Who’s in Charge Now Ch. 01

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This is the story of Jacob and Emily Jones from Expanding Horizons Ch. 06.

As Emily and Jacob left Rosebud Acres, they had a renewed sense of confidence in their lives together. On the ride to the airport, they didn’t talk for fear of their Uber driver lowering their rating. When they reached DTW, Emily’s heart rate rose. Would TSA flag her toy? How would she explain it? What would they do? She held her breath to lower her pulse as she pulled out the laptop and bag of beauty products but it was to no avail, her heart rate was still elevated. As she passed through the x-ray machine, she saw that her purse had been pulled to the side and would require an inspection.

Jacob had already repacked his bag and was waiting on Emily when he saw her purse had been pulled of the conveyor, “What did you forget?”

Emily knew what it was but faked a sense of bewilderment. As a butchy looking supervisor grabbed her purse and asked Emily, “Does this belong to you?” Emily shook her head yes and the agent responded, “Come with me.” Jacob started walking with her and the agent pointedly said, “Sir, I asked for her to come with me, you go and wait over there.” Before the agent began opening the purse she started with her speech, “Are there any syringes or anything else that might harm me in here?” Before Emily could answer the agent had opened the bag and saw the pink toy, front and center, and react with a surprised, “OHHH!” The agent looked Emily up and down and glanced towards Jacob, who hadn’t heard a thing since he was enthralled with his phone. The agent tried to fight off her grin but couldn’t and said “I hope you have an….. ENJOYABLE FLIGHT!”, and handed Emily her bag. Emily turned three shades of red and slinked away.

As she reached Jacob he asked, “What was it?”

Clearing her throat Emily said “Lotion.”

Jacob and Emily first stopped at Chang’s to eat but sat in silence since the table to either side was full. They then bypassed the tram and instead slowly strolled to their gate and did some window shopping. When they reached their gate, A24 they took a seat against the wall to have some privacy.

Emily, “So…..Should I book another weekend next quarter?”

In an excited tone and at a hurried pace that Emily hadn’t heard Jacob speak in years, “Yes, we need to do this again. Don’t you think next quarter is too far out? What do you think of birth control? Should you get back on it or should I use condoms?”

“Slow down. We should probably not wear out our welcome. Plus, we can have fun on our own. I think that I should just get back on birth control. Let’s have fun while we can and you can fire away at will. Plus, I don’t like the smell of condoms. Though we will need to watch out until I’m back on it.”

“Sorry, you are right, I need to relax.” Jacob took a cleansing breath and followed up with, “But we need to go back next time you are up here.” After a short pause Jacob asked “What sort of fun can we do together?”

Trying to be coy, Emily said, “You know, stuff. Like you can watch me finger my pussy.” Emily slowly rubbed her middle finger in a circular motion on one spot of Jacob’s hand. “Maybe you’ll be allowed to stroke your throbbing cock.” Emily then gently grazed Jacob’s crotch with her hand and caused his abs to tighten and his cock went from a semi-chub to rock hard instantly. “Maybe do some outdoor sex. Some role-play. You know…. stuff.”

“Goddamn, we are going to be boarding soon and I think that we need to use the rest room but you got me hard. I’ll walk around and try to get this thing to relax so I don’t piss straight into the air.”

“Before you go, can I have your phone?”

“Why, is there something wrong with yours?”

“My battery is dead and I want to line up an appointment with my doctor for birth control.” Jacob handed over his phone and walked away. Emily hurriedly went onto the Lush site and downloaded the control software. She felt like she was in a spy movie as she held her breath waiting for the download to complete. She made sure the two devices would synch, and reorganized his main screen to make the control front and center. The task was completed just in time as she saw Jacob rounding the corner from the bathroom. As she handed the phone back to him with a shaking hand knowing the plan was in play, she started to daydream about being a spy. She needed a secret agent name. Then it hit her, Agent Cooter. No, it was too much on the chin. Agent Coot was better.

Jacob broke the silence, “Don’t you have to use the bathroom before we board.”

“No, I’ll be fine.” No sooner did Emily say that, the gate agent announced that they would begin boarding those people that needed extra time. A couple minutes later the gate agent announced that it was time to start boarding First Class.

As they got up, Jacob went to grab his phone from his pocket to bring up the ticket but Emily was ready. “You can keep your phone in your pocket, I have both tickets on my phone.”

“Oh, thanks.” And he gave her a peck on the check. Jacob, still lacking full blood flowing to his brain, had already forgotten about the previous dead battery statement.

