Wife Gets A Job

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Chapter 14: Captain’s Wife Gets a Job

I sat there a moment trying to figure out what I should do. I saw the young lady in the ticket booth out front; I figured I could ask her, maybe they had moved or something.

I got out of the car, walked across the street and approached the ticket booth. The woman smiled at me as I spoke.

“Excuse me, do you know where the Pleasure Zone is? The address I have says it is here, but this looks like a theater.”

The young lady smiled, “Oh it is. It’s inside to the left. The theater is to the right. You need to pay two dollars to go in then when you make a purchase they deduct the two dollars from the item. If you do not make a purchase you can take the two tokes into the video booth and use them there.”

I was loosing my nerve as I stood talking to her. “I ah, never have been in a place like this. Is it safe? I mean I just want run in pick up something and get back home. Maybe I should do this another time.”

The woman must have sensed my dilemma she whispered conspirely, “You know if you are going to just run in and get something. This time of day is best; I don’t think anyone is in the store at the moment except the sales staff. Peggy can assist you and she is very nice. Tell you what, if you go in and don’t buy anything just bring me the two tokens and I’ll give you your two dollars back.”

I pulled my little money pouch out of my pocket and gave her the two dollars. She handed me the two tokens and as I started to leave she reminded me, “Remember go to the left when you go through the doors.”

I was really getting nervous as I walked to the doors. I went inside and saw the counter with three women there. Two were on stools and another was leaning against the glass counter. I saw the signs the `Pleasure Zone’ was clearly marked and I went straight in.

Like I said, I had heard of sex shops but I never was inside of one. A lovely woman walked up to me and asked “May I help you dear?”

Boy, talk about being tongue-tied. I looked at her and responded mousely, “Oh I’m just looking around thank you.” I guess I expected her to walk off and leave me, but she didn’t.

“Great, let me point out the different sections so you can see what we have to offer. Lets start with the sex toys first.” I followed her as she began pointing out the different things. Talking to me about everything as if she were speaking of dinnerware or place settings.

“Here are the dildos. As you can see we have every shape and size. Plastic, rubber, vibrating, non-vibrating, Dog dicks, Black ones, pink ones, fat ones long ones, and let’s not forget double headed ones.” I stopped to look at the selection. I saw the one I wanted. It was black, fat, and it was long. I pointed and asked, “How much is that one?”

The woman walked behind the counter opened the sliding door and pulled it out, handing it to me saying, “Seventeen ninety-five plus tax. That is our hottest seller and it really feels like the real thing. I know I have two of those along side my bed.”

I took it in my hand and held it; I asked, “Two?”

She laughed leaning into me and whispered softly, “One for me and one for my girlfriend.” I have no idea why what she said shocked me but it did.

Turning red, “Oh, I didn’t think of that.”

She said, “If you’d like one with a vibrator in it this is a good one.” She then pulled out another one similar in length and width but just a little stiffer. She picked up a small white plastic box and pushed a button. The thing began to vibrate in my hands. She giggled, “This one is cordless, that is the new thing now. No more wires to deal with.”

When it turned on I was not ready for it and I sort of jumped. I did not let go of it, but you could tell I was surprised. She laughed, “Opps, sorry I should have warned you.” I held it and I knew I was becoming excited. I could not help but wonder just how this thing would feel inside of me. I guess the woman could read minds she said, “I wish you could try it out like a test drive, but it is against the law. You could take it home and try it, then if you felt it did not do what you want it to you can always bring it back. Just make sure you keep your receipt. Try it in the privacy of your own home for up to 14 days.”

I asked, “How much is this one?”

She answered, “Twenty-four ninety-five plus tax. Of course we take off the two dollars you paid to come in and with these toys, every buyer gets four tokens to use in the video booths. So I would be giving you eight total when you buy both of these.”

“Oh I don’t want to go in there. Can’t you just deduct the amount off the price?”

The woman chuckled, “Sorry, I can’t, besides if you do go in to the privacy of the video booth you can see if you made the right purchase. After all if you don’t like one of them I can refund you your money right away so you don’t have to make two trips.”

