” Wife’s Photo Shoot “_(1)

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I was attending a conference in L. A. and this time my wife Linda was accompanying me. Usually she preferred to stay at home, but this time she wanted to come along, and enjoy the sun and pool in late spring. It was delightful, and we enjoyed some great eating as well as some pool time when the meeting ended each day, which was early afternoon.

On one occasion, there were two women sitting next to us, and we became acquainted with them. It developed that Kim, the slightly older woman, was a photographer, and Gail was her assistant. They had privileges at the hotel pool, and would take advantage of this when they finished work for the day.

I said that Linda and I had often talked about having a professional photographer take a number of pictures of her; pictures that we could enjoy in later years. She was a beautiful woman, and I wanted to capture her beauty, but the ones that I had taken never did her justice. Besides the usual pictures of her in a dress or swim suit, I wanted some sexy shots of her in some of the attractive lingerie that she liked to wear, or some nude pictures, but she was reluctant, perhaps being embarrassed if some one else saw her photos.

Just then my wife was coming out of the pool to join us, and Kim remarked that she was quite lovely, and indeed she was. She was very attractive, with a charming face and a fine body, slightly larger than the usual model, but with lovely firm breasts, a curved waist, rounded hips, and long beautiful tapered legs. I especially liked her hips and ass, and never tired of caressing them.

I asked Kim what type of photography she did, and Kim said mostly fashion, almost exclusively women, and she did models in all manner of attire, including dresses, sports clothes and lingerie, depending on what the various editors wanted. At this time Linda was listening to our conversation.

After looking at Linda, I asked Kim if she could do some professional photos of my wife. Kim hesitated, and then said she might be able to work her into her schedule, so I asked how much it would cost. She quoted some rates that were not in my price range, and I said her rates
would be too expensive. Then Kim appraised my wife again, and then said she could do it if we signed off on the pictures, saying it was possible that she might interest one of the publishers in a picture or two.

I was very enthusiastic, and I asked Linda if that would be all right. Linda was reluctant, but I persisted, and finally Linda agreed. Kim said that she could do some shots the next evening after her regular schedule was completed. Then she said that she was not going to supply the clothing for the shooting, and she suggested that we look over the clothes and lingerie that she had with her, and shop for additional items. Linda protested about the lingerie, but I said that I would love to have some tasteful shots of her in some lovely underwear. Kim said she would look good in some lacy and shear lingerie. We then parted, and agreed to meet in Kim’s studio the next the next evening at seven.

That night we looked over Linda’s clothes and lingerie, and decided to shop in the morning. We purchased a couple of dresses, short skirts and blouses and of course some very attractive lingerie. We bought sheer slips, camisoles, sheer lacy panties, both regular and open legged in pink, beige and white. Also, some sheer stockings and garter belts. She had some misgivings about the shoot, but I reassured her again.

We arrived at Kim’s studio, and Gail answered the door, escorting us in, seating us and soon Kim appeared. She sorted through the clothing that we brought, and nodded approval, especially at our lingerie choices. Then Kim introduced us to another female assistant, and also a male helper. Kim said the two women would pose Linda, and the man, Karl, would help with the lighting and some camera work. Kim had another male helper who did some camera work and some developing.

Linda was nervous with all these people, especially the men, but Kim reassured her that they were needed, and were very professional. However, Linda was still apprehensive, so everything was halted while one of the men fixed some cocktails, the object of course was to get Linda relaxed in preparation for the shoot. Well, after another cocktail was served and consumed, the women then took Linda behind a dressing screen and worked with her on clothing. The men busied themselves with the camera and the lighting, the placement of a sofa, and some

Finally, everyone was ready, and they posed Linda, now in a short black dress, in various positions, and began the shooting. They did several shots, the women eventually raising her dress to expose more and more leg. Next were some shots with her shorter skirts and low blouses to
expose her upper breasts. When the women wanted to expose even more leg, so as to show all of her sheer stockings and straps of her garter belt, Linda blushed, protesting some. Well, shooting was şişli escort halted, and more cocktails were consumed. Linda was now definitely more relaxed and
shooting was again resumed.

