Wife Finds Other Woman’s Picture

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*All persons involved are over 18*

I was at home on the couch with my Wife Brandi (5’8 Olive skin, 110lbs long dark hair 34A cup chest) watching some shows on Tv. It was about 10pm and Brandi had fallen asleep. She was in a brown lace nightgown and she was looking good so I tried to wake her to go to bed so we could have some fun but she said she wasn’t in the mood and goes to bed and i stay on the couch.

11PM rolls around and I’m still horny and just looking at some porn on my phone thinking Ill just do it myself then go up to bed. To my surprise her friend Kayla (5’11 pale skin, 125lbs, very long brown hair and 36C cup chest] messages me. The conversation goes as followed.

Kayla – Hey your up late

Me- Yea I’m about to go to bed soon

Kayla – Oh too bad, I cant sleep and wanted someone to talk to.

Me- Well I guess I could stay up a bit

Kayla- Is Brandi already in bed?

Me-Yea she is so I’m all alone lol

Kayla- Well you have me now and I’m more fun anyways

Before I can respond to her Brandi comes in the living room and askes if I’m coming to bed so I get up and put my phone in my pocket and go to bed. The the next morning I wake up and see Brandi is already up, I smell coffee so I know she is in the kitchen down the hall so I grab my phone and see Kayla sent a few more messages after I went to bed including a picture of her in a bra saying “Just got this one do you like it”

I looked it the picture for a while, Kayla had a much better body than Brandi but I wasn’t sure how to answer.

“Yea it looks nice” I replied

“It or me” She text back immediately

“Brandi invited me over tonight so Ill see you then” she added

I got out of bed and went in to the kitchen and sat down next to Brandi and got a cup of coffee. I asked her what she had going on today and she said “Got to go to the store and get some stuff for later tonight I invited Kayla over hope you don’t mind I told her 8pm was good.” I was still trying to figure out what was going on with this situation I found myself in. “No babe I don’t mind that’s cool.” I told my wife.

The day goes on and I find myself excited to see Kayla and have her on my mind a lot, keep thinking of her in that red lace bra with her full chest barley contained in it and cant help but to compare it to Brandi who while sexy barley fills her A cup.

Brandi gets back and i got to help her unload the car and I see she had got a bottle of fireball whiskey as I grab it she says “Oh that’s Kayla’s favorite but ill have to watch her cause if she drinks too much of it she will take her shirt off” I laughed a nervous laugh and said “We don’t want that” Brandi looked at me and gave me this look like she was warning me “Yea I’m sure you don’t want that”

Hours go by and before I know it its 8pm and I have this nervous/excited feeling going on and when the doorbell went off it got worse 10 fold. Brandi gets up and goes to the door and opens It and I could hear Kayla “Hey bitch give me a hug!” Then walks travesti istanbul in the house. She had on tight spandex shorts and a tank top on, Brandi on the other hand had on baggy pj bottoms and one of my hoodies on.

Kayla walks in the door and as Brandi was shutting it she winked at me and blew me a kiss before Brandi turned around. Kayla was a few feet in front of Brandi and I could see Brandi look Kayla up and down then look at me. “Have a set Kayla Ill be right back” Brandi says as she makes a B line to the room, I already knew she was going to change cause of what Kayla had on but that left me and Kayla alone.

Kayla-Hey there like what you see?

Me-Cant complain

She walks up and sits a few inches from me in the couch and crosses her legs and kicks off her flip flops, “God even her feet are prefect” I think to myself.

Brandi comes back in the room this time with a black mini skirt and her tank top also bare foot. As she came in i could see her and Kayla looking at each other and Kayla had a smirk on her face.

Kayla- “Trying to compete Brandi”

Brandi -“No it was just hot in here so i changed”

All three of us know this wasn’t true Brandi wanted to keep up with Kayla but they both let it go and we continued with the night. After a few beers Kayla asked Brandi if she had got the Fireball “Oh yea I did I forgot about that” The thought popped in my head wondering if she just acted like she forgot it and didn’t want Kayla to drink like that not wanting her to take off the little she had on.

Brandi got up and went into the kitchen and Kayla followed and as she caught up to Brandi she gave her a little slap on her ass while turning to me and winking. Brandi let out a sound of enjoyment and the two went fully into the kitchen out of my sight, I could hear them laughing and I couldn’t help wondering what they were talking about or doing.

I heard a loud smack and Brandi say “God not so hard” with a playful but also annoyed voice, “Oh did I hurt the little girl” Kayla laughed. They both came back in the living room Brandi ahead of Kayla holding the shot glasses of the Fireball.

As they sat down Kayla says “I think i hurt your girls ass, Brandi show him what i did” Brandi looked at her “Ill show him later” As the words left Brandis mouth Kayla garbed Brandi and turned her back to me while lifting the skirt exposing Brandis ass with a red handprint on it. “Oh damn” I said aloud

The girls each take a shot glass and Brandi goes to reach for mine but Kayla beats her to it and pours me one, I know Brandi well and know for a fact that pissed her off and suspect Kayla knew it too. “Here you go honey” Kayla says as she hands me my drink “Ok don’t get too friendly” Brandi said with a serious tone to her voice.

After what seems like a millions shots of this stuff it hits me, i got to pee. I get up and for some reason set my phone on the kitchen counter and go into the bathroom. I pee for what seems like 30 mins even though it was most likely 2 istanbul travestileri but it was enough time for Brandi to go into the kitchen to get the other bottle and being drunk and jealous pick my phone up and start to look at it. I come out of the bathroom to Brandi standing there looking at me with my phone in her hand facing me with the picture of Kayla in her bra.

