

She grabbed his ass with both hands, and plunged his cock into her wet mouth, pulling him forward. She took it to the back of her throat, until his entire length was between her lips.

“Ahhhh…”Dean moaned. “Yes, take my cock! Suck it!”

She held it for a while longer, loving the sensation of it filling her mouth, hot and throbbing against her tongue. She pulled off, and saw she had covered it with her saliva. Using her spit as lube, she started jerking his dick while she licked his balls, and then the sensitive head. She knew it was the sweet spot, which was confirmed when he started panting.

“Holy fuck!” he grunted.

She looked up at him, still stroking his cock, and smiled. “You like that? You like me stroking your hard cock?”

“You know I do,” Dean said. “I love it! But I want to fuck that hot mouth!”

“Do it, Dean. Fuck my mouth!”

He clasped his hands behind her head, and pushed her mouth back over his cock. Holding his hands against her head, he started thrusting in and out of her warm, welcoming mouth. With each thrust, the head of his cock rubbed against her soft lips, sending pleasure down its length and into his belly. Emma helped him thrust harder by pulling on his ass, taking him Keçiören Escort faster and faster.

“Oh fuck,” he panted. “Oh my God.”

Emma felt her cunt start to get wet again, listening to his heavy breathing and feeling his hard dick in her mouth. She loved to suck his dick, to make him crazy with pleasure.

He stopped thrusting and released her head, and she knew he was almost ready to cum. She took her mouth off his cock with a slurpy sound and looked up at him.

“Uhhhh,” he managed, his eyes far away as he was overcome with pleasure. Emma loved making him feel that way, and wanted to send him really over the edge.

She started sucking his cock greedily, moving her lips and head over it even faster than he had thrusted; as fast as she wanted him to pound her cunt when he recovered from the amazing blowjob. She knew he would; many times they both came several times when fucking. They loved that about each other; they were romantic in a Hallmark way. The trip to the cabin was just one example of their romantic getaways (and a trip to Paris was on the list); and they held hands and wrote sickly sweet love notes to each other. When it came time to actually make love, though, most of that sweetness was gone. They were each overcome with animal lust, wanting to cum and make the other cum.

“Ah! Oh my God! Fuck! Fuck!” Dean yelled. Quickly, Emma released his cock from her mouth as he came. Straightening up, she placed her tits against the tip of his cock as he spurted loads of hot cum over them. “God!” he yelled again as the last load shot out. When he came back to himself, he looked down to see Emma smiling up at him, rubbing his cum onto her tits. “Holy shit, that was incredible!” he panted, still recovering from his orgasm.

“Well it was a team effort,” she said, loving the slippery feel of his cum on her fingers and breasts. It maintained the horniness she’d built up while sucking his cock. While it would take him a little while to be ready to cum again, she was ready now.

“I’m feeling a little chilly down here on the floor,” she fibbed. She was actually quite hot, playing with his cum and anticipating the next round of pleasure. “Maybe we should get under the covers?”

“Absolutely,” Dean said. “We don’t want to you to freeze.” He took off the rest of his clothes and helped her to her feet. Then he picked her up in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling his still wet and soft cock against her pussy. Even soft, she loved the feeling of it there, warm, soft, and wet, like his lips.

He carried her to the bed and gently laid her down, pulling the covers over her until just her neck and head were visible.

“There we go,” he said. “All nice and cozy and warm.” He leaned down and they kissed passionately as they had outside, exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Dean could feel a stirring in his groin already; Emma’s was hot and wet.

Abruptly Dean broke off their kiss and climbed under the covers with her. He kissed her again before quickly disappearing under the covers. Emma sighed as she realized where he was going – straight to her hot centre.

She felt his hands roughly push her thighs apart and just a second later, his warm tongue licking eagerly all around and on her cunt, running up and down her lips, over her clit, and even pushing into her slit. There was no real grace to his action; he moved his tongue quickly, trying to be everywhere at once, to pleasure her whole pussy.

She grabbed at his head on top of the covers, pushing down, encouraging him in his feverish cunt-eating.

“Oh! Oh fuck, lick me!” she exclaimed. “Lick my fucking cunt!” Encouraged by her hands on his head and her outburst, Dean plunged two fingers into her soaking cunt, and started massaging her G-spot. Emma started to arch her back in pleasure, and he pushed her hips against the bed, his face still burrowed against her cunt, forcing the maximum amount of contact.

Emma threw the covers off them, exposing Dean’s head between her legs, moving up and down and side to side as he tried to cover every millimeter of her pussy with his tongue. She loved the sight of him down there, seizing her sex with his mouth, sending delicious sensations through her whole body. She quivered every time his tongued her clit, an acute spike in her pleasure enhancing the steady ecstasy coming from her G-spot.