Now the girls were posing her more suggestively, showing her lovely stocking clad legs up to her sheer panties. Then Kim said it was time to do some lingerie shots, so she was taken behind the screen again, and now it was a sheer camisole top, sheer lacy half slip with her nylon panties visible, still with sheer stockings and garter belt. Linda was blushing again when she was aware of the men looking at her. It appeared to be time for another drink, and soon after Linda was even more relaxed. As she was being posed in her lingerie, she was looking incredibly sexy, and even though she was my wife, I was becoming aroused. Kim continued shooting as more and more of her body was exposed. The girls managed to make her look incredibly erotic as they posed her with her legs spread some, her camisole lowered slightly, beginning to expose her breasts, and soon pictures of her with her slip pulled above her waist, the sheer panties failing to hide the brown hair of her cunt.

The women soon had her changed into pink lingerie, half- slip and panties and camisole. This time her panties had wide legs, and was very arousing. Just as the women wanted to put her in further erotic poses, Linda looked at me for guidance and I said it was all right to continue. Then when Gail and her assistant wanted to expose her body more, my wife rebelled. Kim and I tried to reassure her so we could continue, but she did not want to have nude photos. Then it didn’t take more than another drink, before she became compliant, but not before she said that it would be up to me if she was to continue, and I said yes, that these were great shots.

Soon her panties were lowered, exposing her cunt to all of us, her slip then bunched around her waist, more photos, and then her camisole pulled up to expose her lovely firm breasts. Kim said these were going to be great, as she continued clicking her camera, and I saw that she also had a camcorder going. These poses were much more erotic then if she was totally naked. I was even more aroused observing the effect she was having on the men, and even the girls, and Kim seemed to be enjoying the spectacle of my now compliant wife, her resistance almost overcome, and I noticed that Linda was now flushed, and appeared to be aroused.

After another change of underwear Kim wanted her posed in even more erotic positions. When Linda began to protest we took a break, and we all had another drink. It was clear at this point that Linda was certainly feeling the effects of her drink, but still would not continue unless I agreed, which I did, thinking that there was not much more in the way of erotic poses that we could imagine.

Subsequently I was proved wrong as Kim raised the shooting to another level. My wife was placed in one erotic pose after another, her legs spread and her cunt exposed, which now appeared quite moist, gaping slightly, the lips puffy and red. It was clear that Linda was now aroused also, and the men appeared to be enjoying the view, as they adjusted lights and camera. Kim noticed my arousal and smiled, and I think that I was more excited with the women and men watching my wife, now being displaying lewdly.

The women then took Linda behind the screen, but we could easily see them as they selected very sheer lacy white lingerie, beginning with a white garter belt and sheer white stockings. Next, lacy white panties were added, very sexy with open legs, followed by a short half-slip and a sheer lacy camisole. They were very sheer, and did little to hide her lovely body. After a few routine, and very sexy poses, she was placed on a large flat sofa on her hands and knees. Then Gail removed the headband that Linda was wearing, allowing her long hair to cascade over her shoulders. Kim directed some more photos, and then asked the girls to pose her again.

Working together the girls pressed her head and shoulders to the sofa, sliding her camisole up so that here lovely firm breasts hung down unfettered. At Kim’s direction they lifted her slip up so that it fell from her waist, and then they slid her panties down her thighs till they were at the tops of her stockings, her garter straps stretched over her buttocks. She couldn’t have been more erotically exposed, and my cock responded, becoming even firmer. Then Gail and Carol moved her thighs apart, keeping her head and shoulders down. Her spread thighs and her lovely rounded ass invitingly in the air completed the erotic picture. In this position we saw her pink and moist cunt beginning to gape more, shiny with her moistness. Linda was flushed, embarrassed in this position. She looked at me and I nodded, reassuring her.