Brandi- “Are you serious with this”

Me- “Look I didn’t start it and really didn’t know how to handle it I’m sorry I didn’t tell you”

Brandi- “We are going to deal with this shit now”

Brandi turns away from me and starts to walk into the living room to confront Kayla, I grab her arm and she snatches it away from me “Just stay out this ok, its between me and the slut!” Brandi said to me with a determent look on her face loud enough I’m sure Kayla had to hear.

Brandi goes storming into the room and I follow close behind, as we round the corner I see Kayla already standing up.

Kayla-“Guess you found my picture huh Brandi, did you like it?”

Brandi- “What the hell are you doing sending pictures to my Husband?!

Kayla just smirks at Brandi not saying a word, This pissed Brandi off and Brandi walks up and the two stand toe to toe. I start to say something but Brandi just turns to me and says “just sit down and shut up.”

Kayla-You might want to drop it and sit down too before i get mad

Brandi- You might want to leave before I get…

Before Brandi could finish her sentence Kayla rears back and slaps Brandi in her face catching her off guard and knocking her to the floor. I start to get up and Brandi again tells me “I said stay out of this” I sit back down and think it myself this is going to get ugly but also couldn’t help but to get horny thinking about these two girls going at it.

Kayla- Now say your sorry and ill leave

Brandi- You are going to pay for that

Brandi starts to get back up but Kayla was fast to pounce on top pinning Brandi down straddling her leaning into her so they are face to face. Kayla screeched out her legs so that she was not laying on top of Brandi while still holding Brandis hands down.

Kayla-Remember i gave you an out

Brandi-Get off of me you bit…

Again before Brandi could finish Kayla pressed her chest into Brandis completely covering hers.

Kayla- Maybe you should thank me for letting your man see a real woman’s body

Brandi- I am a real woman

Kayla gets up off of Brandi and as she stood above her she takes off her top exposing her perfect perky full chest for me and more importantly Brandi to see. I could see Brandi looking up at Kayla’s chest then back down to her own, then the sadness overtakes Brandis face cause she knew Kayla was the more sexy of the two.

Brandi gets up and as she does Kayla askes “Come on I took mine off why don’t you do the same” Brandi looks at her then at me then back to Kayla, I’m sure Brandi is thinking she could either take her own top off or Kayla would do it for her.

Brandi istanbul travesti reaches to the bottom of her shirt to take it off and as it goes over her head Kayla goes in and snatches Brandi and puts her in a bearhug and Kayla being taller and stronger lifts Brandi off her feet squeezing her as hard as she could forcing her full chest into Brandis A cups again covering them. As Brandis feet dangle off the floor Kayla starts to swing her around while taunting her

Kayla- First I’m going to hurt you them I’m going to fuck you, then I’m going to make you let me fuck your man.

Kayla continues to squeeze Brandis helpless body around, her grip getting tighter and tighter till I can see in Brandis face she is having trouble breathing. I’m stetting there watching my wife get dominated by this better women In everyway and being conflicted about how i feel about it.

Brandi- Please I cant breath

Kayla- Do you admit I’m better than you?

Brandi- Yes!

Kayla-Say it!

Kayla squeezes Brandi even tighter so tight i could hear her back crack and Brandi cry out in pain “Your better than me!” As she conceded Kayla tossed Brandi to the floor and placed her foot on top of Brandis chest gripping her nipple with her toes.

Kayla looking down on Brandi starts to laugh “God bitch you really have no tits”

Brandi still trying to catch her breath just looking up at Kayla then fear strikes her face and Kayla gets on her knees one on either side of Brandis and with both hands grabs Brandis hair and slams it into the floor.

Kayla- Now that hurting you is done its time to fuck you so get up and get my bag

Kayla gets up off Brandi and snaps her fingers and points to her bag in the corner for Brandi to get. Brandi slowly get to all 4s and crawls to the bag and picks it up.

Kayla walks over to Brandi and takes her by the hand and starts going to the bedroom, Kayla looks at me and says “You get to watch”

I jump up off the couch and follow the two to the bedroom a few paces behind, I see Kayla toss Brandi to the bed and she takes off the tight spandex shorts she still had on then I look to Brandi to see she was doing the same with her skirt she sees me look at her but says nothing just this defeated look on her face. I turn back to Kayla to see her lubing up a strap on she had adorned and she jumps into the bed with Brandi. The two start kissing as Kayla enters Brandi and starts to thrust, the headboard starts to slam into the wall. Brandi has her legs around the waist of Kayla scratching her back. Kayla grabs Brandi by her neck and starts to lightly choke her.

Brandi starts to moan out- Oh god yes

Kayla- You like that don’t you

Brandi-Yes yes yes

Kayla-Your my bitch now aren’t you

Brandi-Yes Kayla I’m your bitch

Kayla is moving her hips side to side and biting Brandis erect nipples. Brandi cant take anymore and lets out a loud moan and has the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have. Brandi still under Kayla leans up to get face to face with Kayla

Brandi-I’m sorry baby please forgive me

Kayla-Your forgiven bitch as long as you know your place

Brandi- Yes Ma’am

The Two girls lay next to each other and cover up. Both look at me…

“You going to join us”

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