Who’s the Boss?

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Big Tits

It was Monday morning when the first rays of sunshine crept into his bedroom. She peeped her eyes open to look for his naked body underneath the warm covers. Realizing the lack of body heat beside her she opened her eyes completely to search the room. She frowned to herself wishing she could have woken up with him beside her. He walked back into the room just in time to see the pout on her face.

“What’s the matter baby? Wasn’t last night good enough for you?” He was half naked, tanned and gorgeous in his blue and white striped boxers.

“Oh, it was. Don’t you remember me screaming for more? I was just disappointed you weren’t here when I woke up.” She rolled over pulling the sheet over her breasts smiling up at him.

“Dora you better get up, we both slept through the alarm. I’ve got an impromptu meeting with Carl in two hours, he just called, and as my secretary I expect you to be there and everything to be ready.”

“Yes sir, Mr. Carter. You sure there is nothing else I can attend to before I leave you here?” Dora could still feel the wetness between her thighs almanbahis giriş that had not yet evaporated from the late night before.

“Make sure my suit is pressed and my red tie is steamed.” He walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

“Oh, yes sir. But I meant anything a little more personal.” She called to him hoping he would understand that she wanted him again.

“Dora, you’re dismissed. Get to the office.” He barked stepping into the steam filled shower.

She made a face, but jumped out of bed to pull on her leather pants and bustier.

“Bye” She called out, not waiting for the response that she knew would not come.

Once at the office she made calls to secure arrangements for the thrown-together meeting. After an hour she had things under control. The caterer had been summoned, the conference room confirmed, and the phone system set up in case the need for conference calls arrived. Relieved, she began her normal Monday morning activities, setting up the weeks other meetings, lunches, and conference calls. Soon he strode almanbahis yeni giriş into the office bellowing,

“Dora, my office now!”

She followed wide eyed with pen and notebook in hand.

“I asked that you steam my red tie before you left this morning, is this too difficult for you, I need to look my best for this meeting and you leave me with wrinkles? Unacceptable Dora.”

“Sir, I steamed it before I left, I can’t imagine why it is wrinkled.”

“Dora, I don’t want your excuses. You will have to pay for this.” He grabbed her arm dragging her behind his desk and to the floor in front of him. He jerked his zipper down.

“Suck me off before the meeting. I’m leaving in 4 minutes. If you’re not done you’re fired.”

Her eyes opened wide as she watched his length bounce in front of her. She placed her lips around the tip running her tongue along the shaft for stimulation. He grabbed her head forcing himself into her throat. Grunting a low, “Faster!” She moved her mouth up and down almost choking herself in her haste to pacify almanbahis his beast-like flesh. Sucking, licking while massaging his asshole, yet again was the right combination for his massive orgasm. He pumped cum down her throat forcing her to either swallow or choke. Once finished, he wiped his still stiff cock on her face leaving traces of white stickiness.

“Okay, you can keep your job today, but don’t let this happen again. My instructions are to be followed. Show Carl into the conference room when he arrives, and notify me immediately.”

She nodded wiping her face on her arm, tears in her eyes.

After the work day had ended and she was packing her things to leave, he called her into his office.

“Come over again tonight nine o’clock sharp. Wear a leather skirt and a sheer shirt. I want to see your nipples so don’t bother with a bra. Black high heels, and stretch before you get there. I don’t want your legs to cramp up like they did last night. Don’t make me be more forceful than I have to. I don’t like it when I have to tell you every little thing to do to please me.”

“Yes sir, I’ll be sure to follow your directions more carefully.” She walked out slowly contemplating the events of the day. Basking in the off kilter joy of being CEO of a large firm where she could manipulate her employees into playing her sexual games.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32