“Mmmmmmm…” she panted. “Oh Goooodddddd…” She basked in the euphoric pleasure as he kept greedily licking and sucking her cunt. The wet slurping and smacking sounds turned them both on.

“Oh my God you eat pussy so fucking good,” Kızılay Escort she said. “Fucking eat my cunt!”

Dean’s cock was now steel-hard again, pushing against the mattress under him.

Emma felt her pleasure reaching its crest, but she had waited for long enough for his dick. She had told him outside that she wanted his cock, and now she needed to have it deep inside her. She wanted his cock to push her over the edge, to make her cum a second time.

As if reading her mind, Dean finally relented in his practiced ravishing of her cunt, and replaced his tongue with the tip of his cock, tracing her pussy lips with it, rubbing it over her clit.

Emma spread her lips for him, allowing him to tease the opening to her cunt with the head of his cock. He moved it in a slow circle around the hole until Emma thought she’d have to yell at him to shove it in. Again, as if clairvoyant, Dean drove his rock-hard cock into her burning, soaking cunt, causing her to scream in pleasure.

“Oh I love your sweet cunt!” he yelled. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard!”

He started thrusting hard and fast immediately, burying his cock deep with every plunge in and out. He knew that even caught up in the blissful sensation of her hot cunt, he couldn’t thrust too hard for her. She loved it hard, fast, and deep, as if he was trying to drive her back through the mattress with his cock and his hips.

Emma loved the feeling of being ravaged with his cock, even more than having him lick her cunt. Each stab sent fireworks through her pussy and her body. She wrapped her legs around his ass and clutched at his back, as if she could pull him even further inside her.

“Oh yes!” she screamed. “Fucking fuck me! Pound me with that hard cock! Ah fuck!”

He continued to slam his cock in and out, savouring the tight, wet feel of her scorching and soaked cunt. He knew she loved to be fucked deep and fast, and he was happy to oblige. Freeing himself from her hand and legs, he leaned back to make it easier to pound into her even harder. He pulled her legs up until her socked feet were against his chest, and pulled her hips closer with every thrust. Caught up in her ecstasy, Emma grabbed both tits in her hands and squeezed hard, as if to focus the force of the pleasure washing over her through her palms and into her nipples.

“Fuck! Fuck! Your cunt feels so good!” Dean panted between thrusts. “Oh my God I love your fucking cunt!”

“I love your cock filling me up!” Emma shouted. “Fuck me hard. I want to cum all over your cock!”

She was desperate for release. It had been a long time since Dean had first squeezed her tits by the waterfall, since they’d fingered her to an orgasm, and seemingly a lifetime since she started to get wet again sucking his cock. And then his eager pussy licking, and now this ecstatic, rough slamming of his cock in her cunt. Suddenly it was all too much. The dam was about to break, and her pleasure would finally peak.

“Oh fuck! Oh I’m cumming!” she screamed, squeezing her tits even harder as her hips rose in anticipation of the orgasm. “Oh my fuck! I love your cock! Oh! Aaaaah!”

She quivered and jerked as she came hard, her pussy juices flowing over his still pounding cock. She felt a heat blossom out from her cunt through her whole body as her fingers and toes clenched. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her, even as Dan continued to fuck her pussy.

She had just come back to herself when Dean shouted “Ah! I’m gonna cum! Fuck you make me so hot! Oh you’re gonna make me cum so hard!

He pulled cock out of her dripping cunt just before he came, shooting his second spurts of cum on her pussy.

“Oh Jesus!” he exclaimed as he collapsed on the bed beside her. They lay there a moment, each of them trying to catch their breath and enjoying the dreamy post-cum euphoria. Finally he clasped her face with one hand and kissed her hard. She kissed back, loving the feel of his cum dripping down her cunt, over her asshole, and onto the sheets. A wet spot was forming, but she didn’t care. She wanted to lie here with Dean in this afterglow, savouring his closeness and basking in the aftereffects of hard, lustful fucking. She pulled the covers back over them and cuddled up against him, her legs intertwined with his, their faces nearly touching.

The cold of the outdoor picnic was a distant memory now. She was not only warm, but hot and fulfilled. She started to feel sleepy, even though it was only afternoon.

Dean felt her breathing change as she started to slip into a contented slumber.

“Sweet dreams,” he whispered.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured, almost completely asleep. “Maybe tomorrow we’ll really take in the waterfall properly.”

“Yes, and then I’ll take YOU in your mouth and cunt again.”

“Ohhhhh…can’t wait,” Emma said, as she drifted off, a small smile on her face.

Snug and happy wrapped in her soft warmth, Dean closed his eyes, falling asleep with a smile on his face too.

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