Why Not? Pt. 02

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Dear reader,

Please read Why Not first here. read it as one story or save it for a 2 part. Originally I wrote Why Not as a one off story, but then thought after 40 odd years why not! write what happened really. As they say life can be better than fiction. That is for you to decide dear reader. I’m unable to change the end of part one so apologises.

I hope you’ll enjoy it all the more.

Part 2 was a long in coming, but I hope it was worth the wait. Hitchhiker

Why Not part 2.

© Hichhiker 2021

The next morning Sally came to me whilst Jenny was in the bathroom, and I was making breakfast in the kitchen.

She kissed me and said, “Thank you, my darling.”

I cooked breakfast and we ate together as a happy family.

Just after breakfast ,Jenny got a phone call from her boss, there was a new computer being installed at her works, and Jenny had the back up files on a drive (back then drives were the size of a breef case) she’d bought home for safe keeping over the weekend.

When she got off the phone she turned to us and said “Keith has asked me to go into work with the back up drive. They are further ahead with new computer than planned. You two will be OK here won’t you, I’ll be about 1or2 hours at most?”

Never before had she bothered to tell me how long she’d be out. So I thought I’d bait her. “Sally and I can look after our selves and I think Sally wants to watch the video again. Don’t you Sally?”

Sally picked up on the game “Ooh yes last night was just so good. I never ever thought watching people having sex could be such a turn on. It was just like having real sex, but in your head.”

“Really, maybe we should all watch it again together. I really shouldn’t be such a prude should I Adam?”

“I keep telling you to let yourself go and enjoy life. People don’t really give a fuck, cause they are up to something far worst themselves.” I responded, wondering what had come over my wife. Who could be even more prudish than Mary Whitehouse.

“Off you go and give us, a call when you are leaving work.”

“OK I will. Hopefully I won’t be to long, I’ll just drop the drive off, you two can cook me dinner then we can watch that blue movie together.” Jenny then went upstairs to get ready before she drove the 13 miles to her office.

I then bustled Sally into the lounge and pulled the door shut behind me.

“You haven’t said anything have you? Jenny seems very different.”

“No” Sally responded also with a look of concern and suspicion on her face. ” I think someone’s stolen my sister. She’s never been this easy ever!

I think she might have an idea what we did last night. I really enjoyed you and would like to have you again. But not today as I think my periods started.” She then leant forward and we kissed long and deep, my cock went hard in a flash.

“Come on lets go and start lunch, we can have another look at the video whilst its cooking.”

We went to the kitchen and started to prepare lunch, which was a nice piece of beef to be roasted with all the trimming’s roast spuds and parsnips, carrots etc. Peeling vegetables we talked about the mundane. Trying to get ourselves relaxed and look normal again.

Jenny walked into the kitchen she had changed into a smart close fitting frock and I could see the bumps of a suspender belt through the tight stretched fabric.

“Oooh nice you’ve got stockings on.” I quipped “Keith and the other chaps will be undressing you with their eyes.” I pulled Jenny to me and rubbed my hands over her bottom and pushed my crotch into her so she could feel my erection. Kissing her with passion I hugged her tight. Her response was amazing she grabbed my head and ground our mouths together, forcing her tongue down my throat. I could have taken her there and then right in front of Sally, I’m sure!

“Wow you too are so hot.” Sally exclaimed.

“Yes… save the video for my return… I won’t be long. The idea becomes more appealing the more I think about it.”

We walked to the door together leaving Sally in the kitchen. “I like this new wife, Jenny.” I said as I opened the front door for her. “Good, and your new wife likes how she feels. When you made love to me last night after you’d watched the video your cock seemed different some how, and you made me come as well. Which never happens does it? I had been thinking about you and Sally down stairs and the idea made me very very randy. Even though at first I’d been very angry. I nearly came down and joined you.” (now that would have been interesting I thought to myself)

“You should have, it might have been fun. Anyway we can watch the video later together. Now give me a flash of those stocking before you go.” With that Jenny pulled her skirt up and showed me her long slender legs.

I pulled her to me and put my hands inside her knickers one at the front and one on her bottom. Her pussy was wet as I pushed a finger into her slit.

“Oh stop it or I’ll never get there wait until later I promise it will be fun.” Bakırköy Escort Jenny said breathlessly and at the same time squeezed my cock through my trousers.