Then events took an unexpected turn. Kim turned to me and asked if she could introduce a man into the picture. I asked what she meant, and she said that she wanted one of the men to stand beside my wife in a robe as if he was going to seduce her. Kim said he wouldn’t do anything that I did not want him to, only the poses that we would allow. Kim said that it would add a more sexual dimension. Linda looked at me for guidance, and I said that we should try it, and that we could stop at any time. I was very interested in what would transpire and it was clear now that Linda had handed control of the session to me, and it was also clear that Linda was very much aroused, her body flushed and tremulous, but I think that she was embarrassed at her arousal.

After it was agreed to try it, Karl came in from a side room, clad only in a robe. Gail posed him next to my wife as more pictures were taken, Steve working the cameras and the lighting. When Gail asked if Karl could remove his robe, I agreed, and then Carol removed it. He was well built, but what most impressive was his cock, which was very large, even in his softened state.

It did not stay soft long as Gail grasped his cock, stroking and caressing it. That in combination with the sensuous sight of my wife, her ass lifted invitingly in front of him, immediately produced an erection of significant proportions, his cock now very long and very thick, with a large bulbous head, quite reddened. The girls eyes were shining with little disguised excitement.

I was sitting in a chair beside Kim, and she said “quite impressive.” That was definitely an understatement. Linda’s glimpsed his cock, and her eyes widened in disbelief. I had always felt that most men were pretty similar in size but this was an exception.

As soon as this sight was captured on camera, his cock almost touching her thigh, Kim asked if Karl could just touch the tip of his cock to her cunt, saying it would make a great pose. I thought that would be alright, so Gail directed his cock till the tip was just touching the moist red lips of her cunt, Linda flinching as she felt him. The girls were still holding her thighs apart, her knees at the edge of the sofa, her cunt on a level with
his rigid cock. After this was filmed, Linda asked if Karl could put just the tip of his cock inside the lips of her cunt. I hesitated, but the scene was so erotic that I finally agreed. Karl moved forward with Gail holding and directing his cock between the lips of her cunt, spreading the swollen lips some as half the head of his cock pressed into her, my wife moaning at the intrusion. I was incredibly aroused by this scene, but felt that I couldn’t let this go on much longer.

However, Kim asked if he could just put the head of his cock into her, and I looked at my wife’s flushed face, and in a small voice she said “It’s up to you.” Kim urged us on, saying it would be a memorable picture, so I agreed, thinking after that we would be finished. Then Karl moistened the end of his cock with her juices, and then started slowly pushing into my wife, the lips of her cunt stretching, now spreading more, my wife beginning to feel the pressure of his entry, and groaning. Karl was now gripping her hips to hold her steady as he now pushed more firmly, and with a hoarse cry from my wife the head of his cock stretched her cunt fully as he entered her, her body jerking at the invasion. The scene was mesmerizing, and I was wildly excited, and clearly the girls were also aroused, seeing this stud with the head of his cock inside her cunt. I could not believe that I could be so aroused by watching this happen to my wife.

As new pictures were taken, I said, “Maybe we should call a halt to the session.” I was concerned about allowing any further invasion of my wife’s cunt. Kim said “well, we could stop here, but I think we could still get some great shots if we let Karl push in a little further. You will have some great pictures to view in the future. I looked at my wife, flushed, tremulous, moaning some with the head of his cock inside her cunt. Against my better judgment, I said we could do a little more, so Kim told Karl to push in a little further. Moving back and forth a little, this stud gradually buried more and more of his cock into her, my wife groaning as she felt herself being stretched even more by his shaft. Holding her hips, he stopped with half of his cock in her while the photo session continued.

At this point Kim said, “Why don’t we just let him push his cock all the way in since we have gone this far. ” It was clear that my trembling, aroused wife was defenseless, and I was loosing control also, so I said, “yes, go ahead.” Then the girls pushed her panties down to her knees, as Karl, gripping her hips firmly, pushed fully into my helpless wife. She cried out as she was fully stretched and impaled on his cock, crying out again as he gave little short jabs deep in her cunt.

Looking at this erotic scene, I couldn’t believe that things had gone this far, that step by step our resistance had melted to the point where my wife, on her hands and knees, now had a strangers cock fully into her cunt.