They took their seats in Row 2, seats C and D with Emily in the window seat. The stewardess came up and asked if they would like anything to drink and Emily asked istanbul Escort Bayan for wine. An attempt to calm her rising nerves. Thirty minutes later and the boarding door closed. Thirty minutes later, they were at cruising altitude and the captain was finally able to turn off the ‘Fasten Seatbelt’ sign due the early turbulence. Emily knew that this was now game time. She stood up and Jacob asked “Why didn’t you go at the airport?”

Emily put on her best game face, “Because I didn’t have to go then.” She then strutted to the bathroom with her hips waving from side to side with the secret weapon in her purse, charged and ready to go.

As she closed the door behind herself and heard it latch, she fell onto the toilet unsure if she could continue with the plan. How was Hazel so able to do this in public, walking around the antique show? She couldn’t do it and she was only on a plane. As Emily tried to psyche herself up, she decided that her vagina would decide the path forward. If it was willing to play along then she would do it but if not, then this adventure would wait for another day. Deep down she knew that she wanted to do this as her vagina had been drooling on her panties for so long that they were wetter than an August day in Atlanta, but she needed to verify. As her hand slowly crept down and under her skirt, she had proof she needed. As her soft fingers pressed against the fabric of her panties and put pressure on her swollen lips, a jolt of energy ripped up her spine and removed all doubt from her brain. Agent Coot had taken over.

Coot could remember the instructions that Macey, the Weapons group director, gave during mission run up. The pink device would absorb the electro shocks that the lab assumed was part of the crime family’s standard torture. The lab assumed this since the dozen agents that had been sent in over the years to take the family down were all found on the street a drooling mess with small red marks on their wrists and with wiped memories. While Agent Coot didn’t have complete faith in the device or the plan to be taken captive, she was desperate to take the family down. As she was the agent in charge and the last one capable, she knew it was the last option. She stared at herself in the mirror and slowly inserted the device. As her lips parted, the device was greedily sucked in with only the antenna sticking out. Her fingers also slipped in some to verify it was fully embedded and protecting her.

As she extracted her fingers from her drooling pouch, she brought them up to her face and examined the fluid that was on the tips. It was much thicker than she was used to. Her inner voice told her that this was the antidote to the truth serum that was certainly in that odd tasting wine that she was given and she sucked each finger clean to make sure that she was of in control of all her facilities. She stood up straight and knew that she would make the criminal mastermind, Mr. Bigg, putty in her hand since through all his hubris, he hadn’t fully checked her out when she was taken captive. She would finally be able to figure out his plan and gain the upper hand. Until then, she had to play helpless. She fixed her make up and walked back to her seat.

As she reached the seat next to Mr. Bigg, he snarled at her “All better now?”

Agent Coot retorted “Do your best, you aren’t going to break me though.” Jacob had a puzzled look on his face as to what the hell she was talking about.

As Coot settled into her seat and she just waited for everything to happen. It didn’t take Mr. Bigg too long to finish the magazine that he was looking at and grabbed his phone. He keyed in his secret code and said, “What the hell is this?” pointing towards an icon labeled as ‘Electro Shock.’ The stoic Agent didn’t respond and instead readied herself for the mission and was positive the device she had hidden away would protect her.

As Mr. Bigg started fiddling with the app, Coot held her breath in anticipation. She wasn’t sure if the device would totally shield her or if it would only reduce the shocks to a slight tickle. What she hadn’t planned for was the toy started vibrating. It was a steady buzz. The device wasn’t supposed to do this and was clearly failing but at least she didn’t feel any pain from the electricity that was coursing through her. Instead, she felt pleasure, the likes of which she had never felt. She could feel her eyes start rolling into the back of her head and started drifting into pure bliss. After what felt like an eternity floating on a cloud, Agent Coot was brought back to reality as the machine shut off and Mr. Bigg placed his cold hand on her pelvis.

“What Is that?”

“You know exactly what it is. But how did you….” She was cut off as the machine went into a step function. Increasing in intensity in four long steps. Until it dropped off to nothing. This rest gave her a chance to breath and collect her thoughts. But just as she was coming back the first step hit her, then the second, then the third slammed into her. Then the rest, which seemed shorter this time. Over and over, she kept climbing the stairs. The rests seeming to shorten and the climbs seemed longer and harder. The Agent wanted the torture to stop but just couldn’t give up.