Pointing to the bulge in my trousers I said “You don’t play fair what am I going to with this when you leave? That pussy of yours needs sorting out as well.”

“You’ll be fine. I’m sure and my wet pussy will be fine to it will tingle all morning thinking of what will happen on my return.” Then Jenny gave me a quick peck on the cheek and left. I stood and watched her drive off.

I turned to go back to the kitchen only to find Sally. Standing behind me

“Fuck.” I exclaimed “What the hell has come over Jenny? Her cunt was really wet and she squeezed my cock so nicely I nearly threw her on the sofa there and then. She must know we made love last night.”

“Well.. at least kiss me Adam I’m randy too.” I kissed my wife’s sister and fondled her willing body and rubbed her cunney through her knickers. She clung to me for support as her legs were not supporting her. I moved us over to the sofa and we lay down together our mouths locked together kissing each other with great passion. Sally wasn’t wearing either tights or stockings and my finger burrowed inside her knickers. I felt a piece of string, she had a tampon in. Even so her pussy was still very wet rubbing her clit and pushing one finger inside, I massaged her to orgasm.

“Adam you make me feel so hot.” She said breathlessly as her pleasure subsided.

“I want you so very much. But it will be so messy with me on my period. Won’t it?”

“Come on we must be careful Jenny could just be conning us and waiting down the road to return unexpectedly. I just don’t trust her sudden change of personality.”

“Yes you are most probably right. Best go and finish preparing the meal. We can sit down quiet and have another little peak at Debbie doing Dallas later.”

I adjusted my cock in my trousers and we returned to the kitchen and got on with food preparation. Whilst I was dressing the Beef Sally came up behind me reached around my waist and unfastened the top of my trousers. My cock came back to attention almost immediately.

“I just love how it moves. Let me suck you off at least.” Sally knelt down on the floor and started to suck on my cock. The feeling was divine, I leant against the kitchen counter holding my hands out still messy from preparing the beef. Sally looked up at me with my cock half way in her mouth. She wanked the shaft and licked the glands.

“Come in my mouth. I Liked the taste last night, and the way your cum slid down my throat.” she said between mouthfuls.

“Oh with pleasure. I just love that kind of dirty talk, you are such a slut. I love it.”

I exclaimed my voice quivering with lust. Sally pumped her mouth back and forth on my cock for several wonderful minutes. It was hard to make, myself just let go and come into her willing mouth as I’d always had to warn Jenny when she sucked me off.

“Tell me again. Sally, what do you want?”

Sally withdrew her mouth from my wet hard cock looked up and said “I want you to shoot spunk down my throat. Like those boys did in the movie. Come on fuck my face make me into your slut.” She then plunged my cock back into he willing mouth. I had managed to get the dish cloth and wipe my hands clean by then. So I took hold of her head and began fucking her face. Her tongue swirled around the glands as her head went back and forth and in no time I wanted to cum.

“Ready?” “Uh huh” She grunted not taking my cock from her mouth. With that final affirmation I let my seed flood into her mouth, she gulped and swallowed until she drunk ever drop. Putting my hands under her armpits I pulled her up to me and we kissed.

She tasted so sexy with the residue of my own juices still in her mouth.

I pulled up my trousers and fastened the belt “Come on I must get this Beef in the oven or dinner won’t be ready when Jenny returns.”

So with everything prepared the timer set we went and sat in the lounge with a glass of wine each.

“Adam what would you like to happen when Jenny gets back?” Sally asked as we sat on the Sofa. She’d got me stroke her arm as I’d done so many times over the years.

I thought for a moment.

“Well it would nice to have a 3-some, but I can’t see that happening, can you?”

“I won’t mind. I know Jenny is my sister, but she’s still a woman and no different from Clare, we’ve had fun loads of times.”

I was just amazed at this revelation from young Sally.

“You mean… You and Clare have played with each other?” I exclaimed

“Oh more than PLAY with each other, my hair brush has been in Clare as well. She even pushed it in her arse once. She’s really dirty, she plays with herself all the time. All the time!” Sally emphasised. “

She also said that her uncle Gary fingered and made her come then taught her how wank him off. They only did it a couple times, when she Başakşehir Escort was 16. When she told me the story we had been playing with each other in her bedroom. Since then I’ve just dreamt of sucking your cock and making you come. Clare would like to have you fuck her. She dared me to try this weekend, now that I’m old enough.”

