Who’s Balckmailing Who

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Who’s blackmailing who?

Jim was a normal 15 year old kid; he played sports, had a part time job and helped out around the house. His mother Joyce was a platinum blond; she had 36DD tits, a tight ass, killer hips and a beautiful face. His dad was an over the road trucker so he was gone for weeks at a time. His mom drank way too much every night and more often then not he found her asleep in her chair. He enjoyed watching porn on the internet and would eves drop on his mothers phone conversations with her sister every chance he got.

It was a Tuesday and his dad had just left for a run to the coast, Jim knew that was probably going to turn into a two week trip.

After dinner he went to his room and around 9 he heard his mom talking to someone. There phone service was through the internet so it was easy for him to log on and listen in or record it if he wanted. As usual she was talking to her sister. As he made the connection he heard his aunt say, “listen Joyce I don’t care what color his cock is, it’s big, hard and feels great in my pussy”.
“Carol I’d love a strange cock but what about Jim”? “He’s always home up stairs on his computer jerking off to porn”.
“Well sis I’m getting my pussy pounded tonight so call me tomorrow and I’ll give you the blow by blow”. They laughed and hung up.

Jim had recorded the conversation, he had fantasized about fucking his mother and this may be the chance. He heard her coming up the stairs; quickly he pulled his pants down, put on a porn video and started jerking his cock. Joyce opened the door and stood there in shock. Her son had a very good size cock and seeing the precum oozing out of the head was exciting her. She was embarrassed and angry at the same time.
“Oh excuse me”, she closed the door and headed for her bedroom. Her pussy was twitching and wet, my god she thought I’m hot and excited over seeing my sons cock. It was a nice size cock and it looked fat.

Running down the hall to her room she pulled her short down and went to work on her clit. She had a picture of the cock in her mind, it wasn’t all that long, perhaps 6 or 7 inches but it was fat. It seemed to be as round as a beer can. Thinking to her self, boy I’ll bet that’s a cunt stretcher. Bet it sure feels good when you get accustom to it though. She felt a small shiver in her pussy and decided to settle for that as an orgasm. Besides she and Jimmy should really talk.

Jim had been outside her door all the while she was masturbating and knew she had gotten her self off. All he could think about was fucking her. He ran back to his room and waited for her to knock. It didn’t take long, “Jim honey its mom can I come in”?
“Sure mom doors open”.

This was going to be awkward but she decided to start the conversation. “Honey its normal to jerk off, everyone does it”. Now Jim decided to play stupid, “really mom you jerk off”? “Yes honey, as you know were alone a lot, we all need to cum”! Jim was naked under the sheets so he was starting to get hard. “Mom can I watch you jerk off”?
Joyce was taken back by the request but at the same time flattered, “you want to see an old lady like me get off”? “You’re not old and you really have a great body, all my friends call you a MILF”!

She sat there for a long minute or two looking at her son. “Jim I would really like to watch you jerk off”, “we could watch each other”? “You really want to watch me jerk off”? “Well yes girls get excited seeing cum shoot out of the head of a cock”. “Can we do it now”? “Not right now, show me what porn you were watching”. He knew she was interested so he pushed, “I can’t get out of bed its hard”, “so what, I’ve already seen it hard once today and may see it shooting cum later so lets go mister”.

Jim pulled the covers back and stood in front of her, his cock was stand straight up only inches away from her lips. She couldn’t take her eyes off the fat cock. Jimmy hit a few keys and the screen showed a mother getting fucked by two young studs. The studs were pumping like crazy, and then she realized the one fucking her pussy had cum. He pulled his cock out and cum was running out of her. The other guy exploded in her mouth, she sucked him dry, opened her mouth to show it was full of cum swallowed and thanked him.

Without thinking Joyce mumbled “lucky girl”. The movie ended, Jimmy pushed a button and the screen went black. “Mom, can we jerk off now”? “My balls are aching”. Joyce was chewing her bottom lip she knew this was wrong but the fat cock in front of her was so exciting. Her pussy lips were wet and they were twitching. Another few minutes past, finally she spoke, “Jim I’m going to my room, if I’m not back in twenty minutes we’ll pretend this conversation never took place”. “If I do come back oh well we’ll just see”.

Once in her bedroom with the door closed her legs were trembling, she really wanted to feel his fat cock, both in her hand, mouth and hopefully her pussy. Oh god he’s my son this is wrong. She went to her underwear draw; she removed a red lace thong with red garter belt and black stockings. She found a red half bra that allowed her nipples to show and a pair of 6” red heels. If were going to do this it should be done correctly she thought. She fixed her hair up and put on makeup and perfume. In her mind she thought girl you should be getting fucked instead of a jerk off session dressed illegal bahis like this but take what you can get.