I knew that I if I got home and did not like one of these two things I sure as hell would beşevler escort not be driving back to get my money back. No way on earth that would happen. I did like what she said about the privacy thing to see if I did like the one that vibrated. I already knew I loved the one I picked out. It had to be a twin to Shirley’s.

I said, “I’ll buy these two.” I realized at that moment I had to pee. I don’t’ know why but I had too. I asked, “Is there a ladies room here? I need to use it.”

“Sure” she pointed, “see the door there? Just lock it and I’ll have your purchase ready at the register when you come out.”

I went into the rest room and sat down. I was almost shaking thinking of what had just transpired. Now to be honest not with you, but with myself; I don’t know if I was shaking because I was nervous or excited. (Maybe a little of both)

I knew one thing for sure I wanted to feel that thing inside of me. I wanted to feel the thing vibrating while inside. Maybe I would use the tokens and go inside one of the private viewing booths. I didn’t see anyone other than the woman. As long as no one knew but her, I think I could try it.

I cleaned myself, pulled up my shorts, and tucked in my blouse and went back out to the cash register. It was still just the two of us. I pulled out my coin purse paid her and she handed me the change with the eight tokens. She handed me the dark gray bag and said pointing to a hanging curtain. “The private booths are over there past the curtains. Take you’re time and think of it as a fitting room. If you want to watch one of our exciting movies drop in a token and it will start.”

I could feel my heart beating as I walked to the curtain; it was a dark maroon thick and heavy. I walk past it and I saw two men walking in the dark hallway. The first door I tried to open was locked with a red light above it lit. I went to the next door and the light was green, I tried the door and it was not locked. I opened it and saw the tiny room was empty. I went inside, shut the door and found the lock, locking it I leaned back against it.

My heart was pounding, it seemed as if I could not catch my breath as I stood there. I could hear sex going on, and it was loud. I could smell the aroma of sex in the air. I mean that, I know the smell of men’s sperm and the air was full of it.

I felt excitement over every fiber of my body. The big TV screen in front of me was blinking “Insert Token” over and over. I could see from the little light in the tiny booth a ledge in front of the screen. I placed my bag on it, when I did I saw a small bowel that was full of condoms sitting on the ledge against the right corner. I held the eight tokens in my hand.

With my shaking fingers I began inserting the tokens into the slot, I saw a folding chair standing to my right side. I took it and with the room being so tiny I had to get against the wall as I unfolded it, stepped in front then sat down trying to catch my breath. The sounds of sex seemed to flood the air and my ears. My TV screen came on as the first token dropped in.

I saw an “on screen button” with two arrows up and down. I touched it and the screen changed. Now you know I am not a prude right? I already told you how porn effects me, but this, this was like nothing I had ever seen.

Everything just added to my excitement. I had almost all four of my senses being bombarded. My mind was being invaded. I say almost because, three of them were working overtime. The only sense not working was my sense of touch. My ears picked up on the sounds of hot sex; my nose could smell the aroma of sex, with the screen lit up and seeing the man screwing the woman, (I should say girl, because she looked so young.) Funny how I thought of that, because I knew it would be very quickly that my sense of touch would soon be in play. I sat there flipping through the sex scenes on the TV. I came across one with a guy going into a bathroom stall.

Now I can’t tell you what made me stop there. I guess I had to see what was sexual about that. I mean why show a man going to the bathroom? I watched as he dropped his pants and I saw he was not wearing any under-shorts. He was rather well endowed. He sat down opened his legs and began touching himself.

He was hard in no time. I sat there excited as I watched. I had never seen a man or boy do that. Oh I know they do it all the time. But I just had never seen it. I know it excites men to watch a woman masturbate, and now I understand why. I stood up undid my shorts and let them drop to my ankles; I took my feet out of them and put them on the little shelf with my bag.

I opened my legs and began masturbating myself as I watched him. He was nice and hard when the camera showed a hole in a wall with an eye looking through. Then the camera pulled back showing the hole was on the sidewall of the stall that he was in.

