Wife’s Friends Anal Ch. 10

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My wife and I were laying around one night and we tossed around ideas that we thought would be a good sex scene to play out, possibly video and save for posterity. We were hoping to post it on one of those internet sites and see what people thought of it. Hopefully we would get good comments. Some of the ideas were plain old sex stuff but some ideas were pretty kinky. We nixed the run of the mill Blowjob and regular fucking scenes and decided to do something kinky and out of the ordinary. We can get into some pretty kinky thoughts and tossed around things like. Giant objects up my ass, large amounts of cumeating, ass to mouth with one of our dildos, some kind of elaborate flashing exhibition, and double anal penetration. After much discussion we decided on double anal penetration. My wife was going to ask two of her friends if they would help us out. She decided to ask Breanne and Brandy if they would be willing bust my asshole with strapons for the night. Each one would be great, Breanne has fucked my ass lots of times and Brandy while a bit on the shy side is super hot and has fucked my ass before too. She was going to ask them next time she saw them. I couldn’t wait and told her to call them up tonight and ask them.

We start talking about which strapons to use. We have many choices but most of the ones we have, in fact all of them are quite large and getting two up the ass at once may not be possible unless we get a couple of not so girthy ones. We cruised the internet to visit our favorite sites to pick out the ones best suited for the deed. They can’t be too fat Maltepe Esmer Escort or too long, they have to be just right. It’s the only ass I have after all.

After some surfing we ended up choosing, the first one it’s called “XL Thick Lifelike Cinnamon Pleasure Dildo” it has a generous shaft, realistic detailing with veins that stick out just enough to feel them but not to huge and fake feeling. I could probably stick the suction cup on the floor and go for a ride all by myself and be gushing with pleasure! It’s generous girth is about 2″ think and has a soft but firm feel. Bonus it’s strap-on harness compatible.

The second one is called “Macho man suction cup dildo” it is a thick realistic cock! 9″ real-feel dildo it has a 2 inch thick and veiny shaft and sculpted tip that will help it slide past the fist dildo as it enters my stuffed ass. It is firm but flexible that is totally harness compatible.

Together they look awesome and kind of intimidating, I can only image how nice they are going to feel up my ass stretching me out.

My wife set up with her two hot friends Bree and Brandy to come over Saturday night and do the video. I can already picture those two tight bodied girls walking around naked at my house with those strapons hanging from their torsos. Geez they are good looking, Its going to be quite a site, I can’t wait. Just imagine two hot girls walking around with strap ons hanging from them and saying how they are going to use your ass for their pleasure.

The few days leading up to Saturday I wore my largest Butt Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort plug as much as possible. I also had my wife work my asshole with two of our largest dildos the Cyclops and the humungous Titan. These are very thick monsters that really split me wide open. I love the full feeling and she is always happy to do it. She loves busting my ass.

Its Saturday and my asshole tingles with excitement. All that is left for me to do get ready is a good clean out and maybe some final stretching by my self sitting on a giant dildo. It’s just hours away and I can’t hardly wait.

I clean up and pick out our giant “Titan” dildo and head out to the living room. I situate myself on the stairs to the second floor and throw a towel down. I’ve found that this is the absolute best place for solo anal stretching. The multiple adjustments available because of the steps are invaluable. Wow this dong is humongous! I grab my silicone lube and fill my lube shooter syringe tube and empty it into my ass. It felt so sloppy as I basted my hole with greasy lubricant. I squatted over the behemoth dildo & guided my ass down atop it. I had to use my fingers & force a few into my ass just to align the tip of the dong into the right spot so my hole could accept it. Well a few minutes go by before my hole relaxed open wide enough to begin taking it in me. I gasped & shrieked as my hole was gaped to accept the head, I lowered my ass further down the shaft & began taking some length now. Less than 4 inches got it into my asshole. I love this dong! My knees are Maltepe Evi Olan Escort shaking as the monster is filling me totally and completely. I feel stretched to the absolute limit.

Right then my wife walks in on me and chuckles as she says,

“You better be opening yourself up because those girls are going to tear your ass up. Honey, you are going to just love it. Just image two huge dildos fucking your asshole at the same time. It’s going to be something and what a site it will be.”

I smile but really can’t say anything because I’m concentrating on my asshole. I am however sliding deeper onto it and have what feels like a foot of it up my ass, it’s in reality only maybe four inches, maybe. I stop there and try to let my asshole relax and possibly get used to the fullness as improbable as that may be.

After a few minutes more of this I ease my self off of my impaler as my wife watches. She says “let me look at your gaped asshole. surely it’s wide open. Bend over and spread them ass cheeks.”

She gets behind me and puts one hand on my back. She says “yep it’s opened nicely.” with that comment she gabs some of the lube and squirts some more up my ass followed quickly by her hand. She twists and turns her hand easily up my asshole and pulls her fully clenched fist out of my ass making a slurping sound as it exits. She works her full fist in and out of my ass in a punching motion. I can feel her knuckles of her hand slap into my hole, it immediately opens and expands to accept her full fist then closes down onto her wrist as she strokes her fist into my ass. She stops for an instant then rips her full fist back out as my hole closes behind it only for the whole procedure to repeated again and again. Till finally she says “I think you are ready, now go relax, you have about an hour till they get here.”

The next few hours coming soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32