She put on her robe and headed for Jimmy’s room, she knock and slipped in. “Hi honey what were you doing”? Jimmy saw her, this was a dream come true. “I was watching another porn video wondering if you were coming back”.
“Well now you don’t have to wonder”, “but first we need to understand something, no one can ever find out about this”. “I could get in a lot of trouble, besides your father would kill both of us”. Jimmy realized she was correct but he had another plan in mind. “Sure mom whatever you want”!

She took off her robe and sat at the edge of his bed, Jimmies eyes bugged out as he realized she was one hot MILF. She started to giggle “I would say by your reaction you like the look, right”? They both looked at the fat cock of his; Joyce noticed it was a bit longer when fully hard and quite a bit fatter. It looks delicious was her first thought. Jimmy chuckled, “seems I’m not the only one somewhat excited”, as his eyes went to nipples. They were rock hard and were sticking out about an inch. She laughed, “you got me, I guess since were being honest about it look at my pussy”. His eyes fixed on her pussy and he realized she had a considerable wet spot.

Jimmy sat in a chair across from her; the distance was less then two feet so she could touch his cock without any trouble. Now he started slowly moving his hands up and down the shaft. Seeing him start to jerk off excited her and she started rubbing her clit, it didn’t take any time and her clit was as hard as her nipples. Her panties were soaked, and she was moaning softly.
“Mom would you like to rub it”? “Of course I would but I’m not sure I should”. “Mom from the looks of your nipples and pussy I’d say that’s exactly what you should do”.

She chewed on her bottom lip for another moment then she spoke in a low sexy voice. “So you think your mother should give you a hand job”?
Joyce gently placed her hands on the cock; it was so fat she couldn’t close her hands around it. Jimmy just smiled at her, “Mom I think you should be sucking on it”, “if it gets good and slippery it could go in your pussy”! Giving him a joking look she bent forward and kissed the head, she swirled her tongue over the slot and licked the precum off it. “Baby you taste great”. She started pushing the fat cock in her mouth while she rubbed his balls. Looking up in his eyes she took the cock out of her mouth, “honey your balls are gigantic”, “how much cum do they make”? “A lot mom, I think about two ounces”.

She kept sucking for another five minute, “Mom, pull your panties down, we both need to know if it fits in you”! Standing up she wiggled out of the thong, Jimmy shouted “a bush, I love bushes”.
“Well I’m glad now lets try getting this in me, please”. Joyce spread wide and Jimmy put the head on her wet pussy lips, he pushed and her lips parted allowing the cock head entrance to her womanhood. There was a moan of delight as it was now in her pussy.
“Mom can I get more in”?, “yes just go very slow so my pussy can adjust to the stretching it needs to do”. Jimmy slowly pushed his cock deep into his mothers pussy, all she could do was moan as it felt wonderful. With one last push she realized he was balls deep in her. Her pussy was adjusting very nicely to this fat cock, it felt great in her. They started a rhythm, as he would thrust down she would raise her mound to meet his thrust. She would groan every time this would happen. He started to speed up, she pulled him close to her, “Jimmy pound the bitch, make me scream and cry, harder baby harder”! Jimmy was now pound her pussy and she was out of control loving it. An orgasm ripped through her like a bolt of lightning, he kept pounding her, another lightning bolt then another. He stiffens, pushed deep, she was screaming and crying “fuck me baby, please fuck me”! Her eyes shot open as she realized her pussy was being flooded with sperm; her unprotected pussy was being filled up with high octane boy’s sperm. As a fourth lightning bolt struck her all she could do was sob in his neck as they held each other tightly. “God baby my pussy feels wonderful”.

Jimmy rolled off and the cock made a plopping sound, cum started flowing out of her pussy as if she were urinating. “Jimmy do you always cum like that”? “Yes mom always”.
“Mom your pussy is hot, wet and tight”! “Honey at the moment my pussy is sloppy, cum soaked and stretched, but it feels wonderful, thank you for a magnificent fucking”. Lying next to him she realized he was hard again, “honey your hard already”? “Yup I have another nut to get ride of”. “You have another nut to get ride of”? “Yes that means I want to fuck you again, the nut is cum”. Without a word she pulled him back on top of her, the fat hard cock slipped in much easier then before as cum was lubricating her, but it was still stretching her. I’m going to have to fuck him a lot more often so I’m stretched to accommodate his size she thought.