The next thing I saw was a big, long cock begin to come through the büyükesat escort hole into the stall with the guy stroking his cock. I saw him lean over to the side and my head seemed to swirl as I saw him open his mouth and I could hardly wait to see him put the cock in his mouth.

In the past I had a couple of my few boyfriends that told me how much they like watching two girls get it on. I never understood that until that very moment. There was something very curious and very exciting watching a man suck another man’s cock as he masturbated in the bathroom stall.

I had my legs open and I had the crotch of my panties moved aside so I had free access to my bottom area. I was sitting on the edge of the folding chair as I watched and played with myself.

I just sat there staring at what the boy was doing to the other guy as he sat there on the stool stroking his cock sucking the stranger’s dick. I guess knowing that the man was not known to the other made it even more exciting.

Now I have always enjoyed giving head. I loved giving it to my boyfriends, and my husband now that I was married. But watching it like this made it more exciting. I began to picture myself in the bathroom doing what he was doing to a complete stranger.

I was so wet between my legs, I had a flashing thought to get out one of my new toys and try it. Just as I thought that I noticed something out of my peripheral vision to my left. When I turned my head to see what had caught my vision my heart really began to pump. I saw a flaccid penis sticking through a hole in the sidewall next to me.

I kept touching myself and rubbing my clit as I stared at the cock sticking through the hole. I had a thought and turned to my right. I saw another hole and with the light coming from my TV screen I could see an eye looking into my tiny little booth.

I froze. I mean watching was one thing, but I was being watched by a complete stranger doing the most private thing. I began to hear a voice saying, “suck it, suck it.”

I guess hearing the voice snapped me out of my frozen state. I realized that the voice was coming from the man on my left that had stuck his cock through the hole in the wall.

I was in shock. Just moments ago I was hotter than I had ever been in my life. Realizing that I was being watched sort of shook me to my core. The man was louder than the sounds coming from my TV as well as the sounds coming from the other rooms or booths.

I leaned over to my left just a little, opening my mouth I took the flaccid cock into my mouth. I kept my hands between my legs as I began to work on the strangers cock. It seemed to come alive quickly as I closed my eyes and relished what I was doing.

The cock got hard very fast and I wanted to do more than just suck it. Now the hole in the wall was about the size of a large head of lettuce. I reached for the bottom of it and found the man’s sack; I began to fondle it, as I like to do when I suck my lovers off.

I pulled back and then began to kiss it all over. From the head down the side right to his balls. I let it rest against the side of my face as I made love to his sack. Moving back I kept kissing his stiff shaft moving up to the head until I could get it back into my mouth.

I was moaning with pleasure as I made love to this cock sticking out from the hole. I felt something touch my right leg as I leaned over and it startled me. I pulled back and looked just in time to see an arm disappear from the big hole on my right. Moments later a nice hard cock stuck through it. I reached for it with my right hand as I bent back over to the man I was sucking.

I heard the man I was sucking say over the sounds around me coming from our TVs “I’m coming. Take it you fucking bitch. Swallow it all.”

I felt his cock begin to throb as he squirted his seed into my mouth. Now I have always swallowed my boyfriends when I sucked them off and when I did I would almost always climax myself. This was the same; I began to climax as he emptied his sack into my mouth.

Now I don’t know how other women do it. But I like to collect the man’s sperm in my mouth and when he is all finished and I am just about through climaxing myself I slowly let it slide down my throat. I have always done this, and it is like a natural reflex to me. I kept stroking the cock to my right; will behind me as I sucked the man coming in my mouth.

I felt him pull back and I quickly turned around to suck on the cock I had been holding and playing with. I swallowed as I opened my moth to take him in. I closed my eyes and road my own climax as I began working him. I heard the door open and shut behind me then moments later I heard it again.

I don’t know how to admit this, or say it, but this was so nasty. I mean this was the nastiest thing I had ever done in my whole life. It excited me beyond description. This cock I was sucking was big, it was thick and I needed to fuck. çankaya escort I mean I needed it worse than I ever had in my life. And there were a few times it that came close to this; but nothing like the cravings I had sucking the strangers cock.