“Hell’s bells don’t tell her you did. She’ll go and tell everyone.”

“No she won’t, cause if she does I’ll tell her Mum what she and her uncle did.” Sally reassured me.

“I don’t know.” I replied very worried that our secret might get out. I knew our little adventure could turn and bite me in the bum, but so soon; and with Clare! Who couldn’t even stop herself from telling you what you had been bought for Christmas.

Sally leant over and kissed me trying to reassure me everything would be fine . She took my hand and placed in on her crouch. “I promise it will be alright, promise. Go on finger me again, I feel randy after thinking about Clare and her uncle Gary.”,

Kissing Sally and fingering her pussy, I started to relax me. The fright I had, had about Clare being told in detail of this weekend. Sally was really starting to get going when the phone rang, it made both of us jump.

“I expect that’s Jenny. But she hasn’t been that long only just over the hour.”

I picked up the phone “Hello? Shelley speaking.”

“Mr Shelley this is your wife. I’m leaving the office now. Should be home in about 45 minutes . Is my sister OK, has she been good whilst I’ve been away?”

An unusual question for Jenny, but I decided to play along. “Yes, your… sister has been… very good indeed, very good! Dinner should be about ready when you get in, and after dinner we can watch the video together, we’ve saved it for you.”

“Don’t worry Mr Shelley I still want things to go as planned. Love you.”

Before I could respond the line went dead.

“Was that Jenny?”

“Well it sounded like her, but I’m not sure if it was her. Like you, said this morning Sally. Who’ stolen my wife, and your sister? I’m sure she heard us last night and is planning to have a big row when she gets back.”

Sally and I went to the kitchen to prepare the Yorkshire mix and peal spud’s. I decided to speed up the cooking so dinner would ready just after Jenny returned.

Jenny arrived back almost to the second, she must have driven very fast back across the marshes.

I went to open the door and as she came in she pushed something into my hand.

“I had to take these off because they were so wet and started to itch. Lucky the car seats Vinynl because it’s wet too” I realised then, the damp cloth in my hand was her knickers.

I pulled her to me and hugging tightly kissed her with passion and Jenny responded equally. Holding my head in her hands and pushing her tongue into my mouth.

“Wow….If that’s what you are like when you’ve been thinking about watching a blue movie, I can’t wait to find out what you will be like, when you are actually watching it.”

“OH! I’m looking forward to watching it. But what has really made me feel like this is the way you made love to me after taking my sister virginity last might.

“You know?” exclaimed Sally with shock in her voice. ” You saw us and you said nothing?”

“No I didn’t see… but I heard you. I don’t know why. I should have been grabbed by jealousy and come into the lounged and screamed at you both. Instead I was overcome with a feeling of pure lust. I just stood there, just inches away, leaning against the door frame listening to you making love on my sofa. I was so hot, that I rubbed myself off and we all came at the same time.

How I got back upstairs without a sound, I will never know. It seemed an age before Adam came up to bed and I invited him to take me. I did wonder if he would be able too after having you such a short time before and coming twice. “

Sally had come to stand next to us, her sister put her arm around her shoulder and pulled her into our embrace. Then Jenny leant over and kissed Sally full on the mouth, Sally responded kissing her sister with passion.

“Oh Jen. I’m so glad you don’t mind. I was scared witless that you’d be angry with us if you ever found out.”

“Well I’m not, for some strange reason. In one way I feel sort of liberated. I’ve notice you flirting with Adam over the years and I also noticed that Adam never made a move.

Don’t forget Sally. I was a teenager not so long ago. Plus I remember how I used to flirt with Mum’s boy friends. It must be in our genes. Now I have my new found freedom I want to find out more. So instead of being a silly woman behaving as I think other people would want me to behave. I want to be really naughty and watch this video.

Come on lets get dinner and then as promised we can sit and watch it together.”

We ate dinner and discussed Jenny’s change of heart and why she was turned on by recent events, rather than angry.

With Bebek Escort the dinner cleared away, we poured some more wine and went to the lounge. I went to the VHS player and rewound the tape when I turned round to find my recliner chair, Sally had taken it.

Jenny tapped the sofa next to her and said “Come sit next to your wife.” so I pressed play and sat down next to my wife. The scenes started to unfold on the screen.

Jenny with her eyes fixed to the screen. “I can’t believe people actual allow themselves to be filmed having sex and with so many other people around, sucking and fucking each other.”