She was thrashing like an uncontrollable animal under him, every downward stoke from his cock was met with her forcing her pubic mound up so every inch of cock got into her. He was pounding her deep while she screamed “fuck my pussy with your fat cock baby, make me cry, pound it harder”! An orgasm over took her she moaned, she dug her nails into his ass illegal bahis siteleri and tried to pull him deeper. He stiffened cum was flowing out of his cock deep into her pussy again, the feeling of cum flooding her pussy caused her to have yet another orgasm, it was so intense she almost fainted. He laid there on top of her for a minute as they caught there breathe. He rolled off and again his cock plopped out. Cum was flowing out of her in globs. Jimmy decided to push her a little further. He scoped a large glob of cum on three fingers and offered it to her to eat; she opened her mouth and sucked his finger dry. She smiled at him with that sexy face and said, “yes I eat cum”, I enjoy getting it fresh from a cock but this will do fine”. “Please make sure I get every drop”. Jimmy rubbed a little cum on her clit and bush, her nipples, her face hair and even her ears. But most pf it went into her mouth.

An hour later she had eaten all the cum which had flowed out of her, she knew there was still plenty inside to ooze out all night and most of tomorrow. “Honey lets go to my bed and get some sleep ok”? “Sure mom sounds good”, from now on can I sleep with you”? “Of course, I’m just not sure how to explain my new cunt size to your father”. They laughed and headed for her bedroom. “You will have a new cunt size mom”? “Yes honey your cock is much fatter then his, since we will be fucking regularly my cunt will adjust to your size, its better for us, not for him”! “He will surely notice”, she paused for a moment “at least I think he will”.

Wednesday Jimmy woke; Joyce was out of bed and in the kitchen. He came in and sat down “Would you like coffee Jim”? “Yes please mom”. She put the cup on the table and sat. “Jim about last night, I had a wonderful time but its wrong we should stop and think about this for a while”. Jim got a strange look on his face, “listen moms I made a video of us last night”, “I’ve already shown two of my friends it and offered your pussy to them this afternoon after school”. “They will be hear with me at 2:30”, “be sexed up like last night, got it”. Joyce had a look of astonishment on her face. “Theirs no way I’m fucking your friends got that mister”!
“Sure but before you get bent out of shape a few things”, “first I left a flash drive with the evening on your bathroom counter”. “Perhaps before you get your panties in a bunch you’d like to review it”. “Secondly I can email it to dad’s computer in the truck”. “I can email it to all our friends and your parents”. Thirdly the police will be very interested as well”. She sat there stunned. “Now I’m going to school, you have till 2 pm to text me with the color of the outfit”. “If I don’t get a text I’ll assume your not going too cooperate and start sending emails”. He got up and left.

She took a bath and thought about the events, the sex was super with him she would not have a problem with it, but his friends. She watched the video admittedly she had a slight orgasm when she saw them fucking. She really didn’t want to give up his cock it just felt too damn good. She hadn’t had sex in five months with her husband now the opportunity for regular fucking was hard to pass up. Finally the realization of the situation was there, she was being blackmailed into committing sex or having her life ruined. At 1:30 she sent the text, black top and bottoms ok. It took two minutes for an answer, looking forward to it.

At 2:30 the three boys arrived, she was fixing her hair as they came in. Jim called to her “mom come down and say hello”. She grabbed her robe and was about to open the door when Jim walked in.
“Wow mom that’s a great outfit”, “thanks honey do you think your friends will like it”? “Unless there dead what’s not to like they will surely love it”.

Jim grabbed her around the waist his tongue went down her throat, she responded as there tongues danced in her mouth together.
“Jim I love fucking you I have no problem with it, but two of your friends, frankly it make me nervous”. “Well we have rules; they are not fucking your pussy, that’s reserved for me only”. “Oh wow oks what else”? “They can have blow jobs, hand jobs, butt fucking or anything else, but your pussy is mine”!
“Its great to know my pussy is yours honey”, “I’m good with that”. “I’ve never had a cock in my ass, but there’s always a first time”. She gave his cock a gentle rub.
“Mom they may ask if they can watch me fucking you”. “Since it’s your cock and cum going in me I’m ok with it”. “They have seen the video so what’s the big deal”.

He took her hand and led her out of the room, “Jimmy my robe”, you don’t need it”. They were at the stairs to the basement when Jimmy turned and looked at her. “You must be a little excited about getting some new cock look at your nipples”. “So what if I am” she grabbed his arm and whispered, “Are there cocks as big as yours”? “No, Ty’s is longer by a good two inches Juan’s is normal size”.

They entered the basement; both boys were in their underwear rubbing their cocks. “Hi guys I’m Joyce”, Jimmy tells me you both have a nut you’d like me to help you with”.
Juan and Ty walked over to her, they led her to the sofa in five minutes Juan was eating her pussy He was an expert at it, Ty had his cock in her mouth. The feeling deep in her pussy was boiling over; she wasn’t going to last much longer. Ty stiffened, he shoved his cock canlı bahis siteleri all the way down her throat, warm delicious cum splashed down her throat. Pulling back just a little she kept sucking the warm salty fluid out of him. At the same second her pussy twitched and she had a really hard orgasm. Pussy juice was all over Juan’s face. Ty’s cock had stopped spewing cum; she opened her mouth to show them the load and then swallowed it. The boys changed places and in ten minutes she was rewarded with another mouthful of warm salty cum.