Coot was riding the edge of istanbul Escort consciousness and darkness when the machine shut off. Not sure what had happened when Mr. Bigg got up and started digging in bags. She wasn’t sure what he was doing but this respite gave her time to think. She didn’t think that she had given up any secrets yet but wasn’t positive. How did she get into this….. Macey. Macey is the mole. It finally dawned on Agent Coot that her and Macey have been the only constants in the group for the years that they have been trying to take the family down. When she gets out of this, Macey is going down.

As Emily was in her stupor, Jacob was furiously digging through their bags trying to find a cord to charge his phone. The phone had shut off since the battery died. Just as he placed his hand on the cord a flight attendant walked up. “Is everything all right sir?”

“Yup, just looking for this cord.”

The attendant could see the frustration in Jacob’s actions and wanted to make sure that Emily was fine. She bent over and asked Emily, “Is everything fine ma’am?”

A glassy eyed Emily could only shake her head yes.

The attendant was about to go and get assistance when she saw a light sheen of sweat on Emily’s forehead and cheeks and chest were glowing red. She then saw the telltale sign of the Lush antenna in her crotch and knew that someone was going the mile high club. As she turned to leave the row, she was staring straight at Jacob’s cock that was pointing straight out. When she stood up, she said “Would you like some assistance fixing that sir?”

“I got it, thanks” and sat down and down and plugged in his phone.

In a snooty attitude since she had been shot down, “I’m going to ask that you turn that off when we start our landing process.”

As Jacob was impatiently waiting for his phone to turn back on, Emily started to awaken. She couldn’t believe that she had gone from a lights out intercourse type person to this showoff in a short amount of time. While these thoughts were rattling in her head, the device was awakened and set to a sine wave.

When the first wave was started, pilot went over the intercom, “We have begun our initial descent in to the Atlanta Jackson-Hartsfield airport. Our flight attendants will make a last pass through the plane and pick up any unwanted material. We will be on the ground in twenty minutes.” Coot knew she only had to make it fifteen minutes and the device would be off and she would be clear but Emily needed release since she had been subjected to close to an hour or bliss.

Coot heard the henchman asked Mr. Bigg, “Boss has she given up any info yet?”

“Nothing useful yet.”

“Let me help.” The attendant reached forward, acting like she was grabbing the trash on the arm rest and instead pinched Coot’s left nipple hard.

This caused Emily’s eyes to open and she let out a yelp. While it hurt, it got her close to her much needed orgasm. As the attendant was going in to do the same to the other nipple, Emily gave the attendant a pleading look, begging for release, and turned her chest so the distance was less. As the attendant’s hand gently cupped Emily’s right tit, Emily knew her orgasm would be huge and was imminent. As her thumb and index finger started to squeeze, a seat two rows back pressed the flight attendant button. The attendant said “Fuck” and walked back to see what the issue was. Agent Coot was back in control and could resist.

After a few minutes, the henchman returned and said, “Sir, it’s was unsafe to continue as her brain will be mush and she won’t be useful.” Mr. Bigg shook his head in agreement and turned off the phone. Agent Coot had survived and the plane landed a few minutes later.

While taxiing, Agent Coot could sense herself falling into madness. Is this really how the other agents fell? What other agents? Oh yeah, there were other agents. The difference was she put the device into herself and surely the other ones had it placed into them. Who came up with this device? Macey did, she is the mole. How could Macey do this, they came up in the academy together? They were so close. As all these thoughts bounced around in her head, she was shaking off the fog and getting her mind back to normal.

All seemed fine until she went to stand after the plane had parked and her knees were too weak after the multiple rounds she had endured. Mr. Bigg and the henchman helped her off the plane and up the jet way to a waiting cart that escorted two of them to the exit. Coot was doing everything in her power to convince herself that she was still in control. She soon found out that they were going to be picked up by the real masterminds, The King and Queen, also known as Howard and Martha Jones. Howard, the cold, iron fisted despot that controlled everything, or so he thought and Martha, the Matriarch of the family. She was the one that really controlled everything. Martha had despised Agent Coot since the first time they met. As the long black SUV pulled up, Mr. Bigg led her around and set her in the seat behind the King and he then put the packages in the back of the car. He walked around and took the seat behind the Queen and they were off to the secret lair with their escort leading the way and the tail gunner following.

King, Escort istanbul “How was your trip?”

Bigg, “Great. We think that we might do it again and see some other areas.” Agent Coot was going to be quiet and just take everything in and figure out what the plan was since they were speaking in code. “Father, sorry for missing another round of golf today.”