Now, without asking my permission, Kim told Karl to move his cock back and forth in her cunt a few times to get his cock shiny with her juices. Karl obliged, to my wife’s moaning, and more pictures were taken. Then Kim said, “Start thrusting into her faster. ” Karl needed no further instruction, and he began fucking my wife with steady long strokes, soon fucking her faster and more powerfully as he continued holding her ass in the air.

Her body was jerking to each thrust and her breasts were swaying erotically. She was groaning and crying out continually now at the pounding she was receiving by this stud. I couldn’t believe that this photo shoot had progressed to the point where he was now actively fucking my wife

I was speechless, caught up in this scene, and as helpless as my wife was, as she was responding now, her cries louder now as Karl continued thrusting into her, till finally she was overwhelmed by an orgasm that shook her body again and again. He held her with his cock fully in her till her climax subsided. Then he slowly began thrusting into her again, in spite of her protests, as he continued fucking her, relishing her helplessness and surrender. The others were thrilled at what transpired as Karl continued punishing her with his cock, till finally she cried out as she was in the throes of another orgasm. At this time Karl groaned, as he fully impaled her again, and began spurting into my wife. He finally withdrew, leaving her cunt gaping and reddened with their juices seeping from her cunt.

He then released my wife and she collapsed on the couch. She began sobbing softly, tears on her cheeks, hardly believing that she had yielded to this stud and been taken by him and responding as she had done, especially in front of this audience which clearly enjoyed her seduction. I was angry with myself for being part of this scene, but I was too aroused to intervene. I could not believe how excited I was watching this stud thoroughly fucking my wife, watching his cock pistoning in and out of her defenseless cunt, stretched widely by his

I thought everything was over, but it wasn’t, as the girls now rolled my wife on to her back and then pulled her panties and camisole off, leaving her naked except for her garter belt and stockings. She started to struggle and I said, “No more.” As I started towards my wife Karl blocked me, and it was clear now that they were preparing my wife to get fucked again, this time by Steve, the other man. He stripped and approached my wife, who was now crying as he came near, his cock erect. With one of the girls on each side her legs were pulled open and her shoulders were held down, as Steve got between her outstretched thighs, directing his cock at her moist open cunt. He then penetrated her, easily sliding deep
into her, then steadily thrusting into her for a very long time. The girls did not need to hold her legs open now. She stopped sobbing, and she was now responding to him, her hips moving some, and then folding her legs over his thighs, spreading herself even wider for him, till finally she gave a shrill cry as her orgasm was full upon her. Then Steve groaned as he gripped her ass tightly, erupting into her, spurting again and again.

My wife just lay there on her back after this stud was through with her, her legs spread wide, juices again draining from her stretched cunt. I realized that all that had happened had been captured on film, to be used how? Finally I got my tearful wife dressed, and we prepared to leave. We clearly had been set up, and I was angry now at how we had been used, taken step by step to the point where my wife was thoroughly fucked, and my unexpected arousal watching these studs working on my wife. I knew that I wouldn’t soon forget the sight of those cocks penetrating her and thrusting into her, my wife helpless, surrendering to these studs, her legs and thighs lifted into the air as she climaxed. The sight of her lying spread-eagled when they had finished with her, and observing her wet widely stretched cunt was a sight I would long remember.

They were all smiling as we left, knowing we could never take any legal action. We were totally humiliated. There were tears again on my wife’s face as we were driving back to our hotel, remorse at the way her body betrayed her. She looked at me and said, “You were excited weren’t you? Watching your own wife being fucked liked that. You could have stopped them. You just let them do it to me. ”

I said, “It was so erotic the way they seduced you, that I was so caught up in it I couldn’t stop them. Besides, it was clear that you really enjoyed the way they fucked you.”

She was still tearful and said, “I couldn’t stop them, it got to the point where I was helpless. And besides, maybe now I will let some more studs fuck me since you enjoyed it so much. It seemed that you like being a cuckold.”

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