They all sat on the sofa with grins on there faces. “Joyce” asked Ty “would it be ok if Jimmy fucked you for us”? “It would be my pleasure”, “Jim come give mom a nut baby”. Jim wasted not time but he made her get on top of him, as they acquired a good rhythm she felt pressure at her ass hole. Then with a slight pressure Juan’s cock went in. She never had two cocks in her at once, the feeling was incredible. She could feel both cocks rubbing against each other, they now started to work for a slow steady rhythm. The feeling in her pussy was beyond anything she had ever felt in her life, she moaned, she cried and begged them to go faster. Pulling Jimmy down to her mouth she said “Oh god baby I love you cock”. At that moment she felt Jimmy’s cock start to flood her pussy; she felt a gigantic orgasm hit her. The cock in her ass dove deep her bowels were being bathed in warm cum, she couldn’t stop cumming. She saw flashes of light before her eyes and passed out for a moment. Seconds later she regained consciousness to discover she was still cumming. It took several minutes for her to catch her breathe.

Juan was on the floor smiling “god that was incredible Joyce”. “Juan that’s an understatement, incredible doesn’t even come close to the experience”. Ty looked at Jim, “can you get another nut out”? “Sure can” “mom you up for another nutting in both ends”? Joyce didn’t answer she just climbed back on her sons cock and started pumping. Jim cock was nice and hard, it felt great in her pussy. She knew Jimmy would need a little more time to get off, as twice in five minutes even for a fifteen year old was a bit much. But Ty and Jim were both pumping steadily, Ty grabbed her hips, he started depositing a large load in her ass, she wiggled her ass and squeezed so she could milk every last drop of cum out of him. She moaned with delight. As Ty pulled out she leaned close to her sons ear and whispered, “I could definitely get use to warn cum in my ass, it’s an incredible feeling baby”. Just as her sixth orgasm was hitting Jimmy unloaded more cum in her unprotected pussy. Her pussy was adjusting to the new cock in her she was able to milked his cock with her pussy to get all the cum he had.

They all sat on the floor talking; she had a big smile on her face. She looked at the two new friends she had made,” guys I have to tell you”, “I’ve never had two cocks in me before, the feeling is the best sexual experience I’ve ever had”. “I could get use to having cum sprayed in my ass on a frequent bases”, “any one want the job”? Both boys raised their hands. Joyce leaned over to Jim, she whispered in his ear, he nodded and smiled “sure go for it”.
“Guys you know I love eating cum”, “I would rather have it fresh from the cock but”, “there’s a lot leaking out of me which you both could feed me if you wanted too”. “I hate seeing cum go to waste”. They cheered and fed her cum. They were seated next to her so as she was being fed cum she started rubbing there cocks back to a firm hardness. She was giving both guys a slow gentle loving hand job. Juan groaned and shot his load all over her bush and stomach. She let go of his cock and started to scope the fluid into her mouth. Ty started to roll over as to get it in her mouth but shot it on her bush too. She let go of his cock and he slumped back on the floor. Juan was rubbing the new load of cum deep into her bush. They left happy we’ll be back soon, they told Jim.

Later after her shower they had dinner, they went inside the den and sat on the sofa watching TV. “Honey, I would really like to get use to getting cum sprayed in me ass and cunt at the same time”, “it’s an incredible sexual feeling for a woman”. “That’s great mom, the guys want to come back Friday”, they can spend the night”! “Oh that would be wonderful”. “I’ll get some new underwear by then.

For the next six weeks they fucked as often as possible. His dad had left for a road trip when Joyce came in his room and sat on the bed.
“Jimmy we need to talk”, “about what mom”. “Well your cum is lethal”, “why would you say that”? “Jimmy I’m pregnant by you”! “Your father has only fucked me once in the past six weeks”. “You have been fucking me at least once a day for all that time”. “Since you don’t wear a condom this is the results”. “Now unless you want your dad to find out whose baby this is”, “we need to change a few rules”. “Really like what”? “First thing the guys can have my pussy for a couple of months”, as it no longer will make any difference who shoots cum in me”. “Secondly I’d like you and the guys to start fucking Aunt Carol, she could really use a couple of hard cock”. She stood up and headed for the door. Turning around she smiled at him, “the guys will be over at four”, “you have till 3 to text me otherwise the computer in the truck will have an email”. “Besides I need to call Carol and have her here by six”.

She was about to take a hot bath when her phone buzzed, a text fro Jimmy, “I agree to your demands, Love Jim”! She got into the tub smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32