I stood up knocking over the folding chair with a loud bang. I pulled back from the man’s dick, turned around and grabbing hold of it again, I guided it into myself as I backed against the hole in the wall.

Once my ass-cheeks were against the wall I put my hands on the wall in front of me and pushed back holding myself tight against it so the man fucking me could get his cock inside as deep as possible.

I had my eyes closed all the time I was like this and for some reason I opened them. When I did I had a stiff cock inches away from my face sticking through the hole in front of me. I opened my mouth, leaned a tiny bit down taking it past my lips.

The man was not extremely big, and long ago I had learned the art (as John called it) of giving “deep throat”. I leaned down and into the groin of the man now fucking my face. The man behind me ejaculated inside of me and pulled back. I just kept my hands against the wall in front of me and stayed in that position as I let the man in front of me fuck in and out my open mouth.

I felt the vibration of the wall behind me as the door of that booth opened and closed and opened again. I felt fingers at my hole and a finger search and find my asshole. The fingers pulled back and were quickly replaced by a man’s cock.

Who ever he was, he wasn’t well endowed. He was rather small. I barely felt him. But it was enough to satisfy. The man fucking my face came and I collected his sperm getting every drop.

Now while the man fucking me was not all that big, there was pleasure from all of it. It was more of a mental thing. I was swept away from the thing itself going on rather than the size of his dick.

Looking down I saw from the reflection of the light coming from the TV screen in the booth in front of me the door open and the man walk out. I even felt the breeze of the door open and close. I wondered if another man would come in and replace the man that just left. It was then that I saw on the floor in front on me what looked like dollar bills.

I took one hand from the wall that I was holding myself bent over. And reaching down I picked up the two bills. I could hardly make them out, one looked like a fifty and the other looked like a twenty. I felt another breeze and I knew that the door of the booth in front of me had opened and someone had walked in. The man behind me came and pulled out so there I stood with my ass-cheeks pressed against the wall behind me as I watched a stranger walk up to the hole in front of me, unzip his pants and he pulled his half flaccid dick out moving closer to the hole and my waiting mouth.

Again I felt the door open and close behind me, then once more. I felt a hand on my ass-cheek and a finger slide into my dripping crack. I had all kinds of liquid between my legs. My own juice as well as the two men that just finished having sex with me, oops that was three.

I could see some sort of flashing going on in my booth and it hit me that my TV screen was flashing to insert more tokens. I closed my eyes and focused on the man behind me putting his cock in me as well as the man fucking my face. The man behind me came first and soon after that the man fucking my face came.

They moved off but as the man in front of me left he dropped three bills on the floor in front of me I watched as they flipped as they fell to the floor.

After the man left that had been fucking me left I felt him push something in my booth down between my legs. The man fucking my face had been gone only a few minutes before the door opened again and another man replaced him.

My lower back was getting tired in that position and I don’t know I guess the excitement was beginning to wear off. I realized that no one was coming in the booth behind me so I moved away from the wall and sat back down.

All the time I moved I never took my mouth off the man I was sucking. The flashing was beginning to bother me and my mouth was getting a little sore. I should say my jaw. The man came that I was sucking and he pulled back.

I picked up the chair and set it back up. I sat down on the cold metal seat as I began to beat myself up for doing what I did. I sat there and looked down, I saw the bills and picked them up. It was too dark to see what they were; I just folded them and stuck them in my blouse pocket. I had to pee and I felt messy between my legs, I mean real messy.

I heard the doors open and close again however I had lost interest in doing anything more. I saw my shorts on the shelf and it was then that I remembered that I had dropped my panties when I backed against the wall. I looked down and they were on the floor at my feet.

I picked them up and thought about putting them on when I realized I had been stepping on them. I saw the little trash can in the corner under the TV so I tossed them in it. I picked up my shorts and put them on. I saw two cocks sticking through both holes in the walls to my right and left as I grabbed my bag, opened the door and stepped out. I saw I think four men standing in the hallway. And it looked like they were waiting to be next.

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