Wild Oats – Waterskiing

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As with my other Wild Oats stories, this took place in the 1970’s when I was in my 20’s. I love sex and am easily stimulated.


“Sally, my friend Hank as a boat and has asked us to go skiing with him.”

“Jason, I do not ski.”

“Do you not know how or do you not like it?”

“I have done it a few times, but it is not my favorite activity. I will come along to serve as the observer, but my primary goal is to work on my tan.”

“Hank will have the boat, so if you take care of sandwiches, I will provide the beer.”

I showered, shaved, and used my handy adjustable razor comb on my pubes. I had been maintaining them at ½ inch, but this morning I decided to go lower. I set it at ¼ inch and really liked the new sleeker look and feel. I have brunette hair and only trim my pussy hair. I do not try to create a landing strip or anything fancy. I am an adult, I have pubic hair, and I am proud of it.

I dressed in flip-flops and my trusty bikini.

Hank pulled up in front of my house with the boat hooked on behind. We loaded the food, beer and our personal gear and were ready to go.

We launched the boat and headed off to a secluded cove that Hank liked to use. It was a fifteen minute trip so Hank showed me how to lay the seats out flat so cebeci escort I could sunbathe.

You know by now that I am not a prude, so please do not be surprised that I took off my top. After all, I was lying on my stomach.

When we arrived at Hank’s cove, I sat up to put my top back on and he got his first good look at my high, firm, natural DD’s.

I was the designated observer, so as the guys broke out the ski rope and skis, I observed.

Jason was going first, so we had numerous trials before he successfully got up and glided around the cove. He finally went down and swam over to the boat so that he could drive while Hank demonstrated his skill in skis. He was up on the first try and only went down when Jason crossed his own wake and created a surprise wave. Hank lost his balance and for some reason held onto the rope and was pulled until Jason slowed down. It turned out that the rope had tangled around his wrist as he was doing tricks and could not let go.

The other thing that happened to Hank is that he had not tied the drawstring to his suit and he lost it as he was being pulled through the water.

Hank was bottomless and he had only worn his trunks and a T-shirt. He stayed in the water by the çukurambar escort boat, refusing to get out until I evidently diffused the situation by saying, “Hank, come on out. It’s not like I have never seen a man’s cock before.”

After a few more minutes he gave up and climbed out. He was showing a flaccid, 6″ circumcised penis of average girth. It was just another cock. He pulled on his T-shirt, but his goods were still hanging out. He looked covered by anyone looking in, but we knew different.

We decided to eat our lunch and after several beers were teasing Hank terribly. We started talking about eating hot dogs until one thing led to another and I dropped down in front of Hank and started to eat his “hot dog.”

Well, he got hard. While he was getting hard, he took my top off and began playing with my breasts. Jason jumped in and said if I was going to be topless, Hank should be also and pulled his T-shirt off and tossed it aside.

Then he said, “If Hank does not have any pants, you should not either.” He then pulled my bikini bottom off me.

Now we have two naked people playing with each other. Hank and I start kissing and Jason jumps in and starts licking my pussy lips. Hank reaches down to demetevler escort finger me and my legs slip open to give both guys unhindered access.

Next thing I know I am on my back on the opened up boat seat with Hank’s tool poised at my love tunnel and Jason’s tool dripping pre-cum on my lips.

I wrap my legs around Hank and pull him into me and I use my tongue to spread pre-cum around Jason’s cock head before taking him into my mouth.

Hank begins humping me like there is no tomorrow and I say, “Hank, slow down and make it last. If you cum, shoot it inside me.”

He slowed down and I was able to get in rhythm with him. We fucked like that for fifteen minutes. I could tell by the change in his breathing and the swelling if his cock that he was coming close. “Yes, Hank. Yes! Cum inside me.”

He took a couple hard, fast pumps and began spewing his cum and coating the inside of my vagina. “Don’t stop, I’m close. DON’T STOP!” He kept pumping, but he was floppy and slid out.

“Jason, IN ME NOW!”

Jason moved to my love hole and I took Hank in my mouth to try to get him up again.

Jason knew what I needed and stroked hard and fast in my pussy until I came.

We knew that since Hank had no pants, we would not be able to take the boat out of the water until after dark, so we spent the rest of the afternoon drinking beer, swimming, and making love.

After his first ejaculation, Hank was able to maintain his erection longer before he came and was able to bring me off several times on his own. I don’t know how many times I came with Jason, but let me tell you, we all went home sexually satisfied.

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