King, “Don’t worry about it. I’m thinking that we might want to change our days anyways. The club is too packed on Sunday mornings. I think that we will now go on Monday mornings.” Coot knew something was up, this man had played golf every Sunday since…. before Mr. Bigg was out running the streets. Mr. Bigg had only been invited to play with the King the third weekend every month since the Colonel had passed three years prior. Trying to keep the prying ears of law enforcement out of his dealings, the King only played in twosomes. The Cleaner, his accountant, was the first weekend of the month. The Disposer, his lead muscle and lawyer, was the second Sunday. The Pope, his longest confidant, was the fourth weekend of the month. For the odd month that there are five Sundays, the Court Jester, the Queen’s brother, was invited to play.

Bigg, “Are you sure? With the exception of Hurricanes, you haven’t missed a Sunday in 30 years.”

King, “I actually haven’t gone the last two months and it feels fine. Is that a new perfume you have on there?”

Agent Coot, playing nice, responded with “Nope, no perfume today.”

King, “Smells…” taking in a huge breath “earthy. Really nice, whatever it is. Doesn’t it dear?” When the Queen didn’t answer, he repeated himself, “Doesn’t it, DEAR?”

This snapped the Queen out of her trance. “Yup, you are right.” Coot was now trying to put everything together. The Queen had never been this quiet before nor had she ever paid the Agent a compliment. Plus, she had never worn red lipstick before. Like her heart, she was more of a cold neutral shade person. And she was playing with her Friday pearls. These were a much larger set than her normal ones. It had three pearls in the middle that were close to 3/4″ in diameter and the remainder at 1/2″. She would suck on each bead, pull it out, move it one bead over, then suck that one. Round and round she went on the necklace. What smell is he talking about?

Queen, “It’s getting warm in here better turn the AC up.” What Coot hadn’t planned for was that with the angle that she was restrained in the seat, the duct blew right up her skirt and hit her soaked panties and sent a chill through her body. This is how they are going to try to get the secret codes out of her, freeze her to death. But she wouldn’t break from this.

King “That perfume is getting stronger?”

Queen “You are right, that perfume does smell nice. What is it dear?”

Coot realized what they were smelling and was hopeful that her scent could calm these villains into a false sense of security. “Must be some lotion I put on. Just picked up some Tulip lotion.”

For the next few minutes, they drove in silence. The King looked like he was deep in thought but tried to play it cool. The Queen was playing with her pearls. Mr. Bigg was playing on his phone, clearly watching where all of their minions were causing chaos around the city. Coot was studying the portion of the Queen’s face that she could see. It looked as if some of the wrinkles on her face were disappearing. And her breasts seemed higher up and larger. What is their diabolical plan? Are they sucking the lives out of virgins? What are they doing? It then dawned on her that she had been in Savannah for the last two months. She had clearly been working on a secret plan of domination

Emily was deep in her fantasy daydream when Jacob decided to have some more fun. He pulled up the app up and set a program on the Lush. As he hit the start button, Coot let out a “HEEEE.”

King, “What was that?”

“Oh, nothing!” and Coot settled in for another round that she was sure she could take until she found that there were no rests and the movements were random. A wave would flow into a step but a step would never hit a rest. Sometimes the high step would go on for what would have been five beats. In the jostling of getting out of the plane and into the car, the toy had shift and was now thumping against her spongy g-stop and the end was reverberating against her clit. Her clit was so engorged that it had extended and cleared the hood and was getting direct pressure from the end. Agent Coot knew it was lost and gave up and drifted off to nothingness. Meanwhile Emily was torn with trying to fight of this orgasm and needing release. She thought about all the times her old, dried up, MIL had been the dominant female and shut down the enjoyment of the group. Her ovaries were surely dried up and her pussy was filled with dust, her time was done as she had been put out to pasture. Emily was the now the dominant breeding female, she was in heat and would get release. With this, her orgasm slammed into her harder than she had ever felt one. Her feet shot out and she kicked the bottom of King’s seat. Her abs tightened as pulse after pulse of the Lush milked her g-spot. During this, she had an out of body experience where she swore she looked into the Queen’s eyes and saw a small flicker of fire that she had never seen before. Happiness in the Kings’s eyes as he fiddled with a silver pen. Jacob was flicking the tip of his hard cock. Then she saw herself, the whites of her eyes as they had rolled back into her head and she shouted “Breath!” at herself as she had been holding it for the duration of her orgasm.

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