“See.. its not so bad is it? Let me see how much you like watching Porn!.” and with that I pushed my right hand between her legs and pushed a finger into her slit.”

“Stop it” She barked “Sally is watching.

“Don’t worry about me Jen. Look I’ve got my hand between my own legs.” We both turned to see Sally with her knickers pulled to the side with one hand and the other rubbing her clit. With that I pushed two fingers into Jenny and hooking then up began to rub her ‘G’ spot. In a matter of moments Jenny was moaning and pushing her crotch down to get better contact with my hand. I moved to kneel down on floor, opening her legs and leant forward and started to eat her hairy cunt.

“OOH Adam make me come. But lets get naked first.”

Our clothes discarded Sally came over and sat on the Sofa next to Jenny .

“Its nice isn’t it sister having your man eating your pussy? Go on your dirty bastard stick your tongue in her, she’ll like that. I lapped away, obeying Sally’s instructions.

I felt Jenny’s body start to convulse but not from pleasure .

“Oh I’m sorry.2 She sobbed ” I’ve been such an idiot holding back for all these years. I just felt it was wrong to enjoy sex. I’m sorry Adam, can you forgive me?”

“Of course I can. If the new Jenny promises to just go with the flow, like I’ve asked for so long.”

“I promise” She sobbed

“Come here Jen, let me kiss you and love my own sister like she deserves.” Sally took Jenny in her arms and started to kiss away her tears Jenny responded by suckling on Sally breasts. I buried my face back in Jenny’s quim sucking hard on her clit.

“Go on suck the bitches cunt, make her cum in your face.” Instructed Sally

“Oh Sal you talking dirty is sooo.. well so fucking sexy. Yes come on you dirty bastard eat my cunt and make me come, go on, go on eat me you dirty fucking bastard.”

I sucked on her clit pushed my tongue inside her as deep into wet cunny as possible I even pushed a her finger into her very tight little hole. This apart from not being rejected was rewarded by her climaxing almost instantly.

“OOH fuck … that’s so f….. hot ooooooh yeeees……..”

As Jenny’s orgasm subsided ,I moved up her body and we all three kissed together.

“What did you do? That’s so fffff hot? Sally asked.

” I stuck and finger in her arse and she came instantly.” I explained

“Its your turn Adam, to enjoy some pleasure. Now Lay on the floor.” I obeyed and lay down on my back.

“Go on Jen suck your husbands cock, Go on.. suck it.”

Sally pushed Jenny down next to me. Jenny didn’t need any more prompting she leant forward and grasped the shaft in one hand and then licked the tip and opened her mouth and took the glands in. She must have remembered my instructions and began to lick it like and ice cream. Jenny was looking at the TV watching the girls suck on cocks like mine.

“Can I have some Jen?” Sally asked having moved around the other side of me and just seen two girls share a cock on screen.

Jenny pushed my cock over toward Sally who took the head and shaft deep into her mouth and began to pump her head up and down after several seconds of this divine treatment Sally passed my cock back to Jenny.

” Go on make him cum and take it in your mouth all of it. Spunk tastes lovely and feels great as it slides down your throat. Go on bitch suck him off.” Sally encouraged her sister. pushing on the back of her head so that, Jenny gagged as my prick hit the back of her throat.

Jenny began to work on my cock in earnest licking and sucking on the head and glands gripping the shaft tightly. But I didn’t want to cum, I wanted to feel Jenny’s cunt on me then she could suck me off, whilst my cock was still coated in her juices.

“Sit on my cock Jenny please and fuck me, come on fuck me. Then you can suck me off. Just like Sally did last night.”

Jenny straddled my body and lowered herself down onto me . Sally moved up to my head and kissed me. She had a hand between her own legs rubbing on her quim.

“Would you push a finger into my arse Adam?” Sally asked

“You’ll have to turn around so I can reach.

Sally turned around and all this time Jenny was rocking back and forth on my cock buried deep in her body. Sally laid across my stomach so she could watch whilst Jenny rode me. I was able to reach between the cheeks of Sally’s bottom and finger her sopping wet slit. I felt her finger brush mine.

“Finger my arse Adam. Let feel your finger in my arse .”

My fingers were wet with her juices and I spread more around her tight hole and massaged the rose bud which twitched in response . I pushed one finger in and worked it back and forth until it was in past the second